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LIU Atlas - Sacer Nummos
There are billions of stars, millions of planets, but there is only one man, Terrance McDoogal. Welcome to LIU Atlas.
About this creation
LIU Atlas - Sacer Nummos

The Ludgonian Industrial Union’s galaxy contains billions of stars and planets. Unfortunately, most residents of the LIU could only name a handful of these worlds. In order to improve astronomy grades across the LIU, TV2 has started a new program called LIU Atlas. Follow our host, Terrance McDoogal, as he takes you on a tour across the LIU and some of its more obscure worlds.

Note: This episode is presented in full screen. The corresponding dialogue is underneath each photo.

Doog: “Welcome to another episode of LIU Atlas. I’m your host, Terrance “Doog” McDoogal. Today, we’re visiting one of the most sacred planets in the LIU Galaxy, Sacer Nummos. Now, I don’t mean sacred in a religious way. We all know religion doesn’t play a large role in the LIU. Sacer Nummos is sacred because it houses the LIU’s mint.”

Doog: “During my descent to Sacer Nummos’ only continent, I noticed there does not appear to be any structures on the surface. Presumably, the mint is located underground for safety purposes. I’ve been dropped off at the mint’s entrance, a small entryway carved into the continent’s western coastal cliff. I’ll wait here for my guide.”

Acolyte: “Welcome to Sacer Nummos. I am Acolyte 46-17, your guide for today.”
Doog: “Wait. Are you a robot?”
Acolyte: “An advanced android actually. My race of androids were created by the LIU specifically to work in the mint. Our AI was programmed with a reverence for money.”
Doog: “So you guys worship money? Don’t get me wrong, I’d probably worship it to if I ever had any.”
Acolyte: “You could say that. We were programmed that way to prevent thefts. It’s why we were created. Other beings could not be trusted working in the mint.”
Doog: “Interesting. Well shall we head inside?”
Acolyte: “Yes. Follow me.”

Doog: “So what can you tell us about the mint?”
Acolyte: “Well, about 80% of the currency in the LIU is digital. This is satisfactory for richer, technologically advanced worlds, but an impossibility on the poorer, more primitive worlds. They need a physical currency. Here on Sacer Nummos, we make this physical currency.”
Doog: “Like coins and bills?”
Acolyte: “Yes.”
Doog: “Wow. Think about it. Strip clubs would be an impossibility without you guys. Thanks.”
Acolyte: “I’m not sure what these ‘strip clubs’ are, but you’re welcome.”

Doog: “Uh, looks like we have a problem here.”
Acolyte: “Not a problem. This is one of many security measures in place to protect the mint.”
Doog: “I hate to break it to you, but I don’t have the same robotic leaping abilities as you. I guess the show ends here.”
Acolyte: “No need to jump. I’m working on raising the bridge. It’s protected by a rolling pass code. The pass code is constantly changing. My programming has the same pass code. Once I sync the codes, the bridge will raise. It takes a few moments, there are millions of digits in the code.”

Doog: “Old school draw bridge, huh? It would keep me out, but I’m sure it wouldn’t stop a determined individual.”
Acolyte: “It is one of many security measures. There are several more, some which are classified. There are also guards posted throughout the facility. They would fight to the death defending the mint.”
Doog: “Gotcha. So, what’s next.”
Acolyte: “We are approaching the mine.”

Doog: “The mine?”
Acolyte: “Yes. The LIU’s coins and bills contain a rare element called Rhenium that is found in abundance here. That’s why this planet was chosen to house the mint.”

Doog: “Do you mine from this little lift thing?”
Acolyte: “No. This lift takes us deeper into the mine near the Rhenium deposits. It’s sort of a security measure on its own.
Doog: “I’d say so. Looks like a death trap. Where‘s the seat belts?”
Acolyte: “There are none. This wasn’t really made for humans.”
Doog: “Great...”

Doog: “Whoa. Keep it slow. How are you controlling this thing anyway?”
Acolyte: “Like the drawbridge, the lift is controlled by my programming. Only my race may utilize it.”

Doog: “Alright folks, I’ve survived a terrifying trip down to the bottom of the mine. There appears to be some sort of death sentries down here. Wow, that’s a big one.”
Acolyte: “They’re not death sentries. These are our miners. Several member of my race have had their bodies modified to work in the mines. There are two distinct classes of workers. These tall ones are the laborers. They collect the Rhenium ore, load it onto trains, and handle the other menial tasks.”

Acolyte: “The smaller, tracked workers are known as Deacons. They perform the actual drilling. Their strong track system also allows them to push train cars throughout the mine.”

Acolyte: “Speaking of trains, let’s follow this laborer. He’s found some Rhenium and must be taking it to the train. He’ll lead the way.”
Doog: “I’d rather ride one of those Deacon guys. My legs are still a little shaky from the ride here.”

Acolyte: “Rhenium is rare throughout the universe, but can be found in heavy concentrations here. It’s extracted and loaded onto the train carts. It’s an important component of the LIU’s currency. Once loaded, the train carts get pushed to the mint.”
Doog: “Finally. I was wondering if we’d ever get to the actual mint.”

Doog: “This is it? This is the mint?”
Acolyte: “No, this is the final security measure protecting the mint.”
Doog: “What is it?”
Acolyte: “This is a wormhole generator. It opens a wormhole into the mint. The actual location of the mint is highly classified.”

Acolyte: “I must admit. I don’t even know where the actual mint is.”
Doog: “So the actual mint itself is not on this planet?”
Acolyte: “It could be. I don’t really know. The generator has a range of about 20 light years. So it could farther into this planet’s crust or on one of the eighty other planetary bodies within range.”
Doog: “I’ve seen this technology on some other planets, and I know it’s expensive. How can you afford to send material that far?”
Acolyte: “The cost of producing the LIU’s currency costs less than its face value. So there is some profit in every coin produced. The profit goes to the extreme expenditures generated by utilizing the wormhole generator. In the end, it all evens out. Well, it looks like this load of Rhenium is ready to ship out. Engage the wormhole.”

Doog: “Sweet. I’ve seen it a few times, but it never gets old. I’m peering through a hole that leads to another planetary body.”
Acolyte: “Or this planet. We don’t really know. All I know is the mint is only accessible from this one wormhole generator. It can’t be accessed without visiting Sacer Nummos.”

Doog: “Well, let’s do this.”

Doog: “Alright, we’re officially in the mint now. What’s this?”
Acolyte: “This is a smelter.”
Doog: “Yeah, I smelt her too. Not pretty. Speaking of mints, maybe we should get her one.”
Acolyte: “No! A smelter. A device to melt down the Rhenium. Rhenium has the third highest melting point of any metal, so it take specialized machines to liquefy it. This is another deterrent for counterfeiters.”
Doog: “This is pure melted Rhenium is turned into coins?”
Acolyte: “No. It’s too expensive to make a coin entirely out of Rhenium. Only a classified amount of the coins consists of this element. The rest is made from cheaper, lighter minerals like tin and copper.”
Doog: “I thought that made it easier to counterfeit?”
Acolyte: “No. The Rhenium here is a rare isotope. Anyone with a simple scanner could scan the coin and determine if it has the proper isotope and the proper percentage of Rhenium.”
Doog: “Yeah, because we all carry scanners around with us…”

Acolyte: “Because counterfeiting is so difficult, the LIU’s hard currency is very stable and safe. Many other entities in the universe peg their currency to the LIU credit.”
Doog: “Are these the machines that make the money?”
Acolyte: “Yes. These are our automated coin makers. Each makes thousands of coins a minute. Want to see inside?”
Doog: “Sure.”

Acolyte: “The automated press cuts the coins out preformed metal sheets and then stamps them. The finished coins drop to a chamber below this room where they are wrapped and readied for shipping.”
Doog: “What about paper money?”
Acolyte: “Our paper currency also has Rhenium in it, in the form of tiny strands. Because they are much higher in denomination, I’ve elected to keep that process secret.”

Doog: “What’s that door go to?”
Acolyte: “That leads to the vault below. It too is off limits. We wouldn’t want to share all our secrets and security measures.”
Doog: “Is that all then?”
Acolyte: “For today, yes.”

Doog: “Alright folks, Sacer Nummos is an important place. A race of robots lives here, extracting the planet’s rare Rhenium, which is an important component of the LIU’s hard currency. There are several security features in place here including a massive wormhole generator that hides the location of the LIU’s mint. Well, I better start heading back. I have a long journey, maybe 20 light years. See ya.”

Note: A study has shown that 50% of the LIU bills in circulation have space spice on them. Snort.


 I like it 
  February 27, 2019
a worm hole generator!? that's over the top, I love it! great builds to boot!
 I like it 
  December 21, 2014
Great episode!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2014
Another great episode.
Ludgonious .
 I like it 
Tirrell Brown
  December 17, 2014
What no torture chamber? No mind wipe? I guess Doog fell off the radar this episode. Can't wait to see the next one!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2014
great scenes, wonderful!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2014
Cool stuff! I know the trend is to go digital, but like Doog said, as long as there are strip clubs, there will be cash. Nice!
 I like it 
  December 16, 2014
I smell a rebellion attack...
 I like it 
  December 16, 2014
Doog was quite "well-behaved" on this episode. Weird. XD
 I like it 
  December 16, 2014
Another very appropriately named planet. I was a bit worried that Doog might slip up and try to pocket some cash and get arrested. The mining mechs look excellent.
 I like it 
  December 15, 2014
Sacre bleu... what a fun episode! I love those coin makers. They make me think of the 3D printers that are now in use which I find fascinating! :)
 I like it 
  December 15, 2014
Another great episode! Good use of all those gold plates, and nice editing for the wormhole. As always, the amount of thought you've put into the backstory is truly impressinve.
 I like it 
  December 15, 2014
A great part, with really super models.
 I like it 
  December 14, 2014
Stargate much?
 I like it 
  December 14, 2014
Excellent as always!
 I made it 
  December 14, 2014
Quoting Yuri Fassio I love Doog's shirt! Where did you get it?
Series 8 minifig.
 I like it 
  December 14, 2014
I love Doog's shirt! Where did you get it?
  December 14, 2014
A lot of secret stuff here lately. Foreshadowing??
 I like it 
  December 14, 2014
Great episode. I really like the lift, and the smelter joke was hilarious.
 I like it 
  December 14, 2014
What a creation! Well done! 5/5
 I like it 
  December 14, 2014
Nice! Barely sneaking under the parental lock, but still a wonderful piece of Lego work. :)
By Ludgonious .
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