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Drakaal vs. Tranlii
About this creation

Name: Drakaal
Codename: Crusader
Gender: Male
Species: Toa, Visorak
Race: Ta-Matoran, Voridrak
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Allegiance: Dark Hunters
Element: Fire/Steel
Powers: Fire ignition, pyrokinesis, conversion of Protodermis into Protosteel

As per many people involved in the Matoran Universe's secret forces, accounts of Drakaal's history are sketchy. There is, however, one report kept by the Order of Mata Nui, that seems to give the most accurate details of this being's origin.

A normal Toa of Fire named Eikaal was kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Makuta. At this time, they were still in the Rahi-making business, and seeked to extract Matoran intelligence and put it in their Rahi. Makuta scientists, lead by Mutran, experimented on the prisoner Toa, attempting to replicate his brain. Midway during the experimentation, as they were taking the near-lifeless mutilated Eikaal back to his holding cell, the Makuta lost hold on him, and he crashed into a protodermis pool where a Voridrak, a Visorak with the element of Protosteel, was forming.

The two beings ended up fusing--the small spider's carapace fused onto Eikaal's stomach, while energized protodermis in the cell grew the Toa to titan scale. The small Visorak head fused on top of Eikaal's head, mutilated and unrecognizable, but still retaining the natural intelligence and traits of a Toa of Fire.

All during his imprisonment, the Toa had wanted to escape, and now with fresh blood and a huge form, that chance came. The fused being rampaged all through the Makuta laboratories, killed dozens of Rahi and destroying the work of thousands of years. Eventually, he made it out of Destral and into the open. Then, the calmness of the Visorak's mind, which allowed for the spiders' obedience to the master of their horde, was able to take control.

The fused being spent his life switching back and forth between these two minds. When calm, he was sarcastic, wisecracking, while nonviolent. But, if he was injured in word or action, the bent rage from his imprisonment took back over, turning him into a destroyer with unstoppable rage, and at the same time calculating and accurate. The being named himself Drakaal, containing elements of both his personalities' names.

Drakaal was eventually found by a group of six Dark Hunters, as the Shadowed One wished to have such as powerful warrior as his own. In the ensuing fight, he killed four of the Dark Hunters, but the remaining two managed to restrain him and bring him to Odina. He eventually accepted the Shadowed One's offer, and took the codename "Crusader".

Name: Tranlii
Title(s): Metal Machine
Gender: Female
Species: Matoran in aritificial body
Race: Ga-Matoran
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allegiance: Outcast Toa
Element: Water, Ice, Fire
Powers: Thermal blast, particle freezing, enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced accuracy

Tranlii began life as a normal Ga-Matoran. You might expect me to say that she was then chosen to join a team of Toa. Hehehe... wrong. Tranlii was never destined to be a Toa. While her friends and partners left to go on exciting quests, she remained to work in her village. In time, she became jealous of her old friends, and sought to be chosen like them.

Then, two Dark Hunters arrived in her village. They said they needed a Ga-Matoran test subject for a new experimental hardsuit. Tranlii jumped at the opportunity. In fact, she was the only one who volunteered--blinded by her dreams of strength, she ignored the Dark Hunters' warnings of "long preparation".

She went back with the Dark Hunters to a secluded base, where the hardsuit she would be piloting was being made. There, she was "prepared"--forced to do exhausting tasks, practice running for hours without stopping, injected with chemicals to "prepare her for integration". Eventually, she became so tired and weak that she fell into a coma.

She couldn't move. She couldn't breathe. She faintly heard the voices of the Dark Hunters, and the whirring of machinery. She felt her mechanical skin being pulled off of her, her biological muscles being stretched and cut, jagged metal plates cutting into her. If she was awake, she would have screamed. Then, when an electric surge jolted every part of her body, she did scream.

She wanted to bolt off of the floor, and feel air again. The hardsuit connected to her brain followed her desire, and she stood up. The electrical cords connected to her gave way. She was in the clearing where she had been trained, now abandoned. The Dark Hunters were nowhere to be seen, and the building where her suit had been manufactured seemed unused and falling apart. She flexed her new arms and legs. She felt stronger, faster, better--and no longer jealous. But at the same time, she felt so much pain-- and so much hatred-- hatred at her tormentors, hatred at herself for blindly agreeing to so injure herself.

She attempted to return to her own village, but no one recognized her--in fact, they drove her out. So she began a search for the Dark Hunters who had changed her, to kill them.

Eventually, she did find one of them. The one she seemed to remember "preparing" her most often. Once again, her common sense failed her, replaced by her desire for revenge.

(I made a complete fight scene here, but it was such a failure, I've scrapped it and am only including a few shots, seen below.)
Fourth Wall Comments: Entry for the BIONICLE MOCing Challenge final round, in which contestants much build a pair of MOCs and pit them in a duel.

Drakaal/Crusader is my secondary selfMOC, and Jethryn's archenemy. How might he be both? It comes from the fact of how both stem from myself. Jethryn takes a few of the things I like--the black color, the hood, the assassin vibe, and the element of lightning. Added to that a sense of moral order and of a place for his own talents, plus the skills of leadership (which I sort of have), and you have one side of me. Drakaal, on the other hand, is like me at another angle, the angle which actually shows itself more online--sarcastic, violent, destruction-oriented--sometimes even malicious. Add to that my second favorite element (fire), another color I like (dark red), the head/mask I first used to represent myself online, and some of the weapons I take up when I'm in his personality online (Bill Daniels, you'll know.)

You may have picked up his similarities to This MOC, which are not coincidental. That last version's history and form was put together rather hastily. The current form is how he was meant to be all along. (Actually, he was originally only silver and Metru red, but I added the yellow as an excuse to use my collection of yellow TECHNIC parts.)

I started building Drakaal by making his skeleton, making sure I had the proportions and general shape the way I wanted. Then, I started with the upper legs, the part that I developed most in the beginning, adding more TECHNIC connections to give it the bulk that Andrew is assuredly going to judge this on. I did the same on the legs, then began to take armor off of Galek and put it on his legs. Then I moved on to the torso, beginning by putting in the silver center meant to represent the Voridrak's carapace. It ended up being too skinny, so I added in some large HF armor plates, Then I got to the upper arms, and then worked on making his neck look sort of good. Then I came up with some lower arms (my weak spot) and a machine gun for him. After a time, I redesigned the lower arms and his machine gun, and added a flamethrower.

Drakaal actually uses eight non-custom lower limbs in his build--four that bulk up his lower legs ,and four as his shoulders.

Unlike Drakaal, Tranlii is a relatively new character. She was inspired by pieces from Brain Attack Breez, especially the mask and saw blade. The general character concept was a mechanized female character with the silver saw blade in her torso. At one point I thought of making the mechanical suit removable from the character, but went against that. I also added to the design a pair of weapons, one fire based, and one ice based.

Also, a note for FeMOC specialists: I'm not trying to make a perfect FeMOC here. I'm making a heavily mechanized version of a female character. She does have a slightly larger chest and a thin frame in the shoulders and arms, but the legs are heavily bulky, and that's not going against my design for the character.

The basic lower leg design for Tranlii comes from Galek, who in turn took it from an incomplete Deaskuth. I took those original legs apart to make Tranlii's. The lower leg came together quite easily, while the upper leg was a bit more difficult. I wanted to use the modified leg I also debuted on Galek, but it didn't really help the articulation much and was a big pain, so I went back to a traditional leg design. Then I added in some hose elements for a mechanical look. Then came the torso. I made my normal waist design, but with modification so that I didn't have to use a particular piece (and had some dirty thoughts while I was at it). Then came the torso, possibly the hardest part of the build due to that massive SAW BLADE! (Some of you know about my liking for saw blades...) I spent some time armoring the front while not restricting the saw's movement, then added more parts within the structure so that you couldn't--um--look under her breastplate. (It also gave her a pseudo-heartlight....) Then I got to the arm. I used the thinner but longer tubes for the arms, sliding through the simple upper arms, and into the lower arms, where her weapons were. The arms weren't too hard to put together.

Well, that's it for this post, and for the BMC, for that matter. On to the SMoT! After that, to put my Christmas-earned specialized pieces to good use...


  December 15, 2014
Okay that is one Dark Hunter I do not run into in a dark ally. O_o; Good job!
  June 13, 2014
DUDE! SOO much better! this is really awesome great work!
 I like it 
  February 23, 2014
Nice colour schemes!
 I like it 
  February 13, 2014
 I like it 
  January 24, 2014
Really love that head piece, your bionicles are amazing!!!
 I made it 
  January 6, 2014
Quoting Yuri Fassio Using large technic beams to increase size is not a wise move at this scale, the effect is often raw and bulky. A smaller, more proportioned build would look better, and it will be easier to keep playable. To avoid your characters to seem... rigid beyond a certain size, I'd suggest you to separate the torso in 2 articulated sections.
Aaaaand you comment on the one recent MOC that doesn't have a waist joint. :/ I wasn't sure that my normal waist joint could hold up the weight in Drakaal's scale... (Also, Tranlii is that way because I need room for the saw blade.) Thanks for the advice though.
 I like it 
  January 6, 2014
Using large technic beams to increase size is not a wise move at this scale, the effect is often raw and bulky. A smaller, more proportioned build would look better, and it will be easier to keep playable. To avoid your characters to seem... rigid beyond a certain size, I'd suggest you to separate the torso in 2 articulated sections.
 I like it 
  January 6, 2014
Well done! As my fellow judges have said, they both have interesting builds, a bit messy however. Still, some very good techniques used all around. Score: 20/25. Very well done :D
 I like it 
  January 4, 2014
Both have large complex builds, and are rather impressive, though a bit messy. 18/25
 I like it 
  January 1, 2014
Well, I can't post the images of the battle, but I put the story of how the battle started. BTW, Nice.
 I like it 
  January 1, 2014
Nice! I especially like Tranlii.
 I like it 
  January 1, 2014
Nice! Love the look of both of them.
 I made it 
  January 1, 2014
Quoting Adam Brunsting Neat bio MOC!
Quoting ~ Brick Nice Bio MOC!
*pair of BIO-MOCs
 I like it 
  January 1, 2014
Neat bio MOC!
 I like it 
  December 31, 2013
Wow, Storm... Of any Bio Mocs you've made, these are the 1st that really caught my attention. (then again, I know absolutely nothing about Bio-Mocing) The arms and legs on both are MUCH more complete, and transition better into the torso cleanly. The upper arm/shoulder of Drakaal seems a bit gangly (though I suppose spider-y DNA would lengthen out the arms and legs a bit) Tranlii is beautiful. I do have a soft spot for silver models, but still, excellent job! clean shaping and character appropriate weapons seem very fitting with the model. Great job, Stormjay. Arci
 I like it 
  December 31, 2013
Nice Bio MOC!
  December 31, 2013
 I like it 
  December 31, 2013
Awesome! Could you be a judge in my contest please? One of my judges is not responding.
 I like it 
  December 31, 2013
DAT BULK!! Love these guys, some of your best MOCs, IMO. Great work! 21/25
 I like it 
  December 30, 2013
Love the new look of "Jethryn". :P Also, I really like how Tranlii has a saw blade on her back.
 I like it 
  December 30, 2013
Nice details on those! The backstories are great, too! Awesome work!
 I like it 
  December 30, 2013
Very nice! Love the bits of backstories for both of them. Nice job and good luck! :)
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