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2014 SGB Challenge: Cordah, The Boss
My entry for The 2014 Self-MOC GB Challenge, a contest were the only requirement is to flip the gender of your self MOC. Sounds fun, doesn't it? :D Well, I did a LOT more than just flipping his gender. ;)
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"If anything were to go wrong; if the Plan were to be interrupted, The Kaihanga-Nui would send one of their own to repair the situation. Or an assassin to terminate the violator."-Cordah, reciting her mission objective.

Theme Song:
Snake Eater

Name: Cordah
Gender: Female
Age: Claims to be "As old as the Universe you reside in."
Species: Presumed to be Toa
Race: Presumed to be Matoran
Element: Protosteel, liquid protodermis and various other metals as sub-elements.
Natural Powers: Can create protosteel or control existing excrements of it, can create energized protodermis by touching regular protodermis with his sword, Can control other metals, but cannot create them. possesses immunity to all mutigens and transformation substances (Visorak venom, Roodaka's spinners, Energized Protodermis, etc.)
Kanohi: Kitenga, mask of perception; Her version possesses another function that Cordaz's lacks. If the user is wielding a projectile weapon of any sort, they will NEVER run out of ammunition.
Toa Type: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Alias(s): The Boss, The Assassin, The Mechanic, The Savior
Weapons: PAT-r107 Sub Machine Gun
Personality: Calculating and cold. Unlike her Prime Universe counterpart, she is methodical and realistic. Will never give up until her objective is complete. Attained the alias "the Boss" due to the fact that no one has truly beaten her.
Theme Song: Snake Eater

(below average < 5 < above average)
Skill: 10/10
Speed/Reflex: 9/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Strength: 7/10
Endurance: 8/10
Emotional Strength: 9/10
Overall Vitality: 8.5

Set Details
Pieces: 157
points of articulation: 13
height: 8.5"

You didn't really think I'd do it, did you? Well, I did. As promised, X, this is a 100% canonical version of Cordaz. :D

Rebellion against the Toa Empire
After Tuyet has ensued command of the Toa Empire, Cordah had mysteriously appeared in the Po-Metru wastelands through unknown means (Unlike Cordaz, however, her memory was still intact). The Toa Empire caught wind of this and sent Toa to apprehend her. Despite being well outnumbered, she took them all out, and managed to forcefully extort information from one of her new captives. After promptly killing all of her attackers, she somehow made contact with the rebellion and was one of the few who participated in the first assault against the Colosseum. She, Pohatu and Teridax had hung back, crushing the first wave of guards. After Takua was killed and Teridax was forced to retreat, she remained at her position, cleaning out the reinforcements. She and Takanuva confronted Tuyet. Tuyet attempted to use Brutaka's Olmak to escape, but was waylaid by Cordah while Takanuva snatched her Olmak and leaped into the vortex. Just before it closed, Cordah managed to jump through just before it closed, hoping to return to her point of origin. However, she didn't anticipate what would happen if she wasn't in possession of an Olmak and was shot 100,000 off target. She currently resides in the Prime Universe, searching for a way to return home.
Clearing the Fourth Hurdle

Shortly after I had finished building Cordaz V2.0, I had been invited to participate in the contest. I almost quit due to personal reasons, but to your joy or dismay, I still decided to enter. ^_^ Putting the gender change aside, I made a lot of other changes that further differentiate her from her source material. Cordaz is a warrior who is prepared to fight his way through any given situation whereas Cordah relies on her intellect and skill when facing the odds. As stated above, Cordah is a canon character in my story.

Overall, I feel satisfied with her design. She deviates significantly from the original. Cordaz's focus was on silver and armor. I flopped that around by adding more black on Cordah to make her appear less armored and more agile.

Body and chest. I tried creating a definite female shape and feel, such as thinning down the waist and...well...the obvious things. -_- Aren't you glad I didn't use an oversized, pompous "Nuva-Chest" design? I guess these pieces are used more often now, but I tried to keep the figure a little less bulky.

Side view. Realistic proportions? For the most part, yes!

Back, Not as pretty as it could be, but I think it turned out well. :/

Legs. The upper arms and upper legs both use a variation of the techniques used on Cordaz, but the lower parts aren't custom. This was done on purpose to make her appear less armored.

Want to know what my favorite part about this MOC is? :3

Cordaz: "Has anyone seen Agaru anywhere? I need him to-HUH?!"

That's right, Cordaz, she's a completely original MOC! :D I didn't have to modify Cordaz in anyway to make her! Honestly, I have enough silver Avohkiis to make an entire army of Cordazs'. -_- As if one's not bad enough...

Using her favorite weapon, the PAT-r107 SMG, her signature weapon. Because of her mask power, she never has to reload and will never run out of ammo. She can also use her protosteel powers to control the bullets themselves, ensuring that they never miss their mark.

However, it fires assault rifle rounds, creating tremendous recoil and rendering it useless in a rookie soldier's hands.

As a testament to her skill, she can wield it accurately with one hand.

You can probably tell it's largely inspired by the Patriot from the Metal Gear Solid series.

[Target Destroyed]

Through the eyes of a deceased target. :/

Performing a Lianyu 360 Kick. She lacks the strength that Cordaz has and mainly relies on technique instead of brute force.

Like Cordaz, she is adept at CQC, perhaps even more so than he is.

Epic Duo shot! :D

For a quick comparison, here she is side-by-side with the original Cordaz. She's noticibly taller and a lot skinnier.

Another comparison next to my other fe-MOCs. Well, Samus is really just there because I haven't really shown her off very much. xD

Well, that's all I have to say, unfortunately. :/ My only gripe, however, isn't really something that can be fixed. The Avohkii looks absolutely ridiculous on any fe-MOC of any sort with its giant "mane" and overall large appearance of the mask. Ah well, I think the rest of her turned out well. I wish good luck to all the other participants in the contest and I thank the judges for their invitation. :D Though there are going to be problems if this is done annually...Whatever.

So who are the Kaihanga-Nui, you ask? Well, type it into a Maori translator and see what you get. ;) This is actually meant to shed a little more light on Cordaz's back story.


 I made it 
  July 15, 2015
Quoting Joseph Barnes Have you considered the New Bionicle from Lego? It's been a few years since the product came around.
Are you sure you're not referring to Hero Factory? Bionicle only resurfaced earlier this year. I have purchased a few of the new Bionicle sets just to see if I could make any use out of the parts, but overall I'm not incredibly satisfied with it. Compared to Bionicle, the Hero Factory bits and pieces don't really leave much for creativity, Imo (though it may be because I'm just not used to the style yet).
 I like it 
  July 15, 2015
Have you considered the New Bionicle from Lego? It's been a few years since the product came around.
 I made it 
  February 4, 2014
Thanks for the invitation, Stormjay, X, Sarge, and Indy. :) And good luck to my fellow competitors!
 I like it 
  February 4, 2014
Whoops, my bad, Sushi! I made a mistake with my score. I meant to click the 4 key, but accidentally hit 3. :P So, take that 4 and have fun.
Toa of Sushi
 I like it 
Stormjay Rider
  February 2, 2014
Nice MOC, overall. I really don't mind the changes in color, since it still looks like the original. To address the obvious: The breast design doesn't look too good. I appreciate the idea behind it, but as for the realism failure, it falls short. I'd suggest using the piece on her lower back to make a new set -- it looks correct while not overly large. 4.25/5 (the .25 is for the story.)
Toa of Sushi
 I like it 
Indy *
  February 2, 2014
I like it. It's a pretty good build, although the neck seems pretty long. Her torso could stand to be improved, but it seems to work out. The shape of her legs is quite strange as well. Score 3/5
Toa of Sushi
 I like it 
X ~
  February 2, 2014
As promised you will get your points. But for the moc it looks decent and I do like it! I actually like the torso because you were brave enough to try it out. Take my 4.75. :)
 I made it 
  February 2, 2014
Quoting Indy * I like it. It's a pretty good build, although the neck seems pretty long. Her torso could stand to be improved, but it seems to work out. The shape of her legs is quite strange as well. Score 3/5
Well, you have to take into account how ridiculously huge the Avohkii is. :P If the neck was even ONE stud shorter, she wouldn't even have a neck to begin with. I tried countering this with Cordaz's shoulder design, but I guess that didn't really work. Are you talking about the upper legs looking strange? That was done on purpose. I made the legs a little thicker up top to mimic the female body. Same kind of story with the torso. There's supposed to be an hourglass shape there, but it would seem that too failed. >_< I was trying to more feminine qualities other than making noticeable breasts. -_-
 I like it 
  February 1, 2014
This is an excellent build! Nice job all around. Score: 3/5
By Toa of Sushi
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