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Hazeroth Version 3
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Hello and welcome to the page that shows my self moc Hazeroth version 3! I am extremely excited on how it turned out! Also, I hope you enjoy the story!
About this creation

I am Druas, once chronicler of Onu- Koro, now chronicler of the Toa Vaka. I am here to tell you the story of how Hazeroth made the Toa Vaka. Here the story once again, and pay attention, and please remember the three virtues: Unity, duty, and destiny...

After Spherus Magna was cleansed of the Makuta by Mata Nui, the matoran, agori, toa, and glatorian created the Koros again. They had found peace at last...

But it wouldn’t last. When Mata Nui cleansed Spherus Magna, at the same time in the Hero Factory universe the breakout happened and someone named Truskar escaped, but he mysteriously teleported to the bionicle universe. But to teleport it rearranged his atoms and, by accident it added some extra, which made him into an ultra- powerful titian.

Truskar found that the bionicle universe was far better than the Hero Factory so he tried to understand how the system worked and understand the story of them. He soon found out that the Makuta once tried to destroy the Bionicle universe, and almost succeeded. But he didn’t destroy his nemesis when he had the chance. He learned that he should never give his nemesis a second chance to defeat him. So he decided to copy the Makuta, by making the rahkshi, but they would be more numerous, stronger, faster, wiser, and more armored. He had guaranteed that they were no match for anyone at all...

Now let’s get on to the story.

Hazer was a good and simple village that lived in peace. It was a tiny place located in Le- Koro. All the matoran and agori were carefree and happy. For transportation, most used gukko birds.

Now at Ta- Koro, everyone was also happy and carefree but no one knew that everything was about to change.

Trudge! Trudge! Made from the feet of the two Onu- matoran.
“Why can’t we go to Ta- Koro?” asked a small Onu- matoran, that we will learn to be called Brak.
“Well, we have to warn the villages in Le- Koro.” said another Onu matoran that we will also come to call Krin.
“But Ta- Koro is stronger and wiser.” complained Brak.
“How rude. That is a horrible insult. Just because the Le- matoran talk a little different doesn’t mean that they are dull.” replied Krin.
“Okay, okay! But still, I think that the Ta matoran are better.
“That exactly proves my point. The Le matoran are defenseless against this new breed of rahkshi.”
“So you mean that we are going to somewhere in Le- Koro named um... eh... what is it?”
“Yeah, somewhere in Le- Koro called Hazer, because they are weak and defenseless?”
“No, no, no, no, no, no. I didn’t say that they were weak and defenseless, I mean that they are better off with the information. If Ta- Koro is attacked, they would be able to fight faster. In Le- Koro they don’t have as many weapons.”
“Whatever.” Brak called back, rolling his eyes.

As they moved along there was a small twitch in the bushes.
“What was that?” asked Brak, who turned around to face the bush.
“What was what?”
“Didn’t you hear a noise in the bushes behind us?”
“That must have been a noise that came from a rahi of some kind. We’d better get moving.”
A small bird like creature flew away, although it looked like it flew away backwards.

“Good...” Truskar said, studying the video that the strange bird took. “So they want to warn the other places. Well, that won’t matter. They will die soon enough. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Back at Ta- Koro, they got news of the strange new breed of rahkshi.
“Turaga Vakama! Turaga Vakama!” shouted Toa Jaller, “We are in danger! Who knows how strong these strange new breed of rahkshi are! We could all be killed!”
“Now settle down Jaller. Do not be afraid. Remember that we are one of the strongest Koros’ in Spherus Magna. We will be able to defend this place.” said Turaga Vakama firmly.
“But what about the other Koros? Who knows, maybe they are already destroyed!” said Jaller in a frightened voice.
“That is true, but we need to worry about ourselves for now. Besides, we have you, Toa Tahu, and Toa Takanuva. We’ll be fine.” reassured Vakama.
“But what if we still won’t win?”
“Well, we will see, won’t we?”
“That’s reassuring.” replied back Jaller in a sarcastic tone.

BOOM! “They’re here! They’re here!” shouted a Ta matoran named Karoth.
The Rahkshi started surging forward in immense number. Toa Tahu, and Toa Takanuva rushed forward firing blasts of heat and light at the rahkshi, but nothing worked, when one goes down hundreds sped over it. The fight was hopeless.
“Everyone! Evacuate! This battle is already lost! We must leave! Just run! Don’t get anything! Go-” Toa Tahu yelled while a bright flash of light stopped him forever.

In Le- Koro, looking out at the stars, Drac, a little Le- matoran, saw a bright star go out. That is strange. He thought. Deciding to tell Turaga Matau, Drac jumped up from his perch and ran to the turaga.
“Hmm that is strange.” said Turaga Matau, “That looks like a spirit Sta-...”
“What is it? What is wrong? Come on Turaga Matau please answer!” cried Drac.
“That was a spirit star.”
“What are those?”
“Those are made when a toa make a great deed. The red, brown, and black stars are gone.”
“What does that mean?” said Drac anxiously.
“That means that Toa Onua, Pohatu, and Tahu are dead.” said Turaga Matau sullenly.

A couple of hours later the two Onu matoran finally found Hazer.
“Everyone! You are all in great trouble!” shouted Brak, “a new breed of rahkshi are coming! You won’t stand a chance!”
“So I have seen.” said Turaga Matau.
“Wait, you have seen the damage?” asked Brak in a confused manner.
“I have seen the Spirit Stars. Toa Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua have disappeared. Please come into our meeting place and tell us your story.”
Once they got there they told the story.

“My name is Brak and I am, well, was the archiver in Onu- Koro, and I was doing my business, when the ground above me started to crumble on top of me. So I ran to Onua, who was digging another tunnel. After I told him what happened, he put on his kakama and ran all the way to Po- Koro and told Pohatu. They both zoomed back to the top of Onu- Koro, and tried to stop whatever was going on. I followed them to the top of Onu- Koro. I saw them stare at the forces surprised at how many they are. Then suddenly a bright flash of light that came from one of the rahkshis’ staff- like swords, and took out Pohatu off guard. Onua was so shocked and in grief that he didn’t see the beam of light that took him out. Both toa died in less than two minutes of each other. We don’t stand a chance.” he said wiping a tear away from his mask.

“Everyone! We must hurry! Take only what you need! Take only what you can hold!” said Turaga Matau.
After they heard the story, they quickly starting packing. They told the story to Toa Lewa. He flew to Ga- Koro, Ko- Koro, Po- Koro (who were basically defenseless), then tried to go to Ta and Onu- Koro. They decided to do a search party at Ta- Koro and Onu- Koro.

“Ready? Let’s go!” said Drac. A Team of brave matoran were on gukko birds and were trying to fly to Ta- Koro and tried to find if anyone was still alive.

Scraping through a pile of masks and ashes, Drac thought of how familiar this seemed. It reminded him of the Makuta, and how he tried to destroy Mata Nui, and how he almost won. Now this is going on. Will there ever be true peace? thought Drac. Just then, a Le- matoran called out to him.
“I think I found something!”

He had found a matoran! Rushing him to a medic, the tried to heal him.
“He is badly damaged. We have to send him to someone who can heal him, or he will die.
“I can heal!” said another Le- matoran called Gruat.
Soon Karoth was healthy and well.
“How are you feeling?” asked Gruat?
“Uhh.. where am I? What is going on? What happened?” asked the confused Ta- matoran.
“You are the only survivor. We found you under a giant pile of dead matoran.” replied Gruat.
“It happened so fast. It’s like a blur, a dream. I am so confused. Where is everyone?”
“You were under attack by a bunch of mutated rahkshi. No one stood a chance. I am amazed that you survived. How did you survive? Sorry, I know that you are tired and surprised. We should wait”.

Three months later. Ga- Koro, Ko- Koro, and Po- Koro were destroyed. There were many survivors. Truskar just tried to scare them. He wanted to put fear into their hearts.
“This is so unfair. Just because Truskar destroyed all our hopes doesn’t mean that hope itself is gone. We can take them!” said Karoth.
“Just because you might be able to rebel doesn’t mean that we will be able to too.” replied a Po- matoran.
“I know, I just feel that it isn’t fair. Don’t you think so?”
“Of course I think so, we all think so. We all want to defeat this Truskar, but he is just too strong.”
“Have you ever even seen him before? I bet that he is really weak!”
“Maybe so, but we just have to hope for a hero to help.”
“Maybe we shouldn’t for wait for a hero to come. Maybe we need to all stand up for what we think.” said Karoth standing up.
“Yes. We should, but who would lead us? Normally Ta- matoran are the leaders but besides you, there is no one else!”
“But I am still here. I could rise up from the ashes of my Koro and fight back!”

Flying on a gukko bird, he went to Ta- Koro to see if there was any weapons that he could use. He searched and searched, but only found masks, including the toas’. That’s it! I could craft a weapon from their masks! Excited he took them and flew back.
“Turaga Matau! Turaga Matau! I have an idea! If I craft these masks, I could make a weapon that had powers!” said Karoth excitedly.
“Well that could work. Let’s try.”

Ching! Ching! The sound of the hammer hitting the masks and other types of metal.
“It is completed!” said Karoth swinging his sword in the air, “I have made the sword! Hurrah! Hurrah!”
“Very good. Now you need a team. We will all help, but you need matoran that can also help you.” stated Turaga Matau.
While he was searching for a team he decided to make an obstacle course that could prove that the matoran was worthy of being part of the team.
Many tried their hardest but many failed. Some failed because they were afraid, some because of pure lack of strength. But finally after many hours of waiting, he found the perfect ones. Their names were:
From Ga- Koro: Ahira with her brains,
from Onu- Koro: Othniel with his strength,
from Le- Koro: Dizahab with his flight,
from Po- Koro: Ahiezer with his speed,
from Ko- Koro: Kenaz with is peace,
and finally from Ta- Koro: Karoth with his courage,
they would defeat the Truskar!

“Ready? Let’s go!” shouted Karoth they flew on gukko birds and started to fly to where the presence of evil was strongest.
They traveled through Ko- Koro no one was there. They traveled to Ta- Koro no one was there. They traveled to Ga- koro, again no one was there. But when they went to Po- Koro, they felt something, well, different. They new that Truskar was here, and they must defeat him.
“Team! I can feel the Truskar here! Let’s land.” Karoth said to his team.
As they landed, they were greeted with iron wolves.
“Why are there iron wolves here in Po- Koro, I thought they died in Mata nui?” asked Othniel.
“Maybe they escaped, and survived-” answered Ahiezer.
“Or Truskar mutated them with their genetic dna. That is why the look more powerful.” interrupted Kenaz.
As they battled the mutated iron wolves a camera that Truskar got from the hero factory universe, was looking at them. They were doing pretty well. But Truskar that they wouldn’t survive for long.
While battling, Kenaz spotted a shiny spot of something that looked like a puddle. It was a few yards away. “Hey Karoth! I can see a puddle a few feet away!”
“So what? How will that help us?” responded Karoth.
“I think it is a pool of protodermis.”
“Well, maybe that could work! let’s go team!”
As they ran to the pool of protodermis, Truskar saw what they were trying to do. He new that if they made it to that pool of protodermis they could do a lot more damage. But still, his rahkshi could easily defeat. He better unleash his horde.
As the team reached the pool of protodermis, they heard large howls and hundreds of feet hitting the ground. They dared not look back. As they made it, they just dived in. They knew that if they took their time they would surely die.
But no one knew, including Truskar, that the protodermis was really energized. When they came out, they looked totally different. Karoth had was a different type of sword. It was light strong and deadly. His mask had the power of invisibility. Ahiezer was lighter and thinner, with the mask of super speed, that allowed him to almost teleport, and with a giant hammer that could do a lot of damage. Kenaz had also become tall with the mask of x- ray vision he had an enlarged blizzard blade, it was more like a staff. Dizahab had again grown tall with the mask of Adaptation, and with enlarged aero slicers he was a force to be reckoned with. Ahira was, too, elevated in height, with the mask of healing, and with super hydro blades. They had become toa and they were more powerful than ever!
Surprised and caught off guard, Truskar forgot to tell the rahkshi to attack. So the rahkshi waited as their numbers grew less. Soon none of them were there at all.
Truskar cursing himself of being so stupid, decided to fight them himself. No mistakes. thought Truskar. As he rushed forward the new toa sped for him, with Ahiezer in the lead.
Using his brute strength, Truskar smashed his fists into the ground disrupting the toas’ movement, and threw them back, knocking out Kenaz, for he was caught off guard and was smashed hard against the walls. Ahira ran back to him to try to heal him. Almost all of them got back to their feet and prepared themselves for a fight of their lifetime! Using his elemental power of earth, Othniel made the ground under Truskar crumble away. Causing him to fall. Using his time wisely, Ahiezer teleported himself to Truskar and pounded him with is hammer. He had enough of this foolish play. Truskar leapt up and uppercutted Ahiezer into the sky, and with one swift move, he jumped up and kicked him into a wall, causing the walls to collapse on him.
Now seeing his chance Truskar took the distraction and started to use his high- tech weapons to destroy the toa. With blasts of amazing power he felled Karoth. Hitting the rough sand below. Angered that his friends and fellow toa were hurt, Karoth rose up and started to use his mask power of invisibility, to turn invisible. Now Truskar had no idea where I am thought Karoth. But little did he know that Truskar knew where he was the minute he turned invisible, thanks to the hero factory’s high- tech gadgets.
Karoth ran to Truskar and with all his might, he swung his sword at his abdomen. But Truskar expected this and easily avoided the feeble attack, then struck him in the face which cracked his mask.. But behind him Ahira used her chance to slice her hydro blades into Truskar’s thigh.
In pain, he howled and jumped up and down. Finding his final chance, Karoth stabbed his sword into the heartlight in his chest. The heartlight blinked and went out.
With only a little life left in all of the new toa, they went to work destroying the base of the Truskar.

When the toa returned the matoran saw only damaged titans. But they soon they soon learned that the were the matoran heros that were transformed into toa when they touched the energized protodermis.

After the battle, the Le matoran gave every one of the new toa extra armor to replace the destroyed ones which made most of their armor green. Karoth was in the worst shape of all. With no mask, he needed a new one. But there really wasn’t one that he could use. So he used the Le matorans’ traditional mask for the time being.
Karoth decided to change his name to Hazeroth in honor of Hazer. They had finally found peace at last.


Hazeroth walked up to a pool of protodermis and thought This will do. He took off the tribal mask and laid it in the glowing liquid. In a matter of seconds it reappeared above the surface and he took it. Then he put it back on his face. Now he had a mask with real power. At that moment he thought of Turaga Vakama and how he guided the Koro wisely. How he died in the gory battle with the rahkshi. He knew what he needed to do.

Later he walked up to his team and said, “Everyone, thank you for being in my team. It means a lot to me, and if you don’t mind I would like to call this Toa team the Toa Vaka.”
“Why the Toa Vaka, of all the names?” asked Dizahab.
“ Because it stands for Vakama, and how he lead the Toa Metru, through all the fights against the Makuta, and how he died when attacked against the rahkshi.”
“I think that that is a fitting name.” responded Ahira, “Don’t you all agree?”
They all agreed and the name of the Toa team was decided...

...The Toa Vaka...

By the way... If you are wondering when the story said that the bird-like creature looked like it was flying backwards, it was this. I made as a tablescrap, and decided to put it in the story!

Creator's comments:

Well, I am greatly pleased with how this moc came out. Although some things that I shall improve on in the future are the fingers. They are so bulky. When I get some more pieces of the right colors I will revamp him.

I also hope that you enjoyed the story. I made it for my "Creative Writing" class. I wonder if my teacher will even understand what is going on.

But anyway... The story was 17 pages long! With over 3,500 words. I think that the story was pretty long comparing that the minimum of the story was 2 pages. I think I exceeded the limit! But who cares?

Well, I hope you had a great time! Please rate and comment! See ya!


 I made it 
  December 6, 2013
Quoting Indy * This is really awesome! The story is well-written, and your self-moc is a true BEAST! :D This level of skill deserves a fave! :D
Papa Haz
 I like it 
Indy *
  December 5, 2013
This is really awesome! The story is well-written, and your self-moc is a true BEAST! :D This level of skill deserves a fave! :D
 I made it 
  October 31, 2013
Quoting Flamelord Kai This is awesome! I love the use of Pyrox mask as lower legs armor. The whole moc looks great too! Excellent job brother! :D
 I like it 
  October 29, 2013
This is awesome! I love the use of Pyrox mask as lower legs armor. The whole moc looks great too! Excellent job brother! :D
  October 15, 2013
Actually I did read the story, but it was hard to remember when it was 17 pages long, but still, I like the build and the name, Tao Vaha, good idea.
 I made it 
  October 15, 2013
Quoting C west /Callux Toa of Fire Wow, nice, so let me get this strait, He is a Toa of fire... With Green armor? For some reason I thought he was the Toa of Fire and Air, but who cares, he's your Selfmoc and I LIKE IT.
If you actually read the story it would make sense! But to be kind, I will tell you why. He was damaged so the Le- matoran gave him armor, but it was green. It would be easier to understand if you just read the story.
 I like it 
  October 15, 2013
Wow, nice, so let me get this strait, He is a Toa of fire... With Green armor? For some reason I thought he was the Toa of Fire and Air, but who cares, he's your Selfmoc and I LIKE IT.
Papa Haz
 I like it 
X ~
  October 14, 2013
The fact that the backstory is awesome and then you make this awesome version of Hazeroth is totally awesome! Nice job!
 I like it 
  October 14, 2013
Whoa, nice job. the backstory was good to.
 I made it 
  October 14, 2013
Quoting X ~ The fact that the backstory is awesome and then you make this awesome version of Hazeroth is totally awesome! Nice job!
 I made it 
  October 14, 2013
Quoting Alien Entity Man, this is really cool.. (especially that sword!) It's even more impressive that you wrote this humongous backstory as well!
Well actually the story was a homework assignment.
 I like it 
  October 14, 2013
Awesome. Mind checking this out?
 I like it 
  October 14, 2013
Man, this is really cool.. (especially that sword!) It's even more impressive that you wrote this humongous backstory as well!
Papa Haz
 I like it 
Stormjay Rider
  October 13, 2013
By Papa Haz
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