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LIU Revolution - Part #6 - Unity
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Can the revolution unite to conquer its larger foe.
About this creation
LIU Revolution - Part #6 Unity

Previously on LIU Revolution…

Rob: “Stay with me Tamara! Please!”
Magistrate: “Aww. So sweet. Good thing you’ll being dying soon too. Your capture order has been rescinded. You are to be executed immediately. Revolution, what a funny synonym for insurrection. It derives from the word revolve. Revolve, the act of making a full rotation. How fitting. The problem with Revolution is you always end up right where you started. Goodbye Mr. Satus.”

Punag: “Timbaya Rob Satus. I am Punag-Uyon, leader of the free planet Barathrum and Grand Admiral of the Revolutionary Fleet. You are on board the space cruiser Infinite Horizon. Please, let us help your friend. We have pure Mel on board direct from our allies, the Meteon Kingdom. I’m confident we can save her.”
Rob: “Well, I guess that answers my question. The revolution is galaxy wide.”


Onboard the Infinite Horizon, command ship of the Revolutionary Fleet. Location: Cor Star Cluster.

Rob: “All hail the hero, the man that started it all. We are forever grateful. Blah, blah. Something along those lines. This was my third medal celebration since my arrival. Since joining the fleet, I’ve been paraded around like some sort of champion. I was reluctant, but IOREA felt it would help unite the union. I was a symbol, or something like that.

The truth is, I’m not a hero. Nothing I’ve accomplished thus far was done on my own. IOREA gained control of the OmniStar. The citizens of Erogatio fought off the police in Obcidio Square. My men fought and died to get me access to the Elite Zone. The Barath rescued Tamara and I from the grip of certain death. I couldn‘t even get my life together on my own. I needed Tamara.”

Rob: “I still need her. I wish she would wake up. The doctors say the Mel treatments are working, but her injuries were severe. It could be weeks before she gets out of the chamber. Even though she’s unconscious, I still sit here and talk to her everyday. I don’t have much else to do.”

Rob: “The revolution was pretty stale these last few weeks. Right now, the revolutionary fleet is massing ships in the Cor Star Cluster. Grand Admiral Punag-Uyon believes the dense grouping of stars will hide our presence. Also, the cluster is a central location among the 142 star systems that have thus far allied in revolution. Yes, out of the billions of star systems in the LIU Galaxy, only 142 have rallied to our cause. It’s not much, but it’s a start. We believe more systems will join us after we show we can stand up to the LIU. Many are too fearful to come forward right now.”

Rob: “When I’m not being gallivanted around as a hero or visiting Tamara, I’m usually here in the Infinite Horizon’s command center. From here, we coordinate the fleets' movements and monitor for any LIU ships. So far, the LIU has not attacked any of our aligned worlds. We believe the loss of long range communications has hampered the LIU’s ability to wage war. Either way, we must always be ready. Always be watchful.”

Rob: “I’ve been given an honorary seat on the Unity Council despite the fact that I do not represent any one world. The Unity Council is an early form of government for our revolution. I don’t usually say much when I’m here. I’m not a military tactician, nor do I have any knowledge of the logistics of running a multi-planet alliance. I never really realized how complicated it all was.
The LIU used specialization to ward off revolution. Planets usually had a one track economy so they were dependent on the Union for survival. Citizens of our industrial worlds were starving, while the citizens of agricultural worlds sat idle due to lack of fuel. Coordinating resource exchanges and reviving the economies of our allied worlds were a priority.”

Computer: Incoming recording from the planet Dolus.
Mawld: “Please. Please help us. The Doluns wish to join your revolution. We attempted to overthrow the local security forces, but we were outgunned. We need weapons. Please come to our aid.”
Computer: End of recording.

Rob: Finally some action
Tet: “Well, what does everyone think? Should we aid them?”
Rob: “Of course. Why wouldn’t we?”
Tet: “It depends. What do we know about Dolus?”
Amilian: “Dolus is a small agricultural world specializing in growing sabel. It’s a fibrous, cotton-like plant used to make clothing.”
Tet: “If that’s the case, I say we refuse to render assistance. It’s a low priority world. We can’t risk our resources for so little gain.”
Gaan: “I concur. We need to focus on restoring our economies first. When we have a shortage of sweaters, we can reevaluate.”

Rob: “I can’t believe you guys! Economies? Are we to trade one economic empire for another? Why are we even doing this? We might as well go back to the LIU. And what kind of example does this set? More worlds are leaning towards revolution, but they fear being on their own. If we abandon Dolus in its time of need, other worlds will be less likely to join us. We need a show of unity and power. We need to set an example that the revolution will come to your aid no matter your size, economy, or importance.”

Amilian: “Well said Mr. Satus. I concur. We mustn’t abandon any planet.”
Tet: “Yes, sorry. You’re right. You have my vote.”
Gaan: “Ours as well.”
Drax: “The Meteon Kingdom places fifty votes in favor of assistance.”
Amilian: “It is settled then. Dolus is near my planet Pulchra. We have been developing an army, converting our mining equipment into war machines. I volunteer our army as long as you give us a ride.”
Drax: “We are also willing to donate Meteon Robotic Soldiers to aid your quest.”
Rob: “I’m going too. I have experience in guerilla warfare that should come in handy.”
Amilian: “I’ll speak with Punag-Uyon. The fleet will depart for Dolus immediately.”


Magistrate: “That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now take him out back and kill him like the others.”
Mawld: “Nooo! You promised we’d be safe if I made the recording.”
Magistrate: “I’m afraid I lied. I had your fellow rebels killed while you were stammering on the holo-communicator. Now you join them. The LIU does not make deals with traitors. Take him away:”

Soldier: Do you think they’ll come?”
Magistrate: “The rebellion prides itself on righteousness, compassion, and justice. It’s their weakness. They’ll come. And when they do, we’ll end this. Send the fleet out of the system temporarily. Wait until they deploy forces on the planet then jump the fleet back. I’ll wipe out their ground attack while they destroy the so called Revolutionary Fleet.”

Punag: “Attention fleet. We’re approaching Dolus. Stay in formation. Initiate scanners. Let’s see if we’re alone.”
Officer: “Scans complete sir. There are no enemy contacts in this system.”
Punag: “Very well. Begin transport of the landing party.”

Rob: “What’s our status?”
Amilian: “We’ve been dropped off a few miles from where the distress call originated. We’re scouting it out now. We don’t want to run into anything too big. Our military units are untested in the field.”

Soldier: “Ma’am, I see something. Looks like a few soldiers and a LIU Scouting Walker.”
Amilian: “Is that all?”
Soldier: “Yes. The walker appears to have scanners. I recommend we take it out from a distance.”

Amilian: “Yes. Ready the artillery cannons.”
Rob: “Let’s hope this is all there is. Once we fire, everyone will know we’re here.”
Amilian: “Indeed. OPEN FIRE.”

Soldier: “Tracking, tracking, bingo! Direct hit. Security forces have been eliminated.”

Rob: “Let’s advance towards the target slowly. I’m not convinced we got off that easy.”
Soldier: “Amilian, we‘re getting a transmission.”
Amilian: “Let‘s hear it.”

Punag: “We need to retreat! There is too many of them! All power is to the shields, we cannot beam you out. We must flee, I can’t risk the fleet. I’m sorry, you’re on your own.”
Rob: “Take cover! It’s a trap!”

Amilian: “Rob, are you alright? Rob!”
Rob: “I…I think so. My ears are ringing. What was…”

Rob: “Physically, I was fine, but mentally I was shaken. A full battalion, complete with Hover Tanks and Artillery Walkers, were advancing on our position. We’re screwed.”

Amilian: “Get up Rob.! We need to retreat!”

Magistrate: “Advance all positions. Kill every single one of them. Any enemy you come across without a hole in their head, put one there. Make certain they are dead!”

Rob: “Our little rebel force stood no chance against a fully trained, battle-hardened military battalion. Most of our forces fell in the first few moments. The rest of us were running for our lives.”

Rob: “Make for the woods! It will cover our escape! Lay down cover fire! Come on! We’re not dead yet.”

Amilian: “We’re not dead yet, but our entire army is. We don’t stand a chance with just the two of us.”

Rob: “It’s not just the two of us! Watch out!”

Rob: “Think you can drive one of these things?”
Amilian: “Yes, but where will we go?”
Rob: “Anywhere but here. We can hide out somewhere until we think of something.”

Rob: “Faster! They’re not far behind!”

Amilian: “Rob! Look! A dropship.”
Rob: “This is our ticket off world.”

Rob: “Fire up the engines. I’ll cover us.”
Amilian: “I’m on it.”

Rob: “I can’t believe it. A long range subspace communicator. The LIU has re-established communications. How is this possible?”
Amilian: “I don’t know, but this is a huge development. Hurry, get in. We need to get this information to the Unity Council. I fear our worlds will be under attack very soon.”

Rob: “I don’t understand. Without the OmniStar, it should be impossible. Has IOREA fallen? Is there another OmniStar?”
Amilian: “I don’t know, but we have bigger problems right now!”
Rob: “What?”
Amilian: “Auto-pilot has engaged and I can’t turn it off. A landing sequence is being initiated for the nearest LIU cruiser.”
Rob: “Our future and the future of the rebellion look pretty bleak.”
Amilian: “Indeed.”


 I like it 
  May 5, 2014
great storyline i really like how you include last chapters end.
 I like it 
  April 12, 2014
Sorry I'm late with commenting... MocAthalon and all... Anyway, great episode! I didn't know ice cream grew on trees? Can't wait to find out what happens to our hero! ~ Chris.
 I like it 
  March 29, 2014
THAT CLIFFHANGER! I'm guessing IOREA will save the day, but we will see. Great job on the builds, as always.
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
Amazing storyline, it just keeps getting better and better!
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
Great episode. I like the sable fields, they are an fine example of your detailed and nuanced vision.
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
The dropship was an obvious trap... As for the episode, pretty cool! Except that, you know, you had episodes comming out every other day and then nothing for a few weeks. Just saying it is hard to look forward to LIU revolution when you do not know when it is going to be.
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
Brilliant! Excellent builds as always and the story is progressing well. Very good. --Blast--
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
I know I commented on this already but I hasn't shown up yet, so here goes again: excellent! If you get both likes, they're well deserved.
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
It really is a gripping story, not sure I was backing Rob in the first few episodes, but I sure am now. So many sets, really imaginative, I liked the grasslands especially. As always, great camera work and lighting. Can't wait for the finale!
 I like it 
  March 28, 2014
The pace and quality of the storytelling means that, having read the story, you have to go back a second time and look at the actual Lego. It's not just the various vehicles but also all of the different backgrounds. My favourite build is the magistrate's walker, especially its base and legs.
Ludgonious .
 I like it 
A Plastic Infinity (That is, endless Legos.)
  March 27, 2014
Oh my. OH MY.
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
the scenes are pretty cool, and 7 is a decent amount to tell a compelling story, but, the LIU vehicles stole the show, it had been awhile since we saw so many different models, you used to crank a lot more in the days, the end was a bit surprising, but now, Rob does nt have much choice but to deal with Orea, perhaps the magistrate will be the one who gets it next time, xd!
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
Wow... new sets, new vehicles, new intrigue! You've been busy! And we are sooo glad! :)
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
Like everyone's been saying, this story's been getting better and better, but I just gotta take a moment and say this: this story has a TON of top-notch sets! I'm sure you must be building like crazy between each of these, so my hat's off to you. Great work!
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
Bad, Dobby should not have tried to revolt, Dobby must punish himself... I sure hope this isn't one of those stories (like Valkyrie) where the good guys lose, and you feel all sad inside.
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
Exciting stuff! Them Rebs walked right into THAT one...But they aren't done yet!
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
I can't believe it! I can't wait for the next part.
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
This is looking nearly impossible now!
 I like it 
  March 27, 2014
Shoulda just dropped a load of socks on Dolus, freed the lot of them. ;) Great episode, looks like the pendulum might be swinging back. Can anyone really take on the LIU?
By Ludgonious .
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