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The Insurgency #14; Peace In Paradise
In the season finale, Jay joins forces with the Marauder Council and embarks on a final push to bring peace to Etrion. (Freebuild)
About this creation
Yep, it's up a couple of days early! You're welcome!

#14; Peace In Paradise

Earth, 22 years ago, 2073

"Janice Beck, you have been found guilty of the murder of your husband, John Beck. The punishment for this crime is death. Do you have any-" But the officer was cut off as a girl's high pitched voice cut through the room. "SHE DIDN'T DO IT! IT WAS THE GREEN HAIRED MAN!" Another girl tried to pull her back, almost identical to the first. "Come on. Come on." Sobbing, the girl that had defended her mother turned and sobbed into her sister's shoulder.

Janice's eyes filled with water, and fixed on those of her eldest daughter. " look after your sister, okay?" Another man stepped up and raised a pistol. "Do you have anything else to say?" The officer said. Janice shook her head slightly. There was a sharp crack, and a gasp, and then a thud as Janice's body hit the floor. The girl's sobbing echoed off the wall, and her sister held her tight, silently. One girl's face had been buried in her sister's shoulder, but the other had seen everything. Keira's eyes missed nothing; and she remembered.

Present day; The following events take place on the 5th and 6th of June

Jay gulped. He looked around him for the millionth time, taking in the room around him. The hall was wide and cavernous, exactly the kind of place one would expect climactic meetings to be held. Jay counted only two guards. He glanced to Daisy at his right, then to Myrten on his left. With them were Armen, Razor, and the Doctor, as well; the most important members of Jay's council. And his friends. Almost unbidden, he found himself speaking. "Thank you," he said. His voice sounded tiny, and he felt as though it had been swallowed up by the gaping, vast nothingness of the room. "Thank you. All of you, for everything. No matter what happens today, I want you to know I couldn't have done this without you. So thank you." No one said anything, but they were with him, he could feel it. He hadn't felt this close to anyone since...Eris.

After what felt like an eternity, their host finally joined them. Brock Raith swept into the room, dressed to the nines. He was flanked by two more guards. The unofficial leader of the Marauder Council took his place on the pedestal at the front of the room. "Jay. Thank you for coming. Please, approach." Said Raith.

Jay lead his companions forward, and they stood before the councillor, entirely at his mercy. "We asked you to come here because we wished to offer an alliance. This is true. Etrion has bled enough, Jay, and I think you see that." Said Brock Raith. Jay was amazed by the man's eloquence; for a thug, the man was a good speaker. "I would end the bloodshed." He opened his arms in a gesture of friendship, but Jay was not fully convinced.

"I would end it, too. But before I can trust you, I must have answers. My advisors tell me that your council has been working against us from behind the scenes for months. Is this true?" Raith's face fell, and the awkward stiffness seemed to hang in the air. For a moment Jay was afraid he had sealed their fates, but then Raith smiled slightly. "Yes. This is true. We attempted to stop you in several cases, Jay. I cannot deny it. I believed you were a fool, a green boy playing at war. I thought you would bring the Imperium down on us with fire and brimstone. But I see now, as you stand before me, that I was wrong. You want what I do; a free Etrion; a peaceful Etrion."

Jay's relief was visible. The tension seemed to diffuse from the room suddenly. With that answer, Brock Raith had appeased Jay's only qualm. "I...I thank you for your honesty. I only hope I am the man you think I am." He said. "I trust you will be. Now, should we discuss terms?"

"Warmage Hale." Said Azgoth, glancing at the man before him. "Your grace," the man nodded. Warmage Hale was an old man, older than Archmage Silas had been, but the years had not stripped him of his size and strength. In an even fight, he would've snapped Azgoth like a twig.

"My council tells me that my brother, Estern, has been lead astray by Lord Cormalcath, and encouraged to take up arms against me. I would deal with him myself, but I fear I cannot abandon this campaign. So I give the command to you. Bring me my brother." Said Azgoth. Hale frowned. "Alive, your grace?" Azgoth nodded. "Alive, and harmed no more than necessary. I want to give him a chance to see the error of his ways. Tell him that; if he lays down his arms and declares me the true Archmage, I will name him my heir."

"And if not?" Azgoth smiled a thin smile. "He will live to regret it. I will break him."

They were almost there. In a matter of hours, Eris would be face to face with Jay once more. It seemed almost ironic; she'd crossed the galaxy, fought in dozens of battles, made friends and killed people, and yet her road had lead her back to Etrion. But this time, she wasn't alone.

As they walked, Caesar spoke to Basher. "How're you feeling?" He asked. Basher shrugged. "Fine. I took three bullets to the back, but I can barely feel it." He replied. "But y'know what's funny. That first wound, a laser bolt to chest that tore me in half...that I can still feel. A dull, throbbing from the middle of my chest, and it never goes away. Like it's some kind of reminder, y'know?" Caesar laughed slightly.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to wish I was dead. After my family were...I felt like I was on fire. Only killing, killing the Collective especially, could quench the pain. I still hate them, and this Archmage guy is going to die, but...I can live. I'm still alive, and I owe it to my family to not waste that."

Basher glanced sideways at the other man. "The Archmage...he's dangerous, Caesar. Azgoth, he's called. I met him, and I don't know why he let me live..." Caesar threw a slight grin. "He's going to regret it, I'll tell you that much. They'll regret leaving me breathing too. And...well..." They both glanced at Eris, striding determinedly in front. "I expect he'll regret not making sure his sister was dead."

"What are we doing." Kaira sighed. Keira glanced at her. "What?" Kaira looked at her sister. "You know what I mean. She's the daughter of the most powerful man in the galaxy, he's some kind of robot, and that guy's family were slaughtered by the Collective. But why are we here?" Kaira lapsed into silence and stared at the horizon. "Because this is a chance to fight for something worth fighting for. The Aurellians? They used us. The Imperium? They showed us there is no justice in this world, not unless we make it. And I mean to. Trust me on this, Kaira."

Jay's Camp, now allied with the Marauder Council

"Shoot me another one?" Pip called, holding his hand out. Brady grabbed another beer and tossed it to him. Cracking open the bottle, Pip took a deep drink. "Mhmm, that's good." He said, looking up at the sun as it finished its descent. Brady came and set next to him and he felt him take his hand.

Soon, they were joined by others, and the revelry began in earnest. Pip must've had several more beers, because he soon found himself saying things he wouldn't have done otherwise. Lurching to his feet, he realised all eyes were on him. "Peace!" He declared. "It is to be peace..." And then, realising everyone was looking at him expectantly, as if they wanted some profound statement, he frowned. "Yes. Peace." And he sat down. Everyone laughed, and Pip laughed with them.

Sometimes after that they had a sing along, and Pip found he could bellow the lyrics louder than any of them. He felt happy, truly happy, for the first time since he had marched off to war. That was very possibly the alcohol, but it didn't matter to him. He turned around, and Brady took him in his arms.


"Cheers." Said Brock Raith, knocking his glass against Jay's. "Think of it, my friend. Our enemies will be quaking in their boots." He said. "Does the prospect of freedom scare them so much?" Jay asked. Brock smiled a thin smile. "The thought of one man rising above his station and making a better lot for himself disgusts them. Billions of someones doing this...terrifies them. Because when the weak rise up, the strong must either make way for them, or lose everything. Neither of which they are very fond of." Jay clinked his glass again Brock's again. "To tearing down the old order." Brock nodded slightly. "Tearing down the old order."

At that moment, Daisy wandered over. "Mr Raith," she said, nodding slightly at Brock. "This is a brilliant party." Brock smiled. "To celebrate an excellent occasion, my lady." He said, before bowing his head and turning to leave.

After Brock had left, Daisy turned to Jay. She leant up and kissed him, and for a few seconds they lingered like that, lips pushed together. Tentatively, Daisy pulled away. "Where to now?" She asked. "Raith has begun the building of starships. In the next few months, I will finish uniting Etrion, and by that time several of his cruisers should be ready. Our first stop will be Qoter, we will clear out what is left of the Imperium and bring freedom to its people. From remains to be seen."

At that moment, Brock stood up at the front of the room and cleared his throat. The music stopped, and all eyes turned to Raith. "My friends, let us have a toast to a bargain well struck!" Brock raised his cup, and Jay joined everyone else in the room in doing the same.

Everyone except Razor, that is. "Something...something is wrong." He said. Jay frowned and turned to the android. "What's wrong buddy?" Razor's neck twitched slightly. " am being hacked..."

And then, with a surge of finality, there was a loud bang from somewhere inside, and Razor collapsed to the ground. Drawing his pistol, Jay whirled around. The first gunshot hit him in the chest, the second in the stomach.

Daisy turned and ran, screaming, as the room tore itself apart. Jay's men were being butchered, and Brock Raith stood at the head of the table, watching everything with a thin smile.

As she watched, Myrten, who had been with Jay from the beginning, gave a great roar and lunged towards Brock Raith.

Myrten was almost at the traitor before someone got in his way. "Let's get this bastard!" Armen growled. Myrten snarled a reply, and they advanced on Raith.

And then, the fleeting moment of hope failed, as Armen drew a knife and plunged it into Myrten's back. It took several more gunshots from the Marauders on the stage to bring Myrten down, but Armen's blow had been the one that had turned the tide.


"Hey...what's...what's happening?" Pip asked, looking up at one of Marauder soldiers. It took him too long to register what was happening as the man, in response, raised a rifle and began firing. Gunfire clattered in Pip's ears as he turned and tried to run, but all around him his friends were being cut down.

As a man popped up in his path and began firing, it was finally over. Pip stopped, panted a few times, and then a bullet ripped through his throat, a second took him in the head, and a third in leg. He fell, and died.


Jay stood over Daisy's body. He didn't cry, he barely felt anything. The gunfire and butchering had finally stopped, and he turned. At the head of the room, Brock Raith, Rakat Noiren, and Armen stood, watching.

Jay began walking towards them, eyes fixed on Armen. He tried to talk, and a wave of pain rolled over him, but he kept going. "I will kill you." He said. "All of you."

Armen sauntered over to him, and they stood toe to toe for a few moments. "No, you won't." Said that Tarth'ric. Jay's last thoughts as the knife went in were of Eris.

The End.

The Story So Far;

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Okay guys, that was the end of my First Season! I hope you...well, enjoyed it, and I certainly hope that ending came as a surprise to some of you. Seriously though, could you give me some feedback? Was it too obvious this was coming? I'm not planning anything like this again, but expect some surprises in Season Two, including more of the exploration of Keira and Kaira's past that began in this episode.

Goodbye from the leading cast of Season One!


  December 29, 2017
who is Pip, and why do we care? Other than that, this was an okay season finale, The Cliffhanger with Jay was excellent, but I feel that the part with Eris wasn't that great of a note to end on.
 I like it 
  July 9, 2015
Very interesting!! But I didn't get what the part with Pip was about.
 I like it 
  June 6, 2015
Argh!!! It's the danged Red Wedding all over again! No, didn't see it coming until this episode. I had a bad feeling when you described Raith as cool and charismatic...poor Jay. Looking forward to next season!
 I like it 
  June 5, 2015
Dramatic! Good stuff, hopefully I can catch the next season before the last episode, unlike this time.
 I like it 
  June 5, 2015
Oh yes! I certainly wasn't expecting that ending! I thought there might have been a little more explanation earlier on as to why the council had tried to stop him and then changed their minds, but I guess that explains it. Yes, all very interesting. A full 6 points! --Blast--
 I like it 
  June 5, 2015
Okay... that's different, for sure. I was not expecting that ending. Well done with the whole story so far! Can't wait for Season 2! Keep it up!
 I like it 
  June 5, 2015
Nice. Very game of throne-sy. My brain picked it as coming but logic made me think it wouldn't happen. So well done.
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