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Morholt Keep
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Dark Isle Saga Chapter 2: Dinas Emrys Part 1
About this creation
Dark Isle Saga
Chapter 2: Dinas Emrys

Part 1.

As Taryn and his companions made their way to the safety of Artorious and his men, they were set upon by an enemy war band. A bloody battle then proceeded to take place in the hallowed grounds of St. Gwydre's Church. The battle was a desperate one and could have meant the end for Taryn, had Artorious' men not frightened the enemy off.

A victory then? No, it did not feel like one, instead it just seemed to leave more questions unanswered.
Who was that mysterious dark knight?
What do the Enemy plan to do with the scroll?
What had happened to Sarlina?

After the battle, Owain and Ella went with Artorious to his camp which was only just over a mile away from the church. Taryn had chosen to follow on behind, as he wanted to scour the area for any clue of what happened to Sarlina. If she had been slain, why would the enemy choose to take away her body? They would have just taken the scroll and been done with her. Then again, had Sarlina not often spoken of breaking away from Owain and Ella to use the scroll's powers herself? Maybe she had done just that and slipped away amidst the chaos of the battle.
Taryn found no trace of Sarlina and so made his way to Artorious' camp, where he rested and tried to ease his troubled mind. In those few days, he did not see Owain or Ella who were busy discussing plans with Artorious and his Lords. This left Taryn feeling alone and surrounded by people he did not know but he knew his companions had pressing matters to discuss. After all, he was just a village boy who happened to get caught up in a much bigger picture, what use could he be in the times to come?

Little did he know, the next day he would be off on an important mission, one that could turn the tides of events. It seems that Artorious has plans for him after all. So it was that Taryn found himself on the road again, heading for Dinas Emrys.

Dinas Emrys was a sacred place, situated in a valley amongst steep rocky hills and lush woodland. There were quite a few settlements and fortifications littered throughout the area but it was mostly known for its ancient Druid Groves that could still be found in the deepest parts of the valley.
It was a beautiful morning as the suns rays penetrated the low mist which crawled down the hillsides, giving the land an ethereal appearance.

"You're very quiet this morning Taryn." Ella smiled at him.
"Just worried, that's all." He replied looking down as he spoke. "I just hope she is still alive."
Ella put an arm around his shoulders for comfort.
"I'm sure she is." She soothed. "She's a strong girl that one, with a will of iron."
Taryn thought about that for a second then a look of panic crossed his face.
"But the scroll!" Exclaimed Taryn. "If the enemy knows she has it they will be searching everywhere for her and she will surely be killed!" Taryn said worryingly.
Ella looked away.
"The scroll..." She paused, then went on. "It is safe." She looked back at Taryn.
"Safe?" quizzed Taryn. "What do you mean?"
Ella sighed.
"Before the battle at St. Gywdre's Owain managed to secretly take the scroll from her. He had no choice you understand, if the enemy had got their hands on it who know's what would have happened." Explained Ella.
Taryn walked on quietly for a while then turned to Ella.
"Sarlina didn't trust you, she planned to leave and use the scroll's powers herself." Taryn said sullenly. "She wanted me to come with her but I didn't believe that what she wanted to do was right."
Ella nodded, she understood what Taryn was saying.
"She wants to use the scroll's powers to bring back the old God's." Said Ella "In doing so, she would also end the lives of anyone without pure Avalonian blood."
Taryn bowed his head and nodded.
"That's her dream and why I didn't agree with her, it felt wrong and I could not bring myself to be a part of that dream." replied Taryn. "I failed her." He said quietly.
Ella smiled.
"No Taryn, you made the right choice." She said firmly.

They walked on throughout the day, the journey was long and tiresome but they managed to find shelter in an abandoned barn where they slept the night. They didn't have to walk far the following morning until they came upon the first signs of life in Dinas Emrys.

"Ahh, Morholt Keep." Smiled Ella. "It's been a long while since I was last here!"
Taryn gazed wide eyed up at the tall stone structure towering before him.
"So this is our destination?" He asked in wonderment.
"No." Laughed Ella. "But it may prove a good place to find some information we need."
She took Taryn's hand and together they walked towards the old Keep.

Morholt Keep:
Morholt takes it's name from an ancient Druid who once roamed the area long ago. Legend says the Keep itself is built on the site of the Druid's grave and that his powers are entwined with the stone and wood of the Keep, giving it strength. It is home to Lord Cadoc, whose family have lived there for generations.

Ella led Taryn up towards the guard tower where a grim faced soldier stood watch. As they approached, the soldier turned toward them with a frown on his face.
"What's your business here?" asked the soldier bluntly.
Ella stepped forward.
"My business is with Lord Cadoc." She said dryly. "I wish to speak with him."
The soldier frowned again and scratched his chin.
"Many people come here wanting to speak with him but my Lord is a busy man!" He snapped.
Ella laughed stared into the soldiers eyes.
"I think he'll find time to speak to me!" She said confidently.
The soldier looked Ella and Taryn up and down then sneered.
"Who are you?" He asked.
Ella smilled.
"My name is Ariella, sister of Lord Owain and cousin of Artorious Rex."
A look of recognition crossed the soldiers face and for a minute he seemed unsure what to do until in the end he beckoned them to follow him.
"Come with me, this way!" He spoke and led them over towards the main gate.

"Wait here!" Said the soldier and walked across the bridge into the Keep.
Taryn smilled and looked at Ella
"You have a bit of a name for yourself it seems." He laughed.
"Ella gave him a dig in the chest for reproof.
"Only good things Taryn, only good things." She blushed then laughed.

Just then the doors opened and a tall dark headed man appeared.
"Princess Ariella!" The man boomed and smiled.
"Princess???" Taryn thought, then watched as the man came down to greet them.

"Lord Cadoc." Beamed Ella then embraced him. "You're looking well." She smiled.
"You think so?" Cadoc laughed. "I feel old and rusty. But you, my have you grown into a fine young lady."
"Thank you my Lord" Ella blushed, then looked towards Taryn. "And this is my companion Taryn, he has been of great help to me these past weeks."
Cadoc looked at Taryn and nodded politely.
"Glad to meet you Taryn and thank you for aiding young Ella here." He smiled then turned to the both of them. "So, what can I help you with? I have some rooms if you wish to rest?" He asked cheerfully.
"I'm afraid we are in a hurry my Lord, as you well know, dark forces are plotting our downfall as we speak." Replied Ella sternly.
"So it seems." Cadoc replied gloomily. "I fear it will not be long before they spread into Dinas Emrys." He shuddered at that thought then looked back at Ella. "So what is it you want?" Asked Cadoc.
Ella looked at Taryn, then back to Cadoc.
"We're looking for Myrddin." She spoke softly.
A look of shock crossed Cadoc's face and a look of confusion crossed Taryn's!
"Myrddin?" Gasped Cadoc. "You mean Merlin Emrys?" Cadoc shook his head and half smiled. "The last of the great Druids, ah yes I remember that childhood story. For all we know he's just a myth!"
Ella stood defiant.
"Myth or not, either way I shall continue searching for him, so if you have any slight piece of information, just anything that may help us I would be most grateful." She insisted.
Cadoc shook his head.
"I fear you are chasing dreams young Ella but alas I know you too well to know you won't be swayed." He looked over to the cottage at the bottom of the Keep. "Over there." Cadoc pointed. "The woodsman who lives there knows more about this area than anyone, if your Merlin is real, then he's the man you must talk to."
Ella nodded and smiled her thanks.
"Keep well my Lord, we shall need you and your men in the coming struggle."
"They will be at your service Princess." He beamed a smile then embraced her once more.

Ella and Taryn made their way over towards the woodsman's cottage.
"Merlin?" asked Taryn confused.
"Yes, Merlin. Although he has many different names, Dinas Emrys is named after him you know." She replied.
"So why do we need him?" Asked Taryn.
"Legend says he was descended from the last of the great Druids, the most powerful and that he has knowledge beyond any man's wildest dreams." She turned to look at Taryn. "If we are to fight back against the Dark forces then we will need his help, as only a Druid can destroy the scroll."
Taryn frowned.
"Then we better find this Merlin and fast, come on!" He shouted and went to race on ahead to the cottage.
Ella grabbed his hand and pulled him back, then laughed kindly.
"My dear Taryn...Thank you." She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. Taryn blushed and awkwardly looked around.
"What was that for?" He stammered.
"We are on a quest that may get us killed, chasing a man that might not even exist and yet you follow me without question." Replied Ella. "I'm truly grateful of your company Taryn." She smiled warmly.
And so they walked down to the woodsman's cottage.

They arrived to find the woodsman stood outside the cottage, looking out towards the forest.

"Your not from around here?" Smirked the woodsman as the two of them drew near. "I can always tell." He grinned.
"You would be correct." Ella replied warmly. "We have come from Grim Hollow in search of information."
"Aye, and what information be that?" Asked the woodsman.
"We are looking for Myrddin, Merlin Emrys. Cadoc said you may know something that could help us."
The woodsman smiled and nodded.
"Aye there are many legends around these parts, he still walks the sacred groves in the valley, or so they say." He chuckled to himself then gave a more serious look. "I can't take you to him myself but I do know where you could start looking."
Ella's eyes lit up.
"Yes, anything, that would be a great help." She enthused.
"Ok then" Said the woodsman. "I happen to be heading out that way now, so if you'd care to tag along I will show you where to go." He smiled.

Ella nodded and so the three of them set out deep into Dinas Emrys in search of a myth.


 I like it 
  June 3, 2014
Holy crap that's good.
 I like it 
  March 16, 2014
Excellent! A lot of work went into this. The result is out of this world!
 I like it 
  November 11, 2013
I love the colors of the leaves on the trees and on the ground. Nice landscaping and great rock work! I am absolutely amazed!!
 I like it 
  November 4, 2013
This is a piece of art. Masterly made.
 I like it 
  October 29, 2013
Incredibly textured castle!
  October 28, 2013
Seeing this build leaves me wide eyed. 0_0
 I like it 
  October 28, 2013
 I like it 
  October 24, 2013
Your style of texturing on a scale like this blows my mind. Wow.
 I like it 
  October 23, 2013
your wall technique is fantastic! you must post a tutorial sometime! or more close-up pics.
 I like it 
  October 20, 2013
Hi there, What to say... Great? very nice? It looks great. I like your rockwork, but the best thing, I think, is a very simple thing, the bridge. It looks great. Greetings, Elio
 I like it 
  October 20, 2013
  October 19, 2013
Very authentic looking.
 I like it 
  October 18, 2013
another build that leaves me speechless. pure class
 I like it 
  October 18, 2013
The textures stand out! I REALLY wanna see an interior of the keep. Nice build.
Luke Watkins
 I like it 
Dr. Monster
  October 17, 2013
Wow! Great looking MOC! I love the technique you are using.
 I like it 
  October 17, 2013
Amazing! I love all the textures, on the wall and on the ground. Fantastic!
 I like it 
  October 17, 2013
ravishingly beautiful!
 I like it 
  October 17, 2013
Amazing detail and texture work on this! Nice job on the story, too. Awesome!
 I like it 
  October 17, 2013
So much detail! Great work :)
 I like it 
  October 17, 2013
Magnificent! I love all the textures and colors!
 I like it 
  October 17, 2013
Unbelievably good. Fantastic details. The texture is incredible.
Luke Watkins
 I like it 
Emerald Knight
  October 16, 2013
An Impressive lego build ! Beautifully colourful, such a pretty picture !>.....well done
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
I'm speechless! Great work!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Absolutely magic result! Really cool creation I admire it! Wow! Great job! :)
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Beautiful work! Your signature stonework techniques really shine here in comparison to the landscaping and wood cottage, especially when everything is such a massive size. The autumnal colors bring this one to life in a stunning way. Keep up the fantastic work!!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Very impressive love the fall colors
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
You have outdone yourself.
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Beautiful, Mr. Watkins, just beautiful. I can always recognize your still, it it very unique! Well done!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Fantastic. Yet another masterpiece!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Phenomenal stonework sets off a typically detailed scene and another exciting episode - 6/5 for this one!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Absolutely stunning castle, the brickwork details are crazy!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
this is not a toy, this is art! absolutly awesome
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
another truly awesome diorama! great story.
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Wow! Absolutely stunning work! The textures on the structure are beyond awesome. The ground work and foliage are also fabulous! I'm glad to have more pictures here than on Flickr to delve into this wonderful creation more!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Yeah Dark Isle Saga goes on! Your MOC is so perfect as usual, but this time it has some special MEGA perfect character ;9. I love your way to transfer the masonry relief into Lego and the not quadratic buildings with this awesome medieval-typical interleaving, that is a so great building technic! ;)
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
:O (jaw drop)
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Wow! I would rate this 100 if I could. Awesome build. ~BD~
 I like it 
  October 16, 2013
Stunning. As usual. You are a genius. Thanks!!!
By Luke Watkins
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