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Little Red Riding Hood's Not So Little Anymore
A diabolical twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood's trip to her grandmother's house.
About this creation
Enjoy hearing Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma recant the tale at least what people remember of Halloween night 2013.

Captions appear under each image, get some popcorn folks, this is a sordid tale I've woven here like a spiderweb in your mind........

Little Redd Riding Hood's not so little anymore. And that's probably part of the problem. It all really started to come to a head this past Halloween. She was coming home from the airport and everything seemed fine. She called to remind me that she was bringing my favorite cookies, but then she said she had to go, and just hung up.

What I didn't find out until much later was that that was the day that she met Natasha. Picked her up on the side of the road and gave her a ride, that little no good trouble-maker.

And, well, you know Little Redd, she always has had a weakness for stray cats, so she stops and gives her a ride. As far as I can tell, she found her right near by to the Legodelphia Exit where they just put in that new Chick Fil-A by the base.

And in David's brand new car too. The nerve!

So Redd was supposed to get here by 3 to help set up for the party, but never showed up until quarter to seven. God knows where they went or what they did, but what gets me the most is that she must've eaten all my cookies. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get good Lebkuchen around here?

When she finally did get here, she pulled in head first as usual.

But then for some reason, she pulled out and backed in.

And she was talking on her phone to someone the whole time. I don't know how many times I've told her not to do that while she's driving, but ole Grandma don't know nothing; Redd's gonna' do what Redd's gonna' do.

Seems every stray cat Redd brings home never wants to leave. And my how they scare my parrots.

At least Felix is a good mouser

And that pair of dog soldiers she won last year has served us well. I just can't recall the last time we were bothered by the Jehovah's Witness OR the Mormons.

Of course, it could have been any one of several things that scare people away from my little cottage in the woods.

So anyways, Redd comes in the back door as she always does, ...but she's been packin' heat lately with the crowd she's been rollin' with, and she just loves to wave it at Wolfgang to try to get a rise out of him.

She ain't never taken to him since he moved in with me; she just can't get over how we met. I didn't think he'd take it literally when I told him to.. oh nevermind, my mind does wander sometimes. And she just ain't afraid for everyone to know how much she dislikes him neither. I mean, the caterers were here and that didn't make no nevermind to Redd. Redd's gonna' do what Redd's gonna' do.

And my beloved Wolfgang, he's so calm now that he went through that anger management training they had down at the Y.

Wolfgang does day trading, so he rarely has to get out of his pajamas. What a provider he is. That's how we were able to afford to throw this big Halloween party again this year. I could have never done these things back before Jonah died. He got so obsessed with finding Spiderman that it drove him mad and we almost lost the cottage to the bank before he passed away and Wolfy and I hooked up, bless his heart.

I remember how lonely it was after Jonah passed until I met Wolfgang...

How lonely the bedroom was...

And he's introduced me to so many new friends here in the Enchanted Forest, and I just love throwing these parties.

In fact, I think I hear the band warming up out back right now.

I can see through the dining room window here that the caterers have lit all the fence torches. What a festive look it gives to the place.

"Night was setting, and neither Grandma nor we could see that guests were already pouring in for the 2013 Halloween Monster Ball.".......

Some very strange guests.

Some very strange guests doing some very strange things

And some very unwanted guests as well.

Shrek & Fiona's 2 oldest boys showed up from the nearby swamp, and they were clubbing each other over the head, as usual.

The thin veil that separates the physical world and the spirit world is thinnest at midnight Halloween night, so some of the local wizards joined forces to reincarnate Imhotep.

We're not sure if it was the power of the wizards or Imhotep's appreciation of the architecture and enginering that went into the gazeebo that brought him back to life after four and a half millenia rotting away in his sarcophagus.

Some ladies took things into their own hands and turned frogs into princes.

With people showing up in such elaborate costumes, and immortals alike, it was sometimes impossible to tell what was real and what was a costume, so nobody took much note of the bear roaring at Redd's lil' bunny. ... But nobody's seen it since.

Apparently Imhotep wasn't the only one getting reincarnated that night. The Village People made one last appearance and had the crowd on their feet!

Before we get any further in the story, I should tell you that the outhouse is behind the stage in the back yard, and it's BYOTP or you'll have to sacrifice a sock.

The waiters kept bringing the 2 blondes dressed as ninjas free bottles of Peach Schnapps all night. And they both started taking off parts of their costumes despite the cold autumn temperatures. Correlation or causality? You decide.

The 2 guys that I guess came dressed as Indians just sat down and drank the entire night..

The caterers had, well, ... catered to one and all. Frogs, Scorpions & snakes for the monsters that showed up, and pizza and fruit for the, uh, non-Monsters. There was also sashimi for the ninja girls. The pussy loved the smell and taste of raw fish.

Despite all the good food that we put out, the hippies went picking mushrooms to eat.

We're not sure if it was the mushrooms, or just the wild festive atmosphere at the party, but the group that came in chicken costumes really got into it and started eating corn off the ground...

And harrassing the hens in the hen house. God knows what kind of eggs they'll all be laying now...

Medusa was slithering around amongst the plants and vines in the garden all night

...just waiting for one of those chicken men to eat too many mushrooms and chicken feed and pass out

Fortunately for the poor stoned chicken men, someone had their eye on Medusa as a tasty treat!

The stoned chicken men stood a better chance than the fresh batch of Mermaids Little Redd had shipped in for this gala Monster Ball. She had the natural gas powered cauldron made of tempered glass so we could see their cries of pain and agony as they boil alive.

up, Up, UP the food chain we go. Maybe even worse than getting boiled alive would be to get eaten alive by Helga, the dreaded She-Dragon that shows up EVERY year and never pays for the buffet. But whaddaya' gonna' do? She's a SHE-DRAGON!!!

If the cooks can't get the fire hot enough and fast enough, Helga will just swoop down and skewer one and tear her to shreds. She is one mean B!

No more luring sailors onto the rocks for these deceitful little wenches, no, these babies are gonna' get cooked alive just like the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs the cooks threw in to give the dish a little extra flair this year. Lots of monsters complained last year the mermaid was too bland...

It isn't until it gets really dark that things really get jumping at the annual Monster Ball.

Unfortunately, Helga is also a night feeder, and although she PREFERS fresh Mermaid, she honestly ain't that picky, so anybody who isn't a witch or a wizard had better watch their back.

Lil' Redd did such a nice job putting this whole thing together, it's a shame she disappeared just before the party started and didn't get to see any of it, especially the lit up dance floor.

The Village People really had a great set of pipes that night. Or, again, ... maybe it was just the mushrooms...

Despite the wildly festive mood, several of the ladies were found complaining that there weren't enough young eligible bachelors with whom they could bump and grind on the dance floor, and even went so far as to report that an elderly man attempted to liquor them up and pay them to get on the floor with him (the dance floor folks)
Or, again, ... maybe it was just the mushrooms...

Others bopped til they dropped. Guys and girls, girls with girls, twelaks with twelaks, it was a wild magical night and nobody fully remembers what happened.

We do know that the EMTs were called in once to revive a man who had collapsed and was exceedingly pale. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after the EMT had jabbed an adrenaline needle straight to his heart did she learn that his paleness was just part of his ghoulish character. Forensics reports later that week indicated he had OD'ed on twelak nanny.

Just remember folks, next year, same time, same place, same price, and be ready to rip up the dancefloor!

Lastly, a few pics of the Entire MOC.

The MOC grew, (seemingly uncontrollably to the casual uninvolved family member), into the massive 112 by 96 stud parcel of property we loving refer to as Little Redd Riding Hood's Grandmother's house in the woods, or just "Redd's Gramm Mermaid Buffet" for short!

Making the trees was probably the single most rewarding part of this MOC as I had never done it before, and there just seemed to be no right or wrong way to go about making an organic shape.

And now that the pictures have been taken, the script has been written, and the pictures have been posted, it's time for my son to play, Play, PLAY! That's why I left the top of the cottage open and no back wall so his happy little hands could get in there and have at it.

Hope you all enjoyed the story and the pictures, and, folks, if you read ALL the way down to here, you, You, YOU, my friend, are my hero.

Happy MOCing to all, and to all a good night.


Below are some pictures that were mostly taken during intermediate stages of the build. For instance, when I first built the house, I gave it an all black roof, which really made Grandma's cottage look very cute. It didn't look very scary though, so my wife convinced me to add some sections of broken and repaired roof tiles, so I added the dark grey and the plants on the roof. If we keep this house together for any length of time though, I'll probably change the roof back to all black tiles.

The wife had a lot of great ideas this time around as usual; it's always good to have an outside observer critique your ideas along the way, like to put Helga ON the cauldron instead of beside it, to remember that with minifigures, sometimes less is more, and a million thank yous to her for picking up the LED lights for me!!!

This picture shows an almost totally unseen labor of love, a swinging bench in the right-hand side of the porch (pic below). With the incline of the porch roof, it was a bit of a challenge to get the swing to hang level. There is also a lawn chair on the left side of the porch, (pic above) with the wood-cutter sitting in it. At some point in the photo shoot, with moving the 112 x 92 plates around, he fell over and I never noticed it until the pictures had all been taken.

This build was for a contest concocted by some kid on here who 3 months into it, 2 months after it was supposed to be over, decided to just wash their hands of it all, declare no winner, and get on my personal $h|+lis+ for calling a race, inviting me, and then after we all started running, removed the finish line. Lesson learned here: Never enter a contest started by a minor. They're called that for good reason.


 I like it 
  February 13, 2016
Recreating the "Neverending Story"... I believe! LOL Maybe you're also a fan of Ry Cooder? :)
 I like it 
  March 22, 2014
Great looking scenes. There is so much happening. You certainly incorporated a lot of wonderful details. I noticed you did a gazebo. I like how you did it. I have one next to the E Z Rest B & B. I know it's tough to build when there are adult responsibilities going on, like going to work.
 I like it 
  March 15, 2014
Amazing! There's so much ov everything, but the scene with the cottage and the woods (and the aliens) is really cool. The story doesn't fall short of the original, althou this is comedy ans not a fairytale ;)
 I like it 
  February 28, 2014
I can t wait until you make another funny post like this!
 I made it 
  December 18, 2013
Quoting Bill Daniels. Awesome! Good luck! Lots of awesome details! I love the trees, and the dance floor is awesome! And just so you know, you forgot the link. :) This is such an awesome MOC! Keep up the great work! ~Bill
Hey there Bill, your sibling who called the Halloween contest have any plans on wrapping the contest up, or just leave everyone hanging for another 2 months?
 I made it 
  November 18, 2013
Quoting cyberfrank 2010 lol, what a riot! full of jokes and innuendoes! great scene too!
Inuendos? What? Where?! ;-)
 I like it 
  November 18, 2013
Awesome entry! Great twist to the Red riding hoods story. Love all the minifigs. Excellent story
 I like it 
  November 17, 2013
lol, what a riot! full of jokes and innuendoes! great scene too!
  November 14, 2013
It was an honor to be of assistance to this build! It is an amazing build and you are so creative!!
 I made it 
  November 14, 2013
Quoting Ron L. Mitchell So this song comes to mind as I am reading this: I'm sure they tore up the floor!
Only by request. They were actually singing YMCA in the shots...
  November 14, 2013
So this song comes to mind as I am reading this: I'm sure they tore up the floor!
  November 14, 2013
Wow. An all-action monster party! Great fun.
 I like it 
  November 14, 2013
Awesome! Good luck! Lots of awesome details! I love the trees, and the dance floor is awesome! And just so you know, you forgot the link. :) This is such an awesome MOC! Keep up the great work! ~Bill
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