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Agaru, Toa of Sorrow
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500,000 years after the defeat of Teridax on Bara Magna... During a shortage of active Toa, the Order of the Last Legacy looked into a secret project to create artificial Toa. It would remain a secret to the general public due the use of the kanohi Krahkan through undisclosed methods. Agaru was one of the only known subjects to have been successful in becoming a fully fledged synthetic Toa. The only Toa that could be created controlled the element of shadow.The project was soon shut down due to a horrible catastrophe.
About this creation
Down below is the story of Agaru, one of the three Toa Crispulus. Anyway, hope you enjoy my MOC!

"Live a thousand times, die a thousand times; it doesn't matter if you can't save the ones you love" -Agaru

Theme Song: the Price of Freedom
First, we have story based details!

Name: Agaru
Species: Augmented Matoran
Element: Shadow
Occupation: A member of Squad 22, a Toa team lead by Cordaz in the Order of the Last Legacy.
Alias(s): Shadow, the Soldier from the Pit, Test Subject #16, Lover-boy, Toa of Sorrow,
Toa Type: Crispulus, a breed of artificial Toa created by the Last Legacy.
Gender: Male
Age: 7,000
Personality: Very quiet, sullen, sentimental, cooperating, machiavellian. Prior to Zephirak's betrayal, he was a passionate and caring individual, often sticking his neck out to help others and very protective of those he cherished. After the incident and recruitment into the legacy, he still retains his passionate side, but is burdened with the loss of his best friends and refuses to shoulder the pain with Cordaz or his squad.
Pieces: 181
Points of Articulation: 13+4 articulated fingers.
Height: 9"
Theme Song: The Price of Freedom

Skill: 10/10
Speed/Reflex: 9/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Strength: 10/10
Endurance: 9/10
Emotional Strength: 5/10
Overall Vitality: 8/10

1. Project False Mask
The idea behind the project was to shoot soldiers who wanted to become toa full of energized protodermis. Because of the liquids properties of transforming those destined to and destroying all else, it resulted in the untimely demises of many. The project was kept secret due to the obvious prediction that many would object to the idea of using the bodies of citizens without proper permission. the only other information salvageable was that it involved the Kanohi Krahkan. Because the Krahkan was the only kanohi that seemed to work without avail, the only elemntal type that could be created was shadow. And thus, the artificial toa were born.
There were only three known surviving subjects who had undergone the procedures to create an artificial toa. One was named Variak, an energetic individual who was sociable and possessed a charming peronality. His polar opposite was Zephirak, a seemingly cool and colected toa who was actually twisted and sadistic. And then there was Agaru, a balance between the other two toa. He possessed a much more reasonable attitude, stronger control over his powers of shadow and a tactful view when in battle.

(above)The pendant given to him by his girlfriend
2. Personal Matters
Although they contrasted drastically from each other, they quickly became friends and fulfiled their duties as soldiers. One day, after the three concluded their daily routine of sparring, Agaru took a walk through a small area of the sprawling city of Omni-Koro. During his small journey, he succumbed to the strongest feeling anyone could possibly experience, Love.
The individual he fell in love with was a fellow soldier who worked for the Omni-Koro Sector 6 Guard. She returned his feelings for her and they forged a strong bond. To show her affection, she made a charm for him that was said to repel all evil and keep him "pure." Whenever they could, they would visit each other on their spare time. Little did they know, it would all be short lived.

3. Zephirath's Betrayal
Several years later, Agaru's quiet life was turned upside down. One night, when he returned to the station he reported to (And houses the lab he was created in), he discovered all the soldiers had been killed, with neither of the other two artificial toa anywhere to be found. Sensing a dark aura and presence in the area, he bolted out to the the research and development section of the complex, only to watch in horror as it became enveloped in flames of darkness.
"Agaru! Thank Nui you're all right!" He spun around to see Variak sprinting towards him, his weapon, Savior's Wrath (A giant sword) drawn. "What in the icy depths of the Pit happened here?!" Agaru demanded. "It was him..." Variak panted. "Zephirak...He...started-" Before he could finish his sentence, a figure emerged from the ruins of one of the buildings. Agaru's eyes lit up in rage. "You son of a Kavinika!"
Zephirak's crimson eyes and cold lips pursed into a smile. "Brothers! I'm glad you could witness it!" "Witness what?!" Agaru and Variak exclaimed in unison. "My vengeance..." Zephirak's mask twitched, "On the Legacy!" "WHAT?!" Variak exclaimed, "If it weren't for the Legacy, you wouldn't have the power you have-" "Did you ever stop to ponder how they gave it to us? What they used to create us?" Zephirak paused, before throwing up a wall of shadowy fire between him and his former comrades. "Someday you shall discover it." He said as he left the duo's sight. "Someday you will discover the truth within the truth." And with that, he disappeared.
Agaru muttered a name. "Who?" Variak asked. Agaru said the name again, this time with more angst. "I told her to meet me here after the sun went down..." His head fell into his palms. "We have to find her!"
"There's no time for that!" Variak hissed, "The whole building's coming down!" And with that, both of them made it out of the facility in the knick of time, watching as the hungry flames devoured it all. From that day onward, Agaru continued to blame himself for what happened to the one he cherished most.

4. "Take hold of your dreams"
Agaru and Variak both decided to make tracks for Omni-Koro Sector 1, where the Order of the Last Legacy's HQ was located. After hitchhiking for a ways, Agaru and his only remaining friend departed for good. They were ambushed by several TERIDAX mercenaries, armed to the teeth. Taken by surprise, the two toa lost a battle they could have easily won. One of the mercenaries smacked Agaru on the back of the head during the skirmish, and he blacked out while Variak kept fighting.
When he came to, he took note of several bodies strewn across the area. He saw his best friend lying in a pool of black antidermis (blood), his body riddled with bullet holes. "Agaru," Variak whimpered as Agaru approached him, hanging on to his last threads of life,"Do it for me...For us...Fight for what you believe in...Do what you think is right...And...Take hold of...Your..." Variak's heartlight ceased to glow, and within the course of less than a year, Agaru lost all those he cared about. With that, Agaru picked up the Savior's Wrath and continued for Sector 1.

(above) Agaru and his new superior and friend
5. Fighting for a New Cause
Agaru became a rougue vigilante, bringing an end to the activities of all those he deemed unfit to deserve freedom (All criminals, of course). He soon attracted the attention of the Legacy and Toa Cordaz and his partner, Torvis, were sent to apprehend him. At first, Agaru was uncertain of their goals and purposed, at first fought them off, besting both of his opponents.
Cordaz layed down his swords, Torvis doing the same, and offered Agaru a new life; to join the Legacy as a member of Cordaz's squad and fight off those who threaten the vast world of Omni-Koro. Remembering Variak's last words, he accepted Cordaz's offer. However, he hides his past from his new friends, vowing to find Zephirak and strike him down.

And now, on to the MOC!

For the longest time, I've wanted to build a BIONICLE in honor of one of my favorite video game characters. I think I'll let you figure that out :) Another thing that inspired this creation was that toa of shadow are starting to become more and more common. This figure was an absolute blast to build and I hope to feature him in more upcoming projects!

Full front shot. Love the way the body turned out. There's also plenty of room behind it to store stuff. I'll get into that later :3

His back. You can't really tell with the Savior's Wrath strapped to his back, but I tried to make it the slightest bit detailed. I'm not exactly the best guy at designing the posterior -.-

Profile shots. I wanted to fuse together the toa and makuta aspects that most characters have. He stands tall and proud like any other toa should, but his arms and body are somewhat disproportionate and twisted, as if he were a makuta.

Close up time! Shows off his leg detail and his field knives and how they are stored. Once again, all the weapons can be stored without hindering articulation :D

These photos show off the torso design. It's not entirely made from scratch (There is a Hordika body involved) but I thought it came out nicely. Honestly, I always thought the Hordika torsos were completely useless with their backwards hunch and seemingly small amount of potential integration. But they do have those three holes on the back that work well for storing weapons!

As I stated above, I tried to make him look a little disproportionate. I made his waist as thin as possible (though not to the point of looking feminine). I tried to add to the effect by bulking up his wrists.

His legs contrast the upper body by appearing more ordinary in that they are proportionate. I made an attempt at greebling them to some avail :D I tried to make the lower legs look like boots because of his soldier-like background.

Back of the legs. I didn't do too much work on them. The original design I had in mind looked a little frail, so I just stuck a bunch of crap on the back to fatten them up :/

Definitely not the most beautiful hands in the world :/. He only has two articulated fingers and a thumb. I added the claws to emphasize on the fact that he controls the forbidden element.

Agaru's field knives. Combined with the kanohi kualsi, he's nearly unbeatable. These were Agaru's weapons of choice before he acquired the Savior's Wrath. He usually wields both of them at once and in cooperation with his Kanohi Kualsi, teleporting around his opponents and striking them while they are confused.

He trains daily to prepare him for the day he confronts his eternal nemesis, Zephirath. He is as skilled as a martial artist as he is a swordsman. In conjunction with his control over the mysterious element of shadow, he was known as a prodigy of sorts back when he was a part of the False Mask Project.

Cordaz: Urgh!...Copycat...!

I see he's mastered the art of Aikido. A martial art that uses the opponent's momentum and movement against them. It's like Judo except it's a LOT more flashy ;)

Agaru: Speak, before I open your throat!
Hey, watch it! That's my self MOC you got there!
Agaru: Relax, I was only showing off!

I can cleave mountains in half with this thing!

Alas...Agaru's most devastating weapon, the Buster S-*ahem*-The Savior's Wrath! I had some trouble designing it at first because of the blade having weird placement of axel connectors.

Originally belonging to Agaru's late friend and comrade, Variak, Agaru inherited the weapon upon Variak's death. He only uses it if the situation is dire. However, that doesn't mean it's his last resort. If he pulls this thing out, you better run and hope he trips trying to catch up to you! O.o

This thing weighs a ton, so if an ordinary matoran or even a toa were to attempt at wielding it, it would seem unwieldy and seemingly impossible to swing around. However, because of Agaru's augmented strength due to the fact that his veins are pumped full of dark energized protodermis, he can swing this thing around like a toothpick!

Does this pose remind you of anyone?...

I'll give you a hint: He also uses a giant sword, underwent some kind of augmentation process and inherited his weapon from a dying friend!

Uh oh...Is something happening to him?...o.O

You better run, now!

When pushed passed his limits, a giant wing sprouts from his back out of thin air. His power increases a hundred-fold as he is enveloped in a dark aura (that's up to your imagination, sorry :/)

Unfortunately, he no longer differentiates allies from enemies and will simply mow down all who stand in his way.

Is this really the best place to stand when the guy wielding the blade is a protodermis-powered super-toa?

Just to show how the wing is held on. I'm actually quite glad to figure out a way to mount the wing without having it sticking out of his shoulder :)

Agaru is about to reveal some of his biggest secrets...

Sometimes, Agaru tends to lose himself. He stops and thinks about his place in life. Does he have a purpose? A goal he must meet? Is he still truly alive? He sometimes has to remind himself by...


Remembering he has a heart. I succeeded in giving Agaru a heartlight! I used one of the Bohrok eye pieces to depict it being somewhat broken. It's also big to metaphorically represent Agaru's rather strong sense of passion :) But what's that other item stored beneath his breast-plate? In case you've forgotten...

This is all I have left of her...

It's the charm/pendant given to him by his girlfriend all those years ago. It supposedly deflects evil and impurities. He made it into a necklace and hides it in his armor wherever he goes. Wait, did I just say he has a GIRLFRIEND?! It's been confirmed that Agori, Glatorian and other residents of Bara Magna can, but how Matoran reproduce is completely unvisited/unknown Maybe they just pop into existence. Maybe a gukko leaves them swaddled in a bundle on the turaga's doorstep. But then why would they have genders? And considering a lot of them die off, more have to be made somehow...I think I'll shut up now...

The three members of Squad 22, Cordaz, Agaru and Torvis

Cordaz: All right, everyone! Group cheer!

All: For Freedom we Rise!

Thanks for viewing! :D :D I hope you enjoyed this MOC. If anyone has any comments or/and suggestions, don't hesitate to comment below! THANKS! :D

And in case you didn't figure out who this figure is based off of, take a look at Cloud Strife, here. Agaru's primary colors (The mask being inspired by Cloud's hair) are all based on Cloud. Heck, many elements from Agaru's back story are similar to Cloud's. Agaru's toa type, Crispulus translates to artificial in Latin.

(Information regarding Savior's Wrath. I was having issues placing a handle on the blade. Lucky for me, I found another MOC that had a design for the hilt and I decided to borrow it. All I remember is the MOC being white. If anyone knows who it belongs to, I need to give this guy credit!


 I made it 
  July 14, 2014
Quoting Kevin McCroary nice moc, i like how you can open the chest, like transformers, also i knew it was cloud
I'm glad someone caught the reference. :D And thanks.
  January 20, 2014
@Toa of Sushi: That would be disturbing. Still, nice looking MOC
 I made it 
  January 20, 2014
Quoting Reaper . Familiar... Very familiar
Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. xD jk. That's a rather strange coincidence. Just be glad he isn't my self MOC! :D
 I like it 
  January 20, 2014
Familiar... Very familiar
 I made it 
  January 16, 2014
Quoting Critical MOCer Great backstory, and great MOC.
Thanks! I commend all those who can sit through my ramblings!
 I like it 
  January 16, 2014
Great backstory, and great MOC.
 I made it 
  January 15, 2014
Quoting Andrew31kbrick193 /// Awesome MOC.
 I like it 
  January 15, 2014
Awesome MOC.
  January 3, 2014
About the sword try searching Toa Scarack on YouTube,that MOC at least has the same blade and is white and silver.
 I made it 
  December 30, 2013
Quoting [ Chro ] I entirely disagree with Stormjay.
About the story?
  December 30, 2013
I entirely disagree with Stormjay.
 I like it 
  December 28, 2013
Man, is this one awesome MOC or what? Not only does he look really good and have some cleverly designed bits, but he's got an epic backstory too.
Toa of Sushi
 I like it 
Stormjay Rider
  December 14, 2013
Backstory is waaaay too long for a single post, but the MOC is nice.
 I made it 
  December 14, 2013
Quoting Stormjay Rider Backstory is waaaay too long for a single post, but the MOC is nice.
Thanks for your feedback. I guess the back story is pretty long, but compared to Cossy or some of the very popular MOCs, I actually think it's somewhat short xD
By Toa of Sushi
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