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Star Wars TCW: The Jedi Mercenary Chapter 17 - Old Meets the New
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Hello fellow MOCers and writers of all kinds! Yes, it is I, Director KW, or like many you have always called me, D.M. Kydan Witress! Yes I am alive, no need for worries or applauses...unless you want to cheer then by all means go ahead haha :P Now, I have to say I am really sorry for the long time delay and what not. A lot has happened in the family household, as well as outside it too, especially the sudden and terrible flu that is going on throughout the entire state. That really caught me off guard and caused me to lose production work on the series. But, not to fear! I am back on the productive work and ready to proceed as plan! Hopefully you guys will forgive me and the cast for all that. You all know how it can go. But anyways! Onto the seventeenth chapter of the series! So now we're halfway through the entire series, and we still have much to discuss. To begin with, if any of you remember, our heroes were on their way to search for the rogue senator, Dor Kilea. However, unknowned to them all, they are being followed already. What will happen and how will they act? Let's find out! Hope you enjoy! ;)
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(Nal Hutta, Night, One hour after leaving Hutt's Delights)

Kydan- "I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't. I would have never known this if it weren't for Hualio's intel on the damn traitorous Senator Krilea. I would have never imagine someone like him would do that. Of all people, a Senator is working secretly for Nedoura. And to make matters worse, he's a Krillian! They're like the copied images of the Mandalorians, except larger in numbers.'

'Not only that, but this senator is smuggling strange supplies offworld of Nal Hutta to who knows where. Even Hualio couldn't figure out what they were. All we could gain from his company's reports was that they were very expensive and high quality smugged supplies, seeming to be coming from the blakc markets themselves. Whatever Dor Krilea is trying to do, it's really causing Hualio to lose business and money quickly.'

'My main question, however, and I can bet the others are thinking it as well, is; what are the supplies for? And where are they being sent? Cause for whatever reason, no one can trace where and what the supplies are going to and what they are for.'

'All I know is...we need to take this man down. Cause whatever he's doing can't be good for us, nor the Jedi and Republic. And personally...I hope we get the pleasure of killing him. Anyone who works for Nedoura deserves no mercy. Even if they are a friend or family."

After an hour walking through the big streets of Nal Hutta, with the addition of trying to get through the large crowds, Kydan and the others finally make it to the lower streets where Hualio suggested they start searching. It seemed that, according to Hualio's reports, Senator Dor Krilea had more activity in the lower parts than anywhere else on the planet. For them, it was a good start to begin with.

Kydan- Alright. This is where Hualio said to start searching for him.

Alurak- Are you sure we can even trust that slimy hutt friend of yours? This could very well be some kind of trap that he laid out for us.

Kydan- I trust him, Alurak. Hualio would never do something like that. He ain't like the other hutts. Besides, why would Hualio call for us in the first place? He could have contacted some other bounty hunter or whatever for this, you know.

Alurak- All I'm saying is that you best be careful. Once a hutt, always a hutt. Can't change anything about their true nature.

Kydan just sighed and shook his head. He figured that trying to talk to Alurak about this wasn't gonna do anything for them all. They needed to find the senator now or never. And never wasn't something he planned on doing.

Kydan- Look, let's just drop this and start looking for this senator.

Alurak- Whatever you say, Kyie-guy...

Ignoring his last comment, Kydan looked towards them all.

Kydan- Okay, we better split up from here. With more numbers, we have a better chance on finding him.

Breona- Sounds like a plan sir.

Kydan- *Nods* Okay; Egile, R7? You take the north side of the streets. Breona, Alurak? You take the west side. Cale' and I will take the east side. Hopefully we'll have better luck this way.

Egile- Should we all meet up back here? Once we're done searching, we can all meet here and wait for the others to come back.

Calena- Sounds good to me.

Breona- It would be best.

R7- Bleep boop. (Better than just wandering around everywhere I would say.)

Kydan- Alright, let's move. Keia su tong to you all on your search.

Alurak- I have no fudging idea what that meant but...sure, why not.

Egile- Good luck guys.

With that, each team splitted up into groups and went their seperate ways. Egile and R7 went to the north as Alurak and Breona took the west, leaving the east side for Kydan and Calena to take. Hopefully one of them would find something about Dor Krilea, otherwise, their searches would be a complete waist of time.

However, as they all splitted up, they had no idea that they were all being followed by Lt. Shades and his Krillian militia soldiers. They had heard where each group had headed to, which gave him a bit of time to plan.

Lt. Shades- Finally, they split up. You guys follow the other two groups...I'll go after the group in the east. Make sure to contact me when you completed your missions. Failure is no option.

K.M. Soldier- Yes sir. We won't disappoint.

(Nal Hutta, North Section, One hour after splitting off into groups)

Through the small and unoccupied northern streets, Egile and R7 continued their investigation throughout the area. Multiple times in the past hour, they had asked locals or offworlders about knowing anything about the rogue senator, describing them a discription of the Krillian man. However, no one didn't have a clue. Some would just either say "never heard of him," or just rather dismiss it. The two pairs were running out of luck.

However, their trail finally got hot once again when a poor local told them something about some place in the area that had been getting some strange talk lately. Tipping off the local with some credits of thanks, the two made their way towards the marketplace to see if the local was right or not.

Egile- Think the intel is accurate, R7?

R7- Bloop beep beep boop. (Hard to say. All I can process is that he had better been right.)

Egile- Agreed...

After a few minutes of walking, the two finally reached the marketplace. From the looks of it, there was a large crowd of locals and offworlders gathered around the middle section of the market. Something big was going in there, or trouble was in sight. In all cases, the local was half right so far.

Egile- Wonder what's going on over there.

R7- Beep bloop? (Better check it out?)

Egile- My thoughts exactly.

(Nal Hutta, West Section, One hour after splitting off into groups)

As the same time Egile and R7 went to investigate their own clues, Breona and Alurak were on their own, going through the cantina bars and ally ways of the lower levels. Breona was kinda skeptical about teaming up with Alurak somewhat at first. He was different from others, much more than General Calena and Commander Kydan, personality and attitude wise.

Like his commanding officers, they were both warriors of the Republic. They were fighting for a cause that was good for the galaxy, as well as for the people. And sure, they each had many reasons why they were doing it, much like Kydan was a mercenary and Calena being a Jedi Knight, but in all, they were both doing it to save everyone.

But, unlike them, Alurak wasn't like that. He was an assassin, a bounty hunter, and a criminal to both the Republic and Separatist Alliance. He was a man who could easily backstab anyone without anyone even noticing. He could be hired by anyone, and that could cause some major conflict in a matters notice. He was nothing like Kydan or Calena, nor was he a man that was comfortable to team with.

Just walking out of the cantina, in which they found some insight on the target, they continue on down the lower streets to the desginated place that was supposively where the senator's private works were going on.

Breona knew that it was probably a one time thing, and something inside his head was eating at him. He wanted to ask the Mandalorian a question, but was kinda hesitant of the outcome.

However, that didn't go unnotice by the man himself.

Alurak- Hey clone, if you have something to say to me, spill it then.

Breona- ...Alright did you and Commander Kydan meet anyway?

Not totally suprised by the question, Alurak kept moving forward, not looking towards the clone commander.

Alurak- Alot happened when the Clone Wars started, commander. I was hired by Dooku and his alliance to work on some new manufactured droids on Geonosis. So when Kydan infiltrated the tower, one thing went to another...and then on Tatooine, that went to much arguing and so on...well, you get the rest.

Breona- Alright, so why was the commander so angry at you? What did you do to make him furious?

Alurak came to a stop for a moment before pondering for a brief moment. The sudden memories of the day on Geonosis, to the day where he met with the mercenary. From that, his blood ran boiled for reasons unknown.

Taking a deep breath through his helmet, he continued their trek through the streets. When he spoke though, it sounded like it was guilt.

Alurak- ...A Jedi he knew was one of my dishonored men...let's leave it to that...

(Nal Hutta, West Section, Fifteen minutes later)

Their journey didn't take too long, for the most. After learning about some strange and recent activity coming from an abandoned factory that hadn't been used for years, Alurak and Breona took their chances and made their way to that location. Alurak already knew something suspicious was going on. For an abandoned factory to just suddenly come online without a single person noticing, nor the planetary government, shows that suspicion was about. As well as death.

And he would know, considering all the years tracking and hunting down people as such.

For Breona, he didn't really say much, only following where Alurak was taking them both. He had figured that the Mandalorian would know something about the strange activities and what not, and just decided to just go with the flow.

After walking for nearly an hour, the two finally amke it to their destination. The factory before them was indeed old and rundown for the most part. The factory seemed to have tons of rusting all over, and not just the building either. From top to bottom, to the landing pads to the buildings that surrounded had all rust too. Either this part of the Lower City had poor people cleaning the places, or the factory and residence had been abandoned for years, perhaps before the Battle of Naboo began.

Well, abandoned or not, Alurak and Breona had found what they were looking for, and now they needed to find out exactly what disturbance was echoing from the old factory lately.

Breona- So this is the factory?

Alurak- More like an ancient relic...but with metal plastered on it.

Using his antenna scope, Alurak looks over the large area in front of them to spot anything unusual in the current locations. If they were lucky...well, at least him, they would be able to shoot something finally.

Maybe even assassinate someone, but who knows.

Breona- ...Anything yet?

Alurak- *Sighs* Nothing except junk. Whatever the locals are hearing must be going insane. If you haven't notice yet, Nal Hutta can change a man in the long run.

Breona- I've...have noticed that, yeah.

When he said that, he was specifically referring to Commander Kydan. Apparently, from the time he joined Kydan's squad, from the day after the Battle of Carida, the young Dark Mercenary had changed. He had no idea why and couldn't figure it out, especially when that person doesn't hardly reveal much to another.

Whatever happened at the start of the Clone Wars is what changed the mercenary dearly. Even that story he doesn't even know either.

Clearing his thoughts, he turned his attention back to the Mandalorian.

Breona- Do you think the locals were lying then?

Alurak- Either that or--...well I'll be...

Breona- What? You see something?

Alurak- Not just something...more like soldiers and ships, and...wait what?

Breona- What now?

Alurak- Either I'm going blind or I'm seeing a bunch of my droids down there...

Breona looked at him somewhat confused.

Breona- Droids? What droids?

Alurak- ...Commando droids.

Breona's expression went from confusion to sudden shock. That was not what he had expected to hear.

Breona- Whoa what? You mean the Separatist are here too?!

Alurak- Seems like it......well, at least I know the commandos are finally moving about.

Breona- That's not the issue here! If the Separatist are here, then there's something more important going on than any of us realize!

Alurak- Cool your gear, clone. I never said it wasn't. But you are right...if there here, then something is gonna go down. And soon.

Breona- We better call the others.

Just as Breona was about to contact the others, Alurak took a step back, gripping his custom gun in hand.

Alurak- That may have to wait, commander...

Breona- Huh?

Looking in front of him to see what Alurak had meant by that, standing before the two of them was a whole squad of both Krillian soldiers and Droid Commandos. All of their weapons were pointed directly at them, locked and loaded.

Breona- I...see what you mean now...

Alurak- *Sarcasm* A terrific observation! Maybe we should give them a cake while we're at it? That would make it even more splendid!

Breona- *Grumbles*...Smart-alak.

(Nal Hutta, East Section, One hour after departing from the others)

Kydan was now a bit annoyed. Of all the times he would get irritated or annoyed with Calena...this was one of them.

For the past half an hour, after going through the small section of the marketplace, Calena 'had' to look at whatever was around, even if she wasn't gonna buy it. From weapons to clothing, to jewelry to different kinds of food, she just wanted to browse.

Of course, at other times, he might not mind it one bit. Like himself, after a mission or so later, he would browse around some marketplaces on other planets for the same things. And for Calena to do it also, it would have been no brainer. In fact, he found it cute honestly whenever she would gush at the small stuff. Secretly, he would have enjoyed it more with the Jedi Knight woman.

But, now, at a time of all places? They were on a case to hunt down the Krillian Senator, who was working for the Separatist, doing something that could bring the Republic to its knees, and she wanted to do this?

Either he was too stubborn about the whole thing or that he just didn't quite understand girls at all.

Maybe it was both possibly...but who knew?

Finally, after Calena finished gushing at some fancy jewelry and what not, the two make their way out of the area.

Kydan- Did you really had to look at almost every single thing back there? Of all time and places?

Calena- Oh calm down, merc boy. It was a good thing I did.

Without a single thought, he scoffed at her excuse of words. How was that a good thing? They were on a hunt for a Separatist senator who wa sworking for Nedoura, and she thought all that time wasted was a good idea? He had to hear this for himself.

Kydan- Really? Well then enlighten me, princess...

Ignoring his failed comeback, she pulls out a small device from her belt.

Calena- While you were getting annoyed by my actions, I was able to collect some information from the sellers from all of them. Even though some of them weren't that worth while, the others were what we were looking for.

Activating a command from the device, she showed a small holgraphic structure, along with other small structures surrounding it, to him.

Calena- From what I was told, the locals have been hearing strange things happening at an old abandoned factory in the west. Whatever is going on over there, it a possibility that our infamous senator has his operations going on there.

Kydan just stared at her with somewhat a suprised. He didn't realize that Calena was that collective on that kind of stuff. Even though she was a Knight, he just couldn't hardly believe it himself. She was different from other girls he met, that was a sure thing. He never realized it before, but he thought that she was actually very smart...and perhaps pretty too?

Wait, why would he think that?

Forcing his thoughts away, he looked back at her with a still shocking expression. And that didn't go unnoticed by Calena herself.

Calena- Why are you looking at me like that?

Kydan- *Slightly blushes* Uh...I'm just...well a bit suprised that you were able to get all that information back there. I mean...uh, n-not a whole lot of people actually think about that kind of stuff.

Calena- *Raises eyebrow* Are you saying that you didn't think that yourself, merc boy?

Kydan- No I have, but...not like that actually. I'm just suprised is all. I probably wouldn't have done it that way if I was being honest. You did a good job.

Calena's eyes widen somewhat at the last words. Did he say what she thought he said? Maybe she misheard?

Calena- ...What did you say?

Kydan- I said good that a problem?

Calena- *Slightly blushes* Uh...n-no...just wasn't expecting that from you.

Kydan- *Smirks* Well, I do tend to suprise others. Now come on, I know the way to the factory anyhow, so I'll take the lead.

Walking pass her, Kydan lead the way to the abandoned factory with Calena behind. However, her mind was racing somewhat once again.

Calena- *In her mind* 'Why does my heart race like that? Everytime he shows his kindness, or compliments...or smile...or-wait what?! Why am I thinking like that?! Why do I care about his smile?!'

'.....Why am I like this around him everytime? What am I feeling?'

As Calena's thoughts still lingered through her mind, Kydan stopped abruptly, causing her to bump into him without notice.

Calena- Oof! Why did you stop?

To answer her question, he quickly took his pistol out of his holdster, loading it as fast as he could with it. Confused by this act, Calena suddenly heard the sound of jetpacks, coming from both the front and back of them.

Looking behind her, she was faced with a small gang of armored soldiers, wearing red and black colored platings, all holding rifles and regular blasters. The markings on the armors was very familiar to her, to say the least. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she knew them very well somehow.

That was when a flashback took place in her mind, causing her to wide-eye.

Calena- Kydan? Are they...?

Kydan- ...Clan Feiros...the banned clan of Krillia and the neutral star systems of both the Republic and Separatist.

???- I'm glad you remember that, Witronian boy.

Coming from behind the soldiers in front of them, a man in green armored platings casually walked up in front of them both. He wore a bandana around his face, followed by glass shades on his eyes. Attached to his belt looked like customized Penetrator Pistols, a gun that was made for silencing kills without making sounds.

Kydan knew this man somewhere, but he couldn't quite figure it out. His voice seemed very familiar, much so to a man he once fought with many months ago. Rethinking back to the time he spent on training through the streets of Nal Hutta, the memory represented itself finally.

His eyes then narrowed menacily at the man in front of him.

Kydan- Shades...

(North Section, about the time of Kydan and Calena's encounter)

Lifting his head  from behind a crate that he was using for cover, Egile was suddenly met with a blaster shot to his left, causing him to duck back down to cover once again.

Egile- Damn Krillians! Didn't expect to be in a fight so soon! Let alone a crossfire!

R7- Beep bloop! (I don't know, I kinda like it!)

Egile- Says you, tin can!

Looking over to the side, he aimed his blaster at one of the soldiers, pulling the trigger as his shot made contact with the Krillian soldier's head, killing him instantly.

K.M. Soldier- GAH!

But at the same time the soldier dropped dead, Egile was yet again bombarded with blaster fire, causing him to duck back down to avoid.

Egile- Blast! They just keep coming! Where's the Hutt forces whenever you need them anyhow?!

If matters couldn't get worse, Egile suddenly felt a blaster barrel pushed against the back of the head. Knowing that it was no ally of theirs, nor would they aim a gun at him, he slowly raises his arms in utter surrender.

Egile- *Snarls* Damn it...bloody droids...

Droid Commando- Drop your weapons, and stand up.

Doing as he was told, he and R7 slowly drop their weapons onto the ground as one of the droids approaches them and picks them up off the ground. Rising to his feet, Egile and R7 were then quickly escorted out of the plaza with the guns still aimed at their backs.

Egile- So exactly where are you taking us?

Droid Commando- To Senator Dor Kilea. He is wanting to meet all of you in person.

R7- Bweep...boop bwoop!...beep. (Oh...that's just splendid!...Not.)

Egile- That we can both agree on, little bud.

(Nal Hutta, West section of facility, same timing of Egile and R7's capture)

Alurak- Well...this is fantastic. Now I have my own droid designs against me. So what's next? A superweapon that is able to blow up a planet? The Jedi all get killed? Or perhaps-

Breona- Don't even try guessing...

Droid Commando- Surrender now and you shall live.

Alurak- Like hell I'll surrender to you morons!

Alurak- Eat flame, metallic idiots!

Using his jetpack, Alurak leaps into the air as his jetpack carries him up a few feet off the ground. Aiming his left arm at the droids, Alurak shot a burst of flames at them, catching some on fire, exploding or melting quickly.

Breona- Alright clankers...suck laser fire!

As Alurak took the air, Breona quickly pulled out his own pistols and started open firing at the enemy, hitting a couple in mere seconds.

However, even though the situation was in their hands, the two of them had no idea of a droid sniper that was positioned in the facility, who had already spotted them by the time the droids had. With one shot, the sniper hit it's target, hitting Alurak's jetpack from behind and causing him to fly insanely.

Alurak- What the-WOOOAAAHHH!!!

Breona- Alurak, what the-OOF?!

Before Breona was able to finish his sentence, he was quickly tackled by Alurak accidentally, causing the both of them to fly right off the edge that they had took positioned on, sending them falling to their deaths.

Alurak & Breona- GAAAHHH!!!

The remaining commando droids, who were still grasping their guns, walked up to the edge of the platform to inspect the "deaths" of the Mandalorian and Clone. As they expected, there was no sign of neither one of them.

Droid Commando- No of them, captain. They have been eliminated.

Droid Captain- Report back to Senator Dor Kilea. He is going to want a full report of the two Republic soldiers.

Droid Commando- Roger roger.

(Nal Hutta, East section, same timing as to Alurak and Breona's "deaths")

Kydan- I didn't expect you to be out and about anymore.

Lt. Shades- You may have thought that, but my connections and myself in the flesh, tell me otherwise.

Kydan- How did you live?

Lt. Shades- *Grins underneath mask* I'm glad you asked, boy. You see; after that last mission with you shooting down my gunship as I was trying to kill Hualo and his contacts, someone had found me underneath the large and burning wreckage. Who else but your notorious and trustworthy senator of the Republic, Dor Kilea, helped me get back up to my own two feet. Thanks to him and other grateful donators, I was able to have another chance...on having my revenge against you.

Calena- But why join the Krillians? They would betray you in a heartbeat!

Lt. Shades- Because I owe him, that's why. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have able to find you...nor have a chance on killing you all. It's such a blessing on how destiny works. And apparently...destiny is on my side now.

Kydan- You won't get away with this...

Lt. Shades- Not this time, Witronian boy. It's you and your friends who aren't going anywhere.

Kydan- Give me a reason why I shouldn't shoot.

Lt. Shades- Why? Well...think about this; if you and your Jedi friend there try and kill us, we'll have this entire East sector blown up, with every civilian hosptitalized in each place. Hundred of deaths would happen, and it would be on all your hands. But...if you surrender, peacefully, then I'll leave the people alone. Either way, we'll win. And I know, little brat, that you nor your little girlfriend don't want that to happen to innocents, now don't you?

Kydan and Calena started pondering quickly. It was pretty tight right now; only having blasters and no lightsabers against these thugs, which is about a dozen in number, they would die in an instant. True, bithg could use the Force right now, but doing that would cause the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands for all they knew. But if they surrendered, the people's lives would be unharmed. The two of them didn't like it, but they have no choice in any matter.

They knew what they had to do.

Calena- *Nods to him*...

Kydan- ......We surrender.

As he saids that, he drops his CC-29 "Magna" Pistol as Calena drops the blaster that Kydan had lend her earlier before arriving to Nal Hutta. Utterly raising their hands, the soldiers picked their weapons up as Lt. Shades' grin grew even wider. He had expected as such from the Jedi girl and the man that had tried killing him.

Everything was going accordingly to Dor Kilea's plan. It was great being the big man once again.

Lt. Shades- Now that's more like it...


Alright, time for small review on chapter! To start off...I kinda liked it, some of the scenes of course. The dialogue was pretty long, but yet I felt like it gave out some thoughts on the characters. But as for the scenes...I think I could have done alot better. The best ones I think were great was the factory in the background. That was probably my most favorite. In the near future, I'll try to do better. Half of the scenes were sadly built too quickly so that's why they aren't that wonderful and all. But you have guys might have different opinions, so let me know what you all thought :)

Now, onwards to the small bit of news!  XP

Well, I should say that this is "a-secret-project-that-is-all-but-hush-hush" stuff haha! and the boys have been doing alot of talking for the last couple of weeks on the future of the series, and we have some official news. The series plans to run for another 5 more major seasons, including 5 small seasons to get you all hyped. Yes, that is alot of seasons, but we intend to make you all proud. But as for other news, we have officially got the newest plot going on for the near future. Hopefully this will all blow you guys away, cause I know I and the others are pretty excited to be giving you tiny hints once and a while. ;D

But anyways, that's all I really have to say to you guys for now. As for the next chapter, I think I will need just a couple of weeks perhaps to officially finish it. Hopefully this one won't take long, because I have some exciting stuff waiting to be posted very soon, so I'm trying to hurry it all along. But anyways, thank you all for your countless support, views and comments on the series and please keep that up, as well as letting us know what we can approve. So thank you all once again and I hope you all have a fan-tucking-fasctic and shmiteful day/night, and I shall see you all later. See ya'! :)

- D.M. Kydan Witress


 I like it 
  May 28, 2015
Very nice! Kind of annoying how you don't elaborate on the whole Kydan-Calena thing though.
 I like it 
  May 20, 2015
Another hit bro. The builds are getting better. Love the atmosphere you have going as well. Character development is also fun to see. Looking forward to the next one so keep em coming!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2015
Good ol' Kydan. You NEVER fail to make me smile, bravo! I think that this is by far the BEST STORY EVER!!! (In terms of Star Wars.) I still can't wait for the next one. BTW, that bounty hunter is hilarious! Wonder when we'll get to see anything else related to the movie's. *Cough* Order 66 *Cough* =D
 I like it 
  May 16, 2015
This story is incredible! It just keeps getting more and more awesome! Can't wait for your next part! Keep it up!
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  May 15, 2015
Awesome I wonder what really happened to Alurak and Breona. Great job, I can't wait for the next one.
 I like it 
  May 15, 2015
wow, really awesome work.
 I like it 
  May 14, 2015
Awesome! I like the way you write! To be honest I haven't properly kept up with your stuff so time to go back to the beginning! I am using this style for my ROE stories but I don't seem to be that great. Hmmm. Well practice makes perfect and looking forward to seeing more of this stuff soon.
By Director K.W.
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