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Atritian Colonizing Chaser - "Arcon" 3.1. Class
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Maybe you wonder why I did not add any Polaris civillian ships. In fact, every ship of Alliance have some purpose, but they are always heavily armed to be able to look after themselves. Arcon 3.1. is easily producable chaser, that is meant to be multi purpose support ship. It serves in all roles that are civilian ships meant to do. Mining, ship and tool building, building bases, carrying goods, troop evacuation and more else. I tried to create ships that are more or less self-suficient, but I realized that some functions are still unoccupied. I realized that I need to protect Polaris civillians ,so I created ship where they can work without even coming out opf their safe cockpit to prevent endangering themselves. It has around 30 modules attached to its skeleton, that can mine, melt ore, make tools, buildings, bases, food, tunnels and all things needed to colonize new planet. It usually cooperates with Nox 3.1. to produce ships from ore that is mined by Arcon. First Arcon fleet was dispersed in all Polaris planets to mine much resources to utilize all what can be found there. Second fleet has different purpose - it is commanded by Nox, and it was ordered to colonize Blacktros moon - Niorn to establish a secret spy base there, to spy on the very masters of espionage - Blacktron themselves. Nox named his personal Arcon as "The Pilgrim" ,as was name of ship that was used to kidnap him from Asthea. His brother Siaron did it to prevent him from becoming a warlock and get insane. Nox intended to become warlock in Asthea, so Siaron needed to get him out of their homeland. Siaron has failed, but before his death he managed to save Nox from insanity and told him to run away from undead land as far as possible. Nox returned to Atritis and even there he felt craving for dark arts. This was what persuaded him to become space soldier that works so far from his homeworld, that no necromancer and their tempting for dark arts can reach him. On Niorn, he established his Atritian colony and finally he found his peace of mind.
About this creation
Chasers are semi-class of ships that I started to work on at very begining of my LDD career. I found that it would be foolish to to sit so not-prolific people as Atritians in dilapidated small craft and let them die as pilots of such craft do in vast numbers. Chaser is hybrid between crusier and dart. It has all the mobility and speed of dart (polaris superiority fighters) and firepower and sturdiness of cruiser. Polaris Alliance stil produces darts as non-piloted drones to fight and cruisers to be origin of most close-distance firepower.

Morph note - color scheme : I had some negative feedback on my coloring in last contest i have attended, but I am grateful for it. I tried to make more contrast there, so I divided whole ship in three areas from aspect of both functionality and estehtics. Main ship is made from most shining colours, civillian modules from darker with cobalt blue and dark silver, and military modules and engines were made from most dark – earth blue and dark gold particles.

Morph note – proportions : You see that for superiority fighter this shape is very bulky and non-elegant. Its purpose is in its civilian roles. It carries 30 modules that can build ships as well as bases. I have taken photos obout each modules. Later you would see that chaser itself is very slender and elegant when it is not carying modules.

Ship is over-armed, as it is usual in Atritian ships.

Idea note – multiple fueling ideas : Every Atritian ship that is meant for inflitration and espionage purposes is adapted for that quest. However, in time enemies have managed to identify Atritian ship from distance just from measuring its energy signature, because all their ships were using lots of specified energy. Also they can detect magic and other signature Atritian techs. Because of that, Atritians had to adapt. They started to use energy sources of their less sophisticated enemis, as nulcear power, solar panels or even fossil fuels. Since that, most of modules can utilize and more importatnly, mine these resoruces to keep ship undetected.

Idea note – weapon distribution : Most of ventral area of chaser is covered by fully rotateable engine towers to be able to fight in athmospehric battles as superiority fighter. However, it also contains cannons to be able shoot infantry or even ships flying below it. As dosral parts are not so crucial for maneuvering , they contain much more modules and weapons. But to further enhance maneuverability, special feather-like modules were added on posterior edge of main wings.

Idea note – six wing design : It was derived from ships namesake, dragon Arcon the Black. In Athritis, dragons are the most powerful creatures, immortal and very inteligent, and they have always had big impact on Atritian history. Atritian dragons have not very massive body, bud lizard-like shaped trunk, long tail and multiple wings and extremities. Since that, their natural enviroment is air, not earth. Dragons are enormous in size, and they usually sleep on spiral-like stairway lair around main tower in their castle. Arcon chaser, as its namesake, has six wings to be able to menuever properly.

Dorsal aspect

Ventral aspect

Nox in his chair. Beside and above him you can see main computer cores arranged in big „brains“ of the ship.

Posterior aspect

Anterolateral aspect

Here come some pictures of structural issues. As Arcon is originally dart (the smallest class of ship), depsite its size it has very little space inside, so everything here is so compressed in this little room. You can see that as every which ship beside I.generations there are many compressing vertical beams that hold whole weight of ship together. As I make as much as possible beams, main room of every ship looks like collumned hall. As it reduces interal room even further, I put all computer consoles and levers in them to enable astronauts check ships functions just by walking around this collumns.

Internal room of ship is divided into four parts. The most anterior area is , logically, pilots cabines. Usually, two more pilots are always conscious and ready to fully control whole chaser in case that something happened to main pilot that lies in the main cockpit on floor above. Second part is the trespassing area that leads to more posterior and lateral sections. It has two pits ceevred by trans green domes that serve as teleporation area and two lateral doors from trans blue domes shat serve as airlocks and entrances.

Closer look at lateral area. Its main purpose is to serve as resting room and hygienic facility to pilots. You can see real bed with pillow and cover blanket, toilet and bathtub. Pilots need to be 100% rested when piloting, because they are transporting around 30 modules and 22 astronauts on each chaser. Astronauts stay in stasis rooms that you can see as cylindrical tubes and in posterior fighter modules. Their stasis enables to cary less suplies in dart and also reduces their boredom in long intergalactic flight.

Posterior room serves as armory and tool detachement. You can see swords, blasters, shields, armors, helmets and other tools steored between collumns

Anterior room detail

Ventral wall detail. You can see that floor of lateral part of room is actually oblique, decreasing in lateral direction. This fact complicated designing of the room contains, so I put least high elemnts like beds in very edge, medium height things like bathtub and armory in the center and high vertical stasis tubes on the most medial part.

Engine detail. In fact, I covered much of ventral plating with roateable engines. Then I realized that ship has literally no landing gear. I ussually didn make landing gear in previsos ships as they had plent of plain surface on bottom or they were fully deep space ships that do not need them. So, in Arcon I added V-shaped plate on each engine tower to create landing gear.

As usual, I divided ships engines to two groups. Those orinetd to posteromus parts are – logically – meant for lienar movement, and all others can either wortk as hovercrafts engines or as roatating engines for maneuvering both in space and atmosphere.

Next series of pics are depictions of moudules itself. I removed all bricks from chaser itself, so you can see modules more cleary. Thing that enabled me to do so is that I colored darts body differetly that in case of modules and engines. But I did not managed to do it perfectly, so sometimes I deleted something from modules. More importantly, I needed to delete all trans green parts, that were cotnained also in modules, thats why they look so plain and dead.

Astronaut endurance moduls – their structure is inspired from head of the very first Atritian cruisers – Apries 1.1. This modules purpose is immediate evacuation of astronauts when it is not possible to take of a chaser. Astronauts jump into cokpits and whole module start to fly away. When module manage to escape, it finds some suitable place and starts to burrow itself in planets surface. Then it create network of tunnels for astronauts to live in. In case they want to be even less apparent, cocpits change their function to statis niches and astonauts can wait decades till Atritian Fleet comes to rescue them. In closer look you can se drilling device in center between cockpits.

Autopilot modules. They can fully control whole chaser and both its modules. It is especially important when all the astronauts work in base. Chaser must be always avaliable to recall all modules and astronauts to attach it and fly away when invaders attack.

Espionage modules. Similliary as previous ones, they do not deattach and they use cannons covering shells as rotating antennae. They are full of computers and their main purpose is to monitor surrounding space of any ship that approaches their planet. Chaser always alerts asonauts on plantes surface to hide themsleves and stop their activities to decrease possibility to be found.

Rafinery modules. They look like giant towers and their purpose is to mine and utilize fossil and nuclear energy sources. They are very effective, so whole colony can live from their energy. In case of need, however, astronauts can make other themselves.

Solar energy colection modules. Their multiple wings are designed to maximize their surface to collect energy of current planets „sun“ or central star. Second purpose of their wings is to be an athmospheric fighters that can defend astronaut till main chaser comes and destroy their enemies.

You can see astronauts in solar modules. Cockpits also work as additional stasis tubes to transport more astronauts between galaxies.

Mining modules. They are available in two types. One has big drilling tool protected by two semi archs. They reduce alloys of minerals to dust and melt it to sort ist atoms or molecules to pure forms. They are then stored in the base or put to use in second type of modules. They are very sophisticated version of 3D printers – they form tools and machiines, even computer cores from layers of atoms and molecules. This enables Atritian to form everthing they need from resources that thay can find. Yes, ... magic again.

Details of mining modules. You can see little cylindical reservoirs for elementar matter that forms the tools, as well as drill tools that gain the ore.

Tool forming modules. They use melted ore from previous models to form what Atritians need. Forming of tools is situated in cylindrical elements in middle. Note small „praying towers“ atop of each module to collect stat energy and cosmic radiation in traditional Atritian way.

Last array of modules. Aside from civilian modules, you can cleary see gold-earth blue military modules. They are usually cannons with rotable basement and shooting element on hinged part to enlarge shoot field. Shooting part is protected by two big shell bricks.

Gray-light blue parts resembe feathers in appearance and function. You can see they are attached by the three axle joint to movein every direction. By their postition, they make air move in desirable way to help in athmosperic maneuvering. In addition, they are equipped with engines.

Frontal cannon arrays. They are equipped with blasters, that are deattacheable and since that usable be infantry. Critical phase in evacuation is when enemy approaches chaser first and attack astronauts and soldiers that are teleporting to it to attach on ship to evacuate. Enemy would try to kidnap ship, and there is when anti-infantry blasters shine. Small an moveabe in every direction, they can quickly eliminate enemy soldiers and buy time for evacuation.

Chaser without civillian modules. Now it looks like proper superiority fighter – elegant, sleek and light.

We see Niorn! :D


 I like it 
  August 27, 2014
The sheer size and enormity of the vessel is stunning! I like the modular aspect of the ship and it has a nice, well, nostalgic feel to it. Great job.
 I made it 
  April 9, 2014
Quoting Stephan N Very impressive how much work you have invested in this project? I mean so many details to create lasts but a determined eternity.
Thank you, Stephan, it means much for me that somebody as talented as you have appreciated my creation. Yes, it takes about a month to do such things, but it is a worthy invested time for me. :D
 I like it 
  April 9, 2014
Very impressive how much work you have invested in this project? I mean so many details to create lasts but a determined eternity.
 I like it 
  March 25, 2014
Wow, wow, wow... This is magnificent! Like a massive diamond.
 I like it 
  March 8, 2014
Maybe you could start on some Ice Planet ships soon? I'd like to see your interpretation.
 I like it 
  February 24, 2014
You have thought of everything.
 I like it 
  February 24, 2014
Getting Bigger and Bigger... I am not sure the Vekens can defeat anyone anymore! I hope I can see them...
 I like it 
  February 23, 2014
I'm sure I'm one of your favorite builders, do you recieve e-mails regarding my new creations? If not, you should check out my newest creations, as well as my first SHIP:
 I like it 
  February 19, 2014
Sweet Spaceship! Need to get going... Or?
 I like it 
  February 13, 2014
 I like it 
  February 11, 2014
Astounding design once again! Your creations are retaining their size, but are increasing in complexity - very nice idea with the computer brain. Excellent work!
 I like it 
  February 8, 2014
Awesome... But the reason I am busy is that... I am working on a Face-Book Page right now. Look at it!
 I like it 
  February 5, 2014
Very nice indeed. I'll leave some more comments later, but I'm in a rush now.
By Michal Hennel
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Added February 5, 2014

LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Atritian Colonizing Chaser - "Arcon" 3.1. ClassCruisers

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