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The Insurgency: #9 Breaking And Entering (GC)
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Here is Part 9 in my Insurgency Series. A Monthly Challenge build for the Marauders! Please comment, rate and enjoy!
About this creation
Corresponding text underneath each picture.

30th December 2094: Present Day

After my meeting with Mr. Grey on Etrion, I had taken off straight away. I wanted to read through the file he had handed me but was afraid that if I stayed where I was, I would be attacked by more raiders.

So instead I headed into the sky and then paused in the safety of space.

I pulled out the file and from within it, removed a datachip, which I clipped into the on-board computer. A moment later, it brought up all of the information I needed.

Scanning through it, I muttered a few lines aloud as I read;

Tank: “…dangerous…. Iapra…. Great, back there again… Infiltrate the containment facility! You must be joking!”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but I continued anyway.

Tank: “…infiltrate the containment facility and extract the precious cargo detailed below… What precious cargo? Now what does he want me to steal?” I muttered and scanned down the page to bottom and my mouth dropped open as a mugshot of a human male appeared.
Tank: “…Name: Becker Fredricks. Age: 42 … yadda yadda… Imprisoned for: Five counts of theft, two counts of GBH, one count of murder and twelve of aiding and abetting the enemy! Aurelian…

I sat up straight and stared into the inky blackness of space, wondering how the hell I was supposed to pull this off.

Tank: “Great. So they bust me out of prison…. So that I can break back into another one.” I shook my head in disbelief.
Tank: “Only this time, I have to get in and out... With a prisoner in tow… With only a handful of weaponry...”

I punched the co-ordinates for Iapra into the navi-computer.

Tank: “This is going to be fun.” I commented sarcastically as the ship blasted away.

It took me a little over a day to reach Iapra but by the time I got there, I had formulated a plan.

However when I took the viper down into the atmosphere, it was nowhere near the containment facility I needed to break into. However, I had not made a mistake…

I touched down on the hot side of the planet near a large hill on the outskirts of a small town. I secured the ship and then headed cautiously towards the hill. I drew my pistol just in case there were any GI around. I didn’t expect there would be, but the last time I’d been here, I was arrested and thrown into jail for the second time.

As it happens I was lucky and there was nobody about, although realistically, I hadn’t expected there to be; I was just being precautious. I reached the base of the hill and made my way around to the side facing away from the town and there, undisturbed other than a build-up of sand, was a door. Set between two large boulders, it appeared to be sealed tight, however I knew that the GI wouldn’t have bothered doing that. I wasn’t that much of a threat to them and besides, I doubt that when I was taken from here they would have expected me to be coming back again!

I tried the door handle and sure enough, the door swung inwards with squeaky ease. The space beyond the door was dark but that wasn’t an issue to me; I knew my way around. I stepped inside, down a couple of small wooden steps onto the cave floor and looked around.

It was exactly as I remembered it, albeit messier from where the GI troops had presumably searched the place after my capture.

It was a small cave. To my right from where I was currently stood was what had been Jarred’s area. A wooden ‘bed’, our joint makeshift wardrobe, a single shelf and a cabinet with a small gas lamp on. Straight ahead in the centre of the cave was our all-purpose wooden table with two rickety old stools. Along the left wall were some more shelves and the workbench where I had spent most of my time while we were here. At the back of the cave in a small alcove was my area.

I walked there now, past the table, running a finger along it as I did so and leaving a single trail in the thick dust.

In my alcove sat my wooden ‘bed’ and a wonky side table. I sighed and plonked myself down on the thin sheet that covered the wooden plank that had been my bed and coughed as a little dust cloud erupted around me.

I flapped my hand to clear the air and then sat there for a moment looking around.

Jarred and I had spent five months living in this cave. For five months we had called this place home. And now it lay here abandoned, full of sand and dust.

I shook my head sadly as I looked about.
The GI who arrested me had clearly searched the place after Id been taken away, as the few clothes I had were strewn all over the place, my piles of junk and scrap metal that I accumulated during our time here were scattered across the floor. Suddenly something occurred to me;

My datapad!

I rushed over to the workbench where I’d hidden the secure datapad before my capture and crawled underneath. I got my nails into the tiny crack in the underside of the wooden desk and pulled on the loose board. It fell open...

But to my dismay, the compartment was empty.
Tank: “What?!” I cried out incredulously. I lay there in shock for a few moments before pulling myself out and standing up.

I racked my brains, trying to think of what could possibly have happened to it. I knew that the GI didn’t have it, otherwise they would have questioned me about it’s contents and my mission to find out the truth.

So the GI didn’t have it, I didn’t have it, it wasn’t where I left it... so who did have it?!

There could only be one explanation, and that is that somebody else has been in here; Somebody smart. Somebody has got in here and taken my datapad away. But what have they done with it? Have they destroyed it? Unlikely. Why would they take it away, cover their tracks and then destroy it? No. So are they using it? Is somebody out there in the galaxy, continuing my work? Trying to find out the truth?

I could think of no other explanation and a huge grin spread across my face.

Somebody else is on my team!

With that happy thought, I turned back around and went over to where my clothes had been carelessly tossed aside. I didn’t have much. Just what had been my spares during the time I spent here with Jarred. But they were still better than my current attire and so I quickly got changed.

A few minutes later I stood in the doorway to the hideout, ready to leave once and for all. I had a final look around and then pulled the door shut behind me.

I headed back to the viper, pleased that I’d put on my old clothing as it was more suited to desert conditions and a small sandstorm was picking up. When I reached the ship I leapt in and took off as quickly as I could to avoid the storm. As it happened, if the storm was planet-wide as they so often were, it would prove very useful to me as I tried to sneak into the containment facility.

I piloted the viper around the planet and about two hours later, got close to the facility I was going to break into. I had been right about the storm and so was able to land invisibly a short distance from the facility.

The facility was a low, ugly building made from light coloured stone. From the outside it looked fairly small but I was guessing that, like most of the buildings on Iapra, to avoid to dramatic weather, most of it would be underground.

I pulled my bandana up over my nose and mouth to protect my face from the raging sand and then sprinted through the storm towards the building. I dropped to the ground a few meters from it as I spotted a patrolling guard a short way off. He soon walked away though and I was able to make it to the wall of the base. I crept around the building to where an exhaust port stuck out from the wall. I made sure that the coast was clear and then planted a remote charge on the grill.

The grill was far too small for me to fit through but that didn’t matter, as this was just a diversion.

I crept back the way I’d come until I reached a ladder I’d passed earlier and began to climb. I carefully peered over the top as I got there and saw two guards, both facing the other way. Now I could either take them out or hope that the storm and the explosion would shield me from them.

I decided to try the last tactic first and I crawled onto the rooftop. Laying flat on my belly I activated the remote for the charge on the grill and there was an almighty explosion from the rear of the building. The two guards raced over to the other side of the roof, weapons ready, looking down to the exhaust ports. Through the storm I could still see the smoke billowing.

I silently sprinted over to the roof hatch and turned the handle. It squeaked slightly but the guards didn’t hear so I pulled on the lid and then once it was open began to climb down the ladder inside, closing the hatch behind me.

As I climbed down the ladder, I could hear sirens wailing and it was clear that my distraction had worked. It also soon became clear that I had climbed a lot further down than it would have taken for me to reach ground level. A minute later though, I reached the bottom of the tunnel. I carefully checked that the room I was descending into was empty and then climbed down the rest of the ladder.

Using a map which had been included in the data document Mr. Grey had given to me, I carefully navigated through the corridors, heading towards the block where Mr. Fredricks was being held.

I luckily encountered little resistance, as my distraction had everybody several floors above on the opposite side of the base.

I wasn’t completely alone however.

Guard: “Hey you!” I had stupidly run around a corner without checking first and about five meters ahead, looking straight at me was a guard.
I couldn’t do anything else, if he raised the alarm, I would be done for. One of my pistols was out and he collapsed. I crouched next to the body, ready to fire again in case somebody came to investigate the gunshot but thankfully, nobody did. I couldn’t leave the body in the middle of the corridor though, so I tried the nearest door and found it to be a supplies cupboard. I heaved the dead guard through the doorway and shoved him into the tiny space.
Tank: “Sorry about this.” I told the corpse quietly as I shut the door on him. There was a smear of blood on the polished floor but I didn’t have time to sort it out, instead I ran on, pleading that I didn’t come across anybody else.

A minute later, I came to the first of the cell blocks and paused. It was a narrow corridor with both walls lined with cell doors. Not very long, at the far end the corridor split in two, but I knew I needed to head right. My issue was, that at the junction, there was another guard.
However, there was no time for planning. At the moment, he was facing away from me, but I knew that he could turn around at any second. I sprinted towards him, noticing on the way that most of the cells were in fact empty. He heard me at the last second and began to turn but using the butt of my pistol, I cracked him across the head and he crumpled, unconscious.

I headed to the right, down another row of cells and then turned left and headed down a flight of stairs, deeper into the facility.

I paused at the bottom of the stairs. There was a large door with ’CAUTION’ signs all over it and above the door, a sign saying ’HIGH SECURITY’.
Tank: “Great...” I muttered. “Well, here we go.” I hacked the security code of the door and it slid open.

A corridor crossed the path of the door and I dashed to the left. It was a very long corridor with doors all the way along, stretching as far as the eye could see in both directions, however these weren’t normal cell doors, these were doors to containment rooms; larger, more secure than ordinary cells, these were reserved for the more dangerous of the captured criminals.

As I ran, I wondered how many were occupied but my thoughts were interrupted as from an adjoining corridor emerged another guard. He spotted me and I only just had time to raise my pistol. I fired and he jolted backwards but didn’t fall. I fired again, refusing to stop running towards him at the same time. This time he toppled over and I continued on my way. As I passed the junction, I saw a plaque on the wall which indicated that I was heading towards Maximum Security, Robotics and Confiscated Goods.

However, my target was not that far. I slowed down when I knew I was in the correct area and began keeping an eye on the cell numbers.

Tank: “119. 120. 121. 122…” I counted aloud as I went. “128. 129.”

I stopped. I was there. According to Grey’s file, Becker Fredircks was behind that door.

I looked around, checking for guards. I spotted a camera a short distance away but wasn’t bothered; I had ignored every camera so far, I was just hoping that my distraction still had most of the guards occupied.

I approached the security panel and began hacking into it; I had always been good with technology as well as engineering. A few seconds later there was a ‘PING’ and a red light on the control board turned to green. I pressed the ‘Open’ button and the cell door slid upwards into the roof.

I hurriedly but still with caution stepped inside.

Fredricks: “Who the hell are you?” The room had a single occupant who had been sat at the far side but had now stood up.
Tank: “My name is Chain Rockwell, or Tank if you’d prefer. I’ve been sent to get you out of here.”
Fredricks: “Me?”
Tank: “Yes you. You’re Becker Fredricks aren’t you?” I realised I’d better check to make sure I had the right man.
Fredricks: “Of course I am!”
Tank: “Good, then let’s go!”

Fredricks paused for a moment, confused but then quickly decided to trust me and together we left the room.
Tank: “This way.”

I indicated for us to turn right and go back the way I’d come, however as we did so, numerous voices came from up ahead. I put my arm out in front of Becker to stop him going any further and we listened as lots of hurried footsteps grew louder.

Tank: “Go!” I ordered, spinning Fredricks around to face the other way. We turned and sprinted in the opposite direction and not a moment too soon. I glanced behind me and saw at the far end of the corridor a whole squad of Imperial Guards heading our way. They’d obviously discovered that my distraction had been just that and had checked their security cameras – discovering me in the process.

As we ran, I heard somebody shout and then running footsteps – they were chasing us.

Fredricks and I kept running. We came to a junction; right was signposted to ‘Maximum Security’ and left was ‘Robotics’ and ‘Confiscated Goods’. – We headed left.

The sound of running getting ever closer followed us as we charged through ‘Robotics’. Cells similar to those in ‘High Security’ but looking much sturdier lined the walls of this corridor. But we needed nothing here and so continued running until we reached the far end. There we barrelled through another door…

And stopped dead in our tracks.

Ahead of us was a large, wide area which was obviously a loading bay of some kind as at the far side was a set of massive double doors. I wondered if this was where they brought the prisoners in. If it was, then that meant those double doors must lead to the outside somewhere! It must be another exit!

The only issue was, that between us and those doors was another squad of guards. Standing at attention, they were being talked to by a superior, who thankfully hadn’t noticed us yet, but it wouldn’t be long before somebody did.

I yanked on Fredicks’ arm and pulled him back through the door. I glanced behind us but our pursuers were out of sight around a corner and a little way back up the corridor still, although we could still hear them approaching.

I examined the control panel for the cell next to us but quickly established that it would take too long to hack.
Fredricks: “What are you doing?” he cried as I dropped to one knee and opened up a small panel on the wall beneath the board. I yanked on a handful of wires and there were some sparks that made Becker flinch – this guy was an Aurelian leader? No wonder the GI were squashing them!
Fredricks: “Hurry!” he pleaded as I worked in the wires but just a few seconds later there was a ‘Swoosh!’ as the cell door vanished upwards. I grabbed his arm and pulled us inside, hitting the ‘Close’ button as we did so and the door slid shut again behind us.

We caught our breath for a moment and hoped that the guards hadn’t rounded the corner in time to see where we’d gone.

Fredricks: “Well now what are we going to do?” he demanded. “We’re stuck in here thanks to you!”
Tank: “And if it wasn’t for me, you’d still be stuck in your cell, so shut it! Understand?” I argued back, starting to get annoyed by his lack of thankfulness.

He looked at me hard for a second and then turned away to face the back wall…

And then he took a step backwards.

I had been facing the door but he grabbed my arm in fright and it suddenly occurred to me that we had entered the cell without knowing if it was occupied or not…

Slowly I turned around, dreading what I might see, what we might find locked up here in a ‘Robotics’ cell.

But what I saw shocked me more than it would have shocked Fredricks or indeed anyone else who might have stumbled in here.

In a cruel-looking containment device with metal arms, and energy shielded bars holding it in place was a droid – a robot possessing artificial intelligence. This particular droid appeared to be made up of spare parts. His legs were mismatched and one clawed foot was a slightly larger than the other. His arms also differed from each other and his armour plating was a variety of different greys and blacks. Beneath an old fashioned Imperial helmet, his black head lolled to one side and his eye sockets were blank and empty, showing that he was deactivated.

I should have felt pleased that a potentially deadly robot wasn’t active…

But I didn’t. Instead I felt horror. Horror, shock and sadness…

But also elation…

Tank: “Tracks!” I whispered his name and took a step towards him.
Fredricks: “Wait, you know this thing?” he asked from behind me incredulously.
Tank: “Know it?” I repeated before answering. “Know him. And yes…

I built him.”


A look at Tank's old base.

From the other side. (Slightly blurry, sorry.)

The outside of the base.

Track's containment cell.

As my series is going to be jumping around though time, I will include a date on each episode and add it to the timeline at the end of each episode so that you can follow it.


Ep #8: January 3rd 2094
Ep #2: February 20th 2094
Ep #1: December 15th 2094
Ep #3: December 18th 2094
Ep #4: December 23rd 2094
Ep #5: December 23rd + 24th 2094
Ep #6: December 26th 2094
Ep #7: December 27th & 28th 2094
Ep #9: December 30th 2094


 I like it 
  May 3, 2016
Impressive builds! Love the detailed nature of the various scenes, especially the littered room and the neat containment unit!
 I like it 
  July 16, 2014
I like the story however i wanted to see more shots of the lil star fighter. Great job
 I like it 
  July 1, 2014
Nice story! Love it!
 I made it 
  June 30, 2014
Quoting Professor B. How in the world do you keep that hat on his head? :P Nice job.
Ahh! Well that's my little secret isn't it. *cough*blue tack*cough* ;D --Blast--
 I like it 
  June 29, 2014
How in the world do you keep that hat on his head? :P Nice job.
 I like it 
  June 28, 2014
Great Work your character looks like Gambit
 I made it 
  June 28, 2014
Quoting El Barto ! Nice work here, Chief! Now, just a few suggestions, for whatever they're worth. Personally, I like a few more pictures per paragraph of prose. So what you can do is throw in some close ups of the character's face. Change up the camera angles, show them coming, then going, that kind of thing. But that's just me. Keep of the great story line!
Thank you! Yes, normally I have a lot more pictures with the text. If you look at my U.R.S. vs F.I.S. series, you will be able to see this. However I am currently at University and so have limited pieces available, so I can't add as much detail as I would like to. --Blast--
 I like it 
  June 27, 2014
Nice work here, Chief! Now, just a few suggestions, for whatever they're worth. Personally, I like a few more pictures per paragraph of prose. So what you can do is throw in some close ups of the character's face. Change up the camera angles, show them coming, then going, that kind of thing. But that's just me. Keep of the great story line!
 I like it 
  June 27, 2014
Wow! This was a spectacular episode! From the mystery of he missing data pad to breaking into a maximum security prison and being reunited with a robot he built! I can't wait to see if this will be his ticket out of the prison and his new companion. This would make a great book. Your writing skills are brilliant!
 I like it 
  June 25, 2014
Cool story, you seem to have a knack for knowing where to end it, so that we'll be looking forward to the next one. A few more pictures sprinkled around the text wouldn't hurt, but I know that is easier said than done.
 I like it 
  June 25, 2014
Nice builds and story. All work together to keep the viewer/reader interested! :)
 I like it 
  June 25, 2014
Good job! I want to know more about the droid!
 I like it 
  June 25, 2014
Nice work! Tank's base is good, and the prison door in the rock was a personal favourite. [Ess]
 I like it 
  June 25, 2014
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