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Hazeroth Version 4
This is my Self- moc Hazeroth! He is already on his Version 4!
About this creation

Running into a hut, a mysterious figure quietly knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” asked a matoran. But before the matoran could say anything, the dark figured creature opened the door, snatched the matoran and quickly ran away. No one noticed. For now...

It was a happy and cheerful day. The sun was shining down. The river was flowing down into a beautiful lake. Hazeroth was sitting on a dock. His dark red and green armor shined in the sun, with a mask that looks like it was on backward. Whistling, he got up and went to his hut. Inside was his bed, next to it was his sword that was glowing with power. He made it with a couple of Toa masks, so the sword had special attributes. After it hit energized protodermis, it became even more powerful. The sword brought back memories of his battle with the Truskar. The pain and suffering, but also happiness, and joy about defeating him and his hordes.

After the battle, they came back and started to rebuild Spherus Magna. It was hard but they were able to finish.

“Aaaah!” someone shouted right outside his hut. Awakening from his memories, Hazeroth ran outside of the hut and scurried to the matoran.

“What happ-” Hazeroth didn’t need to finish, when he looked up into the sky. In the Roxtus area, a dark cloud rushed and covered the sky.

“What could that be?”

“It’s Makuta!”

“Impossible! He died already!”

Matoran were whispering and talking to each other until a sheer cold laugh sped through the land. Then silence... No one dared to speak.

The darkness shrunk away and dissipated near the Roxtus area. Then a scream. Now nothing.

“What was that?” asked a Le- matoran.

“I don’t know?” said another matoran.

A few hours later, it was raining, but everyone still gathered to the “DG.” (The “DG” stands for discussion group. No one really goes there, but today, almost everyone went there).

That day, it may have been crowded, but it was very silent.

“What do you think was that darkness?” ventured a little Le- matoran.

“I have no idea,” responded another matoran. Everyone turned their heads to their Turaga’s. But not all were their because of the last battle.

Knowing what the matoran wanted, the Turaga turned to each other and started to think about what happened. After deciding, Turaga Onewa spoke, “We all don’t know what really happened, but we still can find out.”

“Turaga Onewa! Turaga Onewa! A matoran is missing! I walked to their hut to visit, but no one was theirTHERE!” shouted a worried matoran.

“Hmmmm... I wonder if this is connected,” said the Turaga thoughtfully. “We shall send a search squad to find out.” Hazeroth was listening and now spoke up.

“Maybe, my team, and I can help out. Besides, we are better at protecting ourselves than all of you guys,” said Hazeroth shyly.

“That is a good idea. All in favor of Toa Hazeroth’s idea raise your hand,” said Turaga Matau. Everyone’s hand went up. “Then it is decided! Toa Hazeroth you and your team may search for any signs of what happened,” said the Turaga. Later that day the matoran sent the Toa Vaka away, to search what happened.

While they were looking Othniel found some footprints. “What do you think these are from?” he asked.

“I do not know,” responded Kenaz, “What do you guys think?”

“I think we should follow the tracks to see what they lead to. I do not believe any matoran would dare tread into these dark forests,” said Ahira.

So they followed the tracks until the footprints led into a wall of a cave.

“Why do you think the tracks are going into a cave wall?” asked Dizahab.

“I don’t know, maybe there's a switch that opens the wall,” responded Ahiezer.

The group of Toa searched around the area for a switch or button that would activate the wall, but no one found it. Until they gave up. Discouraged they started walking west of the cave. But after a while, they got lost.

“Where are we going?” asked Hazeroth.

“Well, I am following you,” responded Dizahab

“But I was following you,” said Othniel.

“Well, whoever we are following let’s stop and try to find a path,” stated Hazeroth.

As they trudged ahead, they started to hear a rhythmic clang, like metal hitting on metal. Deciding to find out what was going on, they started to follow the noise. But as they got closer, they noticed that the noise was not as rhythmic as it seemed. They walked more and more until they found what was making that sound. It was swords hitting against stone, a large rock to be exact. But what was holding the rock was a tall black and translucent greenish- yellow Toa blocking a group of ugly looking monsters. The monsters snarled as the Toa Vaka walked up to the other Toa. Soon the monsters ran away.

“Thank you for scaring away the rahkshi!” said the mysterious Toa, “I don’t know how much longer I would have survived if you didn’t come!”

“Um... You’re welcome, but who are you?” asked Hazeroth.

“My name is Cronzar Toa of Chlorine,” he said proudly, “I am the last survivor of the elements.”

“What do you mean ‘the last survivor of the elements’ and why are you a Toa of chlorine of all the elements? Is’t isn’t that impossible to have a elements other than the main six?” asked Kenaz.

“Well, before the six elemental Toa were created: ice, water, fire, earth, stone, and air/ plant- life, the Toa of the elements were created. Which were: chlorine, sulfur, fluorine, steel, plasma, and sand. The Great Beings created them, like me, to rid Spherus Magna of certain rahi, that they thought of as a bother. But being as a Toa, we didn’t want to destroy the rahi, so we rebelled-”

“Wait a second. I thought that the Great Beings were extinct after Spherus Magna split,” questioned Ahiezer.

“Well, this was before the great split. Anyway, back to the story. Since the Toa rebelled, the Great Beings created rahkshi to des-”

“Hold on a second, again. I thought that Makuta created the rahkshi?” interrupted Ahiezer, again.

“Well, I have never heard of this Makuta, but I don’t believe he had the imagination to create them. I have seen paintings of a dark and mysterious figure that copied what the Great Beings had made. But I don’t think he made them himself. But anyway, I am getting too off topic. They created the rahkshi to destroy us. But some of us were able to defeat them. Each rahkshi had the same element as his assigned opponent. But, sometimes they defeated us. All of my friends fell, either by being attacked and defeated by the rahkshi, or because our system just failed. Since we, being created before you, were not as advanced as you were. So I am now the only one of the elemental Toa alive,” finished Cronzar sadly.

As the story finished, everyone got quiet, until the faint sound of a march started.

“Quickly! The rahkshi are coming back! We must hurry and go to my shelter,” Cronzar quickly said. Running to Cronzar’s shelter, the Toa Vaka and Cronzar rushed to the shelter. “Everyone! Hide in here!”

“I am not going in there! It is far too dirty,” stated Dizahab.

“Well, too bad!” and with a push, Hazeroth dumped Dizahab into the small entrance. After passing through the small hole, it goes into a tunnel, after that, it leads through a large area, which is where our friends are right now.

“I must tell you something though. I have found that you have been very powerful since I met you, and well, you see... How shall I put it? I have had a conference with my team leader. And well, he told me if I ever met anyone with an feel to them, like an aurora about themselves, he told me to give that person this,” and with that Cronzar took a small box and unwrapped it. Inside contained a small handle, “This handle can transform into a sword. Though it might be heavy, it is also powerful. But there's a catch. You have to give it a power of your own to activate it. Does anyone have that ability?”

“Well, we do have our elemental abilities,” answered Othniel, “But then that would drain us of our power.”

“Then, that is not good. But I have seen, or at least, felt a powerful presence from Hazeroth. It seems that his sword has an incredible amount of power, that is contained in it. But I can also sense that not all the power that can be in it is in it.”

“Are you trying to confuse us? What do you mean ‘power that can be in it is in it?” complained Dizahab.

“Well, what I mean is that not all the power is in the sword. Somewhere else is holding the rest of the energy. Meaning if the sword had all it’s power, I would shatter, now only the sword but also the user.”

“What do you mean?” Hazeroth questioned.

“I mean that your sword has more power than is in it. Do you understand?” Cronzar questioned.

“So you are saying that I am the only Toa able to activate the weapon?”

“Exactly. Are you willing?” Cronzar asked.

Looking around, Hazeroth looked for guidance, not finding any, he chose to except. “Okay, I will take the weapon.” said Hazeroth not too eagerly.

Giving the weapon to Hazeroth, Cronzar looked please to take one burden off his shoulder. But little did the know, one of the rahkshi above the cave used his heat vision to find Cronzar. But all he saw was a little spect since it was so far away. Thinking it was a rahi of some kind, he ignored it and decided to not tell the others.

Back at the underground cave, Hazeroth was about to use the energy from his sword and power the weapon. “So how do I do it again?” asked Hazeroth nervously.

“Just touch your sword tip onto the hilt and imagine it’s power transferring into it,” responded Cronzar patiently.

Okay Hazeroth thought, I can do this! Just think of the power flowing from my amazing sword that I created from my own hands- Argh! I’m getting off topic, just imagine it! Finally doing it, a bright light cascaded from the sword. Blinded, Hazeroth tumbled down to the ground.

“Is he okay?”

“Will he be alright?”

Strange voices talked to each other. Strange, yet familiar thought Hazeroth. Dizzy, he went back to sleep. Dreaming, he saw Turaga Vakama walk toward him.

“Why are you here? I thought you died!” Hazeroth said.

“I may have not survived but I am always with you, and you have a great journey ahead of you. You must face a threat that you have once faced before.” Vakama replied.

“You mean the Truskar? I thought we defeated him.”

“You did, but he is regenerating, when the cloud like covering covered the sky, that was a warning. It proves that he was still alive and coming back.”

“But what about that scream? Who could have made it?”

“The matoran that was kidnapped was used to create a new life force that will sustain Truskar, the matoran is no more, you must defeat him before he awakes. Now go! Your team mates are worried!” commanded turaga Vakama.

A little while later, he heard another voice.

“Ssshhhh! Hush. He used a lot of energy during the process. Just give him time.”

What? Used a lot of energy? What is going on? Then everything that happened cascaded into his head like a bowling ball hitting pins. Shooting straight up from the floor, Hazeroth blinked. “What’s going on?”

“When you released the energy, you blacked out. We thought that you were out forever!” replied Ahira.

“I-I saw a vision,” Hazeroth said abruptly, “He told me that Truskar is still alive, and we must defeat him.”

“Wait... who is this he?” asked Dizahab.

“Turaga Vakama,” replied Hazeroth.

After telling his dream to his team mates, Cronzar spoke up, “So you need to defeat this Truskar, but you have no idea where he is? I don’t know about you, but I think that that is weird.”

“Well, the cloud came from an area near Roxtus so we might as well start from there. And I have been thinking about the Roxtus mountains that are there. Maybe there is a connection to the events that are happening.”

“We better than move!”

As they started to exit the cave Cronzar motion them to stop and wait. What Cronzar was looking for was an ambush, he was sure the rahkshi found them. But he found nothing. That’s strange. he thought. Letting them pass he saw a small movement in one of the bushes. Knowing that a rahkshi was about to shoot one of his new friends, he jumped. Jumping right next to Hazeroth, he saved his life. For at that moment a rahkshi shot a beam of pure protodermis right at Hazeroth. But Cronzar sacrificed himself as a human shield and died instantaneously.

Surprised, Hazeroth grabbed for his sword, but forgot that he didn’t have it anymore, he instead took out his new weapon and thought of a three bladed scissor. It instantly turned into it, and he started to use it to the best of his ability.

Slicing, pounding, and cutting, the Toa Vaka fought mercilessly against the rahkshi that killed their new found friend. Hear the noise of weapons hitting each other, other rahkshi came and fought too, soon almost all of the rahkshi were there. Outnumbered, the Toa had a tough time trying to defeat the rahkshi, but somehow they managed. Finally when most of the rahkshi were defeated, the others either fought anyway, or ran away. Even though the Toa Vaka were hurt, they kept on fighting.

When the fight finally finished, not one of the Toa were uninjured. Ahira using her mask ability, and tried to healed the team, but Hazeroth also transformed his weapon into a staff almost like the staff of Artakha, but with less power. Waaaaay less power. But it still healed the Toa.

Later, after a day had gone by, they were fit enough to fight, and so they traveled to Roxtus. But on a hot afternoon, the Toa are still hiking up the mountains, Otniel sensed a vibration, like as if it were a heartbeat. Like they were on a body, or maybe even in a body. “Stop!” he said in a commanding tone, “I feel like there is a heartbeat. Except, it is beating off and on, like someone is dying.”

“Or maybe like someone is regenerating,” said Hazeroth feeling a shiver up his back.

As they traveled on some more, The heartbeat got stronger and stronger. Soon they made it to the top of the mountain and found it empty. It was a large crater- like area where at the center there was a beam of energy, no doubt it was Truskar.

“Something doesn’t feel right,” said Kenaz, I feel that there should be something here, but there isn’t anything there.”

“I agree with Kenaz, I think that there should be something there. Maybe you should use your mask of x- ray vision. Now do you see anything?” spoke Ahira.

“Now that you mention it, I do see something with my mask power. And they are looking right at us! With Zamor spheres!”

“I wish someone had the mask of truth, like Axonn. Now that I think of it, I can transform my weapon into a mask of truth,” Hazeroth said.

“Isn’t that idea a bit farfetched?” questioned Ahiezer.

“I can at least try.” Thinking hard he tried, but nothing happened. But then it transformed!

“Wow! That’s so cool!” exclaimed Dizahab.

“Now let’s defeat some beasts!”

Using his weapon of truth he showed the strange creatures. And of course, they started to attack by launching their zamor spheres at the six Toa.

“Hurry! Fire! Don’t waste your ammunition! Aim! Actually hit something!” shouted a very frustrated creature that was blue and black, that we will learn to call Pedhazur. This creature was the one who kidnapped the matoran that is now long dead. Frustrated to his maximum, he pulled out his long jagged sword and jumped into the fight, and as if being a mirror, the minions that were shooting zamor spheres, pulled out their swords and jumped into the battle also.

Now completely outnumbered they knew that they weren't going to make it out of this one! But they still fought. But they noticed that whatever Peduhzer did the minions did also, so they focused all their power on him, and soon overwhelming him, he fell, and just as they expected, so did all of the minions. Now there were none left. But they notice when Peduhzer crawled away from them.

“Come on! We must stop Truskar from rising!” Ahiezer called.

As they ran to the center of the crater They heard a voice that laughed and spoke, “Fools! You can never stop me! Just give up! Just go home as failed Toa!” But that was the last thing the Toa needed to hear. They charged and were about to destroy the pond- like area, but instead, the pond moved and the Toa fell into protodermis. Transforming their armor, not their weapons except for transformed Hazeroth's weapon because of a chemical reaction with his new weapon, which change into two retractable energized arm blades, and gave him a sword made of stone. Soon they were able to climb out of the pool and stand up, but so uncomfortable to their new forms, they felt awkward. Again laughing, Truskar was able to use the energy from the Toa’s previous forms for his benefit. He was almost ready. Soon, I will be able to destroy those weaklings, soon I will be able to become invincible! he thought. But as he dreamed, Dizahab used his Aero Slicers to destroy Truskar’s pond and rid him forever.

As they returned from their final battle, the matoran cheered their way. Happy and curious to hear their story, they followed them until they sat down. With patience running low, a little Le- matoran spoke up, “What happened?” That sparked up an excitement and they all listened intently as Dizahab retold the story,”Well, it starts when a matoran was kidnapped...”

Creator's Comments:

Well, I am so, glad that I finished it! This took so long to upload! Anyway, this is another story than the other one I made. Which is right here.

I hope you have enjoyed the moc and story as I have. The story this time was only 14 pages. But that still is pretty long. Just like my other story, it was a "Hero's Journey" story. The first one that I posted was for Creative writing, this one was for Language Arts. he first story got a 96%, and this story got 100%! Wooo! Hooo!

I finally got the exo- force arms, that I used for the fingers. The legs, you might have noticed, are just about the same as the version 3. That's because I liked the design.

The characters, that were in the story that are created are"
I hope you like the creations!

Anyway, please give me some critique, as I always need it and God bless!

~ Hazeroth


 I like it 
  May 30, 2014
Sweet! :D
 I made it 
  January 15, 2014
Quoting Kangar Baker of Cupcakes YES! I do have a Matau mask!
on my next post, I'l hopefully show you a couple ways to make it!
 I like it 
  January 14, 2014
YES! I do have a Matau mask!
 I made it 
  January 13, 2014
Quoting Kangar Baker of Cupcakes Darn, I don't have on of those either... Sorry, but do you have any other other masks you'd like? (I'm so sorry lmao)
Do you have a Matau mask?
 I like it 
  January 13, 2014
Darn, I don't have on of those either... Sorry, but do you have any other other masks you'd like? (I'm so sorry lmao)
 I made it 
  January 13, 2014
Quoting Kangar Baker of Cupcakes Hey Haz, my dog chewed up my only Suletu a while back, is there any other mask you'd prefer?
Do you have an ogrum mask? the next version uses it too.
 I like it 
  January 13, 2014
Hey Haz, my dog chewed up my only Suletu a while back, is there any other mask you'd prefer?
 I made it 
  January 5, 2014
The next version is coming out soon. I just need to finish the story!
Papa Haz
 I like it 
Indy *
  December 9, 2013
Pretty nice! My only gripe is the ogrum face. It's just driving me nuts. Other than that, kudos to you! :D
 I like it 
  December 9, 2013
Excellent MOC with an interesting color scheme. Great work on the creation, but the photos are a little blurry. Anyway, I really like the head and the limbs, they're particularly well done.
 I like it 
  November 25, 2013
Nice work man.
Papa Haz
 I like it 
Stormjay Rider
  November 23, 2013
Really, I can't find much to critique, but if I had to, it would be... some balljoint-less sockets on his arms should be removed, he should have a bit more lime green spread out on him, and the Ogrum face could look awkward (although not so much here.)
Papa Haz
 I like it 
X ~
  November 23, 2013
Ogrum's But aside that flaw Hazeroth looks better than ever! But the balljoints stand out more than I would like due to the color. Nice job though! ;)
 I made it 
  November 23, 2013
Quoting Flamelord Kai Dude, you've really made Hazy here even better! He looks awesome! By far my fav version of him. Well done man! :)
Thanks! It's mine too!
 I like it 
  November 23, 2013
Wow! you even got a comment from Gringat! I'm jealous!
 I like it 
  November 23, 2013
Nicely done! Gotta say, I love the colour scheme, can't really say why ;). Story was good, can't wait to see the rest of the team!
 I like it 
  November 23, 2013
Dude, you've really made Hazy here even better! He looks awesome! By far my fav version of him. Well done man! :)
By Papa Haz
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