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Steam Novel Chapter 06: Meeting Serminsons
Yes, I know the chapter's not what it's supposed to be. I was gonna name it 'storming parliament house', however I thought it best to flesh out the story of preperation and to introduce this new character. Don't worry, it's still as good as it would ever have been. Think of this new character as a kind of 'inspector rex', if you get that reference...
About this creation
Unlike Onncod, Gale was actually liking his newfound clothes. They were fortunately not pink, and in his mind they felt softer and lighter than any of the ones he usually wore. He had only just bought (using money Stark gave to him) and put them on a minute ago, but he knew he’d never go back to wearing the old ones from his world. He began having a conversation with Blackclaw.
“I tell you, these are ingenious. These are so light and breathable. Why hasn’t anybody thought of this in my world?”
“Don’t know.”
“Neither do I. I just feel sorry for your friends. They’ll probably have to wear special clothes to fit in. Well, I guess the guys heading to the sewers won’t.”
“I guess not.”
“But still, I’m gonna hopefully pick up some more of these before I head back.”
“Not much of a talker, are you?”
“Well, aren’t you a nice fellow…”
“Is that sarcasm?”
“Yes, yes it is.”
The two were sitting in a café at the time, and it was six in the morning. The café was just across the road from a beautiful golden-sanded beach, and the sun was rising across the water. This particular café was a rather popular one, but nobody had bothered to get their early-morning drinks yet. It was the perfect place to discuss a plan in secret. Stark, however, was getting his coffee. He also got one for each of the others, and set them down on the table. Gale examined the paper cup for a minute, as it was like nothing he had ever seen before. When he took a sip, he almost spat it out.
“What the hell is this stuff?”
“It’s coffee.”
“Oh god, how do I explain this? Um, uh, it’s a liquid that comes from a bean mixed with milk that contains high amounts of caffeine.”
“Caffeine? Do you have any idea what this does to you? It’s illegal in Central Junction, or anywhere for that matter.”
“Wow, things really are different in your universe.”
“Well I’ll say. You’re all getting hyper off illegal substances. In my opinion, that’s a bad thing to do.”
“Could you please get on with the plan now?”
Gale sighed, and looked at the mainly full cup in his hand.
“One second”, he said.
He ran over to the nearest bin and carefully dropped the paper cup inside, as if it were a toxic substance or a piece of paper with a cockroach inside. He sat back in his chair and sighed yet again.
“There, that’s better. Anyway, in the past month there have been some strange reports. Longfellow Jones, the guy from the attack, was apparently contacting several members of the human world. Most of these were just criminals to be used as pawns later. However, one seemed to stand out. That person is Noj Drawoh, the prime minister in this state. We believe that Longfellow was attempting to contact him before he escaped. We don’t know what their connections are, but we need to find out.”
Gale turned to face Stark.
“That’s where you come in. I’m going to ask you to take this to work with you.”
He pulled a small earpiece out of his pocket. It was so small that nobody would be able to see it unless they looked from one centimetre away.
“This earpiece should allow us to communicate. I’ll give you some instructions for when you reach the prime minister’s room. I’ll give you a special device that you call a UCB to plu-“
“I think you mean USB.”
“Sorry, a ‘USB’, to plug into his computer. It’ll downlake all the folders to my transmatter a few kilometres away.”
“You’re really bad at remembering out technologies, aren’t you?”
“Sorry. You get the point though, don’t you?”
“I guess so.”
“Whatever. Now, don’t go into this guy’s room unless you have a reason to do so. We’re pretty much breaking a lot of your world’s laws right now, so we need to make sure we don’t break any more. You cool?”
“I suppose.”
“Good. Now, we need to buy a van.”
“Well, we can’t just waltz into the parliament house’s back yard without a proper cloaking device and transmattter.”
“It’s called a transmitter.”
“Sorry. Look, the equipment we need to build is quite large, so there’s basically no way that it’ll fit into any normal car. We need a van. Know where we can get one?”
“You can’t just buy a van! Vans are expensive. They’ll cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars!”
Blackclaw moved in closer to them.
“I have an idea, however we may have to do a little work.”
“What kind of work?”
“The kind that you may not want to do…”

The special kind of work that Timothy was referring to was quite a dangerous one. On the edge of the suburb was a huge junkyard, home to many things. It wasn’t too hard to get into, with only a thin barbed-wire fence that could easily be clipped. Beyond the fence lay piles and piles of machinery. Computers, car engines, shotgun parts, helicopter blades; you name it. It even had a half-functioning van at its centre. There was a catch, however. The place was home to approximately two-hundred rabid dogs, carrying the rabies virus. As well as this, they travelled alone but attacked in packs. If one found you, it would signal the rest and you’d be dead for sure. Gale raised his hand to his forehead to block the early morning sun from his eyes. He looked around, seeing so much junk but not a single rabid dog. He looked down from the ledge he was standing on (it wasn’t very high) to speak to Blackclaw.
“Are you sure there are rabid dogs here?”
“Positive. They closed this junkyard because of them. They’re mainly found in the centre.”
“And that’s where this van is?”
“Pretty much.”
Stark was walking up behind him, shaking his head.
“Look, perhaps we should wait a bit. I can make enough money and we can purchase a van in a few weeks.”
“A few weeks? In a few weeks Longfellow could already be finished with his plans by then! You want that?”
“I’m only doing this to know the truth. I don’t really care about your fight or anything, so don’t think you can use me.”
“Whatever. The point is that we need to get this done quickly. Now, you’re not scared with a few rabid dogs, are you?”
“Um, actually I kinda am.”
“With your weapon and everything?”
“I don’t have a weapon. Carrying arms here is illegal.”
“Well, that probably explains a lot. Anyway, I’ll go in myself if you insist.”
“Actually, I’d rather you don’t go in at all.”
“Hey, fair’s fair right? I won’t tell you what to do…”
“You kinda will in the parliament house.”
“…and you won’t tell me. Now, I’m leaving.”
It was obvious that Gale had either not heard him or had but was taking no notice. He jumped down the metre high ledge and ran towards the fence.

After spending a few minutes trying to get through the fence, Gale managed to start walking into the centre of the junkyard. The piles of junk seemed ominous in the early morning sunlight, and the atmosphere felt heavier than in the game ‘amnesia’. Gale had taken nothing except his shotgun and a displacement beam. This beam, if used correctly, teleported an object approximately three quarters of a kilometre in any desired direction. This was one of the many wonders the discovery of Rotonium had brought. However this did not help him overcome his fear. Although he hadn’t shown it in his conversation with Stark and Tim, he was quite worried about running into any of those dogs that had been spoken. He was very careful at treading lightly, so as not to draw attention to himself. Minutes turned into tens of minutes, and into twenties and thirties. Gale was beginning to let himself go in how carefully he trod. As if it was the equal reaction of his action, he heard a growl behind him. Standing there was a brown Labrador; its teeth bared and foam coming from its mouth. Gale froze, thinking that it would somehow supress the dog’s madness. It didn’t. The dog pulled back its head and shot it into the air, releasing a large howl. Gale was terrified now. That howl had probably woken up all the others and sent them after him. He took out his shotgun and fired it at the crazed animal. Within seconds, it had fallen on its side. This didn’t help, though. The sound of one hundred, or more, barks was now filling the air. Gale uttered a swearword under his breath and started running. As he ran, many more dogs started chasing him. He responded with a shot on each. Much like Moda’s pistols, this rifle shot energy from a Rotonium crystal. No reloads did make it easier, and so did the fact that he had a better shot than Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird. However this did not stop the crisis he was in. All around him, the dogs were closing in. He was barely keeping away from them, and they were getting faster. Gale was almost giving up hope, but he the saw the exact glimmer of hope he was looking for. He had reached an area of the junkyard that was completely clear, but for a large pie of tyres in the centre. Atop those tyres was the van that he’d searched for. Now, just twenty metres away, he ran with all his might. Due to how they were stacked (and partially melted together) one had to jump to get on top of them Gale quickly put all his remaining strength into his legs and sent himself flying at the structure. He fell on the tyres, and quickly scrambled up to the top. The dogs, many of them now, were attempting to make it as well. They were trying to either jump up (without succession) or tear down the half melted tyres. Gale was standing on top of the black van now, and he realised that he may not survive for much longer. He took the displacement device, which was about the same size as an Iphone, and tried aimin and pressing. Nothing happened. After several tries, he realised that it had shorted out. There was no way he was going to escape from this mess. He believed at that time that he was going to die.

A lifelong companion can come from the strangest of places. Sometimes they can simply bump into you and after a few sorries, you’re having a conversation. Other times, they can meet you when you’re feeling down and they just want to help. And sometimes, they can even come from saving your life. However lifelong friends aren’t just kept to humans. Animals can also feel a connection with someone and spend their life with them. This was one of those cases. At that moment, the sound of a single bark filled the entire junkyard. It had the force and confidence of a lion, and this was a worry to the other dogs. Even though the rabies virus had taken over completely, they still had some sentience of what they used to be. Out from behind a pile of garbage walked a large male husky. His eyes were fixed on the other dogs, in a way to tell them ‘back off’. This dog hadn’t been effected by the rabies in any way, and he wasn’t about to be. Although he was simply a dog, he was smart as any person most people know. He knew that Gale, although he knew not his name, was not on the side of the rabid dogs. Anyone who was not on their side might be a way of getting him out. He growled at the other dogs. His intentions outweighed those of these mindless beats. One by one, they began to back off. As he moved closer, many of them started running away. He relaxed himself and looked up and the strange person before him. Gale cocked his head to one side, and the dog did the same.
“You don’t have rabies, do you?”, Gale said.
This dog understood, for the most part, human speech. Although he didn’t understand complex language, such as Deoxyribonucleic Acid or antidisestablishmentarianism, he knew that the man was referring to the virus. He mimicked what a person would do in this situation, and shook his head.
“Can you understand me?”
He nodded, quickly.
“What’s your name?”
The dog quickly jumped up onto the tire mound. Unlike the other dogs, his jumps were precise, allowing him to get up with ease. He came closer to him and lifted up his neck to reveal a collar. On it lay a tag and a key. Gale bent down to read it.
“So, your name is ‘Serminsons’, huh? You know a way out of here?”
Serminsons turned his head to the car, and then he lifted his neck up once more. Gale understood what he meant; the car was still working and he had the key. He turned back to this dog, whom he’d be spending a lot more time with.
“You wanna come with?”
Serminsons backed happily and jumped through the cracked window.

Stark and Blackclaw were waiting impatiently. It had been at least five hours since Arcan had left to enter the mysterious junkyard, By Tim’s standards, he was already dead. Stark, however, insisted on waiting for him a little longer. He was regretting his decision now, pacing back and forth. He stopped when he heard a rumbling coming from far away. It didn’t sound like the barking he’d heard before at all, so he looked into the distance. He couldn’t see anything unusual for a while, but then he saw it. The black van was being driven along the open areas of the yard. Unlike Gale, he actually had a chance to get a proper look at it. It was a Volkswagen hippie van, completed with the symbol at the front and faded text on the side saying ‘make love, not war’. The van, with Gale as the driver, kept going until they reached the fence. He got out, Serminsons bounding behind him. Blackclaw walked up slowly and started clipping the wire.
“I suppose I was wrong about your death.”
“Did you really want me killed or something?”
“It was only a suggestion. Besides, Stark did try to talk you out of it.”
Serminsons began biting the wires off. Surprisingly, his teeth were strong enough to not be pierced by the barbs, and to snap the wire in half. Gale gave him a pat on the head, and Serminsons responded by rubbing his head against Gale’s leg. Gale simply sighed.
“I have a feeling that there’s something strange about this dog. Still, he’ll probably be my lifelong companion.”

Well, as promised, here's chapter six! I thought that a name change was needed, because this chapter introduces a character that will be a key feature later in the plot. You know, funny story. Serminsons was actually based off a husky plush toy a friend of mine got when I was seven yours old. This friend must be in his twenties by now, and I believe that he left the house due to some problems with his parents. So, here's to that friend. I still have that very same plush toy today, stuffed away in a cupboard somewhere. Anyway, the actual CYOA. Whatever you want your character to do, just name it in the comment section and/or the group. I do need ideas on how they're gonna storm the parliament house, so please post. Until next time, happy building! :)

Thanks for reading my chapter! If you liked it, then like comment and add me as a favourite builder. Also, are you sad that you didn't realise about this CYOA and still want to take part in it? No problemo! Just click HERE to check out the group and sign up. Any newcomers are welcome, and although your entry may not be for another chapter or two you'll still get in! Also, click HERE to check out the whole novel in one place! It's not on MOCpages, but it's still cool...


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  September 12, 2013
Quoting Thatch Gears Nice.. the plot continues to build!
Yep, sure is! I just wish this chapter would get as much hype as the others...
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  September 12, 2013
Nice.. the plot continues to build!
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