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Andraeas, The Quicksilver
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Throughout time there has been one warrior with unique abilities, forged from power but born into malice, only to be witness to the greatest catastrophe of all time...
About this creation
Name: Andraeas
Gender: Male
Race: Great Being (formerly), Artificial Creation
Occupation: Living weapon (formerly), OoMN Agent
Title(s): The Quicksilver, Living Weapon, Project: Leveler, Agent
Element: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Great Beings, OoMN
Equipment: Kanohi Influnnt, Mask of Fluidity; Quicksilver Scythe
Status: Alive on Spherus Magna
Bio: 100 years prior to The Shattering, the Great Beings realized that they needed a contingency plan in case the Elemental Lords were to turn against them. After the discovery of the Energized Protodermis pool in Iconox, the Great Beings attempted to recreate the substance in an artificial form. The result: a substance they called "Quicksilver".

The Great Beings then proceeded to weaponize the Quicksilver, however the beginnings of the Core War forced them to hasten production, resulting in the cutting of safety measures.

The Great Beings disassembled a deceased member of their species and loaded the parts into the tank of the powerful substance. In a flash of bright energy, the parts fused with the Quicksilver and the tank itself, forming a being with the powers of the Quicksilver itself.

The Great Beings named their creation Andraeas, and began to train him to harness his power to become a deadly living weapon.

However, the Great Beings soon began to realize that their experiment may also endanger themselves and the planet as well as carrying out its mission of killing the Elemental Lords. They began putting Andraeas under strict supervision.

Andreas had begun to sneak away from his creators' laboratories during the night, becoming good friends with the many Agori and some Glatorian in the outside world. Andraeas was very fond of Spherus Magna.

The Great Beings soon found out about Andraeas's nightly wanderings and decided that that was the final straw. For going against his creators, Andreas was put in stasis, for what was to be eternity.

Just as he was being locked away, Andraeas caught a fleeting glimpse of what he now considered his home, and saw Spherus Magna shattering into three pieces.

In agony at the loss of his friends, Andraeas attempted an escape, but was rendered unconscious and locked away.

Years after The Shattering, the Great Beings began construction on a massive robot that would be destined to make the planet whole again.

A mix up in the day's cargo loading quota led to Andraeas's canister being loaded into the Mata-Nui robot in the city of Metru-Nui.

A millennium passed and the warrior's canister was never opened. However, 1000 years into the robot's journey a virus shut its systems down and sent it plummeting down into Aqua Magna, one of the moons of Bara Magna.

In the event known to the robot's inhabitants as the Great Cataclysm, Andraeas's canister was shattered, releasing him from stasis.

Confused at where he was, Andraeas left his location and began exploring Metru-Nui, however it was broken and shattered. The destruction in the city made Andraeas remember faintly of his time on Spherus Magna, and for some reason he had anguish deep inside him that he couldn't quite remember why he had.

Andraeas explored the city for many weeks, and one day he saw a boat entering the city. When he arrived at the port, he saw beings exiting it and coming toward him. A Toa of Water was the first to introduce herself.

The being known as Helryx took Andraeas in and showed him her organization, what she called the Order of Mata-Nui. Helryx mentioned the Great Beings as the ones who tasked them with protecting the universe, and at the sound of the name Andraeas was filled with rage.

He began to destroy the ship with immense power and motion, due to his Mask of Fluidity giving him great speed and agility.

The OoMN guards wished to stop Andraeas before he sunk the ship, however Helryx rejected the notion. She realized that this warrior could be a powerful ally. She waited until Andraeas calmed himself.

When Andraeas awoke from his fit of rage he was filled his deep remorse. Immediately he began to use a power he knew not he had but instinctively could control. A silvery substance emerged from his body and spread to fill the holes in the ship, solidifying into an indestructible material.

After the incident, Helryx took to training this strange being into a coordinated fighting machine. Andraeas took naturally to it, due to his suppressed memories of being trained by the Great Beings.

After years of training to control his rage and his mysterious Quicksilver powers, Andraeas was inducted into the OoMN as a new agent, one with special authority and rank.

The years passed and Andraeas became a seasoned agent, being present in many missions that the order undertook post Great Cataclysm. He came to have a deep appreciation for his Order and the Matoran he now protected.

But his comfort was not to last. A Makuta named Teridax took control of the robot body of Mata-Nui and now ruled over all the Matoran universe. Andraeas was included in the plan of the Toa Nuva to disrupt the body to defeat Teridax, and their intent was to unleash his power onto Metru-Nui's Core Processor.

Andraeas was to be taken on the journey to destroy the Processor with other OoMN agents, however he was captured by Rahkshi and taken to Teridax's prisons, where the Makuta had the intent on harnessing the power of his Quicksilver.

As Andraeas was being taken to the laboratories, another quake rocked the universe. This time, Makuta Teridax had been killed by the impact of one of Bara Magna's moons as the Makuta battled Mata-Nui.

(Breaking fourth wall: By the way, Ghar has a new head color! :D)
After finding his way free from Metru-Nui and out of the Makuta robot, Andraeas's first sight was the revived Spherus Magna. Immediately he was flooded with memories of his past life on the planet and was freed of the rage that had given him his destructive power.

Now Andraeas had a new mission: to search Spherus Magna for roots to his past and the location of the Great Beings he had been created by so long ago...

Andraeas: See you all later!

So yea, I tried something different this time, with fourth wall all at the end and the story throughout. Hope you guys enjoyed his story, I literally came up with it as I went and I think it's pretty good! Also, about half of his parts came once again from my good friend, so props to him for having a gigantic Lego collection!

Anyways, Andraeas here had been on the backburners for quite some time. He started out as an idea for a really big, all silver MOC and I thought the title "Quicksilver" was pretty cool too! I had his mask and his chest and shoulder armor lying around for the longest time until I could actually build him.

So I did just that. I built him a custom body that is based off Ghar's and if you look closely at it you can see some similarities. Don't even ask what that is on his chest, the random technic pieces look horrible but I just needed to fill the gaps. By the way, he WAS the WIP I had mentioned in a previous post, I just finished him right after that!

The rest includes a Mata head with a Tryna, some bulky arms with some "meh" custom upper arms. The armor is held on by a bar piece, so his articulation isn't actually limited going upward as the armor can flip up. He has some pretty cool custom lower arms, and some REALLY big custom hands that almost look like fingerless gloves, which is cool! :D

His legs aren't the best. Yes, they are a little too small, but I think it adds some unique proportioning to him. Some pretty basic custom upper legs with a small gap, couldn't really be helped. My first ever custom lower legs, which turned out alright. They're pretty flat and also kinda loose as they are held to the knee by axels. The feet are "meh" could be a lot better (the pins are there because I am THAT lazy, I didn't take them off).

As for his scythe, it's cool and all but he can't hold it in one hand! Also, it's just a little short, but eh, it's whatever. It can also clip to his back (which by the way, I love the Metrutoran piece there) and I actually prefer it there, because ya' know, he can't really hold it too well.

Well that's pretty much it! It's been a very long post (sooo many pictures...) so this BETTER BE PLEASING! Thanks all for reading any of this, and remember to keep building!

Comment and Enjoy!


  February 16, 2015
Probably the most complex moc you have made yet, since it is entirely custom. I only wish I could build something like that. However, I wonder if you would want to upgrade him?
 I like it 
  December 24, 2014
Sorry I didn't comment on this earlier. I think this is your best moc.
Pakari Nation99
 I like it 
Blizzard Toa of Ice and blue lightning.
  December 6, 2014
This guy is awesome! Other than the off color scheme he's a really good build!
 I like it 
  December 6, 2014
Cool MOC. Well build. I like his hands.
 I like it 
  December 6, 2014
Awesome! Nice body, and fingers.
 I like it 
  December 6, 2014
He's too bulky in the lower-upper body, and too skinny in the upper-lower body. (Why are my critiques all about the mask these days?!) Also, the Tryna, to me, looks a bit too innocent for brute like Andraeas.
 I made it 
  December 6, 2014
Quoting Blizzard Toa of Ice and blue lightning. This guy is awesome! Other than the off color scheme he's a really good build!
Yea, the red bar piece needs changed, but I could only find one, and also some other red axels! But hey, with blue highlights I have an excuse for blue pins!
 I made it 
  December 6, 2014
Oh, also I would like to mention the slightly asymmetrical coloring, mostly on his upper arms. I don't know what this all about, really, just what I could find I guess, but I think it adds some unusual flair to him.
By Pakari Nation99
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Added December 6, 2014

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