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Legendary U.R.S. vs F.I.S. War Series: Part 27: New Dawn
Well folks, THIS IS IT! The last ever episode of U.R.S. vs F.I.S. Part 27 in Season 5! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation

The Calm Before the Storm and the two halves of The Desolation dropped down through space towards the edge of Coruscant’s atmosphere and as they did so, the cables attaching the Space Ring to The Desolation ripped and tore away. The cables and wires caught fire and traveled up the gas pipes into the space ring.
The ring exploded in another blinding fireball that sent it slowly spinning downwards after the two F.I.S. cruisers.

The two halves of The Desolation burst through the atmosphere and continued to fall but as soon as what remained of The Calm’ hit it, it burnt up completely and disintegrated. The Desolation however, carried on falling towards the famous cityscape of Coruscant in its two pieces. They dropped like rocks and eventually crashed down into the skyscrapers, smashing any buildings in the way and destroying them. The two parts hit the ground and exploded for the final time.

The bodies of all the famous leaders who had died inside that ship in the final battle of the great war between the U.R.S. and the F.I.S. would never be recovered. But they would never be forgotten -The fallen of both sides.
As it exploded, on the bridge, the initial force of the explosion jolted everything onboard and knocked Falcon’s hand so that it came to rest on top of Jelli’s. The two lay there. Unmoving, lifeless, but finally together, in death.
Then the explosion ate them up and The Desolation was no more.

Back in the sky, a few dogfights still remained but as soon as the two F.I.S. capital ships were destroyed, the F.I.S. fighters either gave themselves up or fled from the scene.

The stolen F.I.S. shuttle drifted into The Manipulator’s hanger bay and gently touched down.

Captain Trapp and half a dozen or so troops ran out to meet them as the shuttle’s boarding ramp swooshed open.

“Quick. Get these three to the medical center.” Blast ordered as soon as he was out of the shuttle and Hess, Nightblaze and Iadsgb were escorted away, Hess supported by another troop, Nightblaze clutching his own arm and Iadsgb on a stretcher.

The other leaders stepped out into the hanger and stood beside Blast.
So few had made it back, Blast thought as he looked around them all.
Hess with an injured leg,
Nightblaze with a wounded shoulder,
And of course Iadsgb, but whether or not he was going to survive was a mystery to them all.

“Many congratulations sir.” Captain Trapp shook Blast’s hand, but R.K. wasn’t in the mood for congratulations. He was still partially in shock, thinking about everyone he had lost and it appeared that the other leaders were too. On the short journey, Padfoot had explained to Blast that they’d been unable to save Zulcan. Blast was disappointed but the sheer number of victims outweighed any particular grief he felt for any man or woman’s loss.

Flare sat down, leaning against the back of the shuttle, Padfoot leant against it and Fixer pulled off his helmet and ran a hand through his hair.

“Um… Shall we proceed to the bridge sir?” Captain Trapp asked Blast who nodded slowly in reply. The Captain started to walk from the hanger but looked back and realized that they were all still just standing there, exhausted.

“Sirs?” Trapp asked and slowly Blast moved to go with him, followed by the others.

As the bridge doors opened, the leaders were greeted with huge cheers and shouts of joy and congratulations from the crew but the applause and happiness soon died down when they saw how down and miserable the four leaders were.
The windows were still covered over by he automatic shields and blood still covered the floor from where Biosnake’s bugs had killed Captain Field and his crew.

“So, that’s it then sir? The war is over?” Trapp asked Blast who removed his helmet and put it on the holo-projector.
“Yes. That’s it.” He replied simply.

“So many…” Flare groaned as he slumped to the floor again against the wall.
“We lost four great leaders today along with countless other soldiers.” Padfoot counted.
“Nine if you include the dead F.I.S. leaders.” Fixer added and Flare nodded but then suddenly something clicked in his mind and he realized who he was speaking to; the betrayer.

“YOU!” he bellowed. “Kill him!” Flare leapt up and ran for Fixer but suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the chest as Blast punched him in the stomach, barring his way forward.
“What are you doing?!” Flare asked angrily and Padfoot stood up, paying more attention to what was happening as he too noticed that it was Fixer who was with them.

“Stopping you from killing him.” Blast replied then turned around and started to walk up the center aisle but then turned back, pointing, and said, “Nobody touches him. Understood?”
“But he’s one of them!”
“NO ONE!” Blast bellowed and Flare took a step back, holding his stomach.

Luckily the doors opening then interrupted them and they all looked to see who it was.
“Sir.” The chief medic walked briskly up to Blast. “Sir, we’re doing all we can for Iadsgb but he needs more attention than we can give him. He needs a proper surgery.”
Blast thought about it then asked, “How are the others?”
“They’re fine sir. We’re putting Hess’s leg in a cast and we’ve bandaged up Nightblaze’s shoulder. But as I said, if Iadsgb is to survive, he needs to get to a hospital.”

Blast thought for a moment then turned to Captain Trapp and ordered “Take us down to Coruscant.”
“Yessir.” Trapp saluted him then marched off down to the crew quarters to relay the instructions to both the pilots there on over on the Venator.

Slowly the two ships tilted downwards and descended through Coruscant’s atmosphere. The capital planet’s sky was shrouded in smoke from the downed F.I.S. cruiser and the buildings it had demolished on its way. The city itself was pockmarked with fires from meteorite impacts of ship fragments and individual fighter’s that had been gunned down during the battle.

A few minutes later, The Manipulator touched down on the landing strip outside the Republic Prison to a waiting crowd of Senators and Jedi, whom Blast had contacted on the way down. The Valentine glided on to the next landing strip where it too slowed to a halt and gently touched down.

The boarding ramp on the U.R.S. capital ship opened and Blast traipsed out, still exhausted and injured from the battle, closely followed by Nightblaze with his arm in a sling, Hess on crutches, Fixer, Flare and Padfoot; the heroes of the war returning home.

Blast stopped at the bottom of the ramp and moved to the side so that the others could get past then he and Padfoot took the just-about conscious Iadsgb from the two medics behind them and with one arm around each of their shoulders, dragged him out between them.

Captain Trapp, a few pilots and lots more of the men emerged from the ship as Chancellor Palpatine moved forwards from the crowd flanked by two Senate guards.

The guards stepped past him and took Iadsgb from Blast and Padfoot.
“He needs a hospital.” Blast told them.
“We’ll see to it that he gets all the medical attention he needs.” The Commanding guard said and then they dragged the fallen F.I.S. leader away towards the Prison tower to applause from the crowds.

“Elite Commander Blast.” Palpatine greeted him and R.K. gave as sharp a salute as he could muster. “Many congratulations on winning your war. I’m glad that the galaxy can now rest without fear of coming under attack from the F.I.S.. Your victory has come as a welcome surprise.”

“Thank you Chancellor. I too am pleased that the war has finished… even if it is a such a high price.” Blast removed his helmet and pushed his sweaty hair back from his face.
“Yes. I see that not many of your fellow leaders have returned with you.” Palpatine looked past Blast to where the other leaders were stood waiting. “Oh, but whom is that I see amongst your men? You’ve saved one of the enemy commanders?”

R.K. glanced behind him.
“Was he not the one who betrayed you?” Palpatine questioned in a hushed tone.
“Fixer. Yes. He is. But once again he has my complete trust.” Blast replied. “Nobody is to touch him.”
“Hm…” The Supreme Chancellor mused. “Well, I would be careful of him all the same. It appears your men think the same as I.”
Blast turned and saw that Padfoot, Flare, Hess and Nightblaze along with the few other soldiers who had come out of the ship were stood slightly away from Fixer, leaving him on his own.

“Chancellor.” Bail Organa, the Senator for Alderaan approached Palpatine from behind. “The press is ready.” He stepped back and Palpatine turned back to Blast.
“Well Commander, if you are up to it and are willing, the holonet would like a press conference.”
Blast thought about it for a moment and started to shake his head.

“Come now, the galaxy must know…” Palpatine smiled kindly.
Blast sighed then replied by nodding and walking past the Supreme Chancellor towards a waiting podium.

Fixer, Padfoot, Flare, Hess and Nightblaze followed at a short distance until Blast had got up onto the podium, then they moved forwards to stand each side of him.

The senators, Jedi and newly assembled crowds gathered behind the railings as the film crews and press photographers got into position in between them and the war heroes. The underlying, bubbling noise from the crowds died down as the cameras began to flash and the filming began.
“People of the Galaxy.” Blast began hesitantly, not really knowing what to say.

“Finally, it is over. The war between the United Rebelling Systems and the Federation of Independent Systems has finished.” There was much cheering from the public at this point. Blast looked down at Fixer who looked up and nodded in encouragement then looked back at the cameras.

“The war was ended by one man. One man who saved my life, again.” Blast smirked. “He shot down Iadsgb in our final battle on board The Desolation less than an hour ago. But I’ll get to that later.” He looked around the crowds then down to his sides at his comrades. “The people here on Coruscant may have seen our space battle just out of your atmosphere and even more of you may have seen what remained of the F.I.S. flagship crash into the city.” Once again the crowds whooped and cheered. “Oh, and I’m sorry for the damage.” Blast added with a gentle laugh.

“We triumphed over the F.I.S., but at a great price. Many troops were killed during this war, even a few unfortunate civilians, but mostly we lost five amazing leaders. Warriors of the greatest kind. None of them will ever be able to have a proper burial because all of their bodies have been lost, but they will never, ever be forgotten. So I would just like to ask now, for a minutes silence for Vasilious Nikolaou, who died earlier in the war on Hoth, and the following people who died just hours ago on The Desolation; Flight Commander Falcon, Elite Captain Jelli, Commando Slash and Lieutenant Shock. Also another good man to die was a doctor by the name of Zulcan Turso, without whom, I would not be here.”

The Galaxy fell silent. For a whole minute not a sound was made as everyone watching or listening to the speech stopped to remember the fallen.
A small wind blew through the street on Coruscant where the conference was being held and Blast smiled to himself, imagining it to be the voices of the fallen, giving their thanks. And then the minute was up.

“Thank you. Now as I started to say earlier, this war was brought to an end by the actions of one man. This man, standing to my right,” Blast indicated down towards Fixer, “Is the bravest man I have ever known and probably the bravest I ever will. As you may remember, earlier in the war, he betrayed me and joined Iadsgb and the F.I.S..” the crowds murmured and Padfoot growled slightly. “Or so you were made to believe.” Blast continued and suddenly there was uproar from the crowds and many gasps from the senators and especially from the leaders by Blast’s feet. He continued over the noise. “Galactic Marine RC-1140 Fixer NEVER TRULY LEFT THE U.R.S.!” Blast had to shout now over the noise of the crowds.

“Blast. What are you saying?” Padfoot asked from down to his left but he didn’t answer. Instead he just carried on talking, explaining to everyone at once.

“Fixer was following strict orders from myself. He did NOT betray me; he was carrying out a top-secret plan. Only the two of us knew about it, nobody else was in on the know. Before he betrayed me, we had private meetings and in those meetings we discussed what we were going to do and we carefully planned out the whole thing.” The crowds were still shouting out so Blast stopped for them to calm down.

“When the time was right, Fixer appeared to betray me, and I must say,” R.K. looked down at him, “You were very convincing. But as I was saying; He appeared to betray me and join the F.I.S. however that was just the start of a very elaborate plan to bring about the end of the war, which at last it has. Fixer got inside the F.I.S., gained their trust, leaked secret information out to me and appeared to totally be against the U.R.S. However that was just an act. He was ALWAYS loyal to me, he did NOT betray me and he is the bravest man I know. He could have been found out at any moment and killed but he wasn’t and he risked everything to help me and the U.R.S.. So please, can I have the most enormous round of applause for GALACTIC MARINE RC-1140 FIXER!”

The crowds erupted again, but this time with applause and cheers and whooping as they realized the true genius of the plan. The sheer skill it must have taken to keep it secret for so long and never have been caught. How much courage it must have taken to stay right where he could have been caught and killed at any moment. It was the best plan that the galaxy had ever come across and slowly, everyone started to realize that, including the other leaders. They instantly became less hostile towards him as they realized that he had always been one of them and they fitted all of the pieces together and realized that Blast’s story must be true. The times when he and Fixer used to disappear for hours on end and nobody knew what they were doing; they were planning the fake betrayal. Everything slowly slotted into place. As the clapping died down Blast started again.

“And so Fixer brought down Iadsgb and we,” he gestured to his comrades, “escaped. The F.I.S. is no more, but the U.R.S. also no longer exists. From now on, the survivors of the F.I.S. will merge will the U.R.S. and become the U.F.I.R.S.! The United Federation for Independent Rebelling Systems!” Yet more cheers from the crowds.

“We will be a peace-keeping organization. Traveling throughout the galaxy to maintain peace as much as we can in these hard times. But for the moment; Thank you all for your kindness towards myself and the U.R.S.. Thank you for being patient with us. And finally thank you for your support, and now, I would like a nice lay down and a mug of warm ale. Thank you.” Blast nodded to the cameramen who stopped recording and then posed for the flashing cameras.

The remaining men. The survivors. The heroes. All stood side by side. Blast on the podium in the middle, Fixer and Hess on his right,

and Nightblaze, Padfoot and Flare to his left. It was the end, he realized suddenly.
It was over; the war had finished. It was really at an end.

That thought brought a huge smile to his face. A real smile. A smile that hadn’t been seen there for months and so helmet-in-hand, he smiled for the cameras. Smiled alongside the other legendary U.R.S. survivors, to the cameras that would transmit the message of victory from one side of the galaxy to the other and would provide pictures for the future generations to look at and learn about the tragic war.

The legendary war between the U.R.S. and the F.I.S..

A note from the creator:

Well, that's it. 4 Years of joint writing with Iadsgb, 4 years of building, 5 Seasons and over 100 episodes has all come down to this. The final ever episode of the Series. I hope it has lived up to everybody's expectations.
I'm aware that the fanbase for this series isn't what it used to be, numbers have greatly declined during the last couple of Seasons but to those of you who have stuck with it and have read it from the start, thank you. It's you who've kept the series going. And of course thank you as well to those who joined recently and have been following the more recent episodes.
I had great fun writing this series and even more fun building it, so I hope that has come across and you, the viewers, have just as much fun reading it.
There will be a short Epilogue and also a Behind The Scenes moc, both coming soon, to finish the series off properly, so keep an eye out for those.
So once again, thank you for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the series.

--R.K. Blast--


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 I made it 
  September 29, 2013
Quoting jacob Schunk you are awesome at making stories you are BRILLIANT! just BRILLIANT! also you are a genius!!!!!
Why thank you very much. Haha. --Blast--
 I like it 
  September 27, 2013
you are awesome at making stories you are BRILLIANT! just BRILLIANT! also you are a genius!!!!!
 I made it 
  September 17, 2013
Quoting Elite Brigadier Callum (Darth Jovan) Nice Job! This series has been great! To bad my team and me died (jk)! Well Done! BTW will there be anymore missions on in the F.I.S vs U.R.S RPG Group?
Thanks everyone. Unless we get any action there then no there won't be. --Blast--
 I like it 
  September 17, 2013
Nice Job! This series has been great! To bad my team and me died (jk)! Well Done! BTW will there be anymore missions on in the F.I.S vs U.R.S RPG Group?
 I like it 
  September 16, 2013
Brilliant...this has been a long time in the making and I'm proud to have been a part of it with you. I think we can consider this the end of an era, and, Uni willing, the start of another even better. I look forward to the future. Semper Fidelis. -Ess
 I like it 
  September 16, 2013
WOW! EPIC! Well done! I dont want it 2 end! too good to finish! Very well done, I loved the whole series! i like the ghost picture in this peisode. glad there is going to be an epilog.
 I like it 
  September 16, 2013
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Excellent series ( thunderous standing applause !) I'm looking forward to reading it from start to finish. Fantastic!
 I like it 
  September 16, 2013
Nice! Great scenes!
By --R.K. Blast--
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