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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 6 - League of Deception
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Considering that tomorrow is Thanksgving day, I thought I might as well put this out just a but early once again for all of you to enjoy. So anyways, here is sixth chapter of the series. I do hope you all enjoy! :)
About this creation

(Coruscant, Republic Military Cruiser Grounds, Acclamator Cruiser Adeption, one month after the Battle of Geonosis)

Kydan- *Narrating* "Its been a month now since the Battle of Geonosis, and after the death of Jedi Knight Rilicia Urios. Lately, I've been thinking about this war, about my friends dying... and especially about the Jedi Order. I keep telling myself that the only way to win this war is by surviving and that the Jedi are peacekeepers, not warriors. But yet, I'm not quite sure if I can do that nor keep myself of being a warrior. As a Witronian, we are warriors to protect more than we are at keeping the peace. Sadly, I can't worry about this. Not now anyway. Lately, the Republic is already having trouble taking back old Republic systems from the now called 'Separatist Alliance'. We've been hot on the Separatist's tail for a while now, but we haven't been able to find a way to retake the planets.'

Kydan- 'However, that's all about to change. Recently, Republic Intelligence indicated that the planet Taris is no longer heavily guarded by Separatist control and the people are retaliating against them, giving us the advantage. So, in about thirty minutes, there's going be a private meeting being held in the Republic Barracks, being held by a man named Lieutenant Higer Atwon, who will be leading this assault on Taris.'

Kydan- 'But, the problem with this meeting though... is that there's no Jedi involved with this... and the worst part... the Jedi nor the Council don't even know about this meeting. Which means, these guys are their own 'Republic Army', and I'm caught up in the middle of it. I heard rumors of clones turning and judging the Jedi by our actions and rules, but I thought it was complete nonsense. But, yet, I wouldn't be surprised. I have already seen things happening to me more than once. So, to put it simply, I actually believe those rumors to be true. And I'm going to find out right now."

Walking pass other Clone Troopers around the Barracks, Kydan approaches two Clone guards who were both guarding the door to what seemed to be the "private meeting".

Clone- Identification please...

Kydan- Certainly.

Reaching to his belt, he pulls out his ID device and hands it to one of the gaurds for inspection. Even though he still looked like a Jedi, it wasn't too suspicious that he wore robes. Many Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and Mercenaries wear robes and mostly are never judged. But, as they say, that doesn't mean its always accurate.

Clone- Hmm....everything seems in order...all signatures verified...alright, your ID is confirmed. Go on in, Mr. Kedone.

Kydan- My thanks trooper.

Passing, he smirks to himself for a well done job as he enters the meeting room, filled with other clones, as well as Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and Mercenaries all sitting down in their perspective seats waiting patiently for the meeting to begin.

On the ground floor, an officer named Higer Atwon, glanced around the room towards the crowd who have all attended the private meeting that is about to be under way. Taking a deep breath, he begins to speak.

Higer- Attention, everyone! Attention! I would like everyone to take their seats so that we can begin the meeting.

Scanning the entire room and in disappointment, he couldn't find an open seat for the meeting. So, without much else to do, he turns towards his right and walks towards the corner as he watches and listens in on Higer's speech.

Higer- *Clears his throat* Greetings everyone. My name is Lt. Higer Atwon, command of the 12th Airbourne Battalion of the Republic Army. As you all may know, the Galactic Republic is striving to take back key Republic planets that are now under the "safety and protection" of the Separatist Alliance. Many of our troops and Jedi Generals are, at this moment, trying to retaliate against them, but with their massive droid armies, they are almost untouchable.

Higer- Now many of you are thinking,"Okay so what does this mean for us? How does this correspond with us being here in this conference?" Well, let me tell you; You are here because you want the Separatist gone. You are here to do what the Jedi simply cannot do which forbids them because of their Jedi Code. Your hear to show the Jedi that they need to take drastic measures to ensure the safety, protection and strength of the Galactic Republic.

Bounty Hunter- The Jedi must do what is necessary!

Smuggler- They are losing because they cannot do what needs to be done!

Clone Trooper- The Jedi need to take action upon themselves!

Higer- Those are some good points, and that is why I have asked you all here.

Higer- So lets get down to business then. Republic Intelligience indicates that the once long-ago, beautiful planet of Taris is no longer heavily guarded by the Separatist, for they have moved their heavy artillery to the planets Aeton II and Dantooine. This means that the planet is only protected by a regular size fleet and a small battalion of droids on the surface. Also, the people of Taris are now beginning to fight back, which gives us a straight up advantage. The Jedi do not know of this yet, and if we were to ask for their help, then the victory we all look upon will disappear.

Higer- That is why I have asked you all here; from Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, to Mercenaries and Clone Troopers, to do what they simply cannot do. I am asking each and every one of you to risk your lives and help recapture the planet of Taris and all other old key Republic systems. So, if any of you wish to back out now, it is understandable. We will not force you to fight with us.

The crowd then begins to look around them, carefully watching to see if anyone is willing to leave and back down from all of this. But yet, not a single person had gotten up.

At that moment, the crowd begins to cheer, applaud and whistle at him for his performance. From the back, Kydan was taken back a little bit, but nonetheless, gave off a small smirk of interest and approval.

Kydan- *in his mind* Well would you look at that...the lieutenant got all their attentions. Well played, Higer.

Higer- Alright everyone, settle down please. I am grateful that all of you are willing to help. Me and the whole Galactic Republic thank you for your courageous heroism. Now, to begin things, I need each and every one of you to pair up into a group of three for strike squads.

Kydan- *Whispers* Wait...WHAT!?

Higer- Reason for this is that the plan needs to have at least groups of three in each team, followed by a squad of troopers willing to follow their orders. So, once you all have grouped together, we will continue on. You have three minutes to comply to this act. Once three minutes are up, we will continue on.

Kydan- Oh great, everyone else is in a group, but I don't have a single person.

Dark- Better look for someone fast.

Kydan- You don't say...

Frantically looking around the entire room, he sees a woman, who appeared to be his age, wearing brown robes and black clothing on the left corner of the room, all alone by the looks of it. He wondered if she was on her own, just like him.

Kydan- Wonder if she's in a group?

Dark- Can't hurt to ask.

Kydan- Point taken.

Casually, he walks over to her as she paid no attention to his approach as she stared directly at the entire crowd in front of her.

Kydan- Have you been left out too?

Taking a little off guard, she looks to her right to see Kydan asking her that question.

Woman- Yeah...on my own pretty much.

Kydan- Well, since we're the only ones without a team, would you like to partner up with me?

Confused, he gives him an odd expression.

Kydan- I mean, its for just the mission, and I don't see anyone else without a team. Besides, it'll only be for the one time.

Pondering over the idea for a moment, she nods in agreement.

Due to Republic changes, each soldier or officer is to hold a datapad of their information so they would be able to be approved from other higher ups for squad team ups and what not. Handing over his datapad, she takes it and scans through it. Pushing the approval button, she hands back his as she hands hers to him. Retrieving hers, he scans around her background information.

Kydan- Hmm...Calena Irune...

Higer- Ok everyone! Now that that's settled, lets continue on with the plans. Now all you have--

Voice- Hold on a second!

As the crowd looks behind them, they see a Clone Sergeant walking down the steps to Higer, standing beside him as the crowd was eager to hear what he had to say, considering he had interrupted Higer's speech.

Sergeant- I have something to say before we continue this meeting!

Higer- Then speak your words, sergeant.

Throte- My name is Sergeant Throte. Many of you know who I am, for I was part of the Battle of Geonosis that took place one month ago. As clones, we all have to have a Jedi among the squads, correct? Well, Jedi are the protectors of the Republic right? They protect living life forms, humans and creatures alike and they are self-sacrifice for they care only for others, am I right?

Taking in Throte's words, the crowd murmur to one another about those questions.

Throte- I thought so. Well if the Jedi are protectors as they say they are, then how come over seven thousand clones died on Geonosis, including the four thousand from the past month? How come they are dead and the Jedi are still alive!?

At that moment, the crowd begin to nod and argue to Throte's true fact.

Throte- I say that the Jedi only care for themselves instead of others! They say they protect us in battle but yet, many of us die under the Jedi's commands, and still they live and most of us are dead or just barely still breathing! I lost my entire platoon of brothers under one of the Jedi's commands during the Battle of Abridon a week ago, and out of all of that, I was the only survivor of the entire platoon!

Throte- In fact, there's probably a Jedi among us right now! If that's the case, I say they should come forth, apologize for what they have done to us and share everything they have. Otherwise, we can no longer trust the Jedi nor their little Jedi Order anymore for they should even be leading us nor the Galactic Republic!

As the crowd look around them for any suspicious Jedi among them, Kydan mouth twists. He had read those reports, and many of those were blaming the Jedi Order for these actions. Even though it was none of the Jedi's fault, he couldn't help but feel guilt. Perhaps its best to speak out that he was a Jedi and apologize to them all. But before he could even make a move, another voice spoke out.

Voice- Are the Jedi really responsible?

Coming from the stands, a middle-aged man walks down the stairs and stands in front of Throte. He was only a little taller than him, but not too tall to look up at, considering he was a bit build up for normal size.

Throte- What did you say!?

Egole- I said, are the Jedi really responsible? Can you prove that they're responsible?

Throte- Look around you! There's not a lot of our brethren anymore! They're was thousands of us that walked among the Republic just a month ago, but now, because of the Jedi, most of us are dead for that matter!

Egole- Is that so? Well, Throte, let me ask you something...

Reaching for his belt, he pulls out a datapad device.

Egole- Do you have this?

Throte- Of course I do! Everyone in the Republic Army has one!

Egole- Then you should know that the Jedi are doing everything they can in this war to save lives.

Throte- Well--yeah...but--

Egole- Everyone! Inside the databases of the Galactic Republic Army datapads, they're is a list of basic battle simulations and combat simulations that show about the Jedi that fight. In there, it also shows why the Jedi cannot save everyone, and why Clone Troopers are dying on the front lines. Its not the Jedi's fault for their deaths. Rather, they should know that the Jedi protect them anyway they can, but they can't protect them forever.

Egole- They are only human and regular aliens, just like all of us. That's why the Clone Troopers must know how to fight on their own, regardless of the situation. Under the command of the Jedi or not, they must do what they can for themselves...even if they die trying. Am I not wrong, Sergeant Throte?

Throte responds only under his breath.

Throte- Yes...

Still mumbling to himself, Throte takes a seat in the front crossing his arms.

Egole- Higer, you may continue.

Higer- Thank you Egole.

Higer- Egole is right. On your datapads, they're are lists of planets that the Republic has on the Separatist. It lists the planets that they control and who is commanding the forces on the planet. So inside your datapads, it will show the details of Taris.

Higer- It describes that Taris has little forces in the system and has little defenses to use. Their general is a Sith Assassin named Gualo Rotinth. He uses a single-handed lightsaber and often performs different attack patterns for and with his droid forces. Mostly he uses guerilla-warfare, so he and his forces should be an easy picking.

Higer- Ok! This conference is over! I have listed each and everyone of you with the entire plans for your groups so I want each and every one of you to go over it for tomorrow morning. We leave for Taris at ten'o clock sharp. You are all dismissed!

(Coruscant, seven hours later at night, Acclamator Cruiser Adeption, Mess Hall)

Amongst the Mess Hall, the cafeteria was filled with both Clones, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and Mercenaries, each one talking about either the war, their daily lives, or the battle that would take place tomorrow. In the back of the mess, Calena was sitting on the bench alone, eating a food ration that was given by the Republic Food Ration organization, in order to save the regular foods for civilians only.

Voice- So this where you wondered off to...

Turning her head and also recognizing the voice, she saw Kydan standing beside her. She could sense him very calm and collective, which was a bit surprising with the war and all.

Kydan- Mind if I sit next to you?

Nodding, she scoots over to the side a bit on the bench as Kydan takes a sit beside her. He then pulls out his own food ration and starts to eat along with her.

Not speaking for a little bit, Kydan though it would be best to ease the tension of the atmosphere between them.

Kydan- It would probably taste better if you put some of this on it.

Looking over, Calena saw him pull out a small transparent jar from his cloaks and offers her some. Cautiously, she pulls out a stick from the jar as she saw what was on it.

Calena- Cream?

Kydan- Trust me, its better than eating it plain.

Cautiously still, she takes a bit of it and puts it on hers, taking a small bite out of it. A moment or so later, and surprising to her, she quickly eats up the entire ration. Kydan just stared and didn't even laugh nor looked shocked. Rather, he seemed to be thinking.

Kydan- So...Calena wasn't it? Exactly why are you here?

Calena- ...What do you mean?

Kydan- Well obviously, for starters, your no Bounty Hunter or Smuggler, and last I count, there weren't any Clone Troopers that were offence.

Calena stares at him for a brief moment. Not just because of what he just said about "girls", but what he was getting at.

Kydan- You also wear the clothing of a Jedi...and yet I don't remember seeing you in the Jedi Temple. But, I never really pay attention due to my teachings. So whats your purpose here? Why have you come?

Calena doens't responds right away. Instead, she took a few moments to collect herself before speaking to him.

Calena-......Because I don't want to change...

That caught Kydan off guard. He didn't fully understand what she meant.

Kydan- Change? What do you mean?

Calena- ...Well...take a look around you. Already within a month, Clone Troopers are already disapproving the Jedi and the Order about us being their commanding officers. Not only that, but the Republic itself is deciding whether or not the Jedi should help defend the Republic against the Separatist Alliance.

Kydan- I guess...I never seen it that way...

Calena- Its not only the Republic, but the Jedi Order too. The Order is promoting our own Padawans into Jedi Knights, sending them out to the front lines immediately. I want to be a Jedi Knight badly. It's been my dream ever since I was a small girl...But if it means to give up everything I know just to make a little change in my life...then I would rather die in the fields rather than die trying to change who I really am...what it truly means to be a Jedi.

Taking a moment to let her finish, he finishes his ration before speaking out his reply.

Kydan-...You don't have to change if you don't want to...

Calena looks at him, both surprised and confused at the same time.

Kydan- You have a choice of changing who you really are or not. But in all case, whether you do it or not...your still you. No matter if your fighting a war or protecting others. It wouldn't matter if you were a Master or a Sith Lord for chihura sakes. My father told me that whatever or whoever you try to be will never matter. What matters is that your still you, and that you should always rejoice about it, not try to change it in perspective.

She just stared at him a bit wide eyed. Out of the words he spoken to, she really thought they were true. Each of those words had true meaning to them, and truly showed her the light side of things. She gently smirked, trying hard not to smile.

Kydan- But still, I don't need you dying on me. I've already lost a lot of my friends... and I don't need another one dying in front of me as well. So, try not to get killed out there...if you don't mind?

With a small smile, she gives him a silent nod of agreement.

In truth, I think this was probably by far one of the most interesting chapter I wanted to write. After watching a few movies and anime shows for so long, this idea had somehow popped into my head. I really can't say that this is good or not, so I'll leave that to all of you to let me know.

Also, as for some of you who had been suggesting and telling me to use flat tiles and all for the flooring in my comic series, that has been done. So this is pretty much the last chapter that I had taken earlier on in productions that was old. Now I can really work on the better and bigger builds in the story with better bricks and plates. So no more of those crappy pictures that didn't fit right for so long.

Now pushing that all aside, I do greatly hoped you all enjoyed this chapter of the Star Wars series. I also like to recommend on checking over to Harry 863's new Star Wars series as well. He has started to re-write his entire series from scratch, and I suggest that if you have the time and energy, go on over to his page and check it out. Anyways, thank you all for your countless support on this series and I do hope you all have a magnificent day/night, and also a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. See ya' soon!

- D.M. Kydan Witress


 I made it 
  October 28, 2015
Quoting Samuel Loh Sword Art Online reference?
Lol, yes this was actually. After watching the series, that episode got me inspired to make this chapter. Was a bit tough to do, but it turned out decent at the least :)
  October 27, 2015
Sword Art Online reference?
 I like it 
  February 1, 2015
Cool anti-Jedi conspiracy within the Republic! (well, another one I mean). Well done. I remember in one of the SW comics I used to read someone accused the Jedi of eating babies! Look forward to seeing where your story lead next.
 I made it 
  December 20, 2014
Quoting Jedi Master Rave Excellent as ever my friend, great photography. I like the story so far, cant wait for the next one! P.S. I'm thinking of making a series of my own, any tips?
I would recommend that when you create a series, you always want to take the time to both plan and really work on the plot and characters alot, including dialogs. Otherwise, the entire thing would seem a bit rushed and could make you feel somewhat disappointed. I wish you the best of luck my friend. Also, thank you all for your wonderful comments and thoughts :)
 I like it 
  December 20, 2014
Excellent as ever my friend, great photography. I like the story so far, cant wait for the next one! P.S. I'm thinking of making a series of my own, any tips?
 I like it 
  December 1, 2014
Cool !
 I made it 
  November 27, 2014
Quoting Benjamin Olson Not bad at all. Very well done with the story and the builds are quite impressive. However, I can't help but notice that you're mixing yellow and flesh together in the same build. Is that intentional, or do you just not have enough of one kind or the other? Understand, I'm not blaming you, I'm just wondering about that.
Sadly I do not have enough flesh heads tht I find suitable for them all. With so many old yellow heads still, I had to do something :|
 I like it 
  November 27, 2014
Not bad at all. Very well done with the story and the builds are quite impressive. However, I can't help but notice that you're mixing yellow and flesh together in the same build. Is that intentional, or do you just not have enough of one kind or the other? Understand, I'm not blaming you, I'm just wondering about that.
 I like it 
  November 27, 2014
Another excellent episode here my friend. While it doesn't have any action, the dialogue and story progression kept my interest quite well. What I don't quite get is why the clone would assume there's a Jedi among the group, assuming that they did thorough checks on everyone that came in and whatnot which they probably did because of the secretive nature of the mission. Anyways just a thought. I look forward to the next installment!
By Director K.W.
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