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Age of Darkness 03: History
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(Zhuan led Vito down the cavernous hallways of the Enclave. The only sound coming from the echo of their footsteps)

Zhuan- Here, my apprentice, is contained the largest single repository of learning and knowledge in all the realm of the Jedi. If only I had a lifetime to spend within these venerable walls... but our time is short and we have much to do.

(Vito nodded to his cryptic master who walked over to a Rodian in the middle of the library)

Loremaster Mada- C8, fetch the holocron I set out for Master Zhuan and bring me the reliquary for this text. I will finish my analysis later. Master Zhuan it has been a while since you visited my halls has it not?

Zhuan- Longer than I wished Master Mada.

Zhuan- Apprentice, this is the Master of Ancient Texts of the Jedi Order and one of the most learned beings I know, Loremaster Mada.

(Vito bowed to Mada who nodded, not taking her eyes off of the ancient text before her)

Loremaster Mada- You flatter me Zhuan. You see apprentice, following the War, most of the knowledge of the history of the galaxy was lost or destroyed. What few fragments remained were collected and brought here over the years.

C8-T4- Mistress, I have the holocron you requested.

Mada- Thank you C8. It is my duty as Loremaster to preserve and interpret what little knowledge we have. This holocron contains the most complete recored of galactic history we have. It will serve you well.

(Mada bowed to Zhuan before departing from the room with C8-T4)

Zhuan- Apprentice, there is much you do not know about the galaxy, and as I said to understand the present we must know the past. Tell me, what year is it?

Vito- 299 years since the founding of the Order Master or 4,000 years after the battle of Yavin in old time.

(Zhuan nodded as the holocron flashed to life, displaying the images contained within)

Zhuan- Correct. This holocron tells the story of the Fall of the New Republic. You will remember from your studies that the New Republic was formed in the aftermath of the end of the Galactic Empire. With the Jedi as peacekeepers, the Republic enjoyed a golden age of peace and prosperity for nearly 2,000 years, however this was not to last.

Zhuan- During this time, there were few conflicts as most of the galaxy was under Republic hegemony. At the fringes of the galaxy massive space defense stations were constructed to protect against any extra-galactic invasions, and the galaxy entered a period known as the Peace of the Republic.

Zhuan- This abruptly ended, however, with the appearance of advanced civilizations on the frontiers of the galaxy. These invaders shattered the peace that had held over the Republic.

Zhuan- The space fortresses which had kept the galaxy safe for millennia were destroyed in a matter of years. The invaders came in waves, one civilization would follow another. This would come to be known as the Great Galactic Invasion.

Zhuan- The Republic forces fought valiantly against the invaders, and won many battles. However, they could not stop the flood of invaders and were eventually overwhelmed. The Outer Rim was completely lost in a matter of centuries and by the year 2,500 the Inner Rim was under siege.

Zhuan- Meanwhile, the Republic was in chaos. Although it had enjoyed peace for centuries, the prosperity was not evenly distributed. A massive poor class was placated only with massive entertainment and food programs coupled with increasingly harsh repression. When the Outer Rim fell, one palace coup followed another in what would come to be called the century of one hundred chancellors.

Zhuan- As the Republic reeled from the Invasion another threat loomed on the horizon. The invaders had come with their women and children and captives spoke of a "great darkness" which had displaced them from their homes. This darkness was a resurgent Sith Empire.

Zhuan- The Sith were led by a Jedi exile named Talmerad. His Empire had been formed from the remains of earlier Sith Empires who found refuge outside of the galaxy, using their strength to subjugate the weaker species until they were ready to wreak their revenge upon the galaxy.

Zhuan- Led by a visionary leader named Lucan, the Jedi Order intervened to try and save the Republic. The endless cycle of coups and violence was replaced by a single minded effort to repel the invaders.

Zhuan- Coruscant was transformed into a fortress planet. The planet had swelled with refugees as news of Talmerad's advance reached the Core Worlds. Trillions died in constructing massive defensive installations in a last ditch attempt to save the planet.

Zhuan- When Talmerad's forces finally reached Coruscant, the Republic armed forces were all but destroyed. Only isolated worlds held out against the onslaught of invaders. The only thing standing between the Sith and the trillions of people trapped on Coruscant was a massive shield generator, dubbed by the inhabitants as the "Shield of Life".

Zhuan- Coruscant persisted under almost consistent siege and bombardment for nearly a century, but then, about the year 3,000, the people looked up in terror as the shield flickered and died. The ancient installation finally imploded as Talmerad prepared for his revenge.

Zhuan- The massive Sith dreadnaught the Vengeance descended over the planet. It was said that the warship eclipsed the sun as it opened fire on the planet below. Over 3,000 years of civilization and culture were destroyed in a matter of hours as life was all but wiped from the planet.

Zhuan- However the Jedi were not over quite yet. Lucan had ordered the construction of a massive Republic warship called the Defiant beneath the surface of Coruscant.

Zhuan- Lucan gathered his closest followers aboard the ship and led it into space, determined to stop Talmerad once and for all. Although massively outmatched by the Sith warship Lucan led the Jedi in an ancient and forbidden Force technique called the thought bomb. The super weapon exploded, destroying the ships, and their crews, in one fell swoop.

Zhuan- What followed over the next thousand years are familiar to you. The galaxy fragmented into thousands of fiefdoms as Jedi and Sith carved out kingdoms for themselves until two hundred years ago Jovon I the Unifier led a campaign to unite the Jedi and created the present Realm of the Jedi Order.

Vito- Master I... I never knew- the full story that is. How the Jedi sacrificed themselves to stop the Sith.

Zhuan- Know this apprentice. If you gain nothing else from this story, know that as Jedi, we must be constantly vigilant, lest another tyrant like Talmerad arise and threaten the very existence of the galaxy.

(Vito sighed as he turned around)

Vito- I understand Master. I- Master look out!

(Zhuan turned around with lighting reflexes, sending a blast of Force energy into the masked assailant behind him)

(Zhuan activated his lightsaber as the assassin landed nimbly in front of the window)

Zhuan- Very perceptive apprentice. I was wondering when you would notice this interloper's presence. Now, who are you?

Sith Assassin- Me? I have no name Jedi, only a purpose: to kill you.

(The assassin leaped at Zhuan brandishing his sharpened blade at his head)

(Zhuan ducked away from the attack, sending the assassin flying into the library pillar with another blast of Force energy)

(Disoriented, the assassin leaped away from Zhuan towards Vito)

Sith Assassin- Very good Master Jedi, but if I cannot kill you, your apprentice will have to do!

(Vito dropped into a defensive position and unleashed a Force blast at the assassin, pushing him back painfully into the library wall)

Vito- Don't move assassin!

Zhuan- Very good apprentice. You handle yourself well in battle. Now, let us unmask our guest.

(Zhuan tore the mask from the assassin's face as the sound of footsteps in the hallway grew louder)

Zhuan- Alright assassin, tell me why you are here. No Sith have come into Jedi space in nearly a thousand years. So why are you here now?

Sith Assassin- You are perceptive. I am merely a messenger, but I could not resist the chance to kill a Jedi. My Lord, Bogden, he wishes an audience with the Jedi Realm. You may go to these coordinates. He promises you will be kept safe.

(Zhuan took the coordinates from the assassin as Mada and Bladesmaster Aeldgar rushed into the library)

Loremaster Mada- I came as soon as I sensed the danger Zhuan. Wait a moment, is that... a Sith?

Zhuan- In the flesh he is. He brought a message, a Lord Bogden wishes to meet with the Jedi.

Bladesmaster Aeldgar- A Sith wanting to meet with Jedi? This is unheard of. We haven't even-

(Aeldgar was cut off abruptly as Master Crede burst into the library carrying with him a holoprojector of a hooded man)

Man- Is this the Sith?

Crede- It appears to be so, Councilor.

(The man stretched out his hand, and began to choke the assassin with the Force)

Man- Sith. As the Councilor of Knowledge of the Force I hereby sentence you to execution to prevent your Dark Side heresies from polluting the Jedi Order.

(The man released the assassin, dropping his dead corpse to the floor before abruptly switching off the holoprojector)

Crede- All of you are to leave this room immediately. A member of the Council of Knowledge of the Force will come to deal with this Sith but until then no word of this incident is to be spoken of.

Vito- Not speak of this! That man just murdered an unarmed opponent!

Crede- That man is the Councilor for Knowledge of the Force. It is within his duties to stop the spread of heresies. You just learned of galactic history did you not? Talmerad was a Jedi before he learned the ways of the Sith. We will not allow another like him to exist.

(Zhuan motioned for Vito and the Jedi walked out of the library)

Vito- Master what do we do now? We can't just let them get away with that.

Zhuan- All things in due time apprentice. There is nothing more we can do at this time, except honor the assassin's message and pay a visit to a Sith Lord.


 I like it 
  February 18, 2014
Great spaceships and the Force blast was really clever.
 I like it 
  February 18, 2014
full packed with action!
 I like it 
  February 17, 2014
Great Episode!
 I like it 
  February 17, 2014
Good job as always! Definitely looking interesting!
By Admiral Varkov
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