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LOM- The Worsan Courts
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In which I sell weapons, meet Consul Romulus Glycerius, and travel with the City Guard.
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It seemed as though months had passed since the escaping Mythronian stole my cart, as I shakily climbed down the stairs from where I had been hiding. The two soldiers from the militia had left already, presumably to get help, but their captain lay on the ground where the Mythronian had knocked him.

I went to him and helped him up. Though dizzy, he was able to stand with little difficulty, and was soon walking normally again. Seeming to suddenly realize where he was, he turned to me urgently.

“Where is he? Where’s the filthy, bloody, oughta-be-hanged-by-his-liver—”
“I think he’s escaped,” I hurriedly answered, since the captain looked as though he were prepared to spew invectives for hours.
“Well, com’on, then, yah crummy slowhound,” he replied immediately. “He’s got ta be your first priorititi…prioarty… responsibility!” And he swept up the stairs with a flourish.
“Actually, I think my first priority is making some cash,” I muttered.
Fortunately, a boy was walking by on the street at the end of the alley. “Hey, kid,” I called, “come over here. I have an errand I need you to run for me, and if you do it, I’ve got a tip for you.”
“I can’t,” he answered. “My mommy told me not to take presents from strangers.”
“Look, kid, I’m not a stranger. Do you want the money or don’t you?”
“I won’t take it,” the boy said stubbornly. Then, after a pause: “But if I was to take it, how much would it be?”

Before long, the boy was off to the bazaar to a certain stall, with instructions for them to send their weapons to the Governor’s mansion. If I pulled this deal off correctly, I could have enough for a new cart and some trade goods into the bargain.

“Order in the court,” called Romulus Glycerius (L) with a sigh. “Case number 354: Felipé Van Hurn Vs. Guthrug Bone-Cruncher. The court will now hear the oral arguments of the defense and prosecution.”

‘When Romulus had first been asked by the new to serve as the ambassador to Enalica and to try to form an alliance between the pirates and the Troytonian Remnants, he had expected fighting outlaws, signing secret treaties, and romancing dark Southern girls—not sitting in a courtroom hearing hundreds of backlogged court cases because the Enalican viceroy was either too drunk or too lazy to hear them alone. The nation of Enalica had practically collapsed before the new governor had taken office, and even the governor was far too busy with the rest of his country to take care of affairs in Worsan. And so Romulus heard court cases, while his Troytonian garrison tried to keep a semblance of order in the town without arousing public sentiment against themselves, and Romulus pressured the Enalican militia to take responsibility for the town’s operation, only to watch as they fumbled it miserably.

‘Romulus was snapped out of his reverie by the sound of the dwarf and the orc squabbling furiously with each other. “Order, order!” he called.

‘In the hallway outside he heard a door creak open. Into the courtroom walked Frederick Morgan, the captain of the Worsan militia and practically the only Enalican Romulus trusted to do a job right. Behind him walked a lanky, shabbily dressed merchant, who gaped in awe at the pillars surrounding him.’

I’d never seen anything like this architecture before, at least not from the inside. Compared with the dark shops or exposed markets I was used to, this room had a completely different feel to it, and somehow smelled cleaner and fresher than the city outside.

As I gazed, I tried to listen to the militia captain tell the two men in the dais what had happened to him, but then I heard a jingling crash outside the door.

Into the room hobbled two Stowoks, heavily evolved bearlike species which used their long legs to reach high-hanging tree fruit. I knew that in trade, Stowoks were hard bargainers, but with no other species able to imitate their speech, they relied on intermediaries and signs to transact business. Luckily, I was the intermediary!

As the Troytonian tried to respond to the intrusion and the viceroy took another swig of his rum, a fresh set of visitors walked in: Eros Carnes, Matthew, John, and Captain Lucius E. Windsor; famed warriors every one, but like all fighters, always in need of weapons. Here was where I came in!

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever gubernatorial arms market!” I began, the cadences of the auctioneer beginning to flow off my tongue easily again. “We’ve got many fine selections, both imported from far corners of the world and also made with pride right here in Enalica! To start off the bidding today I have here exclusively for you, ladies and gentlemen, this fine vintage battleaxe—forged blade, original handle, and guaranteed rust-free! What am I bid for this fine piece of craftsmanship?”

“I’ll bid five darics, my lad,” Windsor began, but I immediately continued.

“Five darics, ladies and gentlemen, we have five darics! Do I hear ten darics, ten ten ten ten—”

“Ten darics!” called the viceroy from the judges’ dais, as Romulus looked at him incredulously.

“We have ten darics, do I hear a fifteen, ladies and gentlemen?”

“Fifteen,” called Matthew.

“Do I hear any more bids, ladies and gentlemen, does anyone at all want to raise to twenty darics? Going once going twice, and this battleaxe is Sold, to Matthew of Enalica!”

As John left with his new battleaxe, I wondered why he seemed so friendly with the Rainosian guard outside. Ah, I’m sure he’s loyal to Enalica. *(No offense, Gabe :)*

In the depths of the chest, I felt a smooth, curved blade, with a curious twist in the tip. “Up next, ladies and gentlemen, I have here this rare artifact retrieved from the depths of the Brekfurgia Caverns, the rare Hook Sword!”

“Enough!” thundered Romulus. “This is a courtroom, not a bazaar! Leave at once, all you Enalican raiders, and Frederick, get some guards to throw out the Stowoks.” As they all shuffled out of the room, Romulus grabbed my arm. “Not you, yet,” he said gruffly. “We found the other two who attacked your cart, but the third, the leader, is still missing. I’ve got to ask you some questions about that Mythronian.”

I told him everything I remembered about the Mythronian—his clothes, his appearance, his words, and even the way he had sprung onto my ox, though I hadn’t the slightest idea why those were important.

Abruptly, Romulus raised his head and muttered: “Coriolanus. Yes, it must Coriolanus,” he continued in a louder voice. “He’s the only one who would pull a stunt as flamboyant and deadly as that.”
“Coriolanus? Who in ‘ellgates is that fella?” the viceroy asked.
“My brother.” Romulus replied abruptly, and turned away.

A Troytonian guard opened the door, saluting. “Sir?”
“Yes?” Romulus answered.
“Search parties haven’t found anyone in the city, but one of the guard captains says he saw a unidentified dinghy heading around the North Coast.”

“That must be Coriolanus! He knows about the deserted Ship Caves, and if he has a landing force awaiting him on Worsan, that would be the most logical landmark. Legionary, order Tribune Flaminus to have a third of the garrison at the docks within the hour. Also, get a report from our weather magician. The wind’s been picking up all afternoon, and I fear a storm tonight.

“Frederick, I need you to get as much of your militia ready to go as you can in a short time, and get them into any boats you can find. You’ll follow my bireme into the Ship Caves, and if we’re lucky we’ll catch him before he departs.”

“What should I do?”

Turning, Romulus fixed his eyes on me. “You’ll go with Morgan here. You've seen Coriolanus, so you’ll be needed to identify him when we catch him.”

“But what about my cart, and all my trade goods? Those were my life, my livelihood,” I protested. “Aren't you going to replace them?”

“Why?” Romulus answered coldly. “Perhaps you can pick up some work once we place Coriolanus under guard, but his capture must be the first priority.”

As I tried to think of a scathing rebuttal, the door opened behind me, and in walked a tall girl with flowing red hair, not more than eighteen or nineteen, clutching a hefty boar spear in her gloved hands. “Father!” she called excitedly. “I wish to join you on your expedition.”

“Get a dress on right now, Julia!” Romulus said, shocked. “You oughtn't to be out of your dressing room wearing that thing, much less going on a military expedition! You don’t even know where we plan to go!”

“Go to your bedroom, Julia. I will speak with you shortly.” Romulus commanded brusquely. “Everyone else, out! Preparations must be made if our search is to succeed.”

As the crowd filed out of the room, the Viceroy picked up his goblet to take another swig of rum before leaving. Romulus snatched it from his hands. “You don’t have to persuade Julia to stay here. I need a drink of this poison more than you do!”

Soon, the room had emptied, and the only sound was the chirping of exotic songbirds from the palms outside, as a fresh Enalican breeze coiled through the room.

Behind the scenes, showing how I rigged the backdrop and the foliage. Despite the power of photo-editing, I find analog editing and backdrops (exm. Mark of Falworth) much more fun!

(Yes, I know that the Stowoks idea is pretty crummy, but I wanted to use the Ewok torsos for something and this is the best I could come up with.) Thanks for viewing!

What Happens Next?


 I made it 
  January 8, 2015
Quoting ~ Brick Your figures were always very...original.
How on Earth did I ever persuade myself that those Ewoks looked good?!?
  January 8, 2015
Your figures were always very...original.
 I like it 
  December 5, 2013
Eyy! Our collaboration is finally finished! This took wayyy too long to complete (and my half is absolutely terrible...). Good job with it, though!
 I like it 
  December 5, 2013
I REALLY like this! I'm glad to see that someone appreciates my work!
 I made it 
  December 4, 2013
Quoting cyberfrank 2010 the ewok custom was funny, hey, you have to find a way to make them useful, since you have them, you re pretty good at scripting, the scene was also pretty cool, Julia added a nice twist too, plenty of funny twists as the story unfolds, it makes it entertaining to follow, good work!
I'm glad you like the story as well as the build! (I was worried nobody was reading the story ;) Actually, the custom ewoks were inspired to a certain degree by your minifig mashups.
 I made it 
  December 4, 2013
Quoting Halhi 141 That view through the window is fantastic, I love the inclusion of the palm leaves.
I only thought of the palm leaves at the last minute, but they do add a lot to the final scenes. Thank you!
 I like it 
  December 4, 2013
nice work hehehe :D
 I like it 
  December 4, 2013
the ewok custom was funny, hey, you have to find a way to make them useful, since you have them, you re pretty good at scripting, the scene was also pretty cool, Julia added a nice twist too, plenty of funny twists as the story unfolds, it makes it entertaining to follow, good work!
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
That view through the window is fantastic, I love the inclusion of the palm leaves.
 I made it 
  December 3, 2013
Quoting Caleb (Back from the Philippines) You builds are always so clean :)
Small, but clean ;) That's what a small collection of tan plates gets you!
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
Gah, I didn't expect to find meself here, WAHAHAHAHAHA! Great MOC.
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
You builds are always so clean :)
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
Very nice story.
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
Intriguing story! Nice work on the builds too!
 I made it 
  December 3, 2013
Quoting Gabe French Good job, thanks for having me there, but famed? Thats not me, are you saying that i'm not loyat? Well, your right ;)
You're more famous than the various NPCs in Enalica, at least! :)
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
Good job, thanks for having me there, but famed? Thats not me, are you saying that i'm not loyat? Well, your right ;)
 I like it 
  December 3, 2013
Wow, very well built, nice background, too. Well done!!
By Thomas of Tortuga
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