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Hazeroth the Vanquisher Version 5
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A great change fro my previous version!
About this creation

Hazeroth the Vanquisher!

"I want them now! I need someone who can guard my treasures and me, too. I need a monster that has a brain! I need something that can stop anyone, and that won’t change sides like last time! I want to have a loyal subject that's far more loyal than you!” yelled someone to his servant, while he threw a chair at him.

"Y- y- yessss sssssir. If that isss what you pleassse," said another person who stressed his i's¯ too much, "Where ssssshall I fetch it? Ssssshould it already be sssstrong and big, or ssssshould I mutate it?”
I don't care! Just bring it to me. And I want it five hours ago! Go! Leave my sight until you bring me it!”

It was a beautiful evening. The sky was red-ish gold and the Matoran were having fun, playing in the fading sun.
As the sun set, the Matoran and Agori went to their huts for the night. As Hazeroth went to his tent, he looked at his wrist blades and thought of how lucky his team and he were able to defeat Truskar before he awoke. As he thought, there was a knock at his entrance. It was a Ta- Matoran.

"Hello there. How are you? Can I assist you with anything?" he asked.
"W-w-well, I saw a crater, in the forest. I don't remember seeing it there yesterday."
"Hmm. Why were you in the forest, might I ask?"

"Well, my friends and I like to adventure and we found a nice place to hang out at. I know that it is dangerous, but I like to feel danger and excitement. Sorry,” the Matoran said a bit embarrassed.
"I understand. Could you show me?”
"Now? Or do you want me to show you tomorrow?”

"Ha ha ha. I would rather do it now since it might disappear tonight.” The Matoran looked at his face to see if he was kidding, but he was not.
"O- okay. Just follow me.” The Matoran said as he walked out of the door.
As they walked out of Hazeroth’s hut and into the outside, Hazeroth felt a deep chill go down his back. Not a chill of cold, but more of a chill of regret. He ignored it thinking it was just how he felt to go outside.

When they got there they saw a crater with scorch marks on the top of the hole. Next to that, there were footprints. But the markings were not foot- like. Instead, it looked like claws combined with a smooth tentacle. Strange, thought Hazeroth, I wonder what kind of being made this. As he thought, he didn’t notice the Ta- matoran leave quietly.

When he left his trance of thought, he looked around, "Hey! Where did you go?” Hazeroth asked. Strange. I wonder why he left.
CRACK! A twig snapped. "Who's there? Answer me!"
There was snickering; Then nothing. What could make that kind of noise? He decided to look around to see who snapped the twig.

As he rounded a tree, he saw two little creatures. But they looked different than any rahi. They had large heads and small bodies. Their feet were big yet their hands were small.
"What are you?"

"Is this who we are looking for?" asked one of the creatures to the other.
"Yes of course this is the one! Do you think a Matoran would lie to us?"
"Well, you never know about those creatures. They have balanced proportions!"

"Are ya stupid? We are the weird ones! We have oddly proportioned bodies! Anyway, why are we talking about this. We need to take him to our master. Hey! Where did he go?"
When Hazeroth heard them talk about the Matoran, he knew he should escape. He ran hard and fast deep into the forest. Trying to reach the village before they catch him, he tripped. As he was getting up, the two beasts jumped on him in a flash. In a struggle the beasts were able to pin him to the ground. They were surprisingly fast and agile for their size.

“Help,” he croaked as the two beings dragged him to an unknown place.
As morning dawned on the village of Hazer, the Matoran started to do their morning chores. As they worked, they noticed that Hazeroth’s door to his hut was open. Normally he was up and about in the early time, when everyone was awake. But his door would always be closed.

No one dared to go into his hut to see if he was actually there, for they respected him. But, some doubted that he was there, and others wanted to know for sure. So one little Matoran did. He peeked into the front of the hut, and saw everything was left in place. Except that his stone- like sword was gone. He must have gone on an adventure or something.

Maybe he wanted to leave so no one would notice him until way after. But why was his door open, and why didn’t he say good bye? These were the thought that troubled the Matoran.
“Well, I think we should talk to the other Toa to see if he went for a purpose or not. What do you think?” asked one of the elders.

“I think that’s a good plan to me, of course, that’s what I think! Don’t know if you think that but I do. Well, if you know what I mean... Like I think-” said a very redundant Matoran.
“That is quite enough. We understand what you think. Thank you. So, it’s settled then. We ask the other Toa.”

As the other Toa got the message, they thought of it as a strange thing. Why would their leader run away without telling them or asking them to join? It was a confusing thought, so they decided to join each other at Hazer.
“I don’t know why, but this whole thing just has a funny sound to it. I mean, why would he do that? Especially in the middle of the night? I am so confused,” said Ahira worriedly.

“Well, whatever the reason is, I’m sure he’ll be fine. Who knows, maybe he’s fishing in a lake enjoying the sun and cool breeze?” said Othniel, in a voice that sounded like he doesn’t care.
But Othniel was wrong. In fact, Hazeroth was not enjoying the cool breeze and going fishing, but he was in a dark cave. Alone... In confusion... Wondering what happened...

“Do you think he’s alive?”
“He better be! If you killed him by dragging him here, you will be toast!”
“You really think so? You think I’ll be buttered too?” it said in a serious tone.
“Quit fooling around and tell our master that he’s waking up for crying out loud!”

“Why are you crying out loud? How do you infact? Do you like make noisy tears? Or-”
“Just go and tell our master if you want to keep you limbs.”
“But I’m not a tree! I have arms and legs!”
“If you want to keep them, than you better go!”

“But why must I have to tell him? I told him last time!”
“Oh... Fine I’ll go, but don’t let him escape! Got that? Good!”
“But I never answered the question!”
“It was rhetorical!” it said while walking away.
“What does wet- oral mean? Does it mean to put water on a mutated substance?”

He was never answered for the other one was gone to inform their ¡®master’ about Hazeroth’s awakening.
“He is awakening Master,” reported one of the two creatures.
“Very good Transgore, I will go to see him. Will you lead me to him?” asked the master.
“Of course, master.”
As Transgore led the ¡®master’ to Hazeroth, the other beast was still chatting nonstop.

“I can’t believe ya! You just walk away! Ya don’t even tell me where you go! Except to dilly- dally!” said the chatting beast.
“Dragok! What have I said about idle chit- chat? Oh! Right, I said to not!” commanded the ¡®master.’
“Sorry sir. I didn’t mean to, I was just, you know, entertaining myself. I was having fun. Like by talking to myself. Like, by talking to myself is entertaining! You know like-”

“I said to stop! Do I need to enforce that upon you?”
“N-n-no. I was just. Oh just stop myself,” said Dragok.
“Now, can you please show me where my captive is... Without idle chit- chat?”
“Of course master. Right this way. Heh, heh,” said Dragok in a ¡®polite’ tone.
As they walked through the dungeon’s maze, they finally reached their destination.

“This is my guardian? He looks like a hunk of junk attached together with dregs of protodermis!” (This was supposed to be an insult to his ¡®guardian.’)
“Well, we asked a Matoran, and you know they never lie, to lead us to the most power being in the area.”

“Are you crazy?! If a Matoran was dumb enough to betray his friends and lead you to his leader, don’t you suppose that he could lie? Have you thought of that? Well, this will have to do, I guess. We just need to use the Mask of Mutation that we have found. Don’t you think this is a good idea?” said the leader.
“H-how did you find that mask? I thought it was destroyed?” asked Hazeroth weakly.

“Oh, I have my ways,” said the ¡®master’ with a smile, “Now, please bring it here. I have wanted to wear it, but I never had a reason. Oh how lucky I am! I guess I must thank you for giving me a choice.”
“Here it is my Master,” said Transgore, handing it to his ¡®master.’
“Why thank you. Now for the real question, have you ever changed form with energized protodermis? Because if you have, I would like you to speak up,” he said with a smile.

“I won’t tell you anything,” grunted Hazeroth.
“Well, that’s a pity. I guess we shall see what happens then. Oh this is truly exciting!” he said with fake enthusiasm, “Well, let’s see how it goes!” As he put on the mask, you could tell, he changed, a little. Not physically, but in more of a mental way, like he gained a heavy burden.

As the mutation began, Hazeroth noticed he felt light then heavy, like he was becoming a tiny person then big again. On the other hand the ¡®Master’ wasn’t feeling too well either. He couldn’t understand how to transform something. Then the memories flooded back into his mind taking control of him, he learned how to create hideous beasts. He just had to imagine it and the person would become it. I want something that is big and be able to survive powerful attacks, he thought, something monstrous, something ugly but strong, something that no one wants to face. “I’ve got it!” said the ¡®Master,’

As the ¡®Master’ thought of the monster, it was created in front of him. It was spectacular in a horrific way. He thought of a monster with spiky teeth. He grew in height, and bulk. He had some of the same attributes of his original form like the color scheme, but it would be hard to recognize him, perfect. Just one more thing and he will be fine! thought the ¡®master.’
“Bring me the experimental antidermis Dragok! Now!”
As he brought the liquid to his master, a smell surrounded the room making everyone nauseous, except for the ¡®master.’
“Perfect! Now put him in it,” commanded the ¡®master’ dryly.
As the two monsters put Hazeroth in, something happened. He became stiff. Like he was a drone waiting for a command almost slave- like.
“Perfect! Just like I planned! Hazeroth!” He looked straight up at the ¡®Master’ and stared, “Please guard me for the rest of your life.”
“If that is what you wish master,” Hazeroth said in a gruff voice.
“First of all, you might want to know more about me! My name, first of all, is Kalmarahk. You can just call me ¡®lord’ out of respect for giving you life in this world. I was a master at trickery and I was quite mischievous when I was a Toa. Yes. I was a Toa once. I was mutated with a tampered type of protodermis, and am now what I am. Though, you don’t really need to know that.”
“If that is what you wish, then that is what I will do, lord,” Hazeroth said in a monotone voice.
“One more thing! Your name is now Gozk. So that is what I shall call you.”

As the Toa Vaka, minus Hazeroth (or should I say Gozk), went to search for their missing pal.

“I have no clue where he could be! Do you think he could be in the forest?” asked Dizahab.
“Why, would he go into the forest? We have only gone there once to defeat Truskar. There is no point!” added Ahria.
“Maybe he was forced to go there. Maybe he wasn’t planning to go there. Maybe he was trying to help someone,”thought Kenaz.
“I think you may be on to something,” said Aheizer.
“Maybe something either took him or told him to go somewhere,” thought Dizahab.
“Let’s say that a matoran was forced to make Hazeroth go to them. And since Hazeroth would always try to help someone in need, maybe the Matoran, or whatever, said that his friend was trapped,” brainstormed Ahira.
“Well, whatever happened, we can say it wasn’t on running away. I think we should check out the last place he was seen,” stated Othniel.
“Well then, I think I have found a culprit. Maybe he knows. Hmm?” asked a Matoran that just walked in with a Ta- matoran.
“So you are saying that, someone tricked you into bringing our leader to him so that he could use him for an unknown reason?” interrogated Ahiezer after the Ta- matoran told them the story.
“Well, yes, but I mean no. Argh! I mean someone asked me to bring the most powerful person that I know there, or he’ll take me away!” cried the Matoran.
“So you didn’t just tell Hazeroth what was going on, but instead you just listened to the creature?” asked Ahira.
“I guess, if you put it that way,” he said looking down.
“Maybe you should show us where you last saw him,” thought Kenaz.
“This is where I last saw him. After I took him here, I ran as fast as I could,” he said after he took them there.
“Why did you leave him?” asked Kenaz suspiciously.
“I-I was afraid of being taken captive by them. I didn’t want to be in a dangerous situation,” he said in a small voice.
“Wait, you left Hazeroth because you thought it you were in a dangerous situation? Yet you leave someone to fend for himself? I don’t know about you, but I think that that was a un- smart decision,” stated Dizahab in a disapproving tone.
“I sorry but I wasn’t thinking properl-” responded the Matoran, before he fell.
“What’s wrong with him?” asked Ahiezer looking at the Ta- Matoran as he lay on the ground twitching.
“Arghh!” he said as he took one final breath.
“Why did he fall? What happened?” questioned Othniel.
“Let me examine him,” responded Kenaz as he scanned him with his mask powers, “Hmmm, it seems that he has some sort of liquid inside his mask, like it was infected, but... It just doesn’t add up. Why he would die like that at such a crucial moment, unless someone or something doesn’t want anyone to find out,” thought Kenaz.

It has been 2 weeks since Hazeroth has disappeared, and Kalmarahk has liked him so far. He has been very useful. He does everything that he wants, and has not done anything that was unwanted.
“Gozk, can you please feed my steed? I think it would like an arm, maybe a leg,” Kalmarahk said in a casual voice. (When he says a “arm or leg” he means a rahi’s body part).
“If that is what you wish Master,” Gozk said in a raspy voice. As Gozk fed the ¡®steed’ Kalmarahk was amused with the screams of the rahi, as it was being ripped limb by limb.
“Transgore! Dragok! Come here!” yelled Kalmarahk as he wanted some entertainment.
“Yessss masssster?” asked Transgore and Dragok in unison.
“I want you to bring Gozk’s Toa team, let’s have them have some shock,” he commanded.
“If that is what you wish, it will be done,” said Transgore.

“What I don’t understand, is why does anyone want Hazeroth. I mean he is powerful, but it’s not like he would guard them or something. He would probably want to go back to his home,” thought Ahira puzzled.
“Maybe someone did want him as a guarding,” Othniel responded.
“Why would they want him though?”
“I don’t know. Maybe someone thought that they coul-” Othniel was interrupted, when he saw two pairs of eyes on him.
“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” asked Dizahab.
“R-r-right behind you,” he stuttered.
As they looked back they also saw two pairs of eyes. “Who are you?” asked Dizahab.
“We are here to bring you to our masssster,” responded Transgore and Dragok in unison.”
“Well, why does he want us?” asked Aheizer.
“Becaussssse Masssster told ussss to,” they said once again in unison.
“I won’t go without a fight!” yelled Dizahab thinking that yelling would scare them.
“Well, then you mussst want to find you friend.”
“Never! Wait, what? You know where Hazeroth is?”
“Hazeroth isss gone, but Gozk isssn’t!”
“Who is Gozk?”
“Ha ha ha ha! Gozk isss your friend’ssss new name! He willingly changed it!” they said, rasping when laughing.
“I guess we could follow him. It appears that they know where Hazeroth its. But then again, I don’t trust them,” said Ahiezer.
“Well, if you won’t come, then we sssshall force you.”
As they said that, they jumped on top of Othniel, and tackled him to the ground.
“ Ow! Hey! That’s not fair!” he yelled.
“Your pain will be conssssidered minimal, if you keep resssisssting.” they said.
“Well, I won’t like that. Let’s take them down!” said Ahiezer as he took out his hammer.
“If you would like to, then let’sssss play fair,” they said in unison, again. Dragok pulled out the mask of Growth, and Transgore took out the mask of fusion.
“Man! Why do all the bad guys find all of the rare masks?” asked Othniel.
Dragok put on the mask of Growth and grew to sixty feet, then Transgore fused with the giant Dragok and created Transgok! As they stomped around, shaking the ground, they swiped at Toa Vaka.
“You will obey, or die of consssequencessss!”
As they fought, Kenaz stood in the background trying to see what fighting style they had. They are an aggressive type, he thought. Now that he knew how he fought, he attacked.
“Am I too fast for ya?” he asked, mockingly.
“You will ssssee what it lookssss like to be crussshed by a foot! Ha!” he said, but Kenaz knew what was coming, and jumped out of the way. Using his enlarged Blizzard blade, he slashed at his leg, making it bleed a viscous liquid of malachite- like color.
Ragging in pain, he fell onto trees and and soon into a river. Transgok’s mask fell off and he grew back into his regular height, and uncombined. “How dare you? I am invincible!” squealed Dragok and Transgore in unison.
“I say you should take us to our friend,” said Ahira pointing her hydro blades at their faces.
“We sssshall not be defeated so eassssily!”
“Well, then I suppose you don’t have anythong better to do bu-” interupted by a light descnending onto the two bodies, Dizahab stood rigid.
“Yessss! He hassss come! Your friend hassss chosssen to find you insssted of you finding him!” they said in an exultant voice.
“I have come to finish off what Dragok and Transgore have failed to do! Feel my power and tremble!” Gozk said in a rough voice.
He pounced on them, and used his hammer to whack Ahiezer into the air, and land on a hard tree. Next he spun around and kicked Kenaz- who was trying to back away and examine the fight- and kicked him hard in the stomach! That launched him into the tree beside Ahiezar. Then he jumped up and crashed down so hard, that the remaining Toa Vaka members fell to the ground!
“Well that stunk,” said Dizahab stated.
“Is that you Hazeroth?” asked Othniel, staring up at the bulking figure.
“I am no longer called that. My name is Gozk!” yelled Gozk.
“How did you become this way? How were you mutated?” questioned Othniel.
“I am more powerful than before. I am glad, my Master used his power on me. It was not a ¡®mutation’ it is more of a mercy alteration!” growled Gozk.
“What’s wrong with you? Are you alright?” asked Dizahab curiously.
“Nothing is wrong with me! I am more powerful! What’s wrong is that you are weak! Now, because you were my team once, I will let you escape , but if I see you again, do not think you will get away. I am being kind, because of the soul inside of me wants to let you go. But, don’t expect this to be the last. time. Got it? Now go!” Gozk yelled.
The Toa Vaka looked at each other and silently decided to go back home. This was their chance to help free Hazeroth from his curse. They failed...
They thought they could change me... They have failed,” Gozk thought to himself as he walked back to his master’s kingdom...
End of Part 1.

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Creator's Comments:
Phew! Well, this is a very long story! It was about 28 pages. So this is Hazeroth's new revamp. In my opinion, all heroes should have a dark side. Either physical, or in mental form. It makes the character have a more interesting story. So he will definitely get a bit smaller. He is about 11 inches tall. That takes a lot of pieces. I got a Bricklink haul, so that is where I got all those pieces are from.
I used a photo editor called SumoPaint I like what it can do!
Also, I have a Animoto clip
This was the last Creative Writing assignment for the year, since I have a new semester, so I won't make stories as long as this anymore. Hopefully. :P
I hope you enjoyed this moc, and story! Please give me some constructive criticism! Have a great day! See ya!


 I like it 
  March 3, 2014
That looks so beastly.
  February 15, 2014
Nice story! Can't wait for part two!
 I like it 
  February 12, 2014
I like the hammer and the vinelike head and torso accessories. It's also a fairly compact build, limbwise, which means you've paid fairly good attention to gap closure. Not bad, H. Cheers~ =)
  February 4, 2014
While I'm normally one to advocate a good storyline, 28 pages is a bit much for a MOCpages entry.
Papa Haz
 I like it 
Stormjay Rider
  February 2, 2014
Quite a different version than last time... and also the most impressive. It might be difficult to top this one.
 I like it 
  February 2, 2014
Very nice. bulky and beastlike... :D
 I like it 
  February 2, 2014
Talk about extreme makeover. o.O I like it. It's a huge departure from the original, but it certainly has that "dark side" look you were talking about.
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