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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 5 - Of All Things
So I thought that I would put out the next chapter just a bit early for a good reason. I'll explain everything once the chapter is over. For now, I hope you guys enjoy the fifth part of the series! :)
About this creation

(Geonosis, minutes after Ulrok is chased by Kydan and Rilicia)

The chase continues with Ulrok escaping from the Republic forces and Jedi while Kydan Witress pursues him in an attempt to capture him for questioning and treason of murdering his squad. Closely following behind, Rilicia is also chasing after them both to aid Kydan in capturing Ulrok.

It hadn't been too long, perhaps a few minutes, since they had left the clones and droids to deal with each other back in the Cargo Bay. The chase is close to end as Ulrok takes the next turn down a thin hallway towards what seemed to be his main destination; the Hangar Bay.

Kydan- Stop running and face me like a Mandalorian, you coward!

Ulrok grins evily to himself under his helmet as he eyes the Hangar entrance up ahead. He spoke under his tongue so Kydan couldn't hear his voice.

Ulrok- *Murmurs* Oh do not worry, Jedi. You will have your chance soon enough.

Quickly dashing towards the entrance, Ulrok enters the Hangar Bay where his getaway Mandalorian Speeder awaited him along with his Super Battle Droid bodyguards. Beside the speeder was a working Battle Droid, preparing his speeder to leave.

Ulrok- The Jedi are right behind me, shoot him on sight!

Super Battle Droid 1- Roger roger.

Upon entering the Hangar Bay, Kydan quickly glanced around his surroundings, taking in the surroundings of where he was. So focused on the things around him, he was snapped out of his focus as he looked forward to see the two Super Battle Droids approaching him, preparing to gun him down.

Kydan- Oh great...more droids.

Super Battle Droid 2- Kill the Jedi on sight!

Just at the nick of time, Kydan just barely deflects the first blaster bolt with his lightsaber as a blaze of laser bolts come flying towards him. On instinct, he swiftly dodges some of the incoming shots.

Kydan- Woah!

Taking this time to his advantage, Kydan dashes towards the droids, deflecting the laser bolts that kept coming still as he swings his saber, slicing the droids with one swift and precise slice.

As the droids fell, he faced Ulrok who had watched the entire scene in front of him as he stood beside the speeder with his back facing against it.

Kydan- Now its just you and me, Ulrok.

Ulrok- That remains to be seen, Witronian. But that doesn't mean that I'll surrender to you without a fight.

Kydan- *Smirks* I was hoping you wouldn't.

Putting his blaster away, Ulrok pulls out an ancient lightsaber hilt, which seemed to be used by the old Jedi Order in the Old Republic, activating it to produce a black katana shaped saber blade.

Ulrok- This saber, out of the many that other Mandalorians and Jedi grasped, was taken from your ancient temples in the Outer Rim territories. Since then this blade has been used for us. Many had died upon its blade, and it has been too long since I faced a Jedi before, perhaps even the first to face a Witronian. Prepare to face your fate and perish by it's blade.

Kydan- My fate has already been decided, Ulrok, and my fate has told me that I will defeat you on this day.

Ulrok- You say that, Jedi. But it's gonna take more than just words to grant your wishes.

At that moment, Kydan dashes towards Ulrok and attempts to strike him with his lightsaber. But Ulrok was quick enough to block his attack with his own blade.

Quickly, Ulrok retaliates by swinging his blade at Kydan head front, but Kydan easily sidesteps towards his left causing Ulrok to miss and almost fall to the ground.

Once again, Kydan attempts another strike at Ulrok while he was open for attack, but again fails as Ulrok activates his jet pack, flying into the air dodging Kydan's attempted attack.

Ulrok rises into the air as he stared down at Kydan from fifteen feet off the ground as he laughs at Kydan's expense and futile attempts.

Ulrok- *Laughs* You are a fool, Witronian! I have encountered few of your Jedi brethren and all of them have fallen upon my blade! What makes you think you can do this on your own?

Voice- Because he isn't alone!

Causing Ulrok to wide eye underneath his helmet and before he could even react to the voice, Rilicia jumps in the air quickly and slices Ulrok's jet pack, causing Ulrok to fly out of control in the air when he heads straight down, crashing right into the Battle Droid who was programming the main computer.

Regaining his focus, Ulrok is confronted and glared by Kydan and Rilicia, both of them aiming their sabers directly at them.

Kydan- In the name of the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order, you are under arrest, Ulrok!

Taking a moment to take in the brutal defeat, Ulrok hangs his head down as he starts to chuckle slowly and then loudly. This caused Kydan and Rilicia to become confused by this action.

Ulrok- *Chuckles* Not today Jedi...I may have lost this fight, but I ain't going to your Republic prisons...and neither will you see the next days that come after either...

Kydan and Rilicia both raise their eyebrows at him in an even more state of confusion as Ulrok takes the opportunity to reach into his pocket and pull out a small activation button device, clicking the top button.

Ulrok- Now we shall all die for the glory of Mandalore and the Inquisitor!

At that moment, explosions are starting to be heard, coming from the top floors, including the Cargo Bay where the rest of Black Moon and White Claw Squads were still on.

Kydan- What the--?! What's going on?!

Rilicia- Its the tower! Ulrok is trying to blow up the tower!

Kydan- Then we have to get out of here!

Ulrok- Too late Jedi! My masters and I planned this whole thing from the beginning authorized by Lord Dooku and the Inquisitor themselves! There is no way out now! Not even your Jedi powers can save you!

Feeling rage and anger boiling inside, he reactivates his lightsaber and aims it at Ulrok's chest.

Kydan- You monster! You destroyed the entire tower with all of us with it!

Ulrok- That was the plan, Witronian. I ain't going into no damn prison cell for my whole life. I might as well kill all of you with me instead. For Mandalo-ACK!

Realizing what happened, Ulrok looked down and saw Kydan's lightsaber stabbed into him. Pulling it out, Ulrok body goes limp and lifeless.

Rilicia- Kydan!

Kydan- There's no time for lectures Rilicia! We have to get--

Before Kydan could finish his sentence, a large explosion appeared behind him form the cargo, engulfing both him and Rilicia in the chaos of the explosion as everything goes black.

Many minutes later, Kydan slowly wakes up and refocuses on his surroundings, finding himself under fallen debris from the ceiling that collapsed from the explosions.

Using what Force strength he had left, he lifts the debris off himself as he lifts himself up on the process. He then frantically starts looking around the Hangar.

Kydan- Rilicia? Rilicia! Where are you!?

As he glances towards the Mandalorian Speeder, he sees a figure stuck underneath fallen debris. He could see that the person had blonde hair and Jedi robes on. Only knowing one person that had blonde hair, his eyes widen.


Quickly, he rushes towards her, jumping over the falling debris on the ground as he approaches her. Pushing the debris off her, he holds her in his arms.

Kydan- Rilicia!? Can you hear me!? Rilicia!

Slowly waking up, Rilicia gazes toward who was holding her when she realized who it was.

Rilicia- Ky...Kydan?...Is that you?

Kydan- Don't talk, I need to get you out of here and fast!  We'll--

Rilicia- No...Kydan...not this time...

Kydan- What do you mean "not this time"!? I'm getting you out of here! I'll contact an immediate tran--

Rilicia- Kydan...I'm too injured to be moved...the medic....can't help me...

Kydan- Don't say that! I'm not losing you like our squads! I-I can't lose you yet...not now...

Rilicia- I know Kydan...

Weakly and slowly, Rilicia places her hand on Kydan's as she gently smiled.

Rilicia- Kydan... do you...remember what I was...saying earlier... back in that lab room?

Kydan- Yeah?

Rilcia- Before Flash interrupted us, I was...trying to tell you...something important...

Kydan- What was it?

Rilicia- I...wanted to say...that I......I love you...

Kydan's eyes widen and his heart skipped a beat. She actually loved him? He never thought, out of all the other Jedi he knew, that Rilicia would love someone like him, because of what and who he was.

Kydan- me?

Rilicia- Surprise...huh?

Taking the moment to settle in, he finally takes a deep breath before looking at her in the eyes.

Kydan- ...Rilicia...I...I love you too. I loved you ever since the day we met in the Jedi Temple all those years ago. I never thought you would love someone like me.

Rilicia- *Giggles weakly* Funny... cause your friend there knew...

Confused by her reply, he gave her a confuse look. Who was the 'friend' she was speaking about?

Kydan- Who do you mean?

Raising her hand weakly, she points her finger towards what was in front of her. Still confused, he turns his head around and finds who she was speaking about. It was Dark.

Rilcia- Your friend...that you speak to...*Looks towards Dark* your name is Dark, correct?

They both seemed stunned. They didn't know that Rilicia could even see him at all! The only people that were able to see Dark were the ones who have study his kind or who are Witronian.

Dark- How are you able to see me? Kydan should be the only one who is able to.

Rilicia- I actually seen you... on the same day and time when I met Kydan......perhaps it was fate...

Kydan- Rilicia...I...

Not able to continue to what he was going to say, tears start to fall from his eyes and roll down his cheeks. He couldn't bear to say it. In fact, he couldn't bear with what was happening at all.

Understanding why he was crying, Rilicia placed her hand on his cheek and weakly smiled.

Rilicia- ...Do not mourn me Kydan...instead, rejoice for me...

He wipes off the tears from his eyes and cheeks as he stares her in the eyes. He could see and sense the pain and agony inside her. He wish his powers weren't like that. He couldn't bear to see her like this. It only made things worse than before. He wish this was all a dream, a nightmare that he could just wake up from in minutes.

Kydan- Please...don't go...

Rilicia- Kydan...listen to me......I want promise me something...

Kydan- What...?

Rilicia- Promise me...that you'll help end this war...and find yourself...a loving family to settle down with...get married...and have children that you'll love more than me. Can you...promise me this...?

What she had asked him to do seemed so difficult. How could he love someone else more than her? How would that be possible? He couldn't think of it. But yet, he wouldn't let her down. Because he truly loved her, and that meant keeping his promise.

Kydan- ......I promise.

Smiling, Rilicia releases her hand from Kydan's cheek as it fell to her side. Her time was now coming.

Rilicia- I will

With one last breath of air and exhaling, she closes her eyes slowly as her body stops moving and no sound of breathing or talking left her mouth. She had past.

Locking his eyes on her, more tears fell from him, but not without the senses of fear, hate, anger and fustration. All those negative emotions running through his body made him stand, look up and yell out loud across the Hangar Bay. Nothing but pure hatred was spoken across the entire place.


As he yelled, he could still feel and hear the tower crumbling and exploding, all at the same time. He looks back down towards her lifeless body, still fueled with anger and pain. Dark could sense his emotions, and he knew they weren't good.
Dark- Kydan, we need to leave now...there's nothing more we can do here.

Not saying a word for a few moments, he silently nods to him.

Kydan- ...Yeah...

Carrying her body, Kydan places her in the back of the speeder with her lightsaber clutched to her chest and jumps into the speeder, powering it up.

Kydan- ...May the Force be with you all succeeded, along with Rilicia.

Using the Force to open the Hangar doors, he punches the speeder to the maximum speed and drives off towards the Republic forces who had just won against the Droid Army as the tower crumbled into a pile of large debris from a long distance.

(Geonosis, one hour later after the destruction of the Geonosian Research Tower and victory over the Separatist)

Staring upon what seemed to be a recent buried grave, Kydan stares at a tombstone that was carved with the words "Hear Lies Future Jedi Knight Rilicia Urios, a great Jedi and friend to all."

So lost in his mind and thoughts, he didn't even hear the sound of a LAAT Gunship from behind land to the ground. A figure walked off the gunship and started to walk towards Kydan.

Voice- I'm sorry Kydan...about Rilicia.

Kydan- ...

The figure, Jedi Master Gulio, walks up beside him as he stares at Rilicia's grave placing a hand on Kydan's shoulder for comfort.

Gulio- She was an excellent Jedi...and a very skilled one too.

Kydan- ...She would've been the best Jedi Knight in the Order.

Gulio- ...Indeed.

A few moments of silence left between them as they both stared down at her grave. Knowing that it would only hurt even more, Gulio spoke up to him.

Gulio- Kydan...the battle here is over. We must leave this planet immediately. The Council is going to want our reports.

Kydan- ...Yes, Master.

Gualo starts to walk back followed by Kydan before he stopped and glanced back towards his friend's grave one last time. This would be the last time he would ever see her again. His first friend and his first love.

Kydan- ...Keia su tong Rilicia... rest peacefully through the Force.

One last look, he turns back towards the gunship and walks away, leaving his friend to rest peacefully.

As the gunship, carrying Kydan and Master Gualo, leaves into the atmosphere, a dark figure with black armor and robes watched them fly away from the area of Rilicia's grave. He kept watching the gunship fly away til' it was no longer in sight.

Voice- So you've finally grown, huh?

Removing his hood, Nedoura walks up towards a sand rock formation as he turns his attention towards Rilicia's grave. He grins viciously.

Nedoura- So sad you couldn't save her. It seems your own powers are not as strong as I had thought. But yet, there is still time. Perhaps once you have grown older and stronger, we shall see if you are worthy to face me...just like your father.

Finishing his sentence, he starts to laugh normally and then crackling, the sound of his laugh being heard throughout the air of the desert and rocky world of Geonosis.

So, to start things off...I've been pretty busy as of the last few days. FOr the past month in October, my family and I have all been getting inside the new house (which I have to say looks amazing, probably a lot better than the other house we were in) and just the past few days we've all been getting inside with the heavier things. Well now we're finally in here and right now, we're slowly unpackign things and getting the other things reorganized. That goes for my new Lego room. I haven't bene able to unpack any of my projects or pieces or anything right now due to working on some other things.

So pretty much this is part of the reason why I wanted to post this early. I have no idea when I will be able to work on the series more, but I don't attend on stopping anytime soon.

But anways, now to the jolly ol' good stuff lol! For the first four chapters, with all four combined, it has almost hit the one thousand mark and twenty five likes. Now, if pretty soon the series reaches that mark, I'll do a little something special, considering all the views, ratings and comments I've been getting on them. Also, to this out there, I will try to post a special MOC up on November 15th (if possible) due to missing it last month. I can't really say what it is, but it'll just be something to do for whatever spare time I shall have.

Anyway, before I end this, I want to give credit to Admiral Varkov for letting me use his old OC Clone Wars character, Jedi Master Gulio Marcus, in the series. Gulio has a major part in this series and it has been truly great to use him in the story. So, if you have the time, please check out his own creations on his page, as well as his comic "Star Wars: Age of Darkness." Also, another special thanks to one of my friends/family member, Alurak Eclipse. Without him, I couldn't get this far, nor without another family member of mine. Thank you guys for all your help so far bros!

Well, that's it for today and I do greatly hope you all have enjoyed this chapter and the entire series so far. There is still ALOT more to come, so please be patient for the others to come. Also, please give me your thoughts on how I did so far or have any tips by leaving a comment and/or rating. Thank you all once again and I do hope you all have a amazing day/night.

See ya' guys later! :)

- D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  February 1, 2015
Good stuff! I got chills when Rilicia died...sad to see her go. BTW I love how you show the Jedi deflecting blaster bolts. LEGO is of course somewhat limited in what can be shown with it (at least when doing minifig stuff), but people keep coming up with clever ways around those limitations. Nice!
 I like it 
  November 6, 2014
Amazing dude! Very emotional. Can't wait for the next one. :)
 I like it 
  November 4, 2014
Emotional episode man, really good stuff! I can't wait for the next one to come out. Keep it up my friend!
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