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Zephirak, Bringer of Utter Pandemonium
"He's the one who torments my memories. He killed my best friend. He destroyed everything I used to be...His name...His name is Zephirak." -Agaru
About this creation

"What is it you care for most? Give me the joy of stripping it all away." -Zephirak

Theme Song(s):
Advent: One Winged Angel

Inscrutable Stratagem

Name: Zephirak (ZE-fur-ACK)
Gender: Male
Age: 25,000
Species: Augmented Ta-Matoran
Element: Flames of Shadow
Kanohi: Sevorai, Mask of Punishment. Allows the user to exploit any weakness his/her opponent has, whether it be a physical or mental flaw. This mask was created after Zephirak absorbed the Kraahkan into his Ruru. However, it appears identical to that of the Ruru
Toa Type: Crispulus, an artificial toa created by the Order of the Last Legacy
Occupation: Leader of the Mangaia Reclemation Act, a group of activists bent on the destruction of the Legacy
Alias(s): Toa of Pandemonium, the Destroyer, Traitor, Sir, "The one who haunts my memories."
Weapons: Mangaia's Bane, a long-sword sometimes used to channel his energy.
Personality: Cunning, Ruthless and Volatile. Zephirak is known to be 100% ruthless and 0% merciful. Almost no one has survived an encounter with him. He rarely needs to attack enemies up front due to the Kraahkan's seemingly unlimited supply of dark energy. Zephirak prefers to obliterate enemies from a distance by unleashing concentrated, accurate nova blasts at his opponents, ending many of his battles in seconds.
Theme Song(s): Advent: One Winged Angel, Inscrutable Stratagem

(below average < 5 < Above average)
Skill: 9/10
Speed/Reflex: 9/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Strength: 10/10
Endurance: 8/10
Emotional Strength: 9/10
Overall Vitality: 8.9/10

Set Details
Pieces: 205
Points of articulation: 13+2 double joints+2 fingers
Height: roughly 8"


Like Agaru, Zephirak was a part of the False Mask project, an effort in creating artifical toa. However, the only toa that could be created controlled the forbidden element of shadow.
Unlike his rather complacent comrades, Zephirak was usually sullen and uncaring. He possessed a high intelligence, strongly shown in battle. He devised countless fail proof strategies, making him a valuable asset to his team. During his later years as part of the project, he grew more distant from Variak and Agaru.
Zephirak always questioned how he gained his powers (the False Mask process left its subjects with strong amnesia). One fateful day, Zephirak discovered the horrible process that created him, and it racked him to his core.
Even after numerous failures, the Legacy continued their attempts at creating artificial Toa. Zephirak watched in horror as a ko-matoran, who had been heavily sedated was injected with a large amount energized protodermis that had been infused with dark energy from the kanohi Kraahkan. Nothing seemed to happen at first, but with an ear piercing scream, the matoran was reduced to a heap of ashes in a matter of seconds, its body unable to contain the immense power that was coursing through its veins.
Infuriated by what he had just seen, Zephirak lashed out at one of the scientists that had been watching the process, killing it. The other researchers retreated to the corners, frightened by what they had just seen. Zephirak turned on the helpless onlookers, laying into them like an enraged beast. The guards stationed outside the room heard the noise of the struggle and burst inside, firing upon Zephirak. Deflecting the bullets, Zephirak made short work of the guards, and made his exit. But not before swiping the Kraahkan from the laboratory.
He soon made his way to the center of the facility. After arriving, he used all of his elemental powers to fuse his kanohi Ruru and the Kraahkan, repelling the remnants of Teridax's spirit at the same time. Feeling the Great Mask of Shadow's power coursing through his veins, he unleashed a full blown nova blast, obliterating the facility.
Soon after, he was confronted by Agaru and Variak, both bewildered by the sight of the flames.
*Excerpt from Agaru's story* Zephirak's crimson eyes and cold lips pursed into a smile. "Brothers! I'm glad you could witness it!" "Witness what?!" Agaru and Variak exclaimed in unison. "My vengeance..." Zephirak's mask twitched, "On the Legacy!" "WHAT?!" Variak exclaimed, "If it weren't for the Legacy, you wouldn't have the power you have-" "Did you ever stop to ponder how they gave it to us? What they used to create us?" Zephirak paused, before throwing up a wall of shadowy fire between him and his former comrades. "Someday you shall discover it." He said as he left the duo's sight. "Someday you will discover the truth within the truth." And with that, he disappeared.
Months later, after receiving word that Agaru and Variak had survived the previous events, he hired a team of mercenaries to terminate them. Although the operation failed in eliminating both of the toa, Variak had been killed by the assassins.
Currently, Zephirak has rounded up an army of activists titling themselves the Mangaia Reclamation Act. They have declared war on the Legacy and will not rest until it is burned to the ground.
Well, that was quite a mouth full. And without further ado, on to the MOC!

My, my...What a menacing sight. o.O If you're going to write a fan fiction, then of course it has to have a bada$$ villain! If you've already seen Agaru (viewable here), then you probably have a good idea as to who this guy is. My goal was to make him look similar to Agaru, but have several notable differences. And since Agaru was somewhat based off of Cloud Strife of the Final Fantasy series, so in turn, Zephirak is based off of Sephiroth. Enjoy!

Profile view. I used the same technique for Zephirak's shoulders that was used on Agaru's shoulders. Same as his legs, only with different pieces.

DAT HAIR. I wanted to incorporate some trademark features of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy into him, but...Most of them didn't really fit. :( So, the hair is really the only thing left. Still, I really like it. That piece of Inika leg armor is supposed to be something reminiscent of a hair clip. You wouldn't want that mess to go flying around while you're in combat, now would you?

I like this body design. Especially all of those red bohrok eyes! I added those in as symbolism for Zephirak's ta-matoran status. And as always, HEARTLIGHTS FTW! (Too lazy to make a link to the group :P)

Legs. Not much to say about them. They're pretty similar to Agaru's in terms of design. The only real difference is the red studs on the "boots."

As for the arms...They use the same frame as Agaru's, but instead of the Inika feet, I used Piraka feet for the shoulders.

Side-by-side comparison with Agaru. He stands at about the same height as him. And you can see the many similarities between them!

Before I show the weapon...don't you think something's off? Like how he has red eyes?

What is this trickery?! Don't short "brains" only come in one color?! Well, they actually aren't hard to come by...

Fooled ya, didn't I? :3 Sharpie magic. Ah, I love using customizers' methods :D


Zephirak carries a single weapon; Mangaia's Bane, typical long-sword used for close encounters. But as stated above, unless the opponent manages to get in close to Zephirak, he almost never uses it. Thanks to the near-limitless supply of dark energy from the Kraahkan, Zephirak unleashes his wrath using concentrated nova blasts, usually reducing the enemy to less than a pile of ash in one shot.

Hmmm...This pose seems all too familiar...

Me: I think I'm gonna stand somewhere else now...
Zephirak: Foolish creator, your fate is sealed!
Me: Crap, if he kills me-

Rival swords clash!

My attempt at recreating that scene:D

"Tell me, what is it you cherish most?..."
Great, now my fanboyism is showing :P

Well, I think it's time to close up shop, now. :P And of course, I've supplied a reference pic. Though it's pretty much pointless now that I've deviated from the source so much :/

All of my MOCs part of my "Last Legacy" story line. Man, I love this shot! xD

And since Kirah is here, I might as well point out that I updated her slightly. I filled in her wrists and the back of her shins a bit, and messed around with the placement of her heartlight. I was sick of there being a giant hole in the middle of her chest that went straight to the ground. So, I filled it in with the piece that the heartlight is currently sitting on top of. Muuuuuuch better. I also gave her a shiny new knife. It's really just there for aesthetic purposes, but I think it's a nice addition. Sadly, I don't have the pieces to add more of that beautiful Mata blue :( Oh well, can't have everything.

Figured a picture like this would be a suiting send-off. This is what this gang of ignorant brakas does when they're off set...What a load of clowns. Anyway, bai, hope you-


*sigh*...Et tu, Zephirak?
Zephirak: You were going to leave a comment, right?
HEY! That's no way to talk to the viewers!...


 I made it 
  January 15, 2014
Quoting ~ Hazeroth Are you kidding? Corvallis is giant!!!!
Meh. :/ Compared to Philomath and Oregon City, sure. But our capital, Salem, and Portland (Which happens to have the most strip clubs than any other city in the nation -_-) have close to or upwards 1 million people.
  January 15, 2014
Are you kidding? Corvallis is giant!!!!
 I made it 
  January 15, 2014
Quoting ~ Hazeroth This is an awesome moc! I love all of it! Also, might I ask, what part of Oregon do you live in?
I live in this tiny town called Corvallis. There are about 50,000 people who live here, and the weather's ALWAYS on the fritz :/
 I like it 
  January 15, 2014
This is an awesome moc! I love all of it! Also, might I ask, what part of Oregon do you live in?
 I made it 
  January 7, 2014
Quoting Yuri Fassio It would have been so awesomely original if what you posted as a main pic was his actual face :)
o.O...I never thought of that...Thanks for the idea, Yuri!
 I like it 
  January 6, 2014
It would have been so awesomely original if what you posted as a main pic was his actual face :)
 I made it 
  January 6, 2014
Quoting Kangar Baker of Cupcakes This guy's pretty cool! I like everything about him, but I think you should bulk up his lower thighs (somehow) and maybe trade out that Pohatu Nuva claw for Skrall armor or something; it almost looks like he has a belly, but you know, that's just me. Anyway, Great MOC!
Ha ha, :p I agree with you about the "belly." Sadly, I never bought any of the 2009 sets :( Gotta bricklink myself some more parts.
 I like it 
  January 6, 2014
This guy's pretty cool! I like everything about him, but I think you should bulk up his lower thighs (somehow) and maybe trade out that Pohatu Nuva claw for Skrall armor or something; it almost looks like he has a belly, but you know, that's just me. Anyway, Great MOC!
 I like it 
  January 6, 2014
Great MOC. It looks like you really took lot of effort writing the awesome description!
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Zephirak, Bringer of Utter Pandemonium

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