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Episode 11: Looking Back
About this creation
Hey everyone!
No, but seriously. It's much longer than normal. :P
So, I got a new camera (Haha... Finally!)! Still getting used to it, but it's a thousand times better than the camera I used to use (In my mind, at least).
This buid (Not the little rock one) was really fun to build. It was quite a challenge since I don't have many brown bricks, but in the end it turned out great. Enjoy!
Freebuild (For all you peeps who like to know that stuff)
Help from Owlsafa Jones

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Thorond, Anatarg, and Bruigal journeyed on. It had been an hour since the Onrr lato had been seen and the three of them were making good time.

Anatarg looked at Thorond, “Before the hour is over we should see the doors. But, Thorond, you you must swear you shall never tell anyone of this passage we take.”
“I swear, good sir Antarg. Your secret is safe with me.”
“That is well,” Antarg paused a moment, “Thorond? What did these outlaws... the Onrr lato meaning... do to you? Surely something has made you search for them. How long have you been tracking them?”
“Forty years, Anatarg,’ Anatarg eyebrows flew up, “As to why...” Thorond”s face grew sad and all those horrible memories of death and fear flooded back. He had told Crow of his misfortunes long ago, who had been his friend since the beginning of his wanderings, but telling anyone else would be impossible. Other than he, Thorond had told no one of his early life, not even Revin... Revin. Where was he? Was he back in Mythron, enjoying the pleasures of life... away from a Rainosian? It has been forty years since the attack, he told himself. He couldn”t keep it to himself any longer...

“It was a late Spring morning in Rainos. The sun shone and all seemed perfect... except for the dead silence... and the fear that hung about the air. Very few people were about. Only a few guards stood by, talking together in whispers and fearful voices.

I stood beside a warehouse, talking with Ilidreal, the only woman I had ever loved.
‘Thorond,’ she whispered, ‘You must convince your father to listen to you. This village is in danger and we must all go before they come and kill us all!’

‘That I know well enough, good lady,’ I said, ‘But I myself am under the authority of Thorondor my father and I must obey his commands. I am not his superior. He knows more about fighting and defending than myself. I am but a young soldier who likes to read.’ At that she smiled a little. I continued, ‘But he has said that he will send all the villagers away from here and into the hills where it is safer.’
‘But why not all of us go?’ Ilidreal questioned, ‘These outlaws have already destroyed the villages around us. Your father’s men are too few to fight against these outlaws!’
‘The only way you can reach safety is if my father and I, along with his men and the able-bodied men from the village stay here and fight. That’s the only way we can give you enough time to reach the hills.’

There was a sound of feet. Ilidreal and I turned to look.

It was Thorondor leading the villagers toward the outskirts of the village.

Among them was Ilidreal’s parents, walking slowly after my father.

I put on my helmet and turned to Ilidreal, ‘I must go, Ilidreal and so must you.’
There were tears in her eyes, ‘Thorond...’

I smiled. But it was a half hearted smile. We both knew what was about to happen. She drew right up to my face for a moment...

...and brushed passed me, saying no more. A tear fell down my cheek, ‘Farewell, Ilidreal.’

I watched as Ilidreal walked towards her mother and father.
At the same moment Thorondor approached me, ‘Don’t be too sad, Thorond. You’ll see her again.’
I laughed bitterly, ‘Not likely, father.’

Together we looked at Ilidreal and her parents.

‘Maybe not in this world,’ he continued, ‘but someday.’
I was about to protest, then stopped, ‘You’re right, father. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a bitter end.’
‘That may be so, Thorond. But-’

I cut him short, ‘Father. That man with the axe. I’ve never seen him before.’
My father studied him. Then I knew, ‘Father stop him!’

But it was too late. The man had thrown his weapon. Ilidreal’s father collapsed, an axe buried in his back. There were screams and shouts. The soldiers took action.

But they were not fast enough. I jumped over the elderly man and plunged my sword into the killer. The soldiers around me shouted and raised their weapons.

I drew out my sword from the man and looked up. Men and orcs were charging towards us.

Everyone was in confusion. People were running everywhere. Thorondor ran to Ilidreal and her crying mother, ‘Quick! Get out of here now!’

The villagers ran away from the battle. Ilidreal made one last glance back to me... and left.

The battle was already underway. I got ready and charged.

One of the Rainosian soldiers was already dead, killed by a great, bearded berserker outlaw. One of the villagers was charging through the outlaws with a pitchfork, screaming.

The battle raged on. Screams of pain from both sides echoed in my ears.

My father jumped into the fray and killed the berserker. I charged and took on an orc.

Suddenly, a monstrous, hairy beast appeared and threw a Rainosian. A Minotaur! Never had I ever seen one before.

There were cheers from the outlaws and the the Minotaur growled.
‘Fall back everyone!’ Thorondor shouted.

I readily obeyed. I jumped over the dead and rolled to the ground just in time to escape a spear aimed for me. My father ran behind me.

I rose from the ground quickly. The Minotaur picked up the bruised Rainosian and swung him around. With a sickening thud the Rainosian’s head hit the wall of the house. An outlaw, wielding two, small, deadly knives leaped over the bodies of the dead and charged Thorondor.

But I did not notice. The Minotaur had thrown the soldier again and he landed on a fleeing villager. The villager gave a great cry.

The dagger-wielding man charged my father. Thorondor swung his great battle axe at the man but the outlaw dodged the blow.

The outlaw made a slicing motion at Thorondor but bounced harmlessly off of his axe. One of the outlaws shouted and cheered the man on, who was obviously their leader.
Nearby the Minotaur had grabbed one of the villagers tools and was about to finish off the soldier and the townsman under him.

I made a dash for the Minotaur, but the deed had been done. The Minotaur plunged the hoe into the two men. The cries of agony nearly made me run away. But I continued to fight. One of the outlaws charged me as I tried to slash at the Minotaur’s big body.

I swung my sword and killed the outlaw in an instant. The Minotaur had pulled out the hoe and was preparing to stab again.

Before he could though, I had stabbed the beast with all my might. He dropped the howe and fell to the ground. My father continued to fight the outlaw leader.

Thorondor knocked the outlaw to the ground. He hefted his great axe and got ready to finish off the outlaw.

The outlaw shouted from the ground, ‘You can’t kill me creature! I’m an Onrr lato. And Onrr lato leader never dies!’ And with that he threw one of his daggers into my father.

Thorondor stumbled... and fell.

I gave a cry of rage and charged the Onrr lato leader. He stood there, looking over my father’s dead body.

As I brought down my sword, he blocked the blow and stabbed at me. I was so angry that I didn’t even notice the cut on my side the knife had made.

I swung again and the outlaw lost his balance. The Onrr lato who was watching began to shouting and motioning to an orc.

The orc, who held a crude bow, aimed and shot.

I dropped my sword. The outlaw leader had stood up, scowling.

I lost consciousness and fell with a thud, my helmet rolling away. The last thing I saw was the outlaw standing over me, laughing.

I awoke with a start. The pain from the arrow was unbearable.

I stood up painfully. I looked down at the arrow and pulled it out. I gasped out in pain.

Then I remembered my father. I stumbled over to him, ‘Father! Answer me!’ But in my heart I knew he would never reply. Unlike me, he would never wake again.

I stood up. I took off my father’s helmet, worn from many years of hard battle.

Taking it, I put it on myself. I looked down at Thorondor again, my anger growing. These outlaws have dared to kill my father and destroy my life. I drew the silver dagger out from Thorondor. A black liquid mixed with blood stained the blade. Poison. Enraged I tucked it away.

With great difficulty, I half-dragged half-carried him away from the battle scene. I took off his cape and put it on myself, taking mine off and laying him on it.

Then I began gathering spears and branches from the village. I grabbed my father’s axe and walked slowly back to him.

I moved my father again and threw everything to the ground. Then I picked up father’s great battle axe.

I looked at it for some time, studying all the runes engraved on the handle... then set it aside.

I laid my father down on the branches and spears. I would not let these outlaws carry his body to some horrible place.

I went into the unburned warehouse and grabbed some oil and I poured it onto the pyre of my father. With some of the splinters of one of the branches, I made a crude torch and lit it.

I lowered the torch and released my grip. The flames lapped up the oil-soaked wood and soon the flames were blazing.

The flames grew and I stepped back, keeping my gaze on Thorondor’s face.

After a while, the fire’s burned down, my father’s body nothing but the remnants of a skeleton.

And then the bones turned to ash altogether. I picked up my father’s axe and looked down at the charred remains.

I slowly walked away, angry and frustrated. I stared down at Ilidreal’s father.

I pulled out the dagger. My anger swelled up inside me.
‘Even if it takes a hundred years!’ I cried out, ‘Your death, father, and everyone else who died this day shall I avenge! Nothing will stop me until every one of these outlaws and their leader are dead. I promise you, father, I will succeed.’

With that I followed the trail of the outlaws. It was a difficult task, seeing that many feet had trampled the battle ground. But, thanks to father’s training, I succeeded in finding their path.

I would triumph, I told myself. The Onrr lato leader would fall.”

Thorond finished. Anatarg and Bruigal stood silent, taking in all that they had heard.
Finally Bruigal spoke, “And what of Ilidreal? Did you ever see her again?”
Thorond didn’t answer for some time. Then he said sadly, “No.” And with that he walked away, Anatarg and Bruigal walking slowly behind him.

So, to the build. This build was based off of Jacob Pennington's The Boys are Back in Town . At least, the stairs and stone work were (In their own way). Though, of course I did add some of my own awesomeness to it. :P

The chimney, which I am quite proud of.

And, if you so desire, I can add some smoke to it. See? Now isn't that nice?

Bird's eye view.

Thanks for looking! C and C are welcome!

Soli Deo Gloria!


 I made it 
  May 15, 2014
Quoting Nathan Pownell Nice build!! I love the roof, and the smoke is totally better than mine. :) One thing that would make this even more awesome is a border… :)
Thanks! Yeah, borders are cool. I'll have to do one again some time...
 I like it 
  May 15, 2014
Nice build!! I love the roof, and the smoke is totally better than mine. :) One thing that would make this even more awesome is a border… :)
 I made it 
  April 23, 2014
Quoting Mate P Hi! Wazzzzup Jackel! You may know me I am Legotolkienstudios from the gallery. Super cool story and creation! Keep it up!
Hey there! I do indeed! Glad to see you here on the pages! :D
 I like it 
  April 23, 2014
Hi! Wazzzzup Jackel! You may know me I am Legotolkienstudios from the gallery. Super cool story and creation! Keep it up!
 I made it 
  April 18, 2014
Quoting cyberfrank 2010 great scene, action, and story!
Thanks cyberfrank!
 I like it 
  April 18, 2014
great scene, action, and story!
 I made it 
  April 15, 2014
Quoting Stephan N I have no words ..... awesome
Thanks Stephan!
 I like it 
  April 15, 2014
I have no words ..... awesome
Professor B.
Red Son
  April 14, 2014
Great job. Very, very long... :-)
 I made it 
  April 14, 2014
Quoting Rogue Commander I love the build, story, and characters!
 I made it 
  April 14, 2014
Quoting Owslafa Jones I think this is one of your best yet! As a side-note, Thorond's axe really does have runes... LEGO and 53454. Wonder what those mean in Rainosian? :D
Haha. I have no idea. :P
 I like it 
  April 14, 2014
I love the build, story, and characters!
 I like it 
  April 14, 2014
I think this is one of your best yet! As a side-note, Thorond's axe really does have runes... LEGO and 53454. Wonder what those mean in Rainosian? :D
 I made it 
  April 14, 2014
Quoting A M Awesome!
Thanks A M!
 I made it 
  April 14, 2014
Quoting clayton Marchetti Bravo! A true work of art! Awesome sets , I agree I really like the chimney the whole building looks fabulous . excellent job!
Thanks clayton!
 I made it 
  April 14, 2014
Quoting Red Son Great job. Very, very long... :-)
Yeah. I didn't mean it to be that long, but it just turned out that way. Thanks!
 I like it 
  April 14, 2014
 I like it 
  April 14, 2014
Bravo! A true work of art! Awesome sets , I agree I really like the chimney the whole building looks fabulous . excellent job!
 I made it 
  April 14, 2014
Quoting J D WOW! Long and awesome!
Haha, yeah. Thanks J D! :D
 I like it 
  April 14, 2014
WOW! Long and awesome!
By Professor B.
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