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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary - Prologue
So here it is everyone! The beginning of "The Jedi Mercenary" has begun. Took a long time to write and picture, but I think it was worth it. Hopefully, you all will enjoy it and please give me your thoughts about it. For now, enjoy the first chapter of the series!
About this creation


(Geonosis, first day of the Clone Wars and the new Grand Army of the Republic)

Amongst the asteroid belt of the terrestrial, arid and rocky planet, known as Geonosis, three Acclamator-class star cruisers have stationed themselves outside the belt as they awaited for the signal of the first battle to commense.

Inside the Necross Acclamator-class Cruiser, the leading Acclamator Cruiser of the three, a seventeen year old Padawan, Kydan Witress, glazed through the many asteroids that orbited around the planet. He wasn't intentionally focused on the giant rocks or field belt, however. It seemed he was pondering very hard on something else. So focused on whatever he was thinking about, he didn't even sense the presence of another figure beside him.

Voice- So, I guess this is really it, huh Kydan?

The voice was loud enough to snap himself back into reality as he turned to his left to find a black figure standing next to him, gazing at him with rose red colored eyes. He gave him an uncertain and sad smile.

Kydan- Yeah it is...can't believe this is really happening. I thought I was prepared for this. But now, now I don't think I'm ready to fight in a war. Yes, I have fought in many battles in the past during my missions, but I never fought in a war before. I have no clue on how to act in a war. I have no skill, I don't...I don't know Dark, maybe I'm just saying this out of proportion.

Dark- Yeah, maybe your right. You might just be saying that...but your not the only one who thinks that. I can sense the many Jedi Padawans and Knights are feeling the same way as you are right now. But I know for sure that... we will not be alone in this fight. We will have each other backs, right?

Kydan gave his friend a genuine smile of certainty. Dark is the only few people that he knew who can give him the confidence and advice he always needed to move forward. He couldn't think about where he would be today without him or his other friend's help. He was happy that he had them.

Kydan- *Chuckles* Yeah, you got that right Dark. We're never alone...

Voice- Uh, who are you speaking to?

Gasping silently, Kydan turns his head aroudn in suprise as a young woman who was around his age was standing next to him where Dark was just recently standing. She gave him a confusing look with her eyebrow raised. She probably thought he was completly insane or something.

Kydan- Oh, uh-no one! J-Just talking to myself Rilicia!

Hoping that it convinced her, which appeared it did, she gave him a gentle smile and chuckled soflty.

Rilicia-  Well you know, if you keep talking to yourself, people are gonna think and treat you like a lunatic. If that happens, I don't think I can help you.

Kydan: U-Uh, right!

Rilicia: *Giggles* So, are you ready for the upcoming battle?

Kydan- Yes...and no. Yes I am eager to defeat Count Dooku and his droids once and for all, but I'm still not too sure about fighting in a war just yet. I still feel like I need more training in order to do something like this.

Rilicia- Same here. But like it or not, were gonna have to fight them, no matter what our decisions are.

Before he could reply back to her, an older man wearing a captain's hat walked up behind them without them noticing his presence.

Voice- Excuse me Commanders? Were ready to proceed with the mission brief.

Both Kydan and Rilicia turn her heads to see Captain Wolrein, who is in charge of the battle charge, who had approched them from behind with a stern expression.

Rilicia- Excellent captain. Lets begin going over the plan then.

The three huddled around the HoloNet table as Captain Wolrein pulled out a datapad from his belt and starts to type in numbers and letters when the computer database begins to upload the mission plans.

Rilicia- Alright Captain, you may begin.

Wolrein- Yes Commander. *Ahem* As you arrive on Geonosis, your mission is to target a Geonosian Research Tower that will be three clicks away from your LZ drop. There you'll find a Mandalorian assassin named Alurak Eclipse. Republic Intelligience indicates that he's been working on new weapons and droids for the Count himself. Recently, he has created a brand new set of dorids called Rocket SPDs, droid units that are able to fly and shoot rockets rather than regular blasters from their wrists. We need you and your squads to move in and capture Alurak, alive if by all means possible.

Kydan- Don't worry Captain. He won't be getting away from us, not from us Jedi Knights!

Rilicia playfully rolled her emerald eyes at him and snickered at him.

Rilicia- As confident and reckless as always, Kydan.

Kydan- Well, my confidence and recklessness hasn't failed me yet, has it?

Rilicia- *Smirks* ...For now.

Wolrein- *Coughs out loud* Eh-hem!

Kydan and Rilicia both snapped out of their conversation and turn their heads as they saw Wolrein's face was a bit annoyed with a serious expression on his face. Apparently, he wasn't pleased from their interuptions.

Kydan- Heh... sorry, captain...please, continue.

Wolrein *Clears his throat* As I was saying; Once you captured Alurak and any other scientists that are working with him inside the labs, you are to set some charges inside and destroy the tower once and for all. When you have completed your tasks, contact us as soon as you finish rounding up the remaining droids forces in the area so we can have a clear landing in order to pick you and your squads up. Are there any questions concerning the missions, sirs?

Kydan- Just one; which squads are we taking down to the surface?

Wolrein- Ah, I almost forgot! Forgive me for not saying, commanders. The squad names are both known as Black Moon Squad and White Claw Squad. Commander Kydan, you'll be taking Black Moon Squad under the command of Sergeant Rilos. You'll find him considerably "interesting". As for you Commander Rilicia, you'll be taking White Claw Squad under the command of Lt. Flash. He will be someone that you'll find to be... "intriguing" to say at the least.

Rilicia- Nice to know.

Wolrein- We'll be in the atmosphere in thirty-three minutes. I'll contact you both when we are ready to make drop.

Kydan & Rilicia- Understood.

Retreating from the captain and the mission briefing, they start to head towards the doors as while Captain Wolrein returned to his other task; expecting the bridge's crew.

Kydan- *Sarcastically* Well this should be alot of fun...

Rilicia- It'll be fine Kydan. Just remember your training that our masters taught us. We'll be just fine once we rendevous inside the tower.

Kydan- Yeah, I guess your right. I'm gonna head down to the barracks below and meet with my officer and squad.

Rilicia- Same here. It'll be nice to get acquanted with my new troops. I'll see you later then?

Kydan- *Winks* Definitely!

About ten minutes later, down below in the Clone Barracks on Level 5, Black Moon Squad are all preparing for their first and upcoming mission, as their officer, Sergeant Rilos, was speakign to Captain Wolrein about their mission.

Rilos- Yes sir! We are all prepared and ready for the mission. The squad is awaiting your orders.

Wolrein- Very good. I have put you and your squad under the command of Commander Kydan Witress. He will be your new commanding officer. I have already explained the plans to him and the other officer, Commander Rilicia. They'll give you the full brief of the plans once you reached the surface of the planet.

Rilos- Understood sir. Rilos out!

As Rilos deactivates the comm and returns to his preperations, Kydan enters the squad's barracks as he saw the squad preparing themselves for the mission that was soon to come. He noted that they were all very focused on the task at hand, which seemed to be their primary codings in their DNA. That was said to be for every trooper that was or is cloned from Kamino.

Kydan- Sergeant Rilos?

Turning around in his position, he was faced by his new commanding officer, Kydan, who gave the sergeant a friendly smile. The sergeant took a saluting stance with his arms by his sides and himself facing forward.

Rilos- Commander Witress! We have been expecting you sir!

Kydan- Already huh? Word travels fast I see?

Rilos- Captain Wolrein already told us you were on your way here to meet us, sir.

Kydan- Yes, I am actually anxious to meet you all. And you don't have to be all formal on me sergeant. I like it when I'm around people who are themselves most of the time.

Loosening up, the sergeant sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck for a moment.

Rilos: Yes sir. Sorry sir. May I introduce you to the squad?

Kydan: Lead the way sergeant.

Rilos, taking the lead, walks up to one of the members of the squad where the first one was practicing shooting the metal targetting stance that was used for good firing practice.

Rilos- Black Moon Squad is one of the top Elite Clone Squads in the army. We have never had trouble with our training nor our test assignments back on Kamino. Due to our high skills in combat training, we were ranked up to the many elite squads.

Kydan- Now's a good time to use those training skills on the field.

Rilos- Couldn't agree more sir.

As the clone just finished his daily training routine, he glanced over his shoulder to see Rilos and Kydan walking towards him. Picking his rifle up, he took his positioning post in front of them.

Rilos- Let me introduce you to Bulk. He is specialized with the DC-17 Heavy Blasters and is specifically good with his accuracy of throwing granades in open and closed fields.

Kydan- Pleasure to meet you Bulk.

Bulk- Thank you sir. Eager to get out in the fields and use my training on some scrappies.

Kydan- *Chuckles* You'll get your chance soon enough soldier.

Taking their leave from him, they walk over to another clone who looked liek he was pacing through the room back and forth. He seemed he was focused on something very important, but whatever it was, it snapped him back to reality when they walked up to him.

Rilos- This here is Scanner. He's specialized with tracking down enemy movement and targeting range. HeHe's also well commended for his strategic maneuvers.

Kydan- Really? Then I can't wait to see that out in the battlefields Scanner.

Scanner- Yes sir. Though I usually recommend staying under cover when I operate. Too much of a hasle if I'm under fire by the enemy.

Kydan- That might be a bit rough with all those droids firing at us. Trust me though Scanner, I tried something like and I had rockets coming at me from all over.

Scanner was happy he wore a helmet. If he didn't, they would have seen him nervously gulp and smile at them.

Scanner- I-I'll take your word on that sir.

Leaving Scanner back to whatever he was doing a bit ago, they walk over to the next clone of the squad. Apparently, he was watching the asteroid belt outside the barrack's viewpoint. Snapping himself from the view, he turns aroudn and finds Rilos and Kydan standing before him.

Rilos- Next we have Hopper. He is extremely skilled with the DC-17 Repeater Gun. He even customizes most of them on his own, making them more..."effective". IF you would call it that sir.

Since Hopper was wearign his helmet like everyone else, Rilos nor Kydna coudl tell that Hopper was sending a glare of daggers at his sergeant of annoyance.

Hopper- Hey! Why try fixing it when you already know that its gonna work?

Kydan- Well then, hope I can see how powerful your guns truly are Hopper.

Hopper- You can definetly count on that sir. Point me to our enemies and I'll blow them all into bits!

Exchanging their words, they leave Hopper back to what he was doing as they approached the last clone of the squad. Out of all of the clones Kydna had met so far in his squad, THIS cloen seemed different. Both in form and senses. His armor looked brand new, newer than any of the other clones in the room. He made a hypothesis that this clone must have been a new recruit.

Rilos- Recently, we had a soldier named Grease who was our Sniper Expert in our squad for sometime. But after he was promoted to Sergeant, he was transfered to another squad.

Kydan- That's sad to hear.

Rilos- Yes sir, it is. But for our newest recruit, we have Red Scar, our other Sniper Expert. As a matter of fact, he's actually a bit faster than good ol' Grease, but we couldn't tell Grease that though. Otherwise, he would go on a riot.

Kydan- It's nice to meet you Red Scar.

Red Scar- And to you too sir! Red Scar is at your service and ready for action!

At this, Kydan just chuckled by his action. Red Scar was very formal and a bit funny at the same time. Not sure how, but somehow he had found someone who could be a very good friend. Red Scar slowly lowered his hand and his head as he turned to Rilos.

Red Scar- Um...sirs...permission to speak freely?

Rilos- Granted soldier.

Red Scar- Well sirs... I would liek to change by name if that's even possible. I like my name! But yet, it seems a bit too long for even me. Permission to have a new nickname?

Rilos- Hmm... well, we can. But what did you have in mind?

Red Scar- Still not sure yet sir...

Kydan, who was actually in deep thought, was trying to come up a new nickname for Red Scar. It did seem too long, even for a clone soldier, so a simple, yet, unique name was in order for him. That's when he got an idea.

Kydan- Hmm... does RS sound good?

Red Scar- RS huh?... Yeah, that does sound better. It's still my name, but shorter. I like it sir!

Rilos- Then RS it is.

RS- Yes sir! Thank you sirs!

Chuckling at "RS'" personality and trait, they left him be and walked back towards the exit doors.

Kydan- Well thank you for introducing me to your squad sergeant. They seem to be a very unique squad. I am eager to see them in action.

Rilos- So am I sir.

Kydan- *Sighs* Well, all that's left to do is wait for Wolrein to give the word.

Rilos- Understood commander. The squad is ready for drop and we're all--

Just before Rilos could finish his sentence, the mics inside the cruiser come to life as a voice was heard throughout the entire ship.

Voice-  ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This is Captain Wolrein of the Necross speaking! We have been ordered to move the fleets into the planet's atmosphere! All personal must return to their posts and all troops to get onto the gunships! I repeat! All personal to their stations and all troops to get on the gunships! We will be in Geonosis' atmosphere in 10 minutes!

Kydan- Well, I guess that answers our questions. Have your men ready and meet me on the gunship sergeant.

Rilos- Yes sir!

With that, Kydan turns towards the door and runs right out of the room as Sergeant Rilos and the rest of Black Moon Squad chekced their gears and weapons one last time before their departure on Geonosis.

Thank you all for reading and viewing. Hopefully you all enjoyed it and please don't forget to comment and rate. Have a wonderful day :)


 I like it 
  January 13, 2015
Nicely fleshed out characters, even for just an intro! Not easy to do when almost everybody looks exactly the same. Cool sets as well. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series...
 I like it 
  October 7, 2014
Brilliant introduction, loved the character development as well as the plot which progressed smoothly throughout, definitely giving you a like and a fave so I can follow the rest of this. I have yet to read the other two you posted but will do so presently. Thanks for the like on my other moc btw, I really appreciate it and I'm very excited to see where your comic is going:)
 I like it 
  October 5, 2014
Interesting story and great scenery. The holograms are especially nice!
 I made it 
  September 5, 2014
Quoting Jedi Master Rave Nice! I can't wait for the next part. By the way, I read your bio, and its kind of funny, I was listening to Skillet while the entire time I was reading the story. :D
Haha that's awesome! :) And thank you guys for your wonderful comments. :)
 I like it 
  September 5, 2014
Awesome Story!!
 I like it 
  September 2, 2014
Nice! I can't wait for the next part. By the way, I read your bio, and its kind of funny, I was listening to Skillet while the entire time I was reading the story. :D
 I like it 
  August 29, 2014
The story is really good!
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