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Age of Darkness 01: The Master's Choice
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(The two Jedi's lightsabers crackled against each other as sparks flew)

Vitus Salvanto- Come on, Kollin! Where's that finesse you're always talking about?

Kollin Follee- A good swordsman knows when to give ground Vito...

(Kollin grinned as he shifted his stance, thrusting his blade and forcing Vito back)

Kollin- ...and when to take it back.

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Focus padawan! Use your strength to your advantage, push your opponent onto the defensive.

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Feel the balance of the Force within you as your blades lock. Study your opponent for his weaknesses. Then, when your have found them, strike!

(Vito smiled as he unleashed a blast of Force energy, throwing Kollin back)

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Attack, and press your advantage!

(Kollin staggered back and brought his blade to a defensive position as Vito leaped into the air)

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Do not allow your enemy to regain his energy. He will not show you mercy, now repay him in kind.

(Vito landed, forcing Kollin to the ground and sending his lightsaber flying into the hand of Aeldgar)

Vito- Look's like I won again Kollin.

Kollin- Come off it Vito, I beat you yesterday, and the day before that was a draw. I'm still one up from you.

(The two smiled as Vito pulled Kollin to his feet and stood at attention)

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Very good duel, both of you. You have learned your lessons well.

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Padawan Vitus, know your strength and use it to your advantage, but be mindful of the Force as well. Open yourself to its guidance and you will be unstoppable.

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Padawan Kollin...

(Kollin cringed as Aeldgar pulled out his lightsaber, tapping the cold blade against his chest)

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- ...this weapon is your life, do well not to forget it. You use the Force well, allow it to guide your movements and none shall stand against you.

Master Rizio- Sage advice Bladesmaster.

(Aeldgar whirled around bowing as the padawans instantly dropped to their knees before the elderly Jedi)

Master Rizio Salvanto- You boys listen to this man and you will go far, that much I know for certain. And what is this that young Jedi should bow before an old man? Especially now, you two have been chosen to be Jedi apprentices.

(Rizio smiled as the two beaming padawans stood up)

Master Rizio- My how you've grown. It seems like only yesterday I found you crying on the steps of the enclave... and yet here you are, a full grown man. How are you my son?

Vito- Very well father. Were you able to see much of my victory over Kollin?

Rizio- Victory! Hrmph! If I recall correctly, Kollin still has you beaten by one.

(The two smiled at each other as Rizio walked over to Kollin)

Rizio- And you Kollin! I don't believe there has been a moment since his founding that you and Vitus have not been beside each other!

Kollin- Indeed master -except of course, when he's at my feet in defeat.

(Kollin threw Vito a teasing look as Rizio walked back towards the atrium entrance)

Rizio- Or you at his feet as the case may be, eh?

Vito- Father, I don't mean to interrupt but you mentioned we were becoming apprentices?

Rizio- Indeed I did. You two and two more pawawans of age have been chosen to become apprentices, the next step on the way to becoming a Jedi Knight, and I believe they are here now.

Rizio- I thought I sensed you two. I believe you are all acquainted with each other. Luca L'quilac and Katerina Kyriokas.

Luca- Well no surprise here, eh Vito? Us being chosen to become apprentices and all. With my family connections, I'm surprised this didn't happen years ago.

(Vito seemed distant as Luca spoke, straining his head to look past him)

Vito- What? Oh, right Luca. Of course.

(Luca walked away slightly puzzled, while Vito offered a bow to Katerina)

Vito- Afternoon Katerina... exciting isn't it? Being chosen to be apprentices I mean.

Katerina- Oh, you can't imagine it Vito! I've always dreamed of going off and learning the ways of the Force, seeing the Galaxy... It's amazing to think about.

Vito- I know. It'll be my first trip off of Dantooine too, this is the only world I've ever known.

Katerina- Hey maybe if we get lucky our masters will be assigned together. I'd love to show you the palace on Naboo sometime or the Coruscant skyline, but as they say it's up to the will of the Force now.

Vito- Yeah...

(Kollin nudged Vito in the side as Katerina walked off, Vito responding with only a glare)

Rizio- Now padawans if I may have your attention once more. Here with me is Headmaster Vede and Master Crede of the-

Crede- Where is she?

Rizio- I assume you mean padawan Katarina. Right over there with the others Master.

(Crede looked back into the entryway and nodded, the heavy wooden door slammed shut as a fearsome woman walked in)

Crede- She is right over there Abbess Salona.

Mother Salona- I think my eyesight works just as well as yours, thank you.

(Katerina looked on puzzledly as Crede walked imperiously over to her)

Katerina- What is going on here? Why-

Crede- You will be going to the Convent of Waters-Under-the-Mount with Abbess Salona. Your training as a Jedi ends now.

Katerina- What?! You can't do this! I was told I was going to become a Jedi!

(Salona pushed past Crede and hushed Katerina as Kolin held out his arm, restraining Vito back)

Mother Salona- My word young lady you do have an attitude don't you. No matter, I have broken countless rebellious souls in my time. You will be no different.

Katerina- But I-

Mother Salona- Silence! Perhaps the first lesson I will impart is not to question your superiors. It is not the place of women to learn the ways of fighting. That is a man's work.

Crede- Indeed. There have not been women Jedi in a thousand years, and as the representative of the Council of Knowledge of the Force, I am here to see that orthodox doctrine is enforced. You will be taught healing powers and other pertinent skills.

Mother Salona- Thank you Master Crede for explaining to my apprentice, what I will be teaching. I'm sure I could not have done so myself.

Rizio- Now, now this is no way to welcome our apprentices into the Jedi Order, we should be rejoicing, not fighting!

(Giving Crede one last glare, Salona stalked off)

Mother Salona- Indeed? You may rejoice without myself and my apprentice, we have far more important work to do. Come along apprentice.

Katerina- Yes my lady.

Mother Salona- Now stop that. If you are going to hold a grudge due to your wounded pride prepare to do so for a long time. You there, Bladesmaster, show us to my ship.

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- Of course Abbess. Right this way.

(Rizio shook his head as the three walked off and Vito looked on helplessly)

Rizio- Well then, now that is finished, I believe we may commence the festivities. Regrettably though several of our Masters could not be here in person, but I have arranged for a holotransmission.

Rizio- Master Dunnagol, can you hear me?

Dunnagol- Reading you loud and clear Master Rizio.

Rizio- Excellent. I see Correllia has treated you well.

Dunnagol- It has indeed. The prince proved to be a hard negotiator but once we threatened to bomb him out, the choice became very clear. Now, my apprentice, let's see... Luca L'quilac. Descended from Regent Bartolo I of Onderon, no less!

Luca- Yes, and only 35 generations removed from him to myself.

Dunnagol- A blue-blood pedigree indeed. Headmaster Vede, would you do the honors?

Vede- Certify do you, Master Dunnagol that this apprentice you do take, and certify do you confirm his training complete?

Dunnagol- I do master.

(Luca knelt as Vede activated his lightsaber, cutting the padawan's braid with a flick of his wrist)

Vede- Then padawan you are no longer, a Jedi apprentice you are.

Dunnagol- Congratulations apprentice. I trust you can find your way to Correllia?

Luca- Yes master! I'll find the fastest starship in the galaxy to get me there!

(Beaming, Luca ran off towards the hanger bays as Rizio shook his head smiling)

Rizio- Ah, the joys of youth... Moving on, Master Garzon had an urgent Council matter to attend to, so I will be representing him. Kollin Follee, come here please.

Vede- Certify do you, Master Rizio, in place of Master Garzon, that this apprentice you do take, and certify do you confirm his training complete?

Rizio- Master Garzon has authorized me to say yes.

(Kollin knelt and Vede activated his lightsaber, severing the padawan's braid with a flick of his wrist)

Vede- Then padawan you are no longer, a Jedi apprentice you are.

Rizio- Congratulations Kollin. If you could just stand over there, I'll be taking you with me to Coruscant. Now, much as I would like to, the Council had forbidden family members to train their sons, adopted or otherwise. So, Master Crede, you must be Vito's master.

Crede- No Master Rizo, I merely came to certify that all was within the realms of the Council's teaching.

Rizio- That's strange... Padawans are not promoted to apprentice unless a master chooses them...

Vito- Wait then, does that mean I am still a padawan? Has some mistake been made?

Master Zhuan- That remains to be seen.

(The assembled Jedi turned about looking towards the atrium roof, where a man sat in meditation position, his features hidden beneath a large circular hat)

Rizio- Is that... Master Zhuan?

Zhuan- Yes, it is I. It remains to be seen, padawan if you are worthy of my instruction, or if indeed this was a mistake.

(Without lightning reflexes, Zhuan leaped into the air, activating his lightsaber and landing on one knee in front of Vito)

Zhuan- But we shall soon see. Defeat me in battle and I will train you. Fail, and you will die.

Author's Notes

At last, here it is, the second chapter of Age of Darkness.

I apologize for the delay in updating but other matters occupied my attention. At any rate I would like to advertise the official fan group for the series: Link to Official Fan Group .

By joining the group you not only get official updates to the series, but you can also choose to participate in the events of the series by creating your own character and creating scenes related to the latest episode. Exceptionally well done builds may even win your character a cameo in the series!

As always let me know what you think in the comments and join the group for official updates.

Thanks for viewing!


 I made it 
  January 27, 2014
Quoting Ian ..... Great build and story! Those jedi are sexist though. Really awesome job.
Indeed, we shall see more of how the Jedi operate in this age... and what year the series is in exactly.
 I like it 
  January 25, 2014
I know this is a few days old, but anyways, great job onthe first episode (besides the prologue :P ) Really like the characters right now. Can't wait for their adventures to begin :)
  January 21, 2014
the way his legs are crossed lol
 I like it 
  January 20, 2014
Awesome, can't wait to see what comes next!
 I like it 
  January 20, 2014
How do you come up with these stories? Good work as always!
 I like it 
  January 20, 2014
Great dialogue, you're definitely improving (not that the old dialogue was b a d).
 I like it 
  January 20, 2014
Great build and story! Those jedi are sexist though. Really awesome job.
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