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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 3 - The Dark Man
Here's the third chapter of the SWTCW Jedi Mercenary series. I hope you all enjoy! :)
About this creation

(Geonosis, a few minutes after Black Moon Squad enters the tower)

The Geonosian Lab Tower was massive and tall. It was built up to fifteen levels. Each level was divided into three sections. On the top floors was the locations of the command center and experiment labs. The middle floors were the locations of the main labs and droid manufacturing. Lastly, the bottom floors were the cargo holds, main entrance and hangar bays.

Between the middle section of the the tower, Mandalorian assassin, Alurak Eclipse, rushes around his little lab as he hurries to upload all of his future and experimental projects into the memory drive chips, well aware that the tower has been attacked by Republic forces and that the entire tower had been breached at last. He knew that the lab tower and all of Geonosis was all but defeated. Apparently, the droids and their masters were on the verge of holding Geonosis for as long as possible, even if they knew it was over.

Alurak- No, no, no, NO! I don't want that file in there! I want that file within here! Stupid computer!

Fustrated with the computer console, he turned his head towards his droid assistant, K17, who was also downloading all the files into the chips.

Alurak- K17! Have you uploaded my newest projects into the chips yet?

K17- Still working on it, Lord Alurak. It will take only a bit longer than expected.

Alurak- Well be quick about it! I don't want the Jedi to be here while I'm around. I rather be at my own base before the Republic arrives here.

K17- Yes, my lord.

As Alurak scurries back to his console, he presses a button on the console when the door slides open as a figure walks into the room who was walking towards him. Without even looking, Alurak gazed towards the empty wall in front of him.

Alurak- Your droids are as pathetic as they are stupid, Dark Lord.

???- Indeed, but they come at a very reasonable and almost...profitable price these days. Its so much better than creating an entire Clone Army that takes so much time and work.

Alurak turns around and faces the Dark Lord as he gives him a serious look of disapproval and yet understanding at the same time.

Alurak- In all cases, they are still stupid! I rather count on my own troops rather than these junkies. Though, at least there's one good thing about these droids; they become excellent projects for my new weapons.

???- Just don't go using all your forces assassin. You'll need some droid protection until you depart from the planet.

Alurak- Maybe, but I prefer some loyal flesh and blood to protect me who know how to fight, Lord Nedoura.

Nedoura- Hmm...that we can both agree on.

Alurak- In any case, your new droids are ready to fight and are being transfered to your secret research facility as requested by you and Lord Dooku.

Crossing his arms, Alurak gave Nedoura a look of some unfinished business.

Alurak- Now...about my payment...

Nedoura- We can discuss that matter with Count Dooku himself. Have you received the information, Lord Tyranus?

???- Indeed. My master is eagerly awaiting for the final results.

Turning their gazes towards the projector table, a small hologram pops up from the projector, revealing a hologram image of Count Dooku himself.

Dooku- And yes, of course, your payment Alurak. For your good word and attentions to the Separatist Alliance, your payment has been tripled by Lord Sidious for the completion and blueprints on the projects. This should possibly cover your expenses.

Smirking, he takes a bow towards Dooku.

Alurak- Then I will take my leave, Count. If you need anything else that need some testing say..."fixing", you know how to find me.

Dooku- Then farewell assassin. Lord Nedoura, Lord Sidious has issued you your new assignment. He wants the intruders permanently out of the picture. Deal with them and then get off the planet.

Nedoura- I will deal with them personally, Count. I have a personal score to settle with one of the Jedi anyhow. This should not take too long.

Dooku- See to it. Lord Sidious will hold you responsible for your actions if you fail.

Nedoura- You take me too lightly, Count. Do not worry though. They will be taken care of... my way.

At that moment, the hologram of Count Dooku vanishes, leaving Alurak and Nedoura back to their conversation.

Lord Nedoura- If you excuse me Eclipse, I must take my leave to oversee the final battle.

Alurak- As I take mine, Lord Nedoura. I have already wasted precious time here anyhow.

Nedoura smirks and walks towards the door, where Alurak's Mandalorian bodyguard blocked his path. Taking his position, Nedoura passes him without making a single expression. As he left, the guard walks into the lab and confronts his master.

Mandalorian- Mandalore! Your shuttle is ready for take off.

Alurak- Good. Have all the men aboard and ready for departure. We leave immediately.

Mandalorian- Yes Mandalore!

Alurak walks towards the computer and takes the chips out before walking towards the stand that his Mandalorian helmet stood on. Taking it off the stand, he turns his attention to K17.

Alurak- K17! Your in charge now. Stay here and await for the Jedi and Clones. They will be here soon. Delete all files in the main computer frames just like we planned. We don't need to tip off the Republic any longer.

K17- Yes, my master. But what are we to do if we are defenseless?

Placing his helmet on his head, he walks off towards the door with his guard without a single care.

Alurak- Not my problem anymore.

Meanwhile, as Alurak prepares to board his shuttle, on the seventh floor inside the Geonosian Research Tower, Rilicia and White Claw Squad are in the fight for their lives as the droids closes in on their position, pushing them back towards the next hallways. They had been ambush earlier by a few surprise attacks from the Geonosians and droids on the lower levels without complications. Now, however, with nowhere else to proceed, they are now trapped inside the Cargo Bay levels.

Flash- Commander! The droids have us overpowered! We have little cover and low on ammunition! Any suggestions!?

Rilicia- Just keep fighting lieutenant! We got to hold out until Kydan and Black Moon Squad arrive!

Flash- Yes Commander!

Rilicia- *In her mind* If they get here in time...

Knowing  too well that the situation is dier, she knew that they needed to finish off the droids as fast as possible before they can get another upper hand on them all. Otherwise, this fight will be quick.

Rilicia- Boomer! I want that Spider Droid gone!

Boomer- Yes ma'am!

Reloading another round of his remaining ammunition, Boomer preps the rocket launcher and aims the rocket directly at the Spider Droid using the automatic targeting system in order to succeed into hitting his target.

Boomer- Suck on this junky!

Pulling the trigger, the missile launches out from the rocket launcher, flying right towards the Spider Droid at fast speed.

No time to react, the missile makes a clean hit on the Spider Droid in the front, creating a massive explosion that engulfed almost the entire droid, destroying both the Spider Droid and a Super Battle Droid.

Boomer Haha! That'll teach them!

Rilicia- Good work Boomer, keep it--...! Wilow! Watch your flank!

Not realizing what his commander meant, a Super Battle Droid aims it's wrist blaster at him, shooting it directly at his white, armored plated chest.

Wilow- Wha--GAH!

Before he could realize what was happening nor counter the droid's attack, the shot hits him dead on in the chest, killing him in the process.

Rilicia winced and mourned the death of her fellow trooper, not able to help him in time. But that wasn't gonna stop her from defeating the droid forces. She and her squad had come too far to surrender and lay down their lives now.

Rilicia- Hacker! How's it coming with that door!?

Hacker- Its taking a little longer than I would have hoped ma'am! I don't know how much longer it'll take to get her open!

Rilicia- Then go as fast as you can, otherwise, the droids will be sending another batch of reinforcements soon! A right now, we're running out of room and ammunition!

Hacker- On it ma'am!

Flash- Ma'am! Droidekas incoming!

Just as she turned back around to the droids, two Droidekas rolled into the fight right beside the remaining Super Battle Droids as they began to shoot down their targets.

One of the Super Battle Droids was able to hit one of White Claw's squad-man as he gunned him down just like the last Super Battle Droid that shot Wilow a bit ago. The squad realized that this was their last line of defense.

Curos- GAH!

Dodging the incoming gunfire from the opposite side, Flash gets beside Boomer and behind his commander.

Flash- I don't think we can hold out much longer commander! We're down to three men!

He was right. The squad was now down to three men thanks to the droids. It was now up to Flash, Boomer and Hacker, along with herself included. This was their final stand alright. And she bloody knew it.

Rilicia- ...Then we'll go down by taking them with us lieutenant!

Flash- Understood commander!

As Rilicia and the remaining troops of White Claw Squad stood their final groudns against the droids, an unknown blaster shot comes from behind, taking out two of the three Super Battle Droids.

Then. one of the Droidekas that was just currently pounding them with lasers, starts to float in midair, somehow deactivating its shield in the process and causing it to stop firing.

Not realizing what was happening, Boomer and Flash stopped firing and try to see what was going on. Rilicia herself, was totally confused to what was happening as well. What in the galaxy just happened?

Rilicia- What the heck...?

Taking a moment to see what was behind the droids, Flash realized what just happened.

Flash- Ma'am, look!

In an instant, the Droideka is flung right towards the metal wall, smashing into the wall too hard, causing it to break into broken pieces.

Coming behind the droids were all but Kydan and Black Moon Squad, rushing into the battle as they focused all their attentions on the last remaining droid units.

Kydan- Black Moon Squad! Take out that Droideka, NOW!

Black Moon Squad chose to target the last Droideka as they catch it off guard, creating enough fire power to disable its shields from behind before facing them, making the droid vulnerable to their attacks. With just the right amount of attacks, the Droideka was defeated.

Kydan, on the other hand, pursued the last Super Battle Droid as Rilicia chose to move in from behind, slicing the droid's left arm as Kydan decapitated the droid with his saber in the end.

Sighing in relief, she turns her gaze towards Kydan with a bright smile. She was glad that they came just in time, but was worried about him and his squad when they attacked the tower outside earlier. She was overjoyed that he was still alive.

Rilicia- Kydan! Thank the Force your alright! We thought your team was wiped out!

Kydan- We thought the same when we couldn't make any contact with you. But, thanks to Scanner, he was able to locate where you and your squad were, giving us the appropriate time to come and assist you. I'm just happy that your still alive, Rilic.

Blushing slightly by the nickname he gave her, she gently smiles at him.

Rilicia- Well, you have my thanks Kydan.

Kydan, just a bit cut off guard, blushes slightly from her reaction.

Kydan- O-Oh, well,  j-just doing my job as a Jedi, heh heh...

Flash, who was not understanding what was going on between them, approaches the commanders.

Flash- Sirs, Hacker just finished hacking through the main door. We're ready to proceed to the labs.

Rilcia- Excellent. What is our loses lieutenant?

Flash- We lost Wilow and Curos by the S.P.Ds before the Droidekas had arrived.. We have only three men left in the squad ma'am, counting me as well.

Rilicia- *Murmers* This might be harder than expected...

Kydan, who was aware of what Rilicia was feeling at the moment, tries to brighten the situation a bit.

Kydan- Well, its a good thing you still have us and Black Moon Squad Rilicia.

Rilicia- Even still, who knows how much tougher it will when we reach the labs. If Eclipse is still in there, he'll be ready for us when we enter the room.

Kydan- *Smirks* Then we'll use that to our advantage. Flash, you and your men have any grenades left?

Flash, Boomer and Hacker all check their belts for any grenades grenades left. Luckily, they each had one left.

Flash- Uh yes sir, we have 3 more left in total. Why do you ask?

Kydan- Cause were gonna need those when we B&E.

Both of them looked confused to what Kydan just said as they give Kydan an odd look.

Rilicia & Flash- B&E?

Kydan- B&E, it means "Breaking" and  "Entering".

Rilicia giggles from his comment as Flash tilted his head in his confuse state. Smirking, Kydan turns around and faces Sergeant Rilos, Scanner and Hopper who were just walking up to him after checking the facility for anymore droids.

Kydan- Rilos? I want you, Scanner and Hopper hold and defend this area until we get back.

Rilos- Understood sir! We'll contact you if we encounter any droids.

Kydan- Good to hear, sergeant.

Turning back around, he gives Rilincia and Flash a confident grin.

Kydan- Alright, lets get in there and capture Alurak.

Rilicia- Lets just hope we aren't too late.

I hope all of you enjoyed the third part of the "Star Wars The Jedi Mercenary" series so far. And like I have said last time, these next chapters were taken in April this year so I;m sorry that they aren't perfect. But I still hope you have enjoyed them nonetheless.

Also, just a little notice, I have been recently notified that my family and I are planning to move by the first day of November, so my projects at this moment are on hold for the time being. Which means, I am not a hundred percent sure that I will be able to post the next chapter by October 21. However, I will try my very best to do so.

But, putting all that aside, I greatly hope you can all give me your thoughts about the series so far by giving this and the other chapters a comment and/or rating on how well they are. Thank you for viewing and I do hope you all have a amazing day/night. See ya soon! :)


 I like it 
  January 17, 2015
brilliant i loved evry bit of it great storey great picks fantastic!
 I like it 
  January 13, 2015
Nice. Good attention to detail in the builds and good action. I also like this Lord Nedoura character. Good stuff!
 I made it 
  October 7, 2014
Quoting Jensen Anderson Budding romance eh? I like it, can't wait for the next episode and I feel you on the moving situation, I've had experience with that :P
Lol yh I've been moving alot as long as I can remember. This is just natural to me haha :P Also, thank you all for your wonderful comments and advise and I am happy that you all have enjoyed this series so far :)
 I like it 
  October 7, 2014
Budding romance eh? I like it, can't wait for the next episode and I feel you on the moving situation, I've had experience with that :P
 I like it 
  October 4, 2014
Excellent as ever. I like the storyline so far, can't wait for the next episode.
 I like it 
  September 30, 2014
Not bad!
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