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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 14 - Feelings of Kindness
Greetings to each and every one of you! Welcome back to the S.W.T.C.W. The Jedi Mercenary series! Today, we have for you the fourteenth chapter and last part of the Battle of Jabiim. I have to say that this chapter itself is my second favorite to write and post out of the three so far, considering what major events that will take hold here and then later on in the future. So let's get started, shall we? If you all remember from last time; Kydan and Calena were wounded and exhausted, and without any assistance from the Republic. So the question is...what will they do? And how shall they escape the planet? Well let's find out! Enjoy :)
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(Unknown, no exact time on the events of the cave)

Young Girl's Voice- *Giggles*

Voices. That was all she could here in the void. Just voices.

In the pitch black darkness, Calena was all alone. She felt stranded, abandoned and forgotten in the dark. She could feel the fear rising in her. An emotion that she was never and always concealed all the time. But right now, she couldn't control it.

She felt lost and hopeless, all over again.

Young Girl's Voice- Mama?

That voice again. It sounded so sweet, so innocent and angelic. She couldn't find the source of the voice though. She looked back and forth and side to side to find it. But nothing.

Nothing except the eternal darkness.

As she frantically looked around, she heard another voice, one that was actually very familiar to her.

Male's Voice 1- I'm gonna get you!

Young Girl's Voice- Eek! *Laughs*

Finally finding the source of the voices, she saw a young man and a little girl playing with each other in a grassy plain, the sun so bright in the distance. Now how could there be light in this place of forgotten darkness? It seemed too impossible.

Not really focused on that, she called out to them.

Calena- Hello?

The two kept chasing each other when the little girl started to run towards her smiling and laughing all at once with the young man chasing after her from behind.

Calena could tell that the young girl was at a very young age, probably at the age of eight, with black hair and blue eyes. The eyes resembled alot like Calena's, both very bright and pure like the ocean. It seemed very strange.

The little girl had reached her, grabbing her legs and pulling her into a tight hug still giggling from her and the young man's little game they had just played.

Young Girl's Voice- Mama!

Calena- Mama?

She didn't understand what she meant. Why was the girl calling her 'mama'? Did she know someone that looked liked her by chance? Confused, she looked up and saw the young man walking up to them with a smile.

Male's Voice- *Chuckles* Looks like she missed ya', Cale'.

Her eyes suddenly widen. The voice and face was now all too familiar and clearer now. She noticed the short black hair with the mercenary outfit, along with a lightsaber hilt and a blaster attached to his belt. She knew this man too well. It was--

???- Calena? Calena!

(Jabiim, day fourty three, twenty days since hiding inside the cave)

Calena- *Gasp* WHA-?!

She was in a complete state of shockness. She couldn't stop herself from panting every second she tried to catch her breath. The dream that she just had had completely taken her off guard. Whatever it was, it felt so real to her.

Feeling worried for her, Kydan grabbed her shoulder in order to calm her down, hopefully bring her back to reality. Her eyes were widen and she was sweating alot. Whatever she had must have been shocking, or worse, terrifying.

Kydan- Calena! Relax! You need to calm yourself! Your okay!

After a minute to calm herself, she moved her eyes around the litted cave they had been staying in for the past three weeks.

Since Calena was hurt and was unable to move properly, they had both decided to stay in the cave where they would be safe for the time being. The reason they hadn't left the cave was because of the heavy rain and storms that kept brewing over them, making it impossible to go through. Not to mention, the terrain would only make things worse. If they were to walk through the terrain with Kydan carrying Calena on his back, the Separatist could easily kill them both easily. So it was already decided when they knew the conditions and dangers that laid outside on the planet Jabiim.

Calena's breathing and panting calmed down as she gazed her eyes to Kydan, looking at her with concern. His brown eyes was so glassy that it seemed he was a bit teary about something. Perhaps he was thinking about something, or the weather was getting at him, or...he was possibly that worried about her to shed a small tear? If so, then it made her heart beat quickly for some odd reason.

Shaking that kind of feeling away, however, she looked at him with a assured look.

Calena- I'm perfectly find, merc boy. No need to worry about me.

Kydan- You sure? You seemed like you were having a wild dream in your sleep.

Calena- Don't concern yourself over me, Kydan. No need for that. Anways, how's the emergency radio transmission coming along?

Walking towards the rock formation in the middle of the cave, he picked up what seemed to be the radio that he was possibly working on earlier before Calena's outburst. It wasn't too small but it wasn't too big, just big enough to carry on your back.

Kydan- Getting there. There's a couple of tweeks and fixes here and there before I can get a signal out to any remaining Republic forces in the area.

Calena- But we've been here for about three weeks now, you know!

Kydan- It's not my fault that the Separatist had to destroy Outpost Nine while we were M.I.A. with all the equipment inside. Besides, I think I can get this running in perhaps in another hour or so.

Calena huffed in annoyance. She had been stuck with Kydan for all those days and all they've done was argue with each other about the littlest things. It was either 'the fire was too low,' or 'we're low on food,' or anything they could have come up with.

Suprisingly, however, Kydan was taking her sudden actions well. Sure, he would argue back with her like he always does, but not in the same way that he's done ever since leaving Taris sixteen months ago. He actually acted a bit nicer and not so rash about the situations lately. He was more calm than usual and was more open minded about stuff. It was like...he had changed from a different person to a new one in a matter of weeks. In all, Calena was quite surpised from all of it.

Calena- Well...just hurry it up, will ya'? I'd like to get back to home base as soon as possible, if you don't mind.

Kydan just smirked at her change of attitude and just nodded.

Kydan- Understood, your highness.

Well, perhaps not all of his regular personality was completely gone, to say.

Calena- Stop calling me that!

(Jabiim, one hour after Calena's strange visions)

She seemed better already. Her leg wasn't hurting as much as it was when she and Kydan stayed in the cave three weeks ago, and she was able to move it slightly. But that didn't mean she was able to walk nor fight. Repeating the situation, she could only move it slightly, considering the leg was affected at first from internal bacteria and other bad damages to it. It was still considered broken, due to the fact that she wasn't able to stand. So, she was pretty much bored out of her mind for the last few weeks.

Luckily, her patience would be considered successful now. Just as Calena was just about to toss in some more wood branches into the fire, she suddenly heard a beeping noise coming from Kydan's spot.

Calena- I hope that was a good sound...

Kydan- Well, you could say that we now have a working radio to use.

Her eyes shot open and her lips formed into a smile.

Calena- Really?! Your not pulling my leg, are you merc boy?

Kydan- If I was, you would have known that already.

Twisting the small knobs on the radio and punching in some numbers on the small buttons, the radio began to create static and a strange noise.

Kydan- Hello? Is anyone there? This is a closed frequency on channel 1.7.91! Any nearby Republic forces, respond!

After a few seconds of waiting, there wasn't a single response. Frowning, he tried again.

Kydan- This is Commander Kydan Witress of the Galactic Republic! I have a wounded Jedi General that is in need of immediate medical attention! I repeat; General Calena Irune is wounded and in need of medical attention! Respond!

Again, no response. Just static and other strange noises through the radio frequency.

It wasn't at all a big surpise to say the least. They've been M.I.A. for nearly three weeks, and any Republic forces in the area would have been completely wiped out by the massive droid forces and Jabiimis. Not only that, they might have thought that they had perished during the battle. But it was a bit suprising that no one was responding to their call. Was the Republic wiped out? Did they lose the Battle of Jabiim to the Separatist already?

Sighing, Kydan turned the sound down and the frequency off, leaving nothing but the sounds of the fire and the burning wood crackling.

Calena- ...No response?

He shook his head in response.

Kydan- Not a single transmission went through. All there was in response was static. We're on our own now.

That didn't make her feel any better. Their only chance for any help from nearby Republic forces had now been swept away. She really hoped they weren't the last survivers left on the planet against the Separatist Army. They were in no shape to fight or defend for that matter. With her leg broken and unable to stand, and with Kydan already exhausted from the work he's been doing for the past few was simply hopeless.

Calena- So now what do we do?

Pondering for a moment, he shook his head.

Kydan- No clue. All we can do right now is get your leg better.

Calena- That ain't gonna happen anytime soon. It'd be another week or so before I can actually walk a bit.

Kydan- Then we'll have to just wait til' then, now won't we, princess?

She quickly growled and glared at him for calling her that again.

Calena- Do you always have to call me that?!

Kydan- Hey, if it ain't broken, then why fix it?

Calena- That doesn't make any sense--OW!

Worried, Kydan hurried over to her as Calena held her leg tightly in pain.

Kydan- What happened?!

Calena- *Groans* My's hurting for some reason...

Narrowing his eyes, he hurried over to the medical box taht he had taken from Outpost Nine a couple weeks ago and pulled out a white medical aid kit. Closing the box up, he hurried back over to Calena with the kit in his hand and kneeled down next to her.

Kydan- Let me see your leg.

Her eyes widen in disbelief. What did he just asked her?

Calena- Ex-excuse me?!

Kydan- I said; let me see your leg. You'll have to pull your pant leg up so I can see and treat it properly.

Calena- Why in Hutt's name would I do that?!

Kydan- It hurts, doesn't it?

Calena- Well y-yeah! But I can take care of it myself!

Kydan- Not likely...

She narrowed her eyes at him and glared.

Calena- What do you mean "not likely?"

Sighing, he put his hand on her leg for a moment before she cried out in pain from his touch. Without realizing, he was hit by Calena in the back of the head with her fist.

Kydan- OW!

Calena- Why did you do that?!

Kydan- To prove my point...

Calena- And exactly what would that be?!

Kydan- Well...if you try to do it yourself, you'll just make it worse due to being in pain while treating it. But if someone else did it, then you wouldn't be screwing up the treatment. It's basic logic.

Calena- Basic logic my butt, I am not letting you treat my leg!

Kydan- Why not?

Calena- Because it's coming from you! I ain't gonna let you touch me!

Kydan just frowned. No, it wasn't because she didn't want him to touch her. It was because she didn't want him to help her.

Kydan- Calena...

Calena- What?

Kydan- If I don't treat your will likely die. And if you died, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for not being there to help you. I don't want you to die because of some stupid and idiotic broken leg not being treated. If I could, I would rather have a broken leg than you. I would rather be the one to die because of it, not you. I would never be able to live with myself if you died because of me. I don't want to lose another friend...

Calena was stunned. It's been a long time since he was that opened to her about his personal opinions. The last time he was ever so opened was when she teamed up with him on Taris, and that was a long while ago. After the battle ended and becoming the new Dark Mercenary, he had become a stupid and annoying mercenary who would just follow orders and do whatever he wished, not caring for many around him.

But now, at this moment, here he was, very concerned about her well being and health. He was only worried for her. What touched her more was that he couldn't live with the fact that she died because of him. Because of that, she felt strange inside, a feeling she had felt a couple times around, but only when he was around her and acted like this. She never met someone who was not a Jedi but yet be caring about others.

Because of that, she started to blush. If Kydan were to notice, he would have mistaken that she was getting hot from the fire. For that, she was somewhat thankful that they had a fire at all.

Turning her head away from him in embarrassment, she murmured to him.

Calena- *Blushing* Okay. gentle, please.

With a small smile perking up, he nodded and opened up the medical kit as he pulled out some bandages, medpacs and adrenelines.

Before he could even get started, he heard something outside the cave. It almost sounded like clanking sounds hitting the muddy ground. What would make such a noise like that?

That was when his eyes suddenly widened.

Realizing what those sounds were, he suddenly dropped the medical stuff and swiftly pulled out his pistol, running up towards the entrance of the cave.

Not quick to realize yet, she looked at him in shock as she watched him run out of the cave.

Calena- Kydan?!

Not hearing her voice, Kydan approached the entrance of the cave and came to a sudden hault. His eyes were still widened as he looked at whatever he was seeing.

Kydan- Oh...poodoo.

Standing in front of the cave's entrance was a full force of dozens of droids surrounding the entrance. The droids had their blasters at the ready aiming their guns towards Kydan as soon as he had come out of the cave.

???- Jedi!

Coming up to Kydan was a Jabiimi commander, apparently a survivor of the now dead commander, Alto Stratus, which Kydan nor Calena haven't even heard about yet. He seemed to be a bit beat up from the previous battles that have taken place so far, the last one being the attack on Monsoon Mesa, just south of Cobalt Station, but still able to stand on his own two feet so far.

Jabiimi Commander-  We've been looking for you Republic scum! Ever since you've killed our nitorious leader, Alto Stratus, at Monsoon Mesa, we've been wanting some revenge for his death! Now you'll pay for the price of our leader!

Kydna just snarled in response. If he thought that they were gonna get to her, then they were not so bright. Especially dealing with a Witronian like him.

Readying their weapons, Kydan grasped his pistol that he had grabbed before running out of the cave, and aimed it at the enemy. But as he was aiming his weapon, he didn't realize that Calena had limped out of the cave, wondering why he had runned off in such a hurry.

Calena- Kydan! What the heck are you...doing?

Kydan- Calena, get back!

Jabiimi Commander- So, the Siruhnian General herself still lives, huh? This just makes it even better. Now you can both die in the name of Alto Stratus!

All of them charging their weapons, Kydan and Calena knew that they had no chance against any of the droids. With just a pistol, their Force powers nearly drained, and one of them severely wounded, it was a last stand for the both of them. And they knew their deaths were gonna be slow.

But before a single shot was even fired off from either side, a green laser shot from above hit the droid forces, wiping out almost the entire platoon as Kydan and Calena both took cover from the blast.


Looking up with obvious suprised looks, Kydan and Calena both saw a Republic Gunship land right in front of them as the remaining droids on the other side started to blaze their weapons at the ship.

What was more suprisingly was when the door opened, standing inside was the last of the Jedi on Jabiim, Commander Anakin Skywalker. Two soldiers hopped out of the gunship and tried to escort them inside.

Anakin- Come on! We gotta' get out of here!

Calena- Skywalker? What's going on?!

Anakin- I'll explain later, btu right now, we're leaving!

As the Clones helped Calena onto the gunship, Kydan walked back a bit towards the cave.

Kydan- Troopers, get General Calena onto the gunship! I need to grab something!

As fast as he could, he ran right back inside the cave to retrieve their weapons. There was no way in hell that he was gonna leave his sabers behind, nor Calena's.

Running back out of the cave, he quickly jumps into the gunship as the door closes from behind and takes off from the ground, flying out into the atmosphere with the other gunships and cruisers while the droids watched them retreat from the planet, contuing their little assault on bringing down the fleeing Gunship.


(Hyperspace, destination to Coruscant, two hours after retreating Jabiim)

It was an entire massacre. Apparently, after debriefing what had all happened on the surface of Jabiim, everyone except for Skywalker, Kydan and Calena who were part of the battle had but all died, including Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Leska. From what they were told by Anakin, the Council and the Supreme Chancellor, they had missed half of the entire fight. Even though they were told they were alive thanks to the Force, they couldn't help but mourn the fallen Jedi that had perished.

While Calena was being properly treated, she was immediately greeted by both Kydan, Breona and Patterns, who had both survived the entire fight thankfully. They had each shared about what had happened to one another, either good ones, close calls, and even the sad ones after their disappearence.

The only topics that were never discussed was the dreams or visions that Kydan and Calena exprienced seperately. They have no idea why they had those dreams or visions, but they figured it was nothing to really talk about, nor to worry anyone else with.

(Coruscant, Jedi Temple, four days after escaping Jabiim)

When they had all returned to Coruscant and had gotten some rest, the Order had prepared for the memorial ceremony that was taking place for their fallen brother and sisters. The Masters, Knights, Padawans and Younglings had all gathered for the ceremony and placed their peaces for the Masters and other Knights and Padwans that died in the bloodshed battle.

On the left side corner of the funeral stood Masters Coneros, Gulio, Hecilt, Yoda, Aayla Secura, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Luminara Unduli, Adi Gallia and Kydan himself.

Beside them on the right hand corner was Masters Mace Windu, Eeth Koth, Bariss Offee, Anakin Skywalker, Anakin's droid R2-D2, Admiral Wolrein, Senator Bail Organa, Commander Breona, Captain Patterns, Egile who Kydan and Calena met back on Taris, Kydan's droid companion R7-D7 and Calena herself.

Each and every one of them, excluding the Jedi, knew Master Kenobi before. Even the droids were with Obi-Wan a few times during side missions and what not. Egile had met him after the Battle of Taris, and was fond of the Master's skills and personality. When they met, they became good friends as Egile started working for the Republic as a Mercenary himself.

And each and everyone of them were here to honor and pay their respects for their dear friend who had perished from existance and the face of the entire galaxy.

But out of all of them that were present, Kydan was the only one who was the saddest.

He knew Master Obi-Wan Kenobi since he had arrived at the Jedi Temple when he was four years old, meeting Obi-Wan when he was at the age of twenty three. He and Obi-Wan had a close connection to one another, with Obi-Wan carrying on the role of being Kydan's big brother. He would help teach Kydan sometimes, whether he was on training or resting. No matter what the circumstance was, Kydan loved Obi-Wan as a brother and family.

But sadly, with his death so soon, knowing him for nearly thirteen years in his life, all Kydan coudl do was mourn and hoped that his best friend was at peace and one with the Force, hoping that he would too see him once again in the afterlife.

Now with three of his close friend's dead, he knew that he made the right choice of leaving. Cause he wouldn't be able to bear not to strangle a single enemy to the Republic and to himself...nor killing them in sheer vengeance.

And that's what he was going to do; protect the ones he love, and bring vengeance on those who harmed them, like the Dark Mercenary was tasked to do.

So to start off...I bet I know what some of you may be thinking, and I have only one excuse; I tried my best! I wanted to re-image the funeral room on Coruscant for Obi-Wan's death, and I felt like I was in the dark for a bit. But when I remembered the Clone Wars funeral a few times, I decided to do my best on it. So I hope it was okay at least.

Anyways, onto a much important note. Because my writing is a bit slowed down due to losing some of my "genius" ideas, I will not be posting the next chapter til' next month. I have almost two chapters ready to go, but I like to have at least four before hand. So hopefully you guys can be patient til' then. However, I will be posting one of my squad's side story soon, so stay tuned for that.

Also, I would like to give a shoutout to the following from my last chapter who have commented and liked so far:

Brickbuild 54

Joel Tyler

Also, if any of you have the time and patience, please go on over and check these amazing builders out. They all each have wonderful creations for you all to enjoy. And once again, if you are all interested in seeing more of these comics such as mine, or if you have a comic series you would like to introduce to others as well, come on over and check out the group,   Lego Comic Masters and Fan Club , when you have the time and patience.

So once again (and I shall keep saying this til' the end of time haha :P ), thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on my comic series, and please, continue to give me feedback on how the story is going and what I could approve on even. So thank you guys for this and I hope all of you have a great fant-tucking-tastic day/night. See ya' soon! ;)

-D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  May 28, 2015
Awesome work like the story the figs are great .
  April 5, 2015
As usual, AMAZING! I'd say you did an excellent job at Obi-Wan's funeral. It really looks like the one from the Clone Wars TV Series from season 5 (Pretty sure its 5). As usual, great job, keep it up! P.S. I wonder what that strange blackness is. Hmm. Also, found a Skillet song that made me think of this episode for some odd reason. Check it out what you have the time.(Assuming you haven't heard it already.) =D -Jedi Master Rave
 I like it 
  March 28, 2015
Pretty slick there, Dude! Now, to offer a suggestion. Throw in a few edited shots of some ships in space when you change scenes.
 I like it 
  March 19, 2015
Nice job homes, the story continues to progress nicely and your builds also continue to impress. My favorite has to be the cave entrance scene with the awesome force effects and the gunship. Fantastic job on that one and keep it up!
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  March 18, 2015
Nice job, probably my favorite episode yet. can't wait to read more, keep it up!
 I made it 
  March 17, 2015
Quoting Benjamin Olson Well. This is getting better and better. I am wondering how much of the story you intend to give away with those visions. But that's your business, not mine. Good job with the whole thing overall, I'd say. Looking forward to more from you. Keep it up!
Lol well you shall have to wait and see good sir ;P
 I like it 
  March 17, 2015
Well. This is getting better and better. I am wondering how much of the story you intend to give away with those visions. But that's your business, not mine. Good job with the whole thing overall, I'd say. Looking forward to more from you. Keep it up!
By Director K.W.
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