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Tanga Squad "Threat" - Target Practice
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This was debatable for quite a while actually. Before I started the series, I was actually gonna post some short chapters through the series, but I didn't have the heart to do it. So I thought I would do seven short comics about the squad members of Tanga Squad. Since Degree was already mentioned first, that would leave only six more. Well...five now. But enough talk! I really hope you enjoy the next member of the squad, CT-2971 "Threat"! :)
About this creation

"A gun is only good when it is used by the right person. But the wrong person wielding it will only get a bite in the butt later." - CT-2971 "Threat"

They say that a big gun doesn't make a big soldier, it only makes them look like an embarrassment and, somewhat, disappointing. Many clones in the Republic all basically carry DC-17 Blaster Rifles, Blasters or, for some, the Heavy Repeaters that can pack a punch. Each clone that had been cloned, trained and supervised have all gone under the choice of weapons that they chose or deemed worthy for their desires. Once they picked their weapons, they would go through months of hard and difficult training in order to really feel and get into character with their own weapons. Sounds odd, but accurately true.

However, one clone amongst many chose not to choose the three basically picked weapons. And that specific clone was CT-2971, or what many call him, Threat.

A few months after the Battle of Jabiim, inside one of the Clone Barracks, Threat, along with a few other members of the squad and army were taking the time to get some target practice done, considering they were pretty much bored out of their minds. They haven't had any contact with any Separatist forces for an entire week, and most of the clones were getting anxious, annoyed and impatient. So to kill some time, they all decided to at least shoot some targets during their free time.

Threat- Refresh!

Reloading his guns, he watches as the target refreshes the hologram image of a Super Battle Droid, clearing away the gun barrel holes from the image. Swiftly, Threat aims his pistol and blaster at the target, hitting the droid picture with another round of blazing lasers, penetrating through the image once again.

Figuring that he waisted enough ammo, he reloads his guns as the clips fell to the floor. Hitting the button next to him, the target picture suddenly slides up to him so he could get a good look on how he did. From what see saw, the image was half burned and ripped apart from the devestating attacks from his guns. From his perspective, it was a perfect and deadly success.

Threat- Ah! Another clean hit. Nothing like the smell of a stentch of blaster fire to boil your blood up.

???- So this is where you went, eh Threat ol' boy?

The voice of that person made him cringe so. Slowly turning his head around, he was faced with none other than his clone brother, Degree, who was accompanied by Kydan, Calena and his commander, Breona. The look on Degree's face had a goofy grin that made you want to punch him for no apparent reason.

Degree- We thought you went to the other barracks to go watch some Twi'lek dancers or something.

Threat- It's to my best interest to only point and shoot droids, not go off and have some pleasure by watching some dancers.

Degree- Aw, come on Threat! You might find yourself a good looking wife or something!

Degree's jokes always made his blood boil in annoyance. In all honesty, he loved his brother. He may have been the opposite of him and all, but he did care about his brother and his squad very much. However, when Degree would start to act like this, he had the intuition to just punch the man right in the jaw.

And that moment was now.

Threat- Degree, I'll--

Kydan- Okay, okay, that's enough you two! I don't need another broken out firefight right in the middle of our own barracks, and I don't need the 'both of you' to start that.

Both of the clones backed off a bit, their expressions changing to a bit of a frown as they tried not to look over at their leader.

Threat- Y-yes sir, sorry sir.

Degree- Yeah, me too sir.

Kydan- Good. Now, to the point; what were you doing Threat?

Getting some pride back, he gestures over to the targetting panel that was still filled with blaster fire from earlier as he shows them his DC-17 Blaster and pistol.

Threat- Just making some good use with these sir. Some of the boys and I were getting bored from just standing around and doing nothing, so we decided to come on over and shoot some targets to blow off some stress and what not.

Kydan- Hm...that's understandable. It has been boring, considering that the Separatist hasn't made a move over the past week or so. I can see why you guys would want to do something like this.

Out of the three, only Breona and Degree understood why Threat would do something like this. If there wasn't anything to fight, you might as well blow off steam with some dummies for target practice. But for Calena, she didn't understand one bit.

Calena- Not wanting to sound rude, but this makes no sense.

Kydan- Why's that?

Calena- Why would you get so stress over on the peace and quietness we're receiving? Don't you like it that we don't have to fight any Separatist forces from time to time?

Threat- Sadly ma'am, my blood and cloning DNA is all about fighting. That's what we were breeded for; to fight a war and win a war, with guns in our bare hands. I couldn't see myself without a blaster in both of my hands. It doesn't feel right.

She still didn't get it. She knew that the clones were all trained to mostly fight, but she would have thought that they would at least like the peace and quiet from time to time.

Calena- I still don't understand...

Kydan- Give it a break trooper. Cale' over here will never understand about why quietness and peace doesn't fit well with us.

Calena- Excuse me?! What did that mean?!

Turning to face her, Kydan gave off one of his devious and goofy grins. That meant that he was about have fun with whatever was to come.

Kydan- Well obviously someone as yourself, your highness, you have never picked up a gun in your life, nor have ever shot one off. So you have no idea what we mean.

Calena- *Glare* That's because guns aren't for Jedi like myself. Even Obi-Wan once said, 'Blasters and other guns are so uncivilized.' So why would I want to do so?

And this was where thigns were about to go crazy.

Kydan- Well that's because you're a woman.

That one sentence caused Calena to go from annoyance to extreme anger and a deadly cold glare. Even Breona, Degree and Threat himself were pretty shocked and scared at her sudden expressions. If they knew that Kydan was gonna do something stupid like this, they would have left them to do whatever. However, they were now stuck.

Calena- A woman?! All because I'm a woman?! Listen here, you bloody gyneros shinnre, I could woop your sorry can out of the barracks!

(Shinnre, it means clueless moron, or, in other terms, piece of Bantha fodder)

Kydan- Oh? Is that a challenge I'm hearing, princess?

Calena- You bet your bloody life it is! Threat! Lend me your blaster!

Threat- U-Uh...y-yes ma'am...

Taking the gun away from Threat, she watches and waits as Kydan takes position where Threat had originally stood from and aims his pistol at the target in front of him.

Calena- I doubt you can hit that target from that far...

Smirking, and without even looking, he turns his head away from his target and pulls the trigger three times on his pistol, fire a triple shot of yellow blazing lasers at the hologrammed target. Satisfied, he pushes the button on the side as the frame detatches from its position and slid in front of them all.

What came next suprised every one of them. His shots had hit both the head, neck and stomach of the target perfectly. Threat, who was an expert on these things, was actually more suprised than everyone else. He had met someone like his officer who could make their shots precise with just a pistol and three shots. At this moment, he actually thought he had admired the Commander.

Calena- Wh-Wha-?! B-But how the-?!

Kydan- Your turn, my lady.

Rapidly shaking her head, she huffs and pushes Kydan to the side in order to get her chance at the target. However, as she held the blaster in her hand firmly, she couldn't shake the feeling of nerves slithering up on her. She had never touched a gun before, let alone look at one up close before. She was pretty terrified.

Threat- *Whisper* Has the general ever held a gun before, commander?

Breona- *Whisper* Not that I know of...

Degree- *Whisper* I guess we're gonna find out if she's good or not.

She could sense and feel the peering eyes on her. She knew that if she messed up, she would lose the fight with Kydan, and a bit of her own pride. So, shakily pointing the gun at the target, she tried her hardest to steady herself from making a grave mistake.

And with the use of only her finger, she pulls the trigger all the way as the shot flies out of the barrel. However, when her eyes were closed, she didn't see where she had shot at.

Unfortunately, that was where everyone panicked.

When the laser bolt flew out of the barrel, it had missed its designated target and hit the sides, causing the shot to bounce off the wall into another, repeating each action swiftly. Knowing that it was bad to stand, Kydan, Threat, Breona, Degree and all the other soldiers inside dropped to the floor quickly as they could before they got hit too.

When Calena saw them taking cover, she was utterly confused by this act. But when the shot passed right by her head, she quickly understood why and dropped to the floor herself as the laser bolt kept bouncing off the steel plated walls.

What felt like an eternity, the shot finally stopped, leaving the entire room filled with fire shot marks all over the barracks. Feeling that it was now safe enough, everyone on the floor began to stand up as they took in their surroundings, seeing the marks all over.

Threat- Wow...

Breona- No joke.

Degree- The general did 'all that'?!

Kydan- Sheesh Cale', it was as if you wanted to kill us or something.

Calena- I-I didn't mean it! The gun slipped!

Kydan just scoffed at her, knowing well enough that it was not.

Kydan- Yeah, sure!  If the gun slipped, it wouldn't have triggered the outcome of your doing. Face it, you were too scared to hold the gun in place and just pulled the trigger with your eyes close, didn't you?

Calena became angry once again at him. But, sadly and truly though, she knew he was definitely right. This was her first time holding a gun like that, so she wasn't sure how to really handle the thing. She made a serious note that when holding something like that is 'way' different than wielding a lightsaber.

However, either way, she wasn't about to let Kydan win this without a fight.

Calena- Well...if it wasn't for your cocky smile and obnoxious noises, I would have done a better job.

That was when Kydan gave a devilish grin.

Kydan- Really? You like my cocky smile huh?

When he said that, her face quickly turned red.

Calena- N-No! I didn't say that!

Kydan- But you implied.

Calena- *Blushes even more* No I didn't! I'll show you!

Just as she was about to aim and shoot the gun once again, Threat had grabbed his pistol out of her hands and pushed her to the side gently.

Calena- Hey!

Threat- Sorry ma'am, but under these circumstances, I've seen quite enough of how you shoot. And...sorry about this ma'am, but you ain't good enough to hold any blaster whatsoever. This ain't for everybody ma'am. And out of all them, that someone is you...general.

Calena wanted to argue back at the soldier, but just sighed in defeat. It was definitely true; she wasn't one out of many to hold a blaster like that. She was better off wielding a lightsaber than such an uncivilized weapon like that. So instead of yelling, she sighed.

Calena- Yeah...maybe your right, Threat.

Threat just blinked in response. He was right?

Threat- ...Excuse me, ma'am?

Even Breona and Degree were a bit confused from that. They actually thought that the general would have yelled and scolded their brother for that comment, not be right about it.

Calena- I'm a Jedi. I've been trained and honed to wield a lightsaber only. I wasn't taught how to hold or use a blaster before in my life. So I'm agreeing with you Threat; I ain't the kind of person to use something like that.

Threat- Uh...of-of course, general.

Calena then turned to Kydan and sighed heavily. She didn't want to say it. Gosh, she really didn't like saying it at all, especially to him. But, in utter defeat, she had to.

Calena- were right too, Kydan.

Kydan- *Smirked* Kinda figured. But don't take it too hard, Cale'. Not many people know how to hold a blaster so much. I didn't start using one til' a little while after the Battle of Taris. It took some time to get use to, but it just takes much practice. Besides, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it eventually. I've seen you stuff like that before, and I know that you'll get even better later on. Your just like that is all.


For some reason, she actually blushed. And that didn't go unnoticed by both Breona, Degree, and Threat, who was confused as to why his general was blushing all of sudden. But quickly, he saw her shake her head quickly and just smile.

Calena- Yeah, you're right. Thanks.

Kydan- *Wink* No problem. Now, we should get back to the command center and update our status to the Jedi.

Calena- Good idea. Breona, you coming?

Breona- Nah, I think I'm gonna stay here with the boys and shoot some targets myself. You two can go on ahead sirs.

Kydan- Alright then. See ya' guys.

With that, Kydan and Calena leave the barracks and head over to the command center while Breona stayed and chatted with Degree and Threat.

And the first thing Threat wanted to ask was what Breona and Degree already knew from the beginning.

Threat- Breona? Why was the general blushing at the commander like that?

Breona- Not too sure yet. But I have a strong feeling as to why though...

Threat- What would that be?

Degree- Well I definitely know what it will be...Commander Kydan is gonna get some bow-chicka-bow--OW!

Before Degree could finish his sentence, Breona had hit him in the back of the head.

Breona- Don't go off saying something like that, you idiot!

Degree- *Moans* Ow...but it's true sir!

Threat- What is?

Breona- *Smirks* The general has a thing for the commander.

Threat- Thing? What do you mean?

Breona- You know...she, well...likes him.

Threat- Well of course she likes him. They're our officers and both of them are friends, right? I would have thought they liked each other.

As he finished, all Degree could was laugh histerically, falling down to the floor with a thud. Threat didn't understand why he was laughing whatsoever. He just thought that his brother had finally cracked his shell and was now broken.

Breona- Well, yes, they are friends...but that's not what I meant trooper.

Threat- Then what did you mean sir?

Breona- The general...has a crush on the commander. And that meaning...she loves him. However, she won't admit it to him nor anyone else.

It took a bit for Threat to finally understand what Breona said. But when he did, he looked a bit suprised. He didn't realize that the general liked the commander like that. He just thought they were like a brother and sister, but didn't realize that it was that far down the line, considering how they argued and challenged each other like that.

However, even though it was suprising, all he was able to do was just smirk at the commander. His eyes giving off a hint of glint in them.

Threat- Hm...then I guess this will be an interesting war after all, sir. I gotta' say...this is gonna be one heck of a squad someday, especially with our commanding officers in charge of us.


Just a couple random pictures of the MOC that was used in the comic. The two both have no minifigs, just the build itself. So here is the inside part, pretty much the front of it haha.

And here is the side view of it with the Super Battle Droid targets implanted to the wall. Thought about doing it another way, but this way saved me tons of time and it looked pretty well. Well, to me at least.

I gotta' say, I really enjoy making some nice side comics. Even though they are based from different Clone Wars years that seperate from the series a bit, it really helps out considering that it describes who the clone is and how they really are when around their brothers or leaders. It will also show how they fitted into the main group in the near future. So I think I'll continue this, if it does well. So if any of you liked what you saw and liked the little side stories, please let me know in the comments below...or leave a simple like and rating to show your love.

So thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on my comic series, and please, continue to give me feedback on how the stories are going and what I could approve on them later in the near future. It always helps having great advise from you all. So again, thank you all and I hope all of you have a wonderful and fantastic day/night. See ya' soon!

-D.M. Kydan Witress


  December 23, 2015
 I like it 
  April 26, 2015
Awesome story liked the set's can not waite to read more,
 I like it 
  April 6, 2015
Nice rifle range training facility and good story.
  March 24, 2015
OI! That's just classic! Great job dude! XD
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Graeme Straughn
  March 23, 2015
Very cool build! Hehehe, loved the story! Maybe I should try to post some of my SW stuff... :) Great work!
 I like it 
  March 23, 2015
Love the training facility, it brings back good memories from playing republic commando. An excellent game if you're not familiar with it. Anyways, looking forward to your next post:)
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  March 21, 2015
Nice one, looking forward to more.
 I like it 
  March 21, 2015
Hahaha! That's funny. Good job, man! Looking forward to more from you. Keep it up!
 I like it 
  March 20, 2015
Pretty nice.
By Director K.W.
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