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Ravnica... in SPACE!
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This is mostly to hold you guys over for a bit, because the T28 is taking a while. Also, I've had this idea floating around in my head for a long time: wouldn't it be awesome to make spaceships themed after the guilds of Ravnica? Of course, that sounded a lot cooler in my head than it looks on paper, but hey, I built them and I figured you would want to see them.
About this creation

I imagine that, were the Ravnicans to ever enter orbit, the Izzet would be the first pioneers. In my imaginary universe, the first Izzet craft to enter orbit was small, unstable, cramped, and very much something that you would have to be absolutely out of your mind to want to ride. Fortunately, the goblin test pilots more than fit that requirement, and so the Izzet space program began. Now, approximately 500 years after the first successful test flight, the Izzet make use of advanced EMP weaponry, shield technology, and flashy gizmos to travel through the cosmos of the Ravnican plane. This craft, an Izzet Hadron-class cruiser, is the latest design to come out of the firemind. In signature Izzet fashion, it's flashy and volatile, mounting four sets of triple plasma cannons for defense. This design also features a prototype railgun for ranged combat, and field tests against Rakdos pirates have demonstrated its success.

This model was a very fun build. I was worried at first that it would end up looking a little too sinister for an Izzet craft (what with the obvious resemblance to a Star Destroyer), but by the time I'd fleshed out its overall shape I was pleased. I especially like how the gold turned out in the POV-ray render.

Shortly after the Izzet entered space, the Simic followed suit with a series of organic, living ships. Simic ships, as one could expect, have pitiful armor, and so the Simic borrow a great deal of shield technology from the Izzet (as well as creating some of their own). However, in every other aspect Simic craft are unique. They employ sets of multi-purpose bulbs that can be used for everything from combat to mining to docking with other ships. This vessel is a Simic Golgi, used as a messenger, scout, or light transport. It is fast, weakly armored, and very well shielded, with six potentially deadly laser weapons. These weapons fire high-intensity beams of laser light that can ionize and melt through the armor of enemy ships. They are dangerous to fight.

This was the first of these mini-ships I built. I quite like how it turned out; the look I was going for was an organic one, hence the use of transparent globes.

The Boros also went to space, seeing the advantage they might gain against the other guilds with spacefaring technology. This vessel, a Boros Rapier, favors speed, maneuverability, and firepower rather than the ability to take a hit. The vessel makes use of a single plasmacannon for use against other fighters in close combat, and a heavier plasma gun for larger targets. The energy generated by this gun is so intense that it temporarily ionizes the ship's own systems, and so its use in close combat with other fighters is not reccomended. The main reason behind it being mounted on a fighter anyway was so as to provide the craft with flexibility not shared by other fighters; it can act as a long-range sniper if necessary.

This model turned out very well, and is my personal favorite out of all these craft.

The Azorius primarily took to space in order to police what they saw as the blatant shenanigans the other guilds were getting up to. So, they tasked some of their best minds with building a spaceship (with a little help from the Izzet), and the Azorius began to ride the spacelanes. Azorius spacecraft were at first completely inadequate for the job of actually policing, and the early Azorius pilots started off by making fools of themselves trying to stop the smuggling of illegal materials by the Izzet, or by trying to interrupt the Rakdos's rampant partying. Needless to say, the Azorius became quickly aware that the only reason the Izzet had helped them in the first place was for teh lulz, and so, embarrassed but no less determined, the Azorius began a fearsome campaign of research and testing in order to make their technology better. Now, they are more than capable of laying down the law. This craft doesn't look like much (in fact, I think it's an ugly little turd) but it mounts a fearsome ion cannon as its primary weapon, allowing it to quickly disable and take down larger ships. It also mounts plasma cannons sunk into the hull, as a way of hiding its true firepower. This craft is commonly disguised as another ship and used to bust smugglers or sneak into Rakdos spacedocks.

Meh. This ship could have turned out better. I don't quite like the end result, but hey, you can't win them all. If you guys like these enough for me to make another set of them, I promise the next Azorius ship will be more epic.

The Selesnya didn't initially have their own ships at all; they migrated into space in order to act as diplomats between the constantly fighting other guilds, and that is the main purpose their space program serves today. Selesnya ships are mostly unarmed, with thick armor and shields on par with the Izzet craft, as unarmed craft are prime targets for Rakdos raiders. As such, as an extra precaution they often hire freelancing pilots for protection, or simply travel with ships from whatever guild they're acting as a diplomat for. This craft, a Persephone-class cruiser, has the same powerful armor and sturdy construction of all Selesnya ships, yet it maintains an organic look and appears unhostile to the eye.

I'm rather pleased with how this craft turned out. It was initially supposed to be the Gruul ship, but as I progressed it started looking too pretty to be Gruul, so I decided to just make it my Selesnya ship.

The golgari took to space using captured and heavily modified Selesnya ships. They modeled their ships after insects, and seek to unify all the guild's ships as part of the swarm. Their shipbuilding doctrine focuses on quantity over quality, and many an Azorius patrol of top-of-the-line vessels has been overrun by a huge fleet of Golgari ships 50 years older than them. This craft, the Golgari Locust, is a carrier ship. It is massive, and its wings serve as hangars for thousands of small one-man fightercraft. Only a few of these ships exist, and they tend to simply dominate a battlefield. Unfortunately for the Golgari (but fotunately for everyone else) the vessels are slow, lumbering, and lack any sort of hyperdrive (there hasn't been one built that's powerful enough to move one of these behemoths at anything resembling warp speed.) This means that, unless the Golgari can manage to hide the ship and ambush an enemy fleet, the vessels are almost completely useless in a war, as by the time they actually get anywhere the fight is either over or the enemy has relocated to another position in order to avoid them. As such, they are rarely used in actual ship-to-ship combat, and are often used for planetary assaults, as their monstrous defenses allow them to weather any ground-based weaponry used against them and their enormous carrying capacity means they can lay seige to an entire civilization.

It's the doom scarab! Sort of the spacefaring equivalent of the T95 doom turtle. I've never played it myself, but from what I've heard, one of three things happens when you play that tank: either you don't get to the fight in time, and by the time you do get there your teammates have killed everything; or, your teammates all die before you get to the fight and the enemy swarms you; or you murder everything in front of you.

The Orzhov saw space as one more profiting venture, and so early Orzhov ships were big, lumbering, and had massive cargo holds. This one, the Orzhov Bishop-class freighter, shows that after nearly 500 years Orzhov design philosophy hasn't changed much. It's one of the largest ships in the sky, it's slow, and it can carry the mass equivalent of half the entire Azorius navy. This monstrous vessel is nearly 10 kilometers long; it's so big that it can't land on a planet because once it did it would break under its own weight, and nothing could bring it back up again.

It's kinda boring. Meh. Just picture it relative to something 10 kilometers long and you'll get an idea of the scale of this thing.

The largest mass of metal ever constructed, and the most epic spaceborne party ever. This is the ultimate party boat, the ultimate ruiner of worlds, the ultimate nightmare fuel. This absolutely gigantic vessel had to be constructed over nearly 50 years, but once it was completed it shocked the Ravnican civilization by ambushing the entire Boros battlefleet and utterly crushing it, effectively eliminating the Boros' space power for some time. The vessel still roams the cosmos, but after the initial attack it hasn't attempted anything exceedingly violent. Every month some unlucky Orzhov freighter dissapears, or an unlucky Azorius patrol, but for some time the Hydra has claimed no large scale victims. Some say the partyers on board are biding their time for another slaughter like the one they wreaked against the Boros; some say they got too distracted in their own indulgences to go wreck someone's day. Either way, the other guilds are mostly content to let it lie, as long as it doesn't try blowing up a planet (no-one is really sure what that big thing on the front is, and there is a lot of speculation).

This model was fun to build, mostly because I wanted to make something really evil-looking. This beast is about 30 kilometers long. Compare that with the Orzhov freighter from earlier, and yeah, you get an estimate of how scary this thing would be. No, I don't know how the Rakdos got their hands on this kind of tech either.

The Gruul have only recently made it into space, and only with the forced help of some kidnapped Izzet scientists. Using the knowledge interrogated from them, the Gruul were able to create what basically amounted to a frankenship, the hull of an ancient Orzhov vessel with a more modern Selesnya hull on the front. The Gruul only acquired these items through attacking dockyards of other guilds, and the one clan that has managed to build a spaceship has only done so in order to one-up the other clans. Needless to say, that vessel is completely outclassed by those of every other guild, and as you can see, is rather an eyesore.

Yeah, I know it's pretty unlikely that a group like the Gruul clans would ever take to space. But hey, I wanted to build ships for ALL the guilds, and thus, Gruul spaceships! Yep, this model's ugly, and that's completely by design. I wanted to make the Gruul's one ship look like it was built from ancient tech, and so, this frankenship was born.

No-one really knows when the Dimir got into space. Some think they got there by stealing Izzet blueprints. Some say they were there before the Izzet made their first crazy, rocket-propelled journey into the vacuum. Either way, not much is known about their space program. What little is known is rather frightening; Dimir ships appear to have advanced cloaking technology, and possess frighteningly advanced electronic warfare equipment. Reports of Dimir remotely possessing a vessel are inconclusive, but if true, it demonstrates that they are a truly frightening force to be reckoned with. However, if they really do have that kind of power, they haven't been using it that much. They don't appear to be going out of their way to cause any sort of havok, and the only vessels that have been destroyed by Dimir ships have been ones that attempted to directly interfere with whatever they appear to be doing. The other guilds can only guess at what the Dimir's motives were for entering space, but you can only hope that they don't involve universal domination.

This was a fun model to build, and turned out very well IMO. Has a nice mix of sinister and stealth that I think really personifies the Dimir.

So? What did y'all think? Did you like it? Should I make more of them? It's up to you. Say in the comments if you want me to make this a side-project to my World of Tanks project.



Cade Connelly
 I like it 
lone wolf
  November 24, 2014
My favorite is that last one. Reminds me
 I made it 
  March 11, 2014
Quoting Dr. Monster Nice. I love the colors and shaping on the ship in the main pic.
Thanks! That one's my personal favorite.
 I made it 
  March 11, 2014
Quoting David FNJ Excellent collection of spaceships! I like the first one the best. I blogged it on the i Brick homepage!
Yay! Reblog! Thank you so much! :)
 I like it 
  March 11, 2014
Excellent collection of spaceships! I like the first one the best. I blogged it on the i Brick homepage!
 I like it 
  March 11, 2014
Nice. I love the colors and shaping on the ship in the main pic.
By Cade Connelly
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