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Legendary U.R.S vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 26: There Can Be Only One
THIS IS IT! The big finale! Part 26 in Season 5 of my U.R.S vs F.I.S. War Series! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

“This really is the end, Blast. Your petty squabble, your band of rebels, everything you’ve worked for these past years has been for nothing!” Iadsgb was boasting now. He looked down at the lightsaber in his hand then after a moment, turned it off and casually discarded it into the fire.

As he spoke, Fixer moved around and stood just behind his leader, making sure that Blast could see him. The F.I.S. had won.

“You’ve lost, my old friend.” Iadsgb taunted and began to grin as though saying it aloud made it more real. “You’ve lost.” He repeated as a whisper and the grin spread across his face.

Padfoot and Flare watched on, shocked as to the outcome of the battle.

Iadsgb drew one of his blasters and aimed it at R.K., who still lay, battered and beaten on the ground. Panting, Iadsgb tried to think of something immense to say in his grand victory, but in the end settled for simply,
“It ends.”

Iadsgb’s finger twitched.
Two shots rang out. Two shots that decided the fate of the war. Two shots that would echo throughout the galaxy’s history forever.

Two shots, enhanced by the screams of two soldiers, Padfoot and Flare,

as blood splattered across Blast’s chest and face, and he gasped and flinched away.

Then all was still on the bridge of The Desolation. Nothing moved; no sound was made.
Iadsgb’s face was still a mask of mad triumph as he stood panting, looking down at the blood-splattered Blast.

But then it changed as R.K. looked at his own chest, then back up at his enemy in confusion.

The mad gleam disappeared from Iadsgb’s eyes as he looked down, this time at his own chest.

There were two near-perfect circular holes, the edges singed from the heat of the lasers and with blood dripping out of them.

‘What happened?’ Blast wondered as he looked to his right and saw two singe marks on the railings of the walkway where the lasers had ended. ‘How did that happen?’
It appeared that Iadsgb was thinking the same things as he looked back at his enemy with a last minute, desperate, questioning look in his eyes.
The F.I.S. leader swayed lightly on the spot, his mouth slowly lolling open and through one of the scorched holes in his chest, Blast caught a tiny glimpse of green.

But that was when Iadsgb’s confused eyes lost focus completely and the great leader folded over and collapsed where he had been standing, revealing the answer to what had just occurred.

Fixer - His gun still aimed at where Iadsgb had been stood.

Slowly, as though he wasn’t sure if Iadsgb would leap up and attack him, the Galactic Marine lowered his gun; the gun that ended the war between the United Rebelling Systems and the Federation of Independent Systems.

Then, more swiftly, like he had just remembered that the ship they were standing on was under heavy attack, he stepped forward and put his hand out for Blast, who without a second’s hesitation, took it and pulled to help himself up.

“And about bloody time.” R.K. said to him, wheezing a little from his beating. “You do like to leave things to the last minute don’t you.”
“As always, sir.” Fixer smiled under his helmet. Blast picked his own helmet up and rammed it onto his head.
“Oh and I’m sorry about your arm.”
“Don’t worry about it.”

“Right. What are you waiting for?!” Blast cried to Padfoot and Flare who were still stood, gob founded a little way away. “GO! GO! GO! RUN!” he shouted and the pair turned and sprinted from the room.

Fixer started to go to then realized that Blast was still there. He turned around and saw that the U.R.S. leader was trying to heave the barely breathing Iadsgb up onto his shoulders.

The bridge shook under the heavy bombardment it was taking from outside.
“C’mon Blast!” Fixer urged and helped pull the F.I.S. head onto R.K.’s back.
“There.” Blast said as he got the body in place and shifted him slightly to get it as comfortable as possible. “Lets go.”

The pair ran out of the door, the last three living people to ever be on The Desolation’s bridge. The damaged door juddered closed behind them, closing on the fallen leaders who still lay in there.
Elite Captain Jelli.
Flight Commander Falcon.
Elite General Callum.
Arc Commander Stallion.
Jamie Clift.
Eve Nazarenko.
And there they stayed.

“Move, move, move, move, move, move, MOVE!” Blast repeatedly shouted as he, still carrying Iadsgb, Fixer, Padfoot and Flare raced along the corridors, back the way they had come. Nightblaze was also with them. He was still just about conscious and they had helped him up as they ran past and now Flare supported him as they went.

“Blast!” a feeble call came as they entered the corridor where the main fight involving all of the leaders had taken place.
“Hess!” Blast called back to the injured soldier, pleased to see him alive. Hess was still lying on the ground where he had been when he was shot in the leg.

“Padfoot grab him and lets go!” Blast ordered and staggered onwards while Padfoot knelt down and hurriedly got Hess up, then assisted him as they raced after the others.

“Nasty.” Fixer groaned as they raced past what remained of Biosnake’s burnt corpse, the snapped viroblade still protruding from his metal eye.

They continued straight past the bodies of Rogue, Slash and Shock, sadly unable to take them with them for proper burials.

Back outside, the intensity of the gigantic space battle had grown stronger still. U.R.S. and F.I.S. fighters weaved in and out of each other in their merciless dogfights, oblivious to what had transpired on the bridge of The Desolation. The shells of destroyed fighters dropped through the space towards the planet below and shrapnel from the capital ships littered the war zone.

“C-14; Fire on sector 3-1-1-7-4!” Captain Trapp ordered from the bridge of The Manipulator and the commanded turbo-turret rotated to face it’s new sector and let rip an enormous shot that flew through the air frying anything in it’s path and then smashed right through The Calm Before the Storm’s bridge.

The F.I.S. Captain screamed something that was lost as he, along with his team, were caught up in the almighty explosion as the bridge was ripped apart, exploding in a ball of wreathing flames,

and the sister ship to the F.I.S.’s capital ship began to tilt nose down and started sinking through space.

“YEE HA!” Trapp shouted and punched the air to the sound of many other cheers from throughout the ship.
“Sir! The Desolation’s shields are down!” one of the pilots called up in glee from below in the crew quarters.
“YES!” The Captain cheered again. "FIRE EVERYTHING!"

Sirens on board the cruiser began wailing in warning of the shield’s disappearance as Blast shouted, “There!” and the survivors of the battle on The Desolation charged into the hanger in which the stolen F.I.S. shuttle was docked amidst falling debris and flaming wreckages of twisted metal, as the ship began to fall apart under the intensified fire from the U.R.S. cruisers.

A huge tower toppled over behind them and blocked the door they had just entered the hanger through.
“Get inside!” Blast urged as they got closer and reached the boarding ramp.

The Calm Before the Storm was picking up speed now, dropping like a stone, down, down, down now at a vertical angle, nose first towards the top hull of The Desolation.

“C’mon, Come ON!” Blast bellowed as Padfoot helped Hess up into the F.I.S. shuttle and the boarding ramp slowly closed behind them.
“Right, let’s get this thing moving!” Fixer leaped into the pilot’s seat and punched all the right buttons. The shuttle rose from the deck of the hanger as another flaming beam crashed down next to them.

Padfoot dropped into the navigator’s seat next to Fixer. Nobody questioned why Fixer was with them and why nobody was trying to kill him; everyone was hooked on staring out the front windscreen at the hanger bay shields ahead of them, hoping that they would make it. Friend or foe they were now just trying to stay alive, praying that they'd make it.

The Calm’s nose plummeted into the top deck of The Desolation, piercing it and ripping it open like a tin can.

Then came the explosion.
It came from the nose of The Calm’, still sinking further into The Desolation, and shot upwards, engulfing the entire cruiser in an enormous fireball the brightness of an exploding sun and with the heat to match.

The explosion ripped into The Desolation as well. The Calm’s nose-tip appeared out of the bottom hull and suddenly with an ear-splitting squeal of ripping metal, the magnificent ship tore clean in two.
The fireball that was the remainder of The Calm’ continued to plummet down, smashing it’s way through the shell of it’s sister ship, which in turn began sprouting smaller explosions all over.

Nobody would ever emerge from either ship again…

...Except for one small shuttle...

“YEES!” Blast screamed with relief, along with everyone else on board, as they blasted out of The Desolation’s hanger bay, just as The Calm’ exploded and smashed through it. Against all the odds, they'd made it. They'd survived.

The Calm Before the Storm and the two halves of The Desolation dropped down through space towards the edge of Coruscant’s atmosphere and as they did so, the cables attaching the Space Ring to The Desolation ripped and tore away. The cables and wires caught fire and traveled up the gas pipes into the space ring.
The ring exploded in another blinding fireball that sent it slowly spinning downwards after the two F.I.S. cruisers.

The tiny shuttle containing the few surviving leaders darted away from the explosions, back towards The Manipulator through the few dogfights that still remained.


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 I made it 
  September 15, 2013
Quoting 'Essence of Randomness Spectacular! Altho... "“You’ve lost, my old friend.” Iadsgb taunted and began to grin as facial hair magically sprouted across his face." -Ess
Yes, I'm not sure why I did that. Haha --Blast--
 I like it 
  September 14, 2013
Spectacular! Altho... "“You’ve lost, my old friend.” Iadsgb taunted and began to grin as facial hair magically sprouted across his face." -Ess
  September 13, 2013
Epic suspense! WHAT DO YOU MEAN LAST EPISODE!!??? NOOOOO!!! Nice job on the first space battle picture.
 I like it 
  September 13, 2013
Wow what a great episode! I liked that little pause after the Desolation exploded. I can't wait to serif they make it through the enemy fighter to get back to their ship!
 I like it 
  September 13, 2013
WHAA?!! Im confused. But WOWWOWOWOW! Awesome ending Blast! LOVE it! really like that big pause at the end too. Haha.
By --R.K. Blast--
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