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Unitron Shielding Battleship - "Sirius" 3.1 Class
As Unitron homeworld has been slowly overrun by Spyrius forces, Unitron get both help and hint from their Atritian friends again. They lended Unitron more technology and materials to be able to get out of their burning homeworld. There was no way how to defeat Spyrius marauders on landscape battle. Their robotic legions just overpowered Unitron infantry - based troops. It was time to abandon their homeworld and let Spyrius rule above smouldering ruins. Unitron people turn down their Zenon spacestations and even their famous Monorail System to get material to brand new generation of motherships - Sirius. Maybe it was because of star-like symetry and general appearance. As Antares was defensive - based, Sirius were adapted for massive firepower action. As it progenitor Antares, it was powered by many implode cores to be able to travel for longest distances and with 8 Star Hawks II and 16 escape pods. As for technology, I developed new idea for contains of star-like ships. Because of little room inside, I decided to mount whole furniture, life-support tubes, even computers , armories and cannons to become specialized wall elements. It both spared file capacity greatly and gave purpose to before purely decorative wall elements. Again this design was originally meant for Atritian ships, but I spared it for Unitron again. After Unitron took into skies, they soon found out that their situation is better that they originally thought. They took great pleasure on intercepting all reinforcements from Spyrius that were heading to Unitron homeworld. After that they left them rule over two destroyed worlds and they become nomadic fleet of Atritian technology - infused giant motherships.
About this creation
Firstly I added some pictures from overall ships design. Since I prefer very complicated trunk shapes, I decided to make shis ship as series of stars connected by their central segments (that serves as main trunk) and also with parallel collumn like elements that are attached to stars points.

Generally ship is built over its black skeleton which I sadly forget to display, but you will get an idea from pictures of ships parts.

Inferolateral aspect

Superolateral acpect

Posterolateral aspect

Lateral aspect – this picture is most convenient to see ships structure. On anterior parts there are 4 moon-like segements arranged in alternating directions – 1st and 3rd in horisontal, 2nd and 4th in vertical plane. On posterior parts, they are 4armed star – like elements in 2 series.

Anterior aspect. It shows centrally symetrical structure of the ship greatly. All moon and star elements from cross-like arms, which are attached to central axial part. Four particles between star arms are additional trunks that contain implode cores. Their second purpose is to make ship more sturdy by connecting star elements.

Lateral aspect. Note that star arms are becoming longer from head to tail of ship

Posterior aspect. You can see only postremous star element, because it is the largest and it covers all others from the back. Both main and additional trunks are ended with massive engines.

This is what Spyrius ships crew sees just before they are shot down

You can see Unitron Chief in main cockpit. Unluckily, LDD has very few bricks decorations but none of more vintage Space themes. So I tried to emulate his golden gloves by this orange ones and find the most Space – looking torso painting. If anyone knows how to implement those features in LDD, be sure to let me know :D

Here comes series of details of ships sections. They are similliar, but note the differences.

Head detail. It is inspired by one of my earliest work, Apries 1.1. All cockpits are the same, they are just atteched to each cross arm of central trunk. In athmosperic fight, only top one is used because being in lateral ones is not so comforting :P

Cannon detail. Most of them are original parts from Unitron sets. I am quite sad that the best LEGO Space theme (from my opinion) was so underdeveloped. In all my works, I get much inspiration from Unitron techniques.

Engine detail. I know it is underdeveloped, but i made them as very last part when my LDD was collapsing under size of this ship.

Central trunk segment. Its sole purpose is to be trespassing area and I intended to add a ladders to it, because gravitation source is on the postremous part of ship. Since this astronauts in star elements can freely walk on them , but to get into another segment they need to climb. I saw i as the best way to explain crew movements.

First „moon element“. It is situated right behind head section. First two moon segemnts are meabt to be manned in athmosperical fight. Thats why they contain cockpits orientated in horisontal plane same as chiefs cockpit at thevery front of ship.

Segment contains 4 computer cores and 4 heavily armored cabins for ships navigators , pilots and shield men. You can see their gray roof .

Here you can see multiple little engines on cabins front. It is an Atritian idea that while exploring planets some crew members can be out in the landscape when ship is attacked. Those cabins allow crew members to control ship from distance if someone tries to hijack it when most of crew is out. Same principle I applied in most of my real plastic ships.

Details of segment with skeleton out.

Interior of cabins if very spartan-looking. Thats because it was very hard to get those cabins in so small room.

Second „moon element“ . It contains 6 little spacecraft, again the same that are in original Unitron series. I tried to find out what are typical features of Unitron. It was and still is very hard because limkited number of Unitron sets were produced. I learned about slope usage, open cocpits, plenty of laser cannons and engines. To catch a colour scheme is the least difficult thing :D

Floor detail. Note that each part of moon element are more higher than previous one. This made creating connections very difficult.

Element contains. Note little ships in all levels of moon element

Third „moon element“. Now I remeber that I forget to write about anathomy of moon segmets. Their moon like appearance is maintained from binding square-like segemnts (steps of elements) with combinations of cross beams and hanle beams. More lateral you go, the bigger is difference between steps of eleemtns.

Contains of third moon elemts are control rooms.You can see an astronaut here

Details of third element within. You can see helmets in wall elements. The second purpose of this element is to be an armory. As was said in description, wall elements become functional, not purely morphological part of ships plating.

Fourth „moon element“. It is the most wide moon element and its located in the middle of lenght of ships. Note how it was nessessary to adjust ceilling designs because of increasing agle of steps.

Ceiling detail

Floor detail. I was quite proud with detailing of this part. Moving all contains into wall enbled me to put more effort to ceilling and floor.

Contains of element. There are many of armory elements but also some gun holders.

Whole width of elements. Many astronauts work there.

Ongoing parts I call „star elements“ because the have 4, not 2 arms. Their purpose is more supportive and accomodative than on moon elements, that are more of more functionally meant.

Another stairway that I was proud for. You can note meteors used as part of plating. I used them as containers of crews possesions. They were nessessary as Unitron people took all technology they had before they let Spyrius destroy remnants of their world. Any Unitron man or woman would never forget the sight of their desotryed home. Soon they found that they can fully live in spaceship s and took great pleasure thinking that only thing Spyrius get by their conquest was ruins...

Floor detail.

Second star element. It Is the broadest part of ship and serves as accomodation and medical facility for crew members.

Another floor detail.

Wall structure. Most centrally placed transparent tubes are sleeping and medical facilites. Laterally are placed opaque blue tubes that serve as hygienic facility. On point of elemnts there are meteor like caches for personal posessions.

Pillar element. It is a series of implode cores and generators. All high-energy devices were put into these additional trunks to be able to deattach themeselves and explode in the safe distance from ship. It is another Atritian design that was given to their Unitron allies.

Idea note – implode cores : Trans yellow bulbs (implode cores) are alternating with trans blue generator cores. Implode cores contain some weird kind of matter that is able of rapid energy consumption. It is used for absorbing energy shots from enemy laser beams. It is Atrtian design modification. Implode cores also serves as massive shield emitters.

As always, the last couple of pictures are details from ship :D I hope you liked it. I would appreciate any constructive criticism from your side :D

Star Hawk II are always a part of Unitron motherships.

Some sagital sections of ship. You can see symetricity between veertical moon elements as well as in star element.3

No matter what they throw at us, we Unitron ... will always be there :D


 I made it 
  November 29, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah Unitron... Please assist us in Blacktron... Oh no... Even them are hit by Collosi!
Unitron Empire Council has successfully colonized new galaxy far from any war that was getting us tired of for so long ... But, despite we have limited resources here, we start to work on new mothership. It will be named Rigel and will serve as perfect espionage and lab centre. By battling both Spyrius and Blacktron, we learned that technology advances are things that are winning wars. BT and SPyrius are so potent becuase of number of tech they stolen, even from us ... We will help you with that war, but it will take some time to make our ships online. Wishing all the best, Generale James Starstrider, Unitron Chief.
 I like it 
  November 29, 2013
Unitron... Please assist us in Blacktron... Oh no... Even them are hit by Collosi!
 I like it 
  October 31, 2013
this one has to be the best looking of your fleet yet!
 I made it 
  October 29, 2013
Quoting Commander Cold My question is how you got all of those rare, vintage parts with only having owned one System Space set :-[ :-
I think I managed to buy all space parts in Slovakian LEGO stores ... for a quite high price (I bought all cockpits , lasers, trans cones , what they had. That means that it would be long time untill they get some more to be bought (and I intend to buy them also :D )
 I like it 
  October 28, 2013
My question is how you got all of those rare, vintage parts with only having owned one System Space set :-[ :-
 I made it 
  October 28, 2013
Quoting Commander Cold My DFE will look a bit like the Galactic Mediator Are you familliar with that set?
I am very glad with two facts ... first that you had courage to start your flagship (if I can call it so :D ) and secondly, I am excited that it will be inspired by SP flagship (I admire all three of them and they were the sets I really wanted to own) (Only Space set I own was the smallest M:Tron buggy). I wish you really all the best.
  October 28, 2013
My DFE will look a bit like the Galactic Mediator Are you familliar with that set?
  October 28, 2013
That's okay, my brother is on the Geek Squad®. (Will I get sued for that?)
 I like it 
  October 27, 2013
If I downloaded the LDD file my computer would probably blow up.XD
 I made it 
  October 27, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah Actually, there is something I have done on many of our spaceships... SBSY has made them very modular. We could make our Sariun modular as well! :)
Well, it would be great idea :D
  October 27, 2013
Actually, there is something I have done on many of our spaceships... SBSY has made them very modular. We could make our Sariun modular as well! :)
  October 27, 2013
Where is LDD, and how do I get it?
 I made it 
  October 26, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah Has our ship done well?
well, I brought all your Spyrius ships and one Sairun also. Crew havent returned yet, but I still feel their presence. When I was inspecting ships I bought, I saw solid plating that could withstand much firepower and also great design disguise. On Sairun there was solid lab place. I would recommend you to add some lateral modules as you usually do in your ships. I would be interested in Sairun development. Main trunk is fully sufficient, but when you will have some material left, you can add some symetrical modules for two guarding soldiers. I will pay well. I can tell you some hints if you would like to learns some LDD skills :D
  October 26, 2013
Has our ship done well?
 I made it 
  October 26, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah I still like it! How is our pact doing? Unitron is still going good, even with Spyrius, possibly? > Hello Ben, we have gladly received Spyrius-like from your SpaceYards and after some essential preparation we launched them towards Spyrius homeworld. Even today our crewsmen feel minds of our brethren on Spyrius, that means that your ships worked well and they are alive ... As for Spyrius men, we think that they will not be glad for our spy on them. Even when marooned on their homeworld, I have seen that Unitron and Spyrius would probably never cease in their war, so we had to pick one side and Spyrius had that misfortune that we didnt like them at all (little smugness from my side :D) Wishing all the best, your satisfied customer Commander Celeborn of house Eldacar.
 I like it 
  October 26, 2013
I still like it! How is our pact doing? Unitron is still going good, even with Spyrius, possibly?
 I like it 
  October 19, 2013
  October 18, 2013
Commander of the Fleet, I have found not a spaceship... But a fighter of the Spyrius Group... A bit of changes, and it will be perfect!
  October 17, 2013
Krysto is interested in a pact. Essentialy, we will give you more hospitality on your future visits in exchange for some of your Atrititan technologies. (No magic, please) Let me know if you are interested, Commander Cold
 I made it 
  October 17, 2013
Quoting Benhamin Eukatah Have you seen my new front page yet?
Yes, Ben :D I will soon send you some request of building ships for my fleet :D
 I like it 
  October 15, 2013
I see that you made some references to Unitron sets there.
 I like it 
  October 7, 2013
 I like it 
  October 6, 2013
Very cool ship there! Thanks for the comment on my jet! I can tell you how I did It...well it would be EZr if you would tell me your e-mail than we can talk about it that way! =) -Nick
 I like it 
  October 5, 2013
Hey, cool vehicle! Have you seen one of the remixed spaceships I just put up?
 I like it 
  October 5, 2013
Wow. Just wow. PS can you take some picture in build mode for more contrast?
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