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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 3rd Task in Maze
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Harry Potter saw an extraordinary creature blocking him that he'd only seen in books: a Sphinx!
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When the whistle blew, Cedric Diggory and Harry ran into the maze. As soon as they crossed the threshold the sound of the crowd ceased. They reached a split, stopped and looked at each other.
"See you."
Harry took the left path and Cedric the right. Harry heard the whistle again meaning Krum was in the maze, then another whistle for Fleur. All 4 champions were in the maze and racing for the cup.

Cedric Diggory found himself facing a Blast-ended Skrewt that was about a dozen feet long! It's end blasted and it hurtled right at him. He ducked and it flew over him, but its blast set his sleeve on fire.

Harry turned a corner and saw a dementor glide towards him.
"EXPECTO PATRONUM," Harry said. His stag patronus shot out of his wand at the dementor, which backed away, stumbling on its robes. Harry had never seen a dementor stumble.

"You're a boggart!" he declared. He pointed his wand and said, "RIDDIKULUS".
CRACK. The dementor turned into Draco Malfoy stuck in dementor robes. With a laugh and wave of his wand the boggart vanished in wisps of smoke.

Harry saw a golden mist in his path. He tried the Reducto curse, but it only worked on solid objects. Suddenly, he heard a woman scream, sounding like it was directly ahead.

He charged into the mist and found his world turned upside down! He felt his feet attached to the ground but the blood rushing to his head, and his hair standing on end as if gravity had reversed. He was worried that he might fall off into the sky. As he pulled his feet off the ground, gravity restored and he fell to the ground.

He got up, looking back he saw the mist glowing innocently. He ran forward but saw no sign of Fleur. He thought, "One champion down."

Cedric heard someone behind him, and turned in time to deflect a stunning spell cast by Krum!
"HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" he shouted, loud enough for Harry to hear on the other side of the hedge.
Krum cast a disarming spell non-verbally, which Cedric was able to block, also non-verbally.
"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Cedric shouted at him.
"CRUCIO," said Krum, after which Cedric started screaming!
(The illegal pain spell he cast on Cedric couldn't be stopped by the defensive spells they learned from Professor Moody.)
Harry ran back and forth in a panic, as Cedric screamed, looking for a connection to their side but couldn't find one.

Stopping, Harry cast Reducto, on the hedge, blasting a hole in it, which he widened by kicking the branches, until it was wide enough for him to climb through, ripping his robes in the process.

Harry saw Krum standing over Cedric, who was still screaming. Krum turned his head, saw Harry and made to run for it.
"STUPEFY," he said, stunning Krum.
Cedric got to his feet. "I can't believe he did that," he said.
"I thought he was alright," said Harry.
Harry thought, Did Krum really want to win badly enough to risk life imprisonment in Azkaban?
"Did you hear Fleur scream earlier?"

"We'd better let them know he's here before he gets eaten by a skrewt."
"He'd deserve it," said Cedric, but he raised his wand and cast sparks into the air, marking his spot.
They each took a different path.

Harry saw a Blast-Ended Skrewt coming his way. Cedric was right, it was enormous.
"Stupefy!" he cast. But his stunning spell reflected back off its shell, singing his hair.
"Impedimenta!" he said. But this spell bounced off too.
As he backed away from it he tripped. The skrewt blasted towards him.
"IMPEDIMENTA!" he cried. This time it hit the softer underbelly, and froze the skrewt inches from him.
He quickly picked himself up and ran off; this jinx wasn't permanent - the skrewt would soon be able to move.

Harry knew he must be close, but a Sphinx was blocking his path!
The Sphinx had the head of a woman and the body of an over-sized lion.
"The closest path to your goal is past me," she said.
"Then will you move, please," Harry asked, knowing her answer.
"No," she said. "Answer my riddle correctly and you may pass; answer incorrectly and I attack; or say nothing and you can leave the way you came."
"OK," said Harry.

The Sphinx spoke a riddle:
"What person lives in disguise....
"What's the middle of middle.....
"What's a sound people make when thinking of a word....
"Now put them together to get the name of a creature you wouldn't want to kiss."
Harry gave the correct answer and the Sphinx moved aside to let him pass.

Harry saw the Triwizard Cup in the distance, but then Cedric entered the path ahead of him, saw the cup too, and sprinted for it.
Harry then saw something large over the next hedge heading to the intersection, but Cedric didn't see it.
"CEDRIC, ON YOUR LEFT," Harry shouted.

Cedric looked left and dove, avoiding a collision with a giant spider, but losing his wand.
"STUPEFY," Harry cast on the spider, which was either too big or too magical for it to affect. It turned and came for him.

It grabbed Harry in its front legs and lifted him ten feet off the ground. Harry kicked out, but felt sharp pain as his right leg hit its sharp pincers, cutting his robes and leg.
"EXPELLIARMUS," Harry said next. The spider released him, but he fell a dozen feet, landing hard on his hurt leg.

Cedric shot a stunning spell at the spider.
"STUPEFY," said Harry at the same time.
The two spells together did what one alone did not. The giant spider fell on a hedge, knocking it over.
"Did it land on you, Harry?" asked Cedric.
Harry shook his head, and grabbed a hedge as he pulled himself up, but found his wounded, bleeding leg wouldn't hold his weight.
"That's twice you saved me in here," said Cedric. He refused to take the Triwizard Cup, gleaming in the distance.
Harry for a moment saw himself as champion. Then the vision faded.

"We'll take it together; it will still be a Hogwarts victory."
"You're on," said Cedric, excited. He helped Harry walk to the cup and on the count of three they both grabbed a handle of the cup.
Instantly, they were pulled into a vortex of sight and sound.

The Triwizard Cup was a portkey, and both Cedric and Harry were transported out of the maze, to arrive moments later in a graveyard.



With the 4th movie, The Goblet of Fire, LEGO released only 4 Harry Potter sets:
>The Durmstrang Ship
>The Hungarian Horntail,
>Rescue from the Merpeople, and
>Graveyard Duel.

A few scenes or settings didn't have sets:
>The Riddle house,
>The Burrow, (set released with the 6th movie),
>The campground,
>The World Cup stadium,
>The Beauxbatons Carriage, and
>The maze.

I've started THE WORLD CUP.
I've got two of my own scenes with the Merpeople: 2ND TASK and RESCUE.
I did my own GRAVEYARD DUEL.
I've finished my major project: DIAGON ALLEY!!!



>Harry didn't see what happened between Cedric and Krum, so I decided that they should have dueled non-verbally, since they were both 7th years. Cedric had a rough time in the triwizard tasks (and graveyard) and thought this might make him seem more capable.

>After the funny scene in Prisoner of Azkaban where Professor Lupin teaches Harry's class to transform a boggart into something amusing (Neville puts Professor Snape in his grandmother's clothes), no one does this to a boggart EVER AGAIN! It doesn't happen in Lupin's final exam, or in the maze, or in Sirius' house. I decided Harry's boggart-banishment should repeat the scene of the Ravenclaw Quidditch match where he found Draco and others impersonating dementors, but getting stuck in the robes!



Here's my attempt, not only to make scenes from the maze, but to do it in a way appearing that it could have been a set. I don't have unlimited green pieces to make a huge maze with a different encounter around every corner. I may have enough left-over greens to have replaced the dark greens, if I wanted to. I would prefer the hedges to be all dark green if I had them, so I just used them for the distance or background hedges.

Normally, I put my pictures in chronological order, but the Sphinx is my most important build, so wanted that as the lead shot. I didn't think the maze was worth doing, unless I had a sphinx! I started with the design of the lion in its polybag (#7872) but replaced the head, of course. Unfortunately, the headdress I got had a ponytail, which didn't fit, and made me modify my build.

I don't take my own pictures, so had hoped to make this sectional so I could quickly transform the maze for different configurations (left turn, right turn, etc.) and not have to wait a week or so for the next encounter. It was challenging since there were two hedges that had to be destroyed. For one I used hinge plates; for the other I had wands representing branches, seen after removing side plates. But moving the maze for each scene didn't go quickly.

After getting a better uniform for Cedric (Red and Black), I've redone some shots that were blurry or at bad angles.

Update Nov 2018:

The current Minifigure series features Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory (of 22 Wizarding World characters). Cedric's hair and face are unique, but not too different from my choice. Instead of Harry's red and black torso, his is yellow and black. He even comes with the Triwizard Cup! So I'm happy that my creation is close. Cho has long hair and a less-pale face. Her torso does not contain a symbol of Ravenclaw House, even though other minifigures in the series show Gryffindor and Slytherin insignia, so I'm not impressed.


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  December 2, 2015
Nice version of the story! I enjoyed reading how you solved the challenges to take these pictures!
By Sandal Thong
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 3rd Task in MazeHarry Potter

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