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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 2 - Raid the Tower!
Here's the second chapter of the SWTCW Jedi Mercenary series. I hope you all enjoy! :)
About this creation

(Geonosis, two hours after departure from the Neross)

Geonosis. Rocky, lots of mountains, desert terrains, and the bloody heat wave that washes over the entire planet everyday. That's what Kydan could only describe this barbaric planet. It was not the place to get yourself a sun tan. Its more like getting a sun burn, or dying from the heat or get dehydrate all at once. The planet just plain sucked.

Although the planet was so miserable and so hot, it wasn't gonna stop Kydan and his clone squad, Black Moon. Recently, Kydan and Black Moon had been pin down, trying to hold position for his friend, Rilicia, and her squad, White Claw, to arrive with the reinforcements. Struggling to survive against their outnumbered odds, they had pushed the droids to the Geonosian Research Tower, possibly knowing that Mandalorian assassin, Alurak Eclipse, had them all overpowered. But it wasn't gonna stop them for completing their mission. They were far too close to flee now.

In the North sector of the tower, the droids put their pressure on Kydan and his men, holding them off for as long as the droids could. What made it harder for them was the Heavy Turret that blocked the entry way. But that was only the least of their problems for now.

Kydan- Hopper! Bulk! Concentrate your attacks on that Heavy Turret! Take it out quickly!

Hopper- Sir yes sir!

Turning away from their recent targets, Hopper and Bulk try to get the auto turret's attention to take off the pressure on Kydan who was deflecting the blaster shots as fast as he could. Hopefully the blaze of blaster fire would be enough to stall the turret for long.

Thankfully, with the combine blaster fire from both Hopper, Bulk and Kydan's deflecting blasts that were aimed at the turret, was enough to malfunction it. At that very moment, however, the turret overloads from the attack and overheats as the turret explodes in a pile of flames and broken debris.

Rilos, who was taking cover behind a sandy hill along with Scanner, sees the turret explodes. He sighs in relief under his helmet as he turns his attention to Scanner who was just shooting at a Super Battle Droid on the tower.

Rilos- That takes care of the Heavy Turret! Scanner, any news on our reinforcements?

Scanner- No sir! We recently lost contact with White Claw Squad almost twenty minutes ago! Last we heard was that they were already advancing into the tower as we speak!

Rilos- * In his mind* So much for backup then...

Shaking his head, he turns back to the battle at hand as he tries to come up with a solution.

Rilos- Alright! Lets finish this battle quick! We can lend them a hand once were through with these clankers!

Scanner- Copy that, sir!

Turning back to the battle, Scanner continues to open fire on the droids that were attacking from the tower, as Rilos scans for Kydan who he spotted in the middle of the battlefield, deflecting the blaster fire that was flying at him.

Rilos- Commander! We no longer have contact with Commander Rilicia nor White Claw Squad! They were last located on the South sector of the tower, but we don't know if they made contact with the enemy or gotten inside already!

Kydan- *In his mind* Sounds like Rilicia alright. So much for those reinforcements.

Kydan looked back to the tower that stood before them and came up with a quick plan.

Kydan- Let's end this quickly then sergeant! Ready a grenade and throw it at the destroyed turret! Black Moon squad, focus all your efforts on destroying those Super Battle Droids on the tower!

Just as Kydan ordered his men to attack the droids up on the tower, RS was being pinned down by an annoying Super Battle Droid that was gunning him down from the tower.

RS- Alright, that tears it...

Taking a deep breath under his helmet, he swiftly turns back around and aims his rifle at the Super Battle Droid who just got done reloading.

RS- Suck laser you stupid hunk of junk!

Pulling the trigger on the rifle, the gun spurts out a few shots of blaster fire at the droid, in which hoping to hit the droid dead on.

With amazing luck, as RS would call it, the shots make a clean hit, taking out the droid's right arm that was just shooting him and the other shots piercing through the droid's outer plating, destroying the droid in the process. RS smiled proudly under his helmet at his amazing accomplishment.

RS- HAHA! Take that you stupid clanker! Score one for RS!

Kydan, who just witnessed RS' shooting, smirks as RS cheers after killing his target.

Kydan- Excellent work RS!

He turns his attention to Rilos who was still taking cover beside Scanner.

Kydan- Sergeant Rilos! You got that grenade I asked you for?

Rilos- Yes sir! But why throw it at the destroyed turret? Its already destroyed, making it a complete waste of a good grenade!

Kydan- Trust me on this one Rilos! Just throw it on my mark!

Rilos- ...Understood commander!

Grasping the grenade tightly, Rilos sets up as he gives Kydan a nod for "good to go" sign. Nodding back, he starts to count.

Kydan- Three! Two! One!...NOW!

With quick maneuverability, Rilos quickly throws the grenade at the destroyed turret as it flew in the air.

Kydan then uses the Force to grab the thrown grenade, including the destroyed turret, picking them both up in the air, and guiding them towards the droids on the tower.

Kydan- *In his mind* This have better work. *Out loud* Okay! Everyone! Get down now!

Kydan throws the turret and the grenade with great force, directly at the Commander Droid as the other Super Battle Droids could only watch the disaster that was about to happen.

Commander Droid- Uh-oh...

But when the droid realizes what Kydan was doing, the grenade explodes, causing a chain reaction in the fuel cells of the destroyed turret, creating a large explosion between the droids, destroying the commander droid to bits.

Sighing in relief, Kydan turns his attention back to his squad who was patiently waiting his next orders. Now was the time to strike the tower.

Kydan- Alright Black Moon Squad! The droids are just about depleted! Attack the tower!

Black Moon Squad- For the Republic!

The clones charge to the tower with Kydan leading them in the front as he deflected the last Super Battle Droid's gunfire. Seeing that the last droid was standing, the squad take the opportunity and open fire on the last droid, aiding their commander in the process.

With a quick dash, Kydan quickly decapitates the S.P.D., slicing the droid's left arm first as it was caught off guard from his swift speed.

As the the last droid fell, he turned his attention to the clones that marched up the stairs behind him.

Kydan- Secure this platform squad.

Black Moon Squad- Yes sir!

After an half an hour had passed, Kydan and Black Moon Squad had taken a secure hold on the Northern Tower. Earlier, he sent Rilos and Bulk to scout out the areas that were closest to them in order to establish a safe zone.

Though, as he expected the squad, he was mostly concerned about his friend, Rilicia, who was commanding her squad, White Claw, back in the Southern Tower. They had lost contact with the group, possibly because they had all entered the base and the droids must be jamming their transmissions. All he could think about was her safety and nothing else.

As his thoughts wandered around his head, he was finally snapped back to reality as Rilos and Bulk returned from their reconnaissance, a bit eager to give their commander the news.

Rilos- Sir!

Turning around, he faced Rilos and Bulk, hoping whatever they were gonna tell him was he believed the good news.

Kydan- Rilos, Bulk, whats the status?

Rilos- The droids in the Eastern and Western Towers are unaware that the forces have been destroyed in this sector. We're sending them false reports as we speak. They have no idea that this part of the tower is lost to them.

Bulk- We also took care of the remaining patrol units around the area before they could send back word of our unwanted visit.

Kydan- Good. We don't need anymore surprises coming our way at the moment anyway. Has there been any contact with Rilicia or White Claw Squad yet?

Rilos- Nothing yet sir. We can't make any contact with them nor our fleet that are airborne. It seems the droids are jamming our communications.

Kydan- *Murmers* They must have known we were coming. Alright, we'll need to fin--

Scanner- Sirs! I got something!

Turning their attention towards Scanner, who was hacking a computer console, they hurry over to him to see and hear what he found.

Rilos- What did you find Scanner?

Scanner- I believe I found where Commander Rilicia and White Claw Squad are located.

That news was enough for Kydan to be happy about. But the question still remained, where in the galaxy were they at and were they alright? Anxious to know, he turns his attention back to Scanner.

Kydan- Where are they?!

Scanner- They're inside the tower, but the droids and Geonosians are pinning them down in the seventh floor. They had just sent more droid reinforcements to their area. It's likely that the next wave could end them without any assistance.

Kydan- We don't have much time then. Scanner, can you open this door quickly?

Scanner- With ease sir. Its like hacking through a security droid's memory frame. But through a computer this time.

As quick as he could, Scanner starts to type in encrypted codes into the console swiftly when the sealed doors flew open, giving access for them all to enter the tower.

Scanner- And... WALA! We're in sirs.

Without a moment to waist, Kydan turns his attention to his squad and Rilos.

Kydan- Okay squad!  Lets get in there and give White Claw Squad some backup! We're gonna have to double time it if we're able to save any survivors!

Black Moon Squad- Sir yes sir!

Sorry about this one being a small chapter. These chapters were actually taken in April this year and I didn't have the courage to redo it again. But I promise, the chapters will be a bit longer than these two, so I hope you enjoy them still. Anyways, thank you all who have commented and rated the last chapter and, hopefully, you guys can let me know how the series is so far and please give these a rating on how they were and I hope you all have a splendid day/night. See ya guys! :)


 I like it 
  January 13, 2015
Pretty cool, although I noticed quite a few errors in the grammar, which is not a big deal, but is distracting. I don't know how you do it, but I write my stories up in a word processor first, and then I proof read them before I copy and paste. Errors still get through, but I catch a lot of them. Good story though. You clearly have the personalities of the clones well sorted and it shows.
 I like it 
  October 7, 2014
Another job well done my friend! The build was solid and I enjoyed the battle as well.
 I like it 
  September 30, 2014
It's very good I just think you should add some tiles.
 I like it 
  September 20, 2014
 I like it 
  September 13, 2014
cool scenes, plenty of action!
 I like it 
  September 8, 2014
Nice! Can't wait to see part 3.
 I like it 
  September 8, 2014
I can see why you are on number two! These things must be long! Am looking forward to the next one (BTW, do you have any tiles, they would add a lot!).
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