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Millennium Falcon
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Millennium Falcon
About this creation
Blogged on Eurobricks!
I love Lego®, I love Star Wars®, I love the Ship which made the Kessel Run in less then 12 parsecs!

Five years ago 10179 was sitting in front of me on a dusty bottom shelf, half hidden, the box thorn and squashed, 500 bucks the price tag... I left it there. I have been cursing myself ever since and finally, the last year, I bought a 7965 instead! For my kids : P

It turned out to be such a great model with so much to play with. Kids were happy. Lego® made a beautiful toy but - with my long gone 10179 in mind - I wanted to have more "realistic" feel. I also wished to keep the playability. In fact, the only flaw I see in 10179 is the weight/size and the lack of the interior. Surely it is "THE model" but it is designed to be displayed not played : ))

So, after some research on the web which I will mention in the acknowledgements, I finally decided to MOD my 7965.

To great disliking on my 8 years old and delight of my 6 I started tearing the model apart... The more I dug the more I had to change and after a while I noticed I was faorced to modify the whole inner technics structure to move ahead with my project...
So I got hooked, downloaded LDD and finally decided to build my falcon from scratch... 7965 was a smokin chunk of bricks: form its ashes a brand new MOC was about to be born!
Well.... Not so fast. I first drafted it in LDD ( 6 months), built it and modified it to check and improve its sturdiness, revised it in LDD (3 more months) and finally built it again. All in all one year: I must be the slowest builder on earth. Yet I would do it again...and my kids are happy with the result!

The new falcon counts 2884 bricks, mostly medium dark grey. I reused all the original 7965 pieces I could but still bought quite a lot on brick owl and Lego®. Receiving and opening the small envelopes week after week made me feel like a child on Xmas day! So thank you all who had the patience to deal with me!

Here follow some picture of the MOC. I will also upload some LDDs of the original 7965 to show the differences.

7965 - overall view

The Falcon in slightly bigger than the original 7965. The rear engine determined the size of the disc... It also stands higher from the ground but the main circular body is thinner. The real falcon is very thin and definitely flatter than my version but I needed enough space for the minifigures and the 4 passage archway in the middle of the ship. So the final height is the minimum possible.

The main feature is that the circular body is symmetrical as it should. Most of the underneath is also stud on. Top and bottom's plates have almost the same inclination. The original 7965 has a flat bottom instead. Also, the plates along the cargo bays leave them visible to the same degree both above and below.

7965 - side view

The whole roof is completely openable, even if to a less degree thank 7965 due to the engine plates.

I put all 5 "feet" as per the original Falcon. The rear ones actually have two legs each and are bigger than the front ones.

7965 - Landing Gears

The legs can be easily removed and the bays can be closed for "flying mode" ; )

79179 ; ) - Flying Mode!

7965 - Underbelly

The upper and lower laser cannons are identical : )) as well as the central round plates which support them. They are bigger than they should be but I could not manage to reduce them while keeping enough detail so for me it is a good compromise!

The cargo bays are the most complex build of the model. The are almost exact hexagons, which I obtained through a 1/2 brick side displacement of the side walls. Also, they are centered on the sides of the body and they end into round "doors". For the outer ring I modified a solution applied for the same area on 10179. It is a chain of 2x1 supported by 2x2 plates with grid slopes on top. I which they were in medium stone grey but Lego only does hem in dark, so I added some more dark here and there as well as red and sand to give some continuity to the whole. Miraculously, the radar plates fit seamlessly inside the ring and are attached to the bays through SNOTs.
The final shape of the bays is quite similar to the real Falcon.

The mandibles of the original 7965 are possibly it's weakest point. They needed to be thicker, wider and with a different connection angle. The new mandibles are quite faithful to the real Falcon, I also added the 4 holes as per 10179 and other builders. The mandibles are stud on also on the lower face and are as thick as the side perimeter of the circular body.
The mandibles' structure is part of the main technic skeleton to ensure the necessary sturdiness.
The two central "channels" are almost identical to give symmetry to the front and side views. The side slopes are attached to the main structure through SNOTs. It was a fun build!

7965 - mandibles

For the cockpit I wanted to use the 7965 and managed to seat 4, even if not in 2 x 2 rows... Still, there was no space left for interiors and my wife insisted to have a red steering wheel instead. It is fun, I like it now : ))
The whole cockpit position was also to be revised, it had to be attached further back than 7965. This part is one of the most elaborated in terms of roof plates. It is still completely openable though. There is also a small "door" on the back of the corridor...

As many know, if you try to "rebrick" 10179 the rarest part is the rubber light grey ladder... Very very hard to find. I opted for normal hard ladders in dark stone grey. They are attached through joints to the upper and lower part of the roof. I thought they would fall off but, incredibly, once the up and down are joint, the whole results very strong!
I decided to go for a black engine since I imagined the ship as landed. Yet I also have some clear blue... Sooner or later I will switch to "flying mode".

Many thanks to all the great Falcon builders who inspired me, I hope not to forget anybody. The list does not follow any particular order...
  • Michele Fabbri is here on MOCpages with his "7965 with interiors", amazing! I got the idea for my 4 holes in the mandibles from him! Thank you Michele!

  • J.K. with his "7965 Modification". The way he managed to match all the roof plates' angles while maintaining the original supporting "ring" is brilliant. I loved it! It was his picture which got me started ; )

  • Infinite brickman with his "7965 4504" ... He made a wonderful job with the top and sides of his MOC and gave me a lot of ideas!

  • Marshall Banana is far too famous to be cited here but I will anyways. Probably my favorite Star War builder ever. His sandcrawler and falcon are unique!

Thank you all guys!

The inside is not finished yet and I will post more pics ASAP... Preview Peek: C3PO says hello...

oh oh

No Way!!!

Many thanks for watching ...

Building instructions
Download building instructions (LEGO Digital Designer)


 I made it 
  May 16, 2016
Guys sorry for the very late reply...I have been away from MOCp for quite a while and as I came back with the little mini modular I saw your messages. Posting on MOCpages is sharing my passion and the fact that you drew inspiration from my build and shared it back with me is simply awesome. Sean, your falcon is so nice! I like the color palette and I can see how you used some of my ideas and made it yours! Good job man! Now I will have to copy your radar hahaha!
  January 2, 2016
Hey Dario! Thanks for the LDD file, I just saw it now as I have been away for a while as well.. I wanted you to know that over the last year I built my own version of the Millennium Falcon in LDD pulling inspiration from your build. I would love to hear what you think and if you have any pointers. I am unable to buy parts and build currently but am hoping to do so over the next year. check it out here Hope that you like it, thank you for the inspiration!
 I like it 
  September 9, 2015
This is outstanding! I did a "custom Rebrick" of the 10179 Falcon a few years ago. It is really quite a spectacle. But I also have the 7965 Falcon and find it lackluster as you did. I downloaded your build file and installed the lego designer application and plan on building this version. It is definitely outstanding! Do you have a parts list of what extra pieces you needed to buy on top of what was available in the 7965? That would help tremendously. Thanks!
 I like it 
  May 25, 2015
Thank you Dario for the LDD of your work! I can't wait to finish this project now :D I think I'm also going to do a lot of work with the interior as well!
 I like it 
  May 5, 2015
I absolutely love this Mod and want to give it a go myself. Just wanted to ask a few questions: 1. How many pieces did you use from the original 7965? 2. I managed to extract the parts list from the lxf file and was wondering does the total part qty include the parts orignally from 7965 or is that quantity over and above the original qty?
 I made it 
  April 16, 2015
Quoting Gavin Crawford Any news on the LDD? I just bricklinked 7965 and it's already looking non spec due to swapping parts / colours etc to save cash, cut corners and make it look like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. I want to change those mandibles...
Hi Gavin, just uploaded the LDD... it is not the final version as I hoped but I am too busy to implement all changes and did not want to make you all wait forever. Still I believe you will find what you are looking for...the differences are minimal. Enjoy! Sharing is caring : )
 I made it 
  April 16, 2015
Hello everybody, sorry for the long delay, I am very busy at the moment and could not upload the updated instructions. Since some of you have been asking, here goes an older version of the .lxf file. The main diffrence with the final model is in the cargo bays, but I believe they are quite easy to reverse engineer from the pictures. I hope this help! Enjoy this build as much as I did!!! Many thanks for your comments Dario
 I like it 
  April 14, 2015
Any news on the LDD? I just bricklinked 7965 and it's already looking non spec due to swapping parts / colours etc to save cash, cut corners and make it look like the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. I want to change those mandibles...
 I like it 
  March 17, 2015
I have the set, and the Phantom as well, with a little (read: a lot) of modding, the Phantom fits in the Falcon. Mine is now called Nova Run and has a completely holoscreen-composed cockpit. The cockpit is upsidedown for better landing. It also drops bombs and has 4 more secret compartments. There is a bubble on the top back left (front view) to fit the Phantom's springloaded shooter.
 I like it 
  March 11, 2015
great job
 I like it 
  February 23, 2015
This is a very impressive mod. My hat's off to you. I'd love to mod my Falcon to look like this. Looking forward to the LDD.
 I like it 
  January 20, 2015
Amazing work! I just got the 7965 set today and would love to dive into recreating your mod! I would be very excited to have the LDD file whenever you are able to upload it! waiting patiently! All the best and thanks for sharing!
 I like it 
  January 11, 2015
Hello - I just wanted to say that I've looked at many custom Millennium Falcons, and I like your creation the best :D I've been working on my own based on your work, but I'd love to see a LDD file if possible. Thanks for sharing!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2014
Very, very cool. I've been looking for some ideas to upgrade my son's 7965 set and can't wait for your LDD. Kudos!
 I made it 
  December 15, 2014
Hello guys, thank you very much for your nice feedback... I have indeed LDD for the falcon and have no problems to share it. Only, it requires quite a lot of updating since I modified while building. I m now working on a massive mod for the evoke village as those trees need to have far more foliage ; )) I will post the LDD for the falcon as soon as I m done. Please be patient, Many thanks again
 I like it 
  December 15, 2014
Wow, this looks awesome! I hope you have time to post some instructions, as I'm really interested to see how you moved the cockpit and widened the mandibles. Excellent work!
 I like it 
  December 7, 2014
Can you please, post instructions for making this model?
 I like it 
  December 7, 2014
Can you post instructions or ldd file to make your moc? It is awesome!
 I made it 
  September 2, 2014
Quoting Infinite Brickman First off great build! Thanks for the mention, glad I could offer up inspiration. How did you get your mandible repair bays like that? Also the under side plating looks great! How did you do it? That's the only real difference that made me want the 10179. Again great build! You've done the Falcon proud!
Hi Brickman, thanks for your post! It is so nice to have your feedback, especially since it's good!!! As per the build, the next week I will upload detailed pics of the engine blocks which support both the upper and lower plating. They are possibly my nicest build! The mandibles are complex but boring, there is not much space to make them robust while studded on both sides: basically three layers of plates held together by several 1x1x1 SNOTs, I will also post pictures! Once again, thanks and glad you like it!
 I like it 
  August 22, 2014
First off great build! Thanks for the mention, glad I could offer up inspiration. How did you get your mandible repair bays like that? Also the under side plating looks great! How did you do it? That's the only real difference that made me want the 10179. Again great build! You've done the Falcon proud!
 I like it 
  August 13, 2014
Wow, that's just about perfect. When I was 8, I would have murdered to get my hands on a Millenium Falcon this perfect. Great job.
 I like it 
  July 23, 2014
Nice modifications! You made some excellent revisions and interior details. I have the original kit as well and I've always wanted to make similar mods. Great job!
 I made it 
  July 21, 2014
9 9 9 VISITORS... magic number! Thanks everybody
 I made it 
  July 17, 2014
Thank you all guys for supporting! The falcon is quite "old school" and I'm so happy some are still interested in it! Thanks !
 I made it 
  July 17, 2014
Quoting Graham Gidman Wow.
Graham... Getting "wow" from you is a honor! Your MOCs are gorgeous... Your Z-83 starship is F A N T A S T I C! I love the functionality you put into that stylish "freezing" look! Great! Thanks again!
 I made it 
  July 17, 2014
Quoting Caleb My favorite aspect of your design is the underbelly, it looks so well put together. I thought about doing something similar with my ship! The cockpit slope and mandibles are also fantastico!
Thank you Caleb! I posted some more pics of the under belly "flying mode" ... (No landing legs and bays closed) Hope you like it!
 I like it 
  July 17, 2014
 I like it 
  July 14, 2014
Wow so much better! It was definitely worth a year!
 I like it 
  July 9, 2014
Amazing! Looks exactly like a mini UCS version. I love seeing how everyone can come up with their own way to make their Falcon unique and different from one another! My favorite aspect of your design is the underbelly, it looks so well put together. I thought about doing something similar with my ship! The cockpit slope and mandibles are also fantastico!
 I like it 
  July 8, 2014
Grazie mille per la citazione, è un vero onore per me! Ciao e ancora tantissimi complimenti.
 I like it 
  July 6, 2014
Fantastic! I absolutely love this model. As someone who has successfully brick linked the 10179 I would say you nailed the proportions while keeping true to the soul of LEGO: playability for your kids. Don't kick yourself too hard for missing the UCS version when it was out. As awesome as it is I can tell you all mine does is stay at the top of my display case so my daughter doesn't climb up on it and fly away LOL. By the way, thanks for the ideas for my outrider, I'll be sure to mess around with the suggestions to see what I can come up with.
 I made it 
  June 30, 2014
Lobot! Many thanks for your support... being blogged on eurobricks Star Wars - the place to be - and with such good review is a wish come true! I will post more pics with details and more internal asap! Thanks again
  June 28, 2014
Excellent work, and a vast improvement on the original! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished interior. Eurobricks blogged :-)
By Dario Del Frate
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