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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 16 - Criminals of the Underworld
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Hello and many greetings MOCers! Welcome back to the next chapter of the series! I hope you guys had a great time lately, cause I sure did! If any of you are wondering why I am in such a great mood, it is because of the recent releases of the new trailers for both Star Wars Episode 7 and Battlefront 3 last week! I can probably guess most of you seen them already like myself and my own cousins have, and I have to say, they look amazing, especially the cast! I am extremely excited for their official releases later this year! But anyways, going off track here, we should perhaps start the next chapter huh? So, if any of you remember, Kydan, Calena, Breona and R7 are on their way the the planet Nal Hutta on a mission for the Jedi and Senate. But I wonder what for? Well, let's find out! Hope you all enjoy! :)
About this creation

(Nal Hutta, Night, Seven hours after departure from Coruscant)

Kydan- "They say that Nal Hutta is filled with riches and glory, where you can become the richest man or woman in the galaxy. Where all your dreams and fantasies of the better life would come true. They say that it was alot better than Coruscant, even Taris itself due to its riches. This was to be the place where war would never find you, even your worst enemies. And it was also known to make you forget all your worries and troubles while you were there.'

'Well guess what? Each and every one of them that came up with those explanations are a bunch of bloody, immature, batch of podoo scum.'

Kydan- 'This planet and its inhabitants is nothing but garbage...literally. Half of the entire planet is just nothing but swamp and dead swamp trees, including dangerous beasts that roamed the planet. The city itself, however, isn't so bad, but it ain't any better either. Like all planets, its ruled by someone, and that someone on this planet are the Hutts, presumingly the Hutt Council. They're nothing but a bunch of fat, corrupted, slimy, money-hungry worms that sleep all day and eat all day, getting themselves fatter by the minute.'

'And just like the rest of the galaxy, it has nothing but the poor who strive to survive on whatever they can to keep themselves going. As the poor suffer from below the streets, the rich and powerful continue to vast and grow in their own homes and companies; stuffing their faces with the most richest food, spending credits on other unimportant things that matter, and all that bull crap.'

'Man, do I hate this planet. Reminds me of some stories from the archives that I read back in the Jedi Temple. How can people like that be alive while the rest of us suffer from such tyranny and suffering? Sometimes I wish I could help them them from their own sufferings...'

'I wish I could have save those who have already protect them.....but then again...I am a Cursed Man.'

After hours of space travelling, the crew finally make it to Nal Hutta, where they would be meeting their so-called "contact". As to what Calena had described, one of the Republic Senators is corrupted and is working under secret for the Separatist Alliance.

From what she gathered, the traitor has been smugging tons of materials and other advanced stuff through the black markets for months, probably after the Battle of Jabiim was over. For what or whom they were directly going to was unknown. However, she was also able to find out that this Senator was actually part of the rogue politician that Kydan was on the hunt for earlier, so he would be able to get some idea on who they were after. But that's just very litttle.

(AU: Is it me, or is that the Ebon Hawk?......Eh, probably just my imagination...)

Landing the ship onto Nal Hutta's landing platforms, the ramp lowers itself down to the ground as Kydan, R7 and Breona walk out as Calena follows behind, only to get a smell of the filthy stench in the air.

Calena- *Groans and coughs* Ugh! What is that horrible smell?!

Kydan- Nal Hutta's pride and joy. It's the common smell on this wicked planet. You have to get use to it in order to be accustomed to the planet's smell.

Calena- I find that... *coughs* ugh...completely impossible to do...

R7- Beep boop bloop... (Good thing I ain't human...)

Breona- Sir, you seemed to be accustomed to the planet's atmosphere. Have you been here once already?

Kydan didn't even look back to him as his mind started to wonder for a moment. It wasn't just once that he visited this was where his REAL training of being a mercenary, or the Dark Mercenary, career began.

He had spent months on the planet doing mercenary work here and there, and after time, he was accustomed to the planet, as well as being able to map out the city's streets and buildings. His life of being a non-Jedi here was the first step of becoming what he was now...and he sometimes regret the things he did back then.

Shaking his head slightly, he walks past Breona and R7 and began to lead the way.

Kydan- ...More than once, Breona...

(Nal Hutta, Half an hour later after landing)

Kydan kept leading the way through the crowd of people as Calena, Breona and R7 tried to stay as close to him as possible without trying to cause either a scene or bumping right into someone.

He warned them all to be extremely careful when they walked, due to the large number of criminals, thiefs, thugs and what not all over. They may seem innocent at first, but you never judge a book by it's own cover. And Kydan had learned that the hard way when he first started.

Calena- Any idea on where your contact is, merc boy?

Kydan- You'll know when you see him.

Breona- You do realize that we've been walking around the marketplace for more than a half hour, right?

Kydan- Of course I do.

Calena- *Glare* You didn't get us lost this time, did you?

Kydan- If I had, then we would have been robbed or dead already. But neither of the two have happened yet, so I suggest you stay close to me as close as possible.

Calena- *Blush* W-Why would I do that? I'm a Jedi Knight, if you remember!

Kydan- Doesn't matter. Jedi or not, you best stay close...or you'll regret it later.

Calena just pouted and stuck close to them all. But while they weren't looking, she had to admit that she was getting nervous and creeped out. Sure she has gone down to the UnderWorld with her master back on Coruscant before, finding and chasing criminals through the lower streets and buildings, but this place was far different than what she originally expected. Everytime she would look around, she would get a strange feeling that someone was eyeing her from behind, or was ready to either rob her or kill her on sight.

Silently, she crept up to Kydan and stayed as close as possible beside him for protection. She would never admit it, but she actually felt safer around him than anyone else she was with before. She didn't know why, but the senses and emotions that she gets from him assure her that he was strong enough to protect her from harms way.

However, that wasn't gonna keep her from the heating blush that was building up, especially when she was so close to him like right now.

Continuing their way through the crowded and rigged streets, Kydan stops in front of them all, staring straight ahead at some kind of specific building.

Breona- Kydan? How come you stopped?

Kydan- ...This is it.

Wondering what he meant, Kydan points ahead of what seemed to be some type of bar of some sorts. It looked pretty run down from the outside, as well as its sign sparking and dimmering every so often. This just showed what Nal Hutta's lower levels were really like.

Calena- A bar?

R7- Beep boop...(Not just any bar...)

Kydan- R7's right. This isn't your regular go-and-get-drunk bar.

Breona- What do you mean?

Kydan- Let's just say that this is just one of many places that carry your nitorious scoundrels, bounty hunters, whatever you wanna call them. But don't tell them that, or you'll end up with a bullet in your head.

Calena- And are partner is in there?

Chuckling dryly, he starts to walk towards the building with R7 hot on his trail.

Kydan- Where else would they be?

Breona- They, sir?

Kydan- *Smirks* You'll see Breona...

Deciding that they wouldn't get anywhere with what he was telling them both, they just brushed it off and started to follow behind him into what the bar, Hutt's Delights.

But as they were walking away, a mysterious shadowed figure watched them from a near distance as he pulled out a communications device.

???: Boss...I found them. They went into Hutt's Delights.....copy that boss, over and out.

There wasn't much to see in the bar, nor was it a place to really get a good smell of. The place was filled with filfhy people, citizens and mercs alike, with a nasty smell of rotten eggs, fish, blood, you name it. It smelled horrible, including their tables and counters as well as the floor.

Calena and Breona were mostly disgusted with the place, but Kydan and R7 seemed to be doing fine. They must have guessed that he had been here multiple times a while back.

Calena- So where are the clients at?

Kydan- They're in here. Just follow my lead...and don't bring in too much attention.

R7: Bleep beep boop beep. (Saids the one that already attracts attention in this place everytime.)

Ignoring his droid unit, Kydan walks down the middle of the bar as Calena, Breona and R7 stay closely by him, eying around their surroundings for any suspicious looks or expressions.

The place was filled with every single criminal and low-life you could imagine. Since the Hutt's were fond with their dirty works and what not, this bar was your most popular places to go to if you wanted to "hang" out with the scum. The mercs, bounty hunters, scoundrels, smugglers, all of the above were always around here. And if you weren't careful about what you say or're in for a fight for your own life.

Either way, this place was even worse than the undercities of Coruscant itself. You are better off there than here in most places in the galaxy.

As they all stood closely by Kydan, not noticing it at all, Calena had accidentaly bumped into someone who was just taking a sip of his alchohol beverage, causing him to spill it on his clothes.

???- Hey!

Calena stopped and turned around slowly, a bit afraid of what was gonna happen. She knew that whenever your name was ever called out for, you just knew that it was trouble. As she did, she saw and felt the anger in the Neomodian bounty hunter's expression, tone and eyes. His eyes narrowed and his expression an unpleasant one at that.

Calena- Y-yes, can I help you?

Bounty Hunter- Yeah! You owe me a drink, and then some!

Angrily and quick as he could, he pulled his blaster out from his holdster and aimed it at her. Calena went into a defencive stance, but also hesitated, due to two main reasons.

One, she didn't have her lightsaber with her cause of Kydan having to make her give it to R7 for both safe keeping and cautiousness, considering that Jedi on Nal Hutta were one of many bounties that anyone can claim. And lastly, she was totally defenceless against her opponent, since she wasn't allowed to use her Force abilities or anything as such if she wanted to reveal her identity to many.

She was out of options...

Before either her or the bounty hunter could make another, single movement, a blaster shot from behind Calena was heard, causing her to flinch with a fright. She had thought that she had been shot and just wasn't able to feel the pain that she had subconsciously felt. However, it was the complete opposite.

Before her eyes, she saw the once angry and threatening bounty hunter drop his gun to the ground and then followed suit, right on his face with nothing more than a suprised and wide-eyed look.

Turning around, she saw none other than Kydan, who was holding his gun in his right hand, as the gun sizzled out from its barrel. Breona and R7, who had also seen what he had done, stood a bit in awe as they stood behind him. For the rest of the people in the cantina, they all just froze and waited for what would happen next from the mercenary.

Placing his gun back into his holdster, he looks to the watchers that had witnessed the quick death of the corpsed bounty hunter that was now dead.

Kydan- Republic business. Go back to your entertainments.

Without a care, the people in the cantina returned to their entertainments, to their drinks and whatever else they were doing earlier. As for Calena, she took a few steps back from the dead man when Kydan approached her from behind. He pulled her away from the fallen corpse and made her walk back to the others.

Kydan- Now you know why I say to stay as close as possible. That was just one example of many that is yet to come.

Calena heard what he said, but was hesitant to reply. She was still trying to process on what just all happened. First, they enter the cantina, then she had slightly bumped into the bounty hunter, who was extremely angry and tried to kill her instantly, and now he was dead thanks to Kydan. For someone who was here only once, he sure knew his way around the planet, and not just location wise mind you.

Snapping herself out of her inner thoughts, she nodded her head finally.

Calena- Y-yeah...totally understand.

Kydan- Good. Then we better hurry, our contacts are waiting for us upstairs.

Breona- But isn't this part only for VIPs only sir? I wasn't aware that we were.

Kydan smirked at his officer as he handed something to the guard by the stairs and lead the way for them.

Kydan- Lets just say I'm owed a favor here...and leave it to that.

Not wanting to press the matter, nor ask what he had done in the past, they follow him up the stairs to a few stories high. The climb wasn't long nor exhausting, it only took them not even two minutes before they reached their destination, with a sliding door blocking their path, along with two droid guards standing outside the doorway.

One of the guards approached the group and extended his weapon out, blocking their way.

Guard 1- Password?

Kydan- Stupa droi... (Foolish Droid...)

Not even flinching, and at the same time scaring the others somewhat, the guard walks up to the door panel and pushes the button on it as the sliding doors opened up.

Guard 1- ...You may pass, Mr. Witress.

Grinning, he and the others pass the two and make their way inside the private room, which in suprise didn't seem so private than they originally thought.

When they entered the room, they were met with a small group of other people, two in which they were all familiar with. The first two was Kydan's three contacts, which were Alurak Eclipse, who was working undercover with Kydan, and then surprisingly, and old friend Kydan and Calena had met on Taris over a year ago, Egile Nurone, who had recently started working in the same ranks as Kydan was for the Jedi and Republic. His last contact was a Hutt who seems to be the owner of Hutt's Delights, Hualio the Hutt, along with his translator droid, G5-F12.

The entire group must have waited patiently for Kydan and the gang to arrive for quite some time now. Well, except one of them...

Egile- See Eclipse? Told ya' they would be here soon.

Alurak- Being late doesn't cut that we had to wait for so long. Not while I'm getting paid...

Kydan- Just cool it Alurak. We're all here now, so no need to go all trivial and whatnot on us.

Alurak- Saids the boy who complains about not having time off whenever he wants it. I believe your words were, "I bloody hate the Jedi Council! They never let me have time off!"?

Kydan- I never recall that incident!

Alurak- You may not, but I have. Hahaha!

Kydan- *Mumbles* Bloody Mandalorian assassin...

Egile- Good to see you guys again, Calena.

Calena- Egile! I didn't expect you to be here! As a matter of fact, actually, I didn't expect to see you at all.

Egile- The galaxy is a small place, Cale'. Ever since I had talked to General Kenobi some months ago, I've been doing this kind of stuff for both the Republic and Jedi Order. You could say I've taken a lead behind Kydan.

Calena- Well I'm glad that your here. It wouldn't be the same without ya'.

Egile- *Bows* As am I, "Master" Calena.

G5-F12- Ahem! If you are all done chit-chatting, my master would wish to talk about the...situation as quickly as possible. He is, after all, a very busy man.

Kydan- Of course. It's a pleasure to see you again, Hualio.

Now, Kydan hated the Hutts, of course. Each and every one of them were all corrupted, fat and greedy creatures that only do everything for the money. But out of all the Hutts he had ever met, Hualio was the only one that was actually different than the rest. In fact, Hualio took him in and hired him as one of his own back a year ago. And not once has Hualio double-crossed him, nor cheated on anything he had gained or given.

Hualio- Mah pateesa, chowbaso bata bai Nal Hutta. Haku gee paknee ata uba hee janse? (My friend, welcome back to Nal Hutta. What had taken you so long?)

(AU: Note, the Huttese language that the Hutt is speaking is all translated. Each word that is spoken are legit and are correct. Just wanna let you guys know...)

Kydan- Oh you know...killing here, killing there, and a bit of defending ourselves downstairs in your cantina I may add.

Hualio- Tagwa, dobra bla. Mee kaae gunfire downstairs doth chaia see da (Yes, I am aware. Your little gunfire downstairs was proof of that.)

Kydan- You of all people know why I would do something like that. When I shoot, I shoot for a reason. Not just for fun.

Hualio- Hahaha! An da doth bo see mee mayan wonkee uba doth mah chawaheke! Gahke uba cha banag bai nan bata an joday che mi maee? (Hahaha! And that is one of many reason why you were my favorite! Sure you don't want to come back and work for me again?)

Kydan- *Smirk* Perhaps another time Hualio...

Alurak- Alright, enough talk! You called us all for a reason! You said you had something on the rogue politician we're after, so spill it!

Hualio- Jee gee chulkah Konbouaheon. Nebadue uba cha uoh joppay kougine panoh manpanh, woy uba? (I have not forgotten Mandalorian. Apparently you don't appreciate when old acquaintances meet, do you?)

Alurak- I don't really care actually! I just want to get my pay and get some pay back on the damn traitor is all.

Calena- Vengeance?

Egile shrugs back to her in response.

Egile- Have no idea...

Breona- So what do you got on this rogue politic, Mr. Hualio?

Hualio- Tee, bankop tee janu jeejee doth bauianokee joniu yanee ateema...bu yae uba doth bahva doth Banokon Dor Kilea, wa sanog mee doi Krillia du bu Tapanako-eh Maseana. Goo doth doth woy paupe offworld an unwanted kolki mallya, peee tee peee paupe teshe nanbaga, shippings hhe mah pacahla naee cay mah nakiheu. Goo dith woy tah um baw wah dotkenkala kanoh, an tytung tee-tocky bo see mee Ciduepe mee saieu youkesa mah nakiheuoy, la luto an piumesa me dee..."kouuaze chabipkola" ubakoee naa fa. See heee hacs, goo doth doth wa sauay du mah duapa natka maseana vee bankop tee janu. (Well, since we're getting down to business now...the man you are looking for is Senator Dor Kilea, a representative from Krillia in the Unknown Region. He's been doing some offworld and unwanted smuggling, as well as some black marketing, shippings through my trading routes. He's been doing this for the past months, and every time one of your Republic forces stop my convoys, they fine and accuse me of the..."illegal products" you may call it. Since then, he's been a pain in my lower tail region ever since.)

Kydan- A Krillian? The politician is a Krillian?

Hualio- Sa. Um Jee yoieu nobata kabee wonkee mo haku goo doth dopo bai woy. Doi haku jeejee gee pauapka hee koumhaptece, goo doth uai bankop che kaa Ihonu. (Indeed. But I got no idea why or what he's trying to do. From what we have gathered so far, he's preparing for something big.)

Egile- Any idea on what though? If he really is sending this much out in your transports, then he has something pretty big up his sleeve.

Hualio- Whao Jee bla da, Jee hatkocanh gee toupee uba tytung du bu koo lumpa. Hocan, Jee bla bo kaa da uba tytung koee wanna bla. (If I knew that, I would have told you all in the first place. However, I know one thing that you all might wanna know.)

Calena- What would that be?

Hualio- Banokon Krilea doth ba basanh joday che Dooku an kaee baua, wa yae peekasa Nedoura mo kaa bacaka da. (Senator Krilea is an agent working for Dooku and someone else, a man named Nedoura or something like that.)

When Kydan heard that name again, his entire body shuddered. The name always felt poisonous to him, and he had good reason why it was. He had suspicion that the senator was working for Dooku, but he hadn't expect that he would be working for Nedoura as well. He now knew that this senator was an even bigger threat than he orignally had thought.

They had to find him and either arrest him...or kill him.

Egile- Nedoura? Never heard of him. Does he work for Dooku or something?

Hualio- Cha bla. Um haku jee woy bla doth da goo doth koudane yanee nei an mah pacmona, pinee pee bu cobaya see Toi yikke baa pahmahola. An Jee banag jen doptkee dee cankhola. Da doth wonkee Jee naa an sinsa uba k'wanna. (Don't know. But what I do know is that he's a bad influence to me and my company, along with the rest of Nal Hutta's corporations. And I want him out of the picture. That's why I called and hired you five.)

Alurak- Alright sleemo, what's the pay?

Hualio- Bu wamma, Konbouaheon, doth biweoo chu uba bai yoieu cay che wa sie. Bu wha chee Jee lumpa dah bo kloonkee doth duton keemonhofwachadon mon phabeka, bap banieie mon nem. Koose mi chaia see jen dotkola banieie, mo koose jen bata wata, an uba lwaa gee mee wamma. (The pay, Mandalorian, is enough for you to get by for a while. The bounty I placed on his head is one million credits, either dead or alive. Bring me proof of him being dead, or bring him back here, and you shall have your pay.)

Calena- One question, Mr. Hualio. How come you haven't tried to get him yourself?

Hualio- Csei, ch'eo visot Tocu'ren'mur vn'inen'i, viz ba bekavci. In'a carcim csei rah Ch'ah cas tan ch'at vizehn stae ten, nav csol ten, Ch'ah csarcican't vizehn taskebi sir "ch'acivi" ch'a Ran'icin vea cart offworld. Ch'eo vuct'in'ah csarcican tasbah vsabeci csit'eb, cseo run'beti vim Ch;ah scarcican't tirco cart csuct'ah. To boo csapun cart csei...nah viz nah ebah veah Mr. Krilea cart located mah mah to ch'ucan'ci. Tah cart csit'eb ch'at limn'ah ch'it To nor cseah ch'at vizehn reo ch'acan't cart csei vah ch'auh cssuct ten cavrcah ch''auh tah nor cssuzah vah. (That, my dear Jedi girl, has two flaws. One being that if I even try to get near him, nor touch him, I will get treasoned for "assaulting" a Senator who is offworld. My company would lose credits fast, then plummet and I would lastly be broke. The second reason is that...we have no idea where Mr. Krilea is located at at the moment. He's quick to disappear. The only way to get his attention is that you either lure him out yourselves...or he simply finds you.)

Egile- Alright. Sounds easy enough...

Kydan- Hualio? Is there anything else we should be aware of?

Hualio- Ah mar! Carcir ba. In'a cart csei tah viz Krillian bsivi bazehn ror to ttin'abi. Sea vesir csot ch'ahsinto, bah vatvo na equipped bicitet. Alot ttah bun g'et to Vot Suon'set cart tsuzepah neo tutes enforcers. (Ah yes! There are two. One is that he has Kirllian armed forces on the planet. All armored quite nicely, with some well equipped weapons. Alot better than what the Hutt Council is providing our police enforcers.)

Breona- What's the second thing?

Hualio- ...G'enraszah veo turcah mah sea csact'i/ah scarcican't cart g'enraszah vah iti cat sea ch'an'hot bah to ttin'abi. Ch'ah viz cart pusho rah Ch'ah cart iti. (...Watch your backs at all times. He'll be watching you guys from all corners of the planet. I'd be careful if I were you guys.)

The group look at each other left to right when Kydan spoke up for them with a smirk.

Kydan- Hualio, who hasn't watched us after all this time?

That comment made Hualio chuckle lightly, knowing what Kydan meant by that, due to some past "tackles" with others before. A few minutes later, after Hualio gave them some insight on where to start, he dismisses the whole group as they prepare to hunt down Senator Krilea in the lower streets of Nal Hutta.

However, outside Hutt's Delights, on top of a tall building that was a few miles across from the cantina, a mysterious figure watches them all from a sniper's scope. It appeared that he had been watching them for some time now.

???- Boss...they're coming. Should I take out the informant?...Understood boss. I'll pursue the Jedi and Mandalorian.

Standing up from his position, he overlooks where he had been scoping them out with a few other figures walking up to him from behind, all of them wearing some kind of red armor of some sort.

???- Don't worry boss. We'll get them for ya'. I have a personal debt to pay from two of them anyways. Lt. Shades signing off.

BONUS PIC TIME! Lol sorry, had to do it! Anyways, just a few pics of a few scenes of the chapter. Here we have the entire set of the restaurant and streets. These were pretty fun to work on,a nd I hope you liked them too.

First part of the street with a junker shop selling...well, junk I guess.

A front view of the second street and Hualio's restaurant, Hutt's Delights.

A side view of both the second street and the restaurant.

The one scene with Kydan and the group walking up into the next room where Hualio's office is on the other side of the door. The lights on the sides just popped into my head while working on this actually. I kinda like how they turned out honestly.



......Okay, I know what many of you are thinking right now..."Kydan, why does that Hutt look know, not right?" Well, I shall tell you. My original plan was to use the older Jabba the Hutt in the first place, the one that was first made. But since I am not able to find it (like literally, I torn the entire house up to find it but no luck! DX ) I was reluctantly forced to improvise. So, here you all go...the crappy look of Hualio the Hutt! Please give him sympathy. He didn't want to be so ugly like this... it ain't his fault! :(

But back to some good things now! So I spent some time wandering around the net to see what the cities of Nal Hutta originally look like, even in the previous years from the games KOTOR and Jedi Knight. So after spending time fiddling around with the scenes I had imagined, this is what they turned out. I am more happy with these builds than I am with the Hutt creation, which pretty well suuucks! XP

Before I end this here, I would like to give a shoutout to the following from my last chapter who have commented and rated so far:

Michael Hardy
Hildgrim Took
Jedi Master Rave
Brickbuild 54
Benjamin Olson

If I didn't get to add your name to the list from last time, I am sorry. There were others who either didn't have accounts or just didn't sign in. So forgive me if I didn't get to do so.

Also, if you want to keep following the story line and wish to know more about the series or even the characters themselves, come on over to the official group for the series. There you can chat with other fans of the group and see what's going on with each chapter every week. So, if you haven't joined and have the time and patience for it, please hop on over and check it out!

Star Wars The Witress Series

So thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on my comic series, and please, continue to give me feedback on how the story is going and what I could approve on even. So again, thank you guys for your faithful supports and I hope all of you have a good and fan-tucking-tastic day/night. See ya' soon! ;)

- D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  May 20, 2015
Nice job mate! Love the bonus pics, as well as the Huttese. Looking forward to reading the next one
 I made it 
  April 25, 2015
Yes...the Hutt is by far my most failed creation in all of my build :( But anyways, thank you all for your wonderful comments on this chapter :)
 I like it 
  April 25, 2015
Very cool! I like it! Although I'm not sure about the Hutt. Not that you did a bad job, but it could have been better, I'm not sure how at the moment. Either way, great job! Keep it up!
 I like it 
  April 23, 2015
One of the best Star Wars stories I have read so far :D
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  April 22, 2015
Awesome, I was curious about the Hutt and why he looked like that, Thanks for clearing it up
 I like it 
  April 22, 2015
Wow! This is probably the most interesting episode yet! (With questions only Kydan can answer) Great job on the Hutt, I've never seen anyone try to make their own, it really looks not that awful (If you catch my drift). Can't wait for part 17! =D
 I like it 
  April 22, 2015
Very well done. The sets are awesome!
 I like it 
  April 22, 2015
Awesome, nice job!
By Director K.W.
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