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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 15 - Partnership Troubles
Testing, 1...2...17...98...45...3? Is this on?...Oh is it? Oki doki! AHEM! Hello and greetings to all of you MOCers! Yes, it is I, the almighty, the invincible, the dashing, the best-...okay, so I ain't any of those things. But it is me, D.M. and Director Kydan Witress, back and ready to some more barrel rolling haha! Well, it's been another good long month again and I'm ready to give you guys the next chapters of the series! And before I start, I would like to say thank you all for your wonderful and constant support. Since we started, it was pretty slow and was doing an okay at first. But now that we're hitting half of the series now, it just got even better. And we've already reached the 5,000 view mark and over the 100 rating mark. You guys are all amazing, and I really appreciate you guys for that. Now, let's get started, shall we? This chapter is now three months after the Battle of Jabiim, and where the adventures of Kydan and the others continue. Hope you enjoy this chapter everyone. Enjoy! :)
About this creation

Kydan: "Its been a little bit over three months since Jabiim had been lost to the Separatist Alliance. It was where we had lost many good men and woman, soldiers and Jedi alike, including few Masters who had led the attack. Out of all of them, there had been only four main survivors; myself, Calena, Anakin Skywalker, and an old friend of mine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had somehow came back from the dead.'

'Heh, I had nearly beat the tar out of him when I saw him again a few days ago. But...all I could do was give that older man a hand shake and a bear hug, yelling at him for being so stupid and scaring the living daylights out of us all. And as his usual self, he just chuckled with a friendly smile and just said that it was good being home.'

'But after all that, I had been on a few missions as of late for the Republic and Jedi. One in particular was very...interesting, you could say I guess. I was on Tatooine recently after a recent crime had taken place. It had something to do about some rogue politician and what not, that kind of crap. Which I really hate if I had to be honest. But during my little investigation, which only took about a couple days worth, thank the Force, I met with an old enemy I thought I would never have to meet or face again because of my distant past.'

'Mandalorian Assassin, Alurak Eclipse, leader of some Eclipse clan containing what seemed to be old Mandalorian soldiers, who believed they were the true warriors of their kind.'

'Now here is where it got really interesting; When we met and started chatting just a bit, and to the point where we actually got into a little fight, mind you, we were taken off guard after the both of us said that we were on the same damn case! We thought that we were both joking and making these up. However, that didn't turn out like that. So after finally solving the little mishap with a Republic politician, and after some time chatting and bickering against each other along the way, we actually had a lot in common than we had recently thought.'

'Now, we're exactly not the 'best' of friends, more like just a couple of people that just know each other from the beginning of the war. At least, that was what he thought. But in all case, I had to respect the man, besides the fact that I had lost...her on Geonosis. In fact, from what I've learned, he apparently had nothing to do with the tower ambush. I guess it was someone that was part of Dooku's scheme back then. But he couldn't remember who the man was, sadly.'

'However, it got me thinking for a bit and I believe I know who it was. But also, I could very well be mistaken. I wish I am honestly...'

'But anyways, I had just gotten my break from the front lines for a good couple weeks when the Jedi contacted me. I got very annoyed when they did. I hadn't had a few days off since the Battle of Taris, and that was way over seven months ago! However, I had no choice but to reluctantly accept what mission they had given me.'

'For some reason, during our little chat, I could have sworn that I felt the Jedi Masters' thoughts in a couple of them. And I can understand why though. I had left the Order little over a year ago and I quickly became what the galaxy now calls me, 'The Cursed Man,' or the 'Dark Mercenary,' which sounded a lot better than the other name.'

'When I had arrived to the Jedi Temple, I had been told by my old master, Uncle Coneros, to stay outside of the Council room as a few of them discussed some stupid manner. I don't really know why. It was kinda ridiculous if you asked me. Well, all I care about right now is for them to get done and move on with whatever they wanted me to do for them. I'm still glad I'm not a Jedi anymore. I really don't think I can go through this all over again really.'

'I think this was the best decision I made in very long time..."

Outside the Council room, Kydan was leaning against the wall with an annoyed look on his face after being told to wait out here. He had been waiting for nearly twenty minutes and he was growing very impatient. He had no idea what the assignment was and who he was to be working with. He just wanted to leave and get this all over with so he can get some R&R for a week.

Kydan- *Sighs in fustration, mumbling* What is taking them so long?! I don't like to be kept waiting!

About another five minutes has past and he had finally enough of waiting out here.

Kydan- This is taking too long. I don't care if I'm thrown out or whatever, I wanna know what's keeping them all so long!

Just as he was about to go through the large doors, the doors suddenly slide open to reveal the one woman who he didn't expect to see for a while. Calena Irune, former Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order. He was slightly suprised to see her here and not on another mission like she had been requested to go to. Maybe she changed her mind or something? He didn't know...

Kydan- Calena? What in blazes are you doing here?

Calena- What? Not happy to see me or something?

Kydan- That is not what I meant. I meant that...I thought you were on some other hot-tailed mission or something.

Calena- I was, until the Council gave it to Master Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka. They're on their way right now.

Kydan- Hm, interesting. Well to the point; what the hell took you guys so long?!

Calena- *Sighs* If you must know...the Council has agreed to have us both to partner up for the time being of this foresaken war. So it looks like I'm your new war-partner.

Kydan stopped and froze on the spot. Did she just say "both of them partner up?" He didn't like that for many obvious reasons, on in particular that he would never allow her to know.

Kydan- Us? As in us two? Both of

The look on Calena's face was now grinning. She just loved to embarrass the mercenary boy like this. She really didn't know why, but she found it funny and rather cute at the same time.

Calena- *Grinning* Yes, merc boy. For now on, we'll be partners on each and every single mission and battle. I am so happy to be working with you.

Kydan just stood there and glared at the brown haired woman. It all made sense. The reason he was here in the first place was because she requested his presence to the Council. She asked the Council for approval to be partners. That dirty little Sirunian brown haired Jedi!

Kydan- *Cold glare* called for me here, didn't you?!

Calena- *Hummed* Guilty as charged.

Kydan- *Glare* Do you have...any idea...what you just done?!

Calena- Precisely. Now, because of me, we're teammates for the rest of this war. Without me, you would be running around everywhere at this moment looking for some other job the Republic or Jedi posted. You should be thankful for what I've done.

That little comment infuriated him. If it wasn't for her, he would be having some time off the battlefield. He really needed some new additions to his ship and weapons, and not to mention, some new clothing and food supply for the next month. But now, he ain't gonna get that chance.

Kydan- No! Because of you, I can't get my time off away from the battlefields! As of now, I could be getting some time and needed rest for a good whole week! But nooo! Because of you, I have to go right back to fields! Oh yeah, I am sooo thankful for what you did! Thanks a darn lot!

For some reason, that actually hurt her just a bit. She was just joking for the start, but didn't realize that it would become something like that. She didn't have a clue that he hadn't had any time off as of late. She had no idea at all. Because of that, she now felt guilty and sadden from her little act.

Sighing, Kydan just shook his head without saying a word and brushed past her, not even giving her the slightest look in the eye.

Kydan- Just forget it. Lets get to the Black Shadow and get this stupid mission done and over with. I don't want to be late...

Sadly, Calena nodded and followed him. She knew and could sense that he was annoyed and angered with her. Because of her, he would have been having some rest from the front lines, not be stuck with it for so long again. And for the strangest reason, she felt sorry for him. She didn't really know why, but as of late, she had grown to consider him to be her best friend. Someone who understands what she had gone through over the years. And because of this, she didn't know what to do.

But she knew that she had to make it up to him somehow. One way or another, she'll make sure that he won't be angered by her little act.

(The Black Shadow, Hyperspace, Three hours after leaving Coruscant)

The ship was incredulously quiet for a relic that was very old. The ship that he had told her before was a freighter-like fighter, a Witrin Heavy Freighter-Class Cruiser, or what he called the Black Shadow. The ship was a very old model that hadn't been seen for nearly three thousand years, presumely only during the time of Revan's Sith Empire. Apparently, from what Calena could get from Kydan, this ship was under the possession by his old ancestor, Ryssios Witress, a Jedi Master and Bounty Hunter during the Old Republic, while the planet Taris was under seige before beign completely wiped out. Now, after years and years of repairs and handing the old ship down from father-to-son family ritual, it had ended up in Kydan's possession after his father's passing.

She could tell that the ship was very modified; the inside and some of the outside were way different from what she had read in the archives in the Jedi Library on Coruscant. The handy work around the ship was not the best, but it did fit just fine. There was a small lounge, an engine room, two cabins and Kydan's main cabin. It must had been modified perhaps about twenty years ago before she or Kydan were even born. But she could also destinctively see that he had also modified the ship on his own too as of late. The guns turrets, for one, looked like a new edition to the ship, which must have been a recent add on addition earlier on. Even if it seemed out of place on top of the ship, it gives this ship a heavy punch.

The ship was awe-inspiring to her, even if she still needed some time to learn more about spacecrafts.

But, yet, even though she enjoyed the view of the ship, she still couldn't help but feel guilty and very sadden. Kydan was still pretty ticked with her about having him in the fronts already, and hadn't really spoken any words to her at all. And because of her, they didn't have any clue on when they would get their next leave from the battlefields. She wish that she could go back and do something about that, but the damage was already done.

To leave him in peace and some time to himself, Calena walked out of the cockpit and into the back of the small lounge that was centered in the back of the ship.

What suprised her a bit was that Kydan's main droid, R7-D7, was playing a game of chess of some kind with Kydan's clone officer, Commander Breona.

Now she hadn't met him until a few months after the Battle of Taris. From what she was told, he had been rescued by Kydan during the attack on Carida, losing his entire squad to a bunch of Super Battle Droids and heavy artillery. What she didn't know was that Breona had owed him a life debt for saving his life, and since then, he's been on almost every mission he's been on, as far as she knew.

Sighing, Calena sat next to him when Breona groaned in fustration after losing to R7 twice. Okay, maybe more than that I guess.

Breona- Bloody hutt! How do you beat me like that?!

R7- Bloop beep beep bleep beep! (It's because you're so slow at this! You don't think like us!)

Breona- No, it's not because I'm too slow, you tin can! And I am no where from being stupid!

R7 just laughed in its droid tone as it left to do some other things around the ship before they all arrived.

Annoyed, Breona layed back against the seat he was sitting in when he turned his head towards Calena.

Breona- I will never understand droids, ma'am.

Calena- They do sometimes seem smart. But for the Separatist, I'm not too sure.

Breona- That just gives more reason to shoot them.

Calena- More like blow the droids in smitherings in your squad's perspectives. And possibly confuse them and have all of them shoot one another.

They both laughed at her joke and calmed down after a minute or so. When Breona glanced back at the Jedi, he saw a sad face take place on her expression. From that one quick look, he knew something was wrong.

Breona- Something bothering you, ma'am?

Calena- Oh...i-it's nothing. Everything is fine Breona, really.

Breona- Come on Calena, I've known you long enough to have an expression like that for a reason. What happened between you and Kydan this time?

She didn't know how he knew. For someone who only knew her less than six months, he was quick to pick up stuff like that. She had thought that she was too obvious from his perspective.

Calena- ...Am I that obvious?

Breona- *Shrugs* More or less. So, mine telling me what happened?

Taking a deep breath and a sigh of defeat, Calena explained the whole situation to Breona about what happened at the Temple a few hours ago, about how she ended up sending her and Kydan on a few missions to where they had no idea of when they would get time off from the war zone, let alone any fighting.

Breona sat there and listened to her explanation, nodding at her words carefully. He figured something like this would one day bite them both in the butt, and he was definitely right. They've been nick-picking at each other for as long as he could remember knowing them. This was where he needed to give them a small helping hand.

Breona- Sounds to me that you went a little too far this time, ma'am.

Calena- I don't know what to do! I mean, I was just joking with him. I didn't mean to make it sound like I had done this on purpose to make him worse. I thought I was doing him a little favor of not having another Jedi pairing with him. I didn't mean--

Breona- Calena...

Calena- Hm?

Breona- Stop talking, take a deep breath and listen very closely.

Taking a big, deep breath, she started to calm her nerves and tried to relax more. After doing that a couple more times, she finally gain some composer and listened carefully to what he had to say.

Breona- Now, what you can do at the moment, is try and stay on his good side. No matter what can happen, or what could possibly can occur later on, do your best to make your peace with him. Remember, he's been through alot as of late. And I feel a big pity for him.

Calena- Pity? What do you mean? What happened?

Breona- I can't say. Kydan isn't the one to really open up it seems. My guess is; whatever happened when this war had started, changed whatever he was back then. But that's all I can figure out. You'll have to ask yourself on what's going on.

Calena- Why me?

Breona- Because he opens up to you more than anyone else he knows

That didn't convince her as much. True, he had opened up to her by a little from the previous months after Jabiim, but nothing that was deep from back then though. It was either small stuff like when he was younger or other things like that, but never personal stuff that Breona was describing.

Calena- How can you be sure that he'll open up to me?

Breona- Because you're the only one that understands him more than anyone else in the entire Republic, even the Jedi Order. Everyone but me, the boys and R7, you're one of those people that he knows he can tell a secret to. Believe me, I know him long enough to know that.

Thinking it over now, she had to say that Breona was right. It was true, out of all other people Kydan knew, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Breona, his own squad, R7-D7, and many other people he known, she was the only person that he would only open up his closed feelings to.

Like one, for example, when the younglings back then went to Ilum to receive their very first lightsaber crystals, he was the only one who didn't get to go, meaning that he was the only one that was left behind. Instead, he received his father's lightsaber crystal instead, reminding him back then about his father when he was alive. And from what she knew, it was a painful memory like many more he still kept to himself.

Understanding what he had meant, she got up from her seat and smiled at Breona.

Calena- You know, your right Breona. Maybe I should talk to him.

Breona- That would be a good start. He's in the cockpit still. Better do it now before we reach our destination.

Nodding in agreement, she left Breona to himself and trailed back towards the cockpit.

Walking up to the cockpit, she started to think how she was gonna start the intense conversation between her and Kydan. She knew if she saids the wrong words, his anger at her will only rise more and more, and she didn't need that from him. The funny thing about it all was that she could never understand how the two of them became good friends in the first place. From the Battle of Taris, to the devestating loss on Jabiim, to now the investigation on Nal Hutta, she would have never guessed they had so much on common.

But what caught her so off guard throughout the times was his kindness and careness towards her. She still hadn't forgotten what happened back on Jabiim when her leg was completely broken; he had taken the necessary steps on curing her and making sure she stayed alive for so long. Everything he did during all that time, he would put aside and ensure that she was taken care of. And from that very thought made her blush.

Shaking away her inner thoughts about that, she finally enters the cockpit as she stares at the back of Kydan himself, who was looking over the ship's system schematics and what not on the control panels. Every few seconds she would see him pick his head up and look out towards the space in front of them, watching as the ship flew through the blue hazes of hyperspace in deep thought. She had figured that he knew she was behind him, especially when the sliding doors make a loud hissing sound when it opens and closes. He was just choosing to not look at her nor hear her.

Gulping nervously and taking a deep breath, she walked up next to him and sat down, glancing over to see him fiddling with the systems. She needed to say something now, or she would never get him to forgive her.

Calming herself down, she finally spoke up to him.

Calena- Kydan?

No response was heard as he continued to look back to the panels.

Calena- I know that you hate me for what I've done earlier...and you have every right to be.

Still not responding, she continued on.

Calena- I know I can be an idiot, and most of the time stubborn and furiated with you alot...but that doesn't mean I don't want to be friends still. I like being your partner 'and' your friend. In fact, you're the only one out of others that I know who knows me more. And listen to me. Not always by word to word, but you always listen to me. No one else I know does that, and...well, I'm grateful for that. So, as your friend and partner, I'm...I'm...*mumble* sorry.

That perked his interest right there and then. Did he actually hear her right?

Kydan- *Raises eyebrow*...What did you say?

Calena- *Mumble* I'm sorry...

Kydan- *Smirk* I can't hear yooou...

Calena- *Soft voice* I'm sorry...

Kydan- I think I had something in my ear canal...what did you say--

Calena- I said I'm sorry, alright?!

Then, at that moment, he actually smiled for the first time today and even laughed. In fact, he was laughing a bit hard causing her to pout and cross her arms a bit annoyed.

Kydan- I-I'm sorry! T-That was too funny! Haha!

Calena- *Rolls her eyes* Uh-huh...hilarious...

Kydan finally calmed down afterwards and quickly changed his expression to a mixture of sadness and guilt.

Kydan- You know, I guess...I was being an idiot too. I shouldn't have lashed out at you like that. I know you were just trying to help, and I really appreciate it. You couldn't know anyways, because I never told you. And for that, I'm sorry.

In turn, Calena gave him a nod with a smile of her own.

Kydan- And, honestly...I would rather have you as my partner than any other Jedi in the Order. You know me better than anyone else. And well...I wouldn't have that any other way.

That little compliment made her widen her eyes a bit, looking at him with a somewhat suprised look too. She didn't expect him to say something like that to her...well, perhaps never.

Kydan- And...well...your the only person I can trust anyhow too. You know more about my past than Breona, my squad or R7 does. So... *Smile* I'm really glad that you decided to be with me.

Just as Kydan said that word, her entire face turned red. The way it sounded, the way he smiled at her caused her heart to race and make her feel strange inside. She still didn't understand why, but it felt both annoying and...exciting at the same time.

She turned her face away quickly so that he didn't see her in this state. With nothing but the sounds of the ship and the view of hyperspace, she murmured quietly back.

Calena- *Murmured* I am too...

Kydan- Hm? Did you say something Cale'?

Shaking her head violently, she gave him a nervous smile.

Calena- I-I'm fine! Just talking to myself! Well, anways...I should probably go over the mission with you, shouldn't I?

Kydan- *Smile* That would probably help. Thanks...

So this chapter was a great chapter to start off something important later on in the near future of the series. I wonder what though...any ideas you guys? :P

Anyways, to the build! So I spent perhaps an entire day browsing through the internet to find anything on the four small towers of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Sadly, in conclusion, I found nothing of the sorts. Perhaps I overlooked something or just wasn't paying attention? I'm not sure. But I thought about this part for a while and just decided, "why not make something new. Like perhaps a private quarters where only Council members and invited Jedi can speak?" From there, I've created this!

As for the Kydan's ship; I wanted to change it somewhat. Out of all ships I've seen so far in Star Wars, the Fury-Class Interceptor is one of my top favorites. But I didn't like how there wasn't much room from what I've read and seen. So I decided that the ship could be somewhat...more and different than originally planned. Since the ship is just micro-scaled, I wanted to make something that would be a resemblence of the other. So here you go, the new addition to the series...Kydan's upgraded addition of the new Black Shadow! :D

So I guess I better wine things down huh? So to important and smaller stuff; I had just started working on the seventeenth chapter now. Now I know it's not alot of progress, but as a writer (and to some of you who write comics and whatnot as well), I was stuck in a very tight corner. No ideas were working correctly with what I had originally planned, so things had to change. But hopefully I shall have both chapters done within two and a half weeks. If not, then sooner. But this is just what has been going on as of recent. Hopefully you all can understand that?

Anyways, enough talk! Youa re probably bored of me now haha! So let's wrap this up!

So thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on my comic series, and please, continue to give me feedback on how the story is going and what I could approve on even. And again, thank you all for helping me reach past the 5,000 total mark on the series, as well as the 100 mark. You are all the best that any MOCer and writer could ask for! So thank you guys for this and I hope all of you have a great and splendid day/night. See ya' soon! ;)

-D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  May 20, 2015
Hey man, been crazy busy of late but I'm catching up on your series. Great episode here. I'd love to see some behind the scenes stuff like what the builds look like from different view, not just the pictures for the episodes if you know what I mean. Anyways, off to Chapter 16
  April 21, 2015
The series is getting great!And thank you for allowing me to join your group!
  April 21, 2015
k later I'll send you an invite :)
 I made it 
  April 21, 2015
Quoting Hildigrim Took cool I'll make it later :) P.S. would you mind being an Admin if you join?
I have no problem with that :)
  April 21, 2015
cool I'll make it later :) P.S. would you mind being an Admin if you join?
 I made it 
  April 21, 2015
Quoting Hildigrim Took hey man! If I made a SW RPG would you join? it would have factions such as Jedi, Imperial, Sith etc.
Sure I would give it some thought :)
  April 21, 2015
hey man! If I made a SW RPG would you join? it would have factions such as Jedi, Imperial, Sith etc.
 I like it 
  April 15, 2015
This story gets you hooked, and doesn't let go! Great job! Very well done with the whole story, and where it's going. Well, I shouldn't say that, as I can't perdict where it's going with any certainty. Either way, very well done! I'm watching for the next part! Keep it up!
 I made it 
  April 15, 2015
Haha thank you guys for your wonderful comments :) I really hope you all like the next chapter. Really debating on one of these characters I created...
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  April 13, 2015
Awesome, I love it. great work on the micro ship. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
 I like it 
  April 12, 2015
Kydan, you never seize to amaze me. Very nice episode! I like the ship's interior, I'm not the best with those, but you did an INSANE job! Keep it up! =D
 I like it 
  April 11, 2015
excellent work!!! in my opinion this one of your better builds!
 I like it 
  April 11, 2015
Keep up the fine work i like your story and your mini set's rock.
By Director K.W.
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