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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 13 - The Cave of Sounds
Hello there people of MOCpages...or from other websites that I am familiar of of some sorts...welcome back to the next chapter of the series! Wow...that's all I can really say right about now. If you're not aware just yet, then I shall simplify. Reasoning I am excited and happy right now is because of the small goal I have finally reached since starting this series. Yes, the series has finally reached and past the 4,000 view mark, as well as a bit over the 100 likes and ratings. Man, I cannot believe that it got so far already. I cannot express how grateful I am to you guys. You're the ones who brought this series to what it is now. I applaud each and every one of you for all your constant supports. So thank you, and please, keep it up! Anyways, enough of that small bit! I'm sure you guys would like to read the next part, no? Well, let's get started then. If you remember last time; Kydan and Calena were caught in an explosion, knocking them both unconscious. As for Commander Breona and Captain Patterns, along with their handful of soldiers, they were forced to retreat, not receiving any time to rescue their leaders. So the question is; what happened to them, and what will they experience? Well, let's find out, shall we? Hope you enjoy! :)
About this creation

(Unknown, no exact time on the events of losing consciousness)

Darkness. That's all that he could see. Pitch black darkness. All around was nothing but darkness and loneliness. He couldn't even move in his state. Even if he tried, what was he to do? Wonder the wasteland of darkness for nothing? No. The best thing to do was to just stay and lay where he was like a motionless corpse.

Feeling like it had been forever, he started hearing voices all around him. Some were voices he knew, others that were either familiar, never heard before or either strange.

Woman's Voice 1- Kydan...

Man's Voice 1- For the Republic!

Man's Voice 2- You have to tell her someday.

Man's Voice 3- You are weak...pathetic. Just like your Father.

Woman's Voice 1- You can't fight this on your own!

They were very strange. The voices he kept hearing were odd and confusing. He had never heard these words from any of the voices before, at least, from what he had ever remembered.

A few were even more strange. Something that felt very odd. It felt... actually nice, and comforting. It was as if he had felt this feeling and heard this voice from a while ago.

Woman's Voice 1- I will always stay by you.

Young Girl's Voice- *Giggles*

Man's Voice 4- No matter what happens, you will always be a brother to us.

Woman's Voice 1- Kydan!

Young Girl's Voice- Papa?

Finally finding the strength to stand, he got up and stood on his legs on whatever he stood on in the darkness. He scanned the darkness around, not really knowing what he was looking for. The only thing he could possibly think of was where the voices were coming from.

That's when something really caught his attention.

What seemed like a short distance from where he was, there stood a young little girl, perhaps eight years old from the looks of it, looking away from him with her back turned against him, facing nothing but the darkness. For some strange reason, he felt like he had seen that little girl before. Perhaps he had dreamed of her in his sleep, or possibly met her. But he was very unsure.

He starts to approach her slowly, making sure not to frighten her at all and make her run away from him. As he kept walking up, she stood still with her back still facing him, not moving whatsoever. All he could hear were the sound of the little girl's childish giggles.

Just as he reaches her, perhaps only a few steps away, he heard the little girl's voice again. This time, it was loud but filled with happiness. But it was so loud that it made him cover his ears and shut his eyes closed tight.  The last thing he heard was the little girl's repeated words;

Young Girl's Voice- Papa...PAPA...PAPA!!!

(Jabiim, two days after losing consciousness)

Kydan- *Gasp* GAH!

After hearing the little girl's voice shout at him, he had finally waken up from his lost consciousness. He figured that he must have been out for quite sometime, considering the weather change now. Earlier, it was normal showers, but now it was just a heavy downpour, telling him that it had been sometime already, possibly a couple days worth.

He concluded that the Separatist forces must've thought he had died in battle, leaving his corpse to waste in the muddy wastelands around him. But as he thought of the previous event that had happened, he suddenly remembered something important.

Kydan- ...Calena?

Remembering what had happened, he frantically looks around him, scanning through the field of debris and dead corpses that surrounded him.

After minutes looking around, his eyes widen a bit as he sees Calena, laying on the muddy terrain face first in the mud, not even moving a muscle.

Quickly and on instanct, he runs towards her to see if she was at all even alive. He didn't need another friend of his to be gone as well. Not like Obi-Wan, not like his squad...not like Rilicia.

Getting on the ground, he pulls her out of the mud and tries to wipe off the mud off her face. Somewhat cleaning her face off, he though that she actually looked peaceful and cute, considering all the arguements they go through everytime they were both aroudn each other. He checked her pulse and hoped that she was still alive.

To his relief, he felt a small pulse coming from her. She was alive, that was a fact. But now the next part was tricky; where do they go now?

At that moment, he heard an explosion coming from where the enemy had ambushed them a few days ago. Frantically looking around, he chose to head back towards where Outpost Nine was, considering if it was still under their control or it had been completely annihilated.

Picking her up and leaning her on his back, he runs as fast as he could towards the old Republic outpost for shelter, but only if it wasn't destroyed. He was hoping that Breona and Patterns survived the attack earlier, along with the 117th.

Like he said, from the past to this day, he wasn't ready for anymore goodbyes. This war was already too much for him to bareas it was.

(Jabiim, two hours after regaining conscious, Outpost Nine)

The rain still poured down on the planet of Jabiim. It seemed like it gotten worse, considering all the walking it took to get to the outpost. He trenched through the muddy path, his boots fully covered in mud, barely visible each time he took a step. What made him more concern, however, was Calena who was unconscious still on his back. She hadn't made a single movement so far. All he ever got out of her was the simple breathing and the very soft groaning. At least he knew that she was still alive for the most part.

What seemed like forever, he looked up from the muddy terrain that laid before and moved his towards the outpost. However, the sight of what he saw wasn't at all pleasent. Not at the least.

In front of him, with eyes of horror and concern, was the destroyed, junk piled Outpost Nine, barely used about a few days ago. All around were dead clones, covered in mud, ashes and blaster marks along with destroyed battle droids and supers lying almost everywhere he could see. There wasn't a single vehicle in the facinity, so that must've meant that Breona, Patterns and the rest of the 117th troops retreated to the nearest outpost with the vehicles.

He thought that possibly going to the next outpost would possible do them good. But the next outpost was about another day's worth of travelling. And right now, he wasn't in the condition to move much now. He needed to find shelter as fast as possible and tend to their wounds, mostly Calena's.

Looking around to see if any Separatist forces were still in the area by chance, he enters the outpost and sets Calena down on a damaged bed as he scurries around the place for any supplies he could find. Food, medicine, clothing, communication, anything that would be useful to them at this moment.

With pure luck on his side (if he ever had believed in such "luck"), he was able to find some fresh food still inside a container box, along with a damage radio and some medicine. Even though the radio was damaged, he knew that it wouldn't be too hard to fix, considering that he spends his days fixing broken things on his travels and reliefs.

Packing what he needed in a backpack, he throws it over his shoulder until he realized something that he completely forgot. How was he gonna take the bag with them if he couldn't carry Calena? He couldn't carry them both on his back, with all the mud flooding down to his knees.

Pondering for a moment, he took a deep breath and sighed. There was one option he had to take if they were to both survive.

Taking the backpack off, he slides it underneath the broken table for safe keeping and picks up Calena once again as he makes his way back through where they came from.

His idea was; to first find shelter, which was something that he could do at the moment. Luckily, on the way over to the outpost, just two miles from their position, there was an abandoned cave that poked out a bit from the mountain on the right hand corner of the muddy terrain path. From there, he could leave Calena there for a bit while he came back for the supplies, perhaps even some additional stuff if he was fast enough.

After an hour and a half of walking, with the weather also getting worse, he finally reached the cave that poked out a bit from the mountain. However, it wasn't what he really expected. It looked rather dark and a feeling of tension rising by the entrance. Almost considering another option, he heard sounds coming from behind. It must be the Separatist forces from earlier.

Knowing that he and Calena were at all in no condition to fight nor able to defend themselves, he relunctantly entered the cave.

Getting deep enough into the cave, enough that the enemy wouldn't spot them, he sets Calena down with her body leaned against the wall as he takes covers behind a stubbed rock formation, big enough for him to hide.

Right on cue, just looking over the rock, he could see the droids marching pass them, no doubt heading towards the next outpost or battle that was going on right now.

After fifteen minutes past, the droid forces had finally left the area, giving Kydan a heavy sigh of relief. Walking back into the cavem he sees Calena starting to groan and stir a bit, possibly waking up.

Walking towards Calena, he bends down to her and places his hand on her shoulder, shaking her gently trying to wake her up.

Kydan- Calena? Calena! Come on, wake up.

Replying back with a groan, she slowly opens her eyes. The first thing she saw was Kydan bent down to her with a hand on her shoulder. Flickering her eyes a bit to rejust her focus, she saw his expression towards her more clearly. What suprised her a bit was that he had a concerned look on his face, telling her that he was, in his life, really worried about her.

More suprising, however, was that he was in front of her, somewhat close to her face while holding her shoulder. With that in mind, the image of him in front of her like this made her blush beat red.

Calena- K-Kydan?! Why are you that close in front of me like that, with your hand on me?!

Taking a moment to enter in what she had meant, he blushed normal red and pulled his hand away and turned his head away from her.

Kydan- S-Sorry! I-I was just making sure you were fine was all!

That part took her off guard. Was he actually that concerned about her? Why would that be? Shaking it off, she tried to change the subject to a serious one.

Calena- What happened to us? And how did we get here?

Standing up, he walks over to the rock formation and leans against it.

Kydan- Well...we got hit by a sudden explosion, knocking the daylight out of us. Do you remember that?

Calena- Yeah... painfully.

Kydan- Well after we went unconcious, I woke up and found you on the ground not moving a muscle. That scared me a bit, so I panicked a bit when I rushed towards you. In relief, you were still breathing. But sadly, it seems that we've been knocked out for about... two days tops.

Calena- Two days?!

Kydan- The explosion must have done quite a number on us, considering how long it took to wake up. From there, I took us to Outpost Nine, which was all but destroyed. And before you jump to any conclusions, Breona nor Patterns were amongst the dead corpses, so they must have survived with the remaining 117th troops.

Sighing in relief, she smirked a bit. At least the 117th and her officer weren't all dead yet. That helped calm her down some.

Kydan- But the base wasn't entirely useless. I'm heading back over there to get the supplies I hidden underneath the debris in order that the Separatist don't find our whereabouts.

Calena- come you didn't just bring it back with you? It would have saved you a trip?

Kydan- My options were limited. It was either bring you here and leave the supplies for a while...or take the supplies with me and leave you unconscious, lying on a half broken bed, and just come back for ya' later.

Her eyes widen a bit for a moment.

Calena- Well it's a good thing you didn't. Otherwise, I would have beaten you for leaving me behind.

Kydan- You think I'm that kind of a guy?

Twisting her mouth, she gave him a stern look.

Calena- That depends on what you mean. If it meant that I was dieing and you having a better chance of living, would you have taken the supplies first?

Kydan mouth opened a bit. Did she really just asked him that?

Kydan- Why in the heck would I do that?! Saving lives are more important than any supplies or any other idiotic excuses or whatever in the galaxy!

She playfully smirks at him.

Calena- Good. Now, let's go grab those suppl--OUCH!

Before she could finish, as she tried to stand up, her lower half suddenly gave out, causing her to collapse back to the ground.

Worried, he rushes towards her for support.

Kydan- You alright?!

Calena- *Groans* Not lower half feels like hell...

Taking a deep breath, he stands up and pulls out his CC-29 "Magna" Pistol.

Kydan- Well, you ain't going anywhere in your condition. You stay here and keep watch while I go and bring back some supplies.

Calena- No your not! Not without me!

Kydan- Under yor condition Calena, your in no shape to move at all. And since your the most injured from the both of us...well, I outrank you. So, you will stay here and wait. I'll bring them back and get us the supplies we need.

She didn't like the idea at all. She would rather argue about and just say "screw you, I'm going" excuse. But, relunctantly, he was right. She was in no shape to move or walk for that matter, let alone fight. She would pretty much make it worse for Kydan and herself.

She sighs and pouted.

Calena- Fine. Just...hurry up, will ya'?

He smirks playfully.

Kydan- No promises, "princess".

That comment made her growl a bit. She hates that term.

Calena- You are so lucky that I can't move, or I would beat you for that.

Chuckling, he places his pistol next to Calena and prepare to walk out.

Kydan- I believe the appropriate term would be; "there's no such thing as luck"?

Smirking still, he walks out of the cave and heads towards to Outpost 17, leaving Calena and the fire that he had built while they talked. For some reason, she hated it. All of it. No able to move, not able to fight, not able to talk back to him was all stupid and annoying. She felt useless.

What bugged her the most was that Kydan was actually being nice to her. He has never been nice to her since after Battle of Dantooine, where a certain event took place that she swore she would make him pay for it. And yet, for some strange reason, she actually blushed at him? When did she ever blushed at him? Never! So why now? Why all of a sudden after he told her he was and is still taking care of her?

She was in a lost of confusion and fustration as she sat alone in the cave waiting for him to come back with the supplies, starting to fall back asleep from the days of events that had happened.


(Thought I would do a couple of bonus pics for ya' guys. Here's the first one where Kydan takes Calena to Outpost Nine, which he finds that it was completely destroyed by the Separatist)

(This one is where Kydan was hidden behind a small rock formation as the droids and their forces marched past him towards who knows where. This is just showing what the droids that had past had consisted within their forces)

So let's break this down; no back-up, little on supplies on food and weapons, much exhaustion and Calena has a broken leg. Yeah...not looking good for them both. Wonder how they'll get out of this one? Hmm...who knows...  :|

But anyways! This was a little challenge that I had to go through. The cave was the toughest part due to me lacking in building rock like models. Not really my specialty...but this will prove to be effective later in the future perhaps? Who am I to know haha! Now back to the build; I was happy with it. Sure, I had a much bigger picture than this, but I ain't gonna complain about it. But what did you guys think? Could I have improved more on this or was it pretty good? You decide for me! :P

Before ending this, I would like to give a shoutout to an extra person for giving me their thoughts on my last chapter:

--R.K. Blast-- (The Insurgency)

Also, if any of you have the tiem and patience, please go on over and check these amazing builders out. They all each have wonderful creations for you all to enjoy. And once again, if you are all interested in seeing more of these comics such as mine, come on over and check out the group,   Lego Comic Masters and Fan Club , when you have the time and patience.

Once again my friends, thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on my comic series, and please, continue to give me feedback on how the story is going and what I could approve on even. I really couldn't have gotten this far without you guys. Perhaps one day in the future, I can do something a little bit more for you guys? But anways, thank you all and I hope all of you have a fantastic day/night. See ya' soon!

-D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  March 16, 2015
Fantastic dude! I don't know how you do it, all I know is, YOUR GOOD! Keep up the great work. -Jedi Master Rave, =D
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  March 11, 2015
Nice one, looking forward to the next episode
 I made it 
  March 11, 2015
Quoting Benjamin Olson Very well done! This story is going along nicely. One thing that I did notice. On the blown-up base, Outpost 9 or whatever, one thing you could have done was put down some SNOT on it. Not that it looks bad as it is, but maybe you could try that out next time. Anyway, good job with this one! Can't wait for the next part. Keep it up!
Lol yes that was my ultimate fail on this one. I was a bit rushed tht day and it totally slipped my mind out of all things :P
 I like it 
  March 11, 2015
Very well done! This story is going along nicely. One thing that I did notice. On the blown-up base, Outpost 9 or whatever, one thing you could have done was put down some SNOT on it. Not that it looks bad as it is, but maybe you could try that out next time. Anyway, good job with this one! Can't wait for the next part. Keep it up!
By Director K.W.
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