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Age of Darkness 04: A Dark Audience
About this creation
(Vito looked out the viewport of the ship as the glittering stars whirled by and the emerald and blue orb that was Dantooine shrank smaller and smaller into the distance)

(Taking in the quiet of the cabin, the only sound coming from the gentle hum of the ship’s engines, Vito began to meditate. Events had moved so quickly, and he signed at the realization that he was leaving the only life he had ever known.)

(Now things were changing. Zhuan had taken him as an apprentice and now, at the plea of a Sith assassin, they were headed to meet a Sith Lord, something which had not been seen in Jedi space for hundreds of years)

(Vito's meditation was abruptly ended as the cockpit door hissed open)

Zhuan- You do well to meditate apprentice. Only when you have made order of your mind can you bring order to the galaxy.

Vito- Yes master. If I may ask, where exactly are we going?

(Zhuan waved his hand and the holoprojector flashed to life, displaying a massive map of the galaxy)

Zhuan- We are headed here, to a planet named Hyvernia in the outer region of the Mid Rim. From what little we know, this Lord Bogden appears to be one of the most powerful of the Sith Lords.

Vito- Hyvernia? I have never heard of the planet before master.

(Zhuan waved his hand and the star map flashed away)

Zhuan- During the Invasion, extra-galactic alien species colonized our galaxy as the Sith pushed them out. Over centuries of warfare nearly all knowledge of the galaxy was lost. No Jedi have traveled beyond the Inner Rim since the fall of the New Republic. There is no telling what we may expect.

(Vito nodded, but suddenly spoke up as Zhuan turned to leave)

Vito- Master, why did you choose me as your apprentice?

(Zhuan looked up with surprise as the door to the bridge hissed open)

Zhuan- The Force has a way of guiding our decisions. I sensed something...but it suffices to say that you have a destiny apprentice, and I am here to see that you realize it, whatever it may be.

(Vito turned away, puzzled, as the door hissed quickly behind Zhuan. Suddenly the ship shuddered violently and a massive explosion crashed from outside)

(Vito turned around as another explosion rocked the ship and Zhuan rushed to the holoprojector)

Vito- Master, what is going on!

Zhuan- Sith interdictors! They were waiting on the edge of Bogden's kingdom.

Zhuan- They pulled the ship out of hyperspace almost as soon as we went into it.

Vito- What can we do? There's no way we can fight the firepower of that ship!

Zhuan- I do not intend to apprentice. The assassin gave me these clearance codes, perhaps they will see us through. There!

(Zhuan whirled around as the holoprojector flashed to life, a human officer appearing on the screen)

Bogden's Captain- How can they possibly be hailing us? Erm, You there! You are trespassing in the territory of Lord Bogden. Stand down and prepare to be destroyed!

Zhuan- Stand down?! I will not stand for these insults! I am here at the request Lord Bogden. If you would dare to insult your master and a Jedi Lord...

Bogden's Captain- No! No! Lord Jedi I meant no disrespect! I... ah, here are your codes. You are free to proceed. I apologize I... it will not happen again.

(Zhuan gave the quivering captain a lasting glare before deactivating the holoprojector)

Zhuan- Now apprentice before we meet this Sith Lord, you must understand that even though the Jedi Grand Council has approved our mission, this Sith is dangerous. Be wary of him, he will show no tolerance for weakness and given the chance he will kill you.

Vito- I... I understand master.

Zhuan- We will land momentarily, our host has arranged for transportation to his castle. Stay close and be prepared for anything.

(Several hours later Zhuan and Vito landed on the surface of the dark and rocky world of Hyvernia. Bogden's castle rose up imposingly from the surrounding mountains, with a rune reading "Strength through Fear" capping the top of the fortress)

(A nervous looking officer waited outside of the fortress and bowed to the Jedi)

Officer- Greetings Lord Jedi. I am Lord Bogden's representative. I regret to inform you that his majesty is-

Lord Bogden- Here to greet the Lord Jedi in person!

(The officer fell to his knees as the Sith marched out of the castle followed by a contingent of guards)

Officer- My Lord I-

Lord Bogden- Silence! I will not have your groveling in front of our guests! I will deal with you later.

Lord Bogden- So, these are the Lord Jedi! I was hoping for a more imposing lot...

Zhuan- It seems our thoughts were mutual. Lord Bodgen I presume?

Lord Bogden- In the living flesh, and you would be?

Zhuan- Master Zhuan of the Jedi Realm. This is my apprentice Vitus.

(Lord Bogden offered a mock bow to the Jedi and smiled sinisterly as he spoke)

Lord Bogden- Wonderful! It pleases me to see the ancient master-apprentice tradition of the Jedi continues! Please, follow me and together we may admire the sumptuousness of my palace!

Zhuan- We would be delighted.

Lord Bodgen- This palace which you see around you was completed only ten years ago after the deaths of nearly fifty million slaves who worked to carve it from the volcanic rock around us. You can almost hear their groans as they died from exhaustion.

Zhuan- Truly your majesty has a most... violently exquisite taste.

(As Bogden talked on and Zhuan diplomatically responded to each question, Vito glanced out the window at the dark and imposing mountains)

Vito- Of all the planets in the galaxy how did I end up on this one?

(Suddenly Vito glanced up, the entire room was deserted)

Vito- Master? Where is everyone!

(A menacing laughter rose from the labyrinth-like halls as Vito activated his lightsaber)

Vito- Alright enough games! Come out!

Lord Bogden- As you command, young Jedi!

(Vito whirled around just in time to block an attack by Lord Bogden)

(Just as quickly as he appeared, the Sith Lord disappeared from view even as his voice echoed around the chamber)

Lord Bogden- Very good Jedi! Not many have been able to sense me before. Tell me, what family do you hail from?

Vito- What do you mean? I was orphaned as a child, I don't know who my family is.

(Vito turned to quickly block Bogden's attack)

Lord Bogden- Liar! All Force-wielders hail from royal blood! Tell me which family is yours!

Vito- I am telling the truth! Master Rizio raised me but I have no royal family!

Lord Bogden- Very well. If you will not tell me voluntarily, then torture should do the trick! Let you mind fill with fear.

(Vito dropped his lightsaber and gripped his head in pain as the Sith stretched out his hand)

Vito- I... argh! I am telling you the truth!

Lord Bogden- You are strong boy, it must be extremely prestigious blood you hail from. Now tell me what I want to know!

Vito- I told you, I do not have a family!

(Feeling a sudden rush of the Force, Vito leaped to his feet and blasted Bogden back into the wall)

(Overwhelmed Vito fell weakly back to the floor as, enraged, Bogden marched towards him)

Lord Bogden- You insolent swine! I will kill you for that!

Zhuan- Bogden! Stop this madness immediately!

Zhuan- How dare you? How dare you use your Sith tricks to deceive me and assault my apprentice! Have you no honor at all?

(Zhuan helped Vito to his feet and whispered to him)

Zhuan- Are you alright apprentice?

Vito- I am fine master, just a little winded. He kept asking me about my family but when I told him the truth... he became a little angry.

Zhuan- Here I am, a guest in your home, and you attack a member of my party. Of all the dastardly tricks, this is unheard of. If you wish for the Jedi Realm to help you at all then I would choose my next words very carefully if I were you.

Lord Bogden- No Jedi, please! I... I have acted dishonorably.

Zhuan- Indeed, but I know you did not have us come here just to attack my apprentice. What do you want of us?

Lord Bogden- Very well Jedi, I will tell you the truth. I have asked you to come here for protection. I believe there is a demon here to kill me.

(Vito's eyes widened in horror at the Sith's words. He glanced quickly out the window as a chilling, dark flash went by)


 I like it 
  March 3, 2014
Excellent story! I firstly thought that this would be just another story of Sith killing Jedi. But this is unexpected! Mixing Star Wars with the abnormal stuff :D I am wondering tho how you will do the Demon..
 I like it 
  March 2, 2014
Nice scenes!
  March 2, 2014
Good as usual.
By Admiral Varkov
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