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SWMO Round 1 - Wastelands of Tatooine
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of all ages (still don't know how many young ones out there see my comics or creations, so I'm sticking to this haha :P ) and welcome to another one of my random comics builds! So yes, before I begin, I am still working on my series, but I did want to do this sort of thing for the past few months, so bare with me on this lol. So anyways, this is my entry for the first round of the Annual SWMO, or the Star Wars MocOlympics. The theme of this build was to be a creation on Tatooine. We were to build either a vehicle/building from the movies, or to make/take a scene from the movie. And, as many of you would perhaps know, I am one to make comic scripts. So I picked one of the scenes of Star Wars between both Episode 1 and Episode 4, which are both two of my top three episodes of Star Wars. However, I chose to go with four, so this was a bit interesting. But anyways, I think that is enough talk! Let's get started, shall we? :)
About this creation

(Tatooine, Dune Sea, Year 2,001 ABY)

???- "I've been searching through this planet for at least a couple days as of now, trying to find what I seek. This planet, truthfully, has brought up many memories of my past...perhaps too far if I think too much. Even though I have travelled to this system only once, it still reminds me of those days of old.'

'I can still remember that other place...I can still feel it all; the heat, the sand, the rocks, the ancients of old. Tatooine wasn't so much rocky as it is sandy, but that still didn't make me feel uneasy. If I look carefully enough, I can almost recall every event that happened on these planets.'

'In fact, this area I am passing through, looks almost similar to the place from long ago.'

???- 'I am only out here for one reason; to find something. Or someone, to be exact. Someone dear to me that I vowed I would search for to the ends of the galaxy. I've only been awake for nearly six months now, but I couldn't contain myself from already having the urge to travel, to seek what I want.'

???- 'As I kept passing through the sandy trails, to the far side of the Dune Sea, I had come upon some kind of object buried in the sand. With my curiousity and wonder travelling through my inner flesh, I picked up the haste and approached the mysterious thing.'

???- 'However, as I finally approached the object, and brushed off the silky sand away, I felt myself in the presense of something...familiar. Like, as if I know this place.'

'But what exactly, you would think?'

???- 'Just as I stood up and looked around my very surroundings, I was eye-wide as I was suddenly met with an old moisture farm, with old machines that I assume were water vaporators. I was somewhat stunned, but still kept my ground. Merely seconds ago these objects weren't there, yet I strangely didn't ask. But that was when a voice I never heard of spoke out behind me...'

Older Woman- Luke! Luke! Luke!

???- 'The name was somewhat familiar to me, but I couldn't tell who though. As my thoughts pursued me, a young blonde haired boy jogged right past me and towards the older woman's voice calling from a large pit. The boy and older woman were talking about some kind of purchase of a protocal droid. But I wasn't fully understanding what they were talking about.'

???- 'When I turned back around, I was yet again met with another scene in front of my eyes. What seemed like a large and older Sandcrawler in the background, with dozens of some broken down droids lined up in front of the vehicle. I saw a small Jawa talking to the farmer that they call Owen, possibly negotiating a trade or purchase of some droids.'

'My answers were met as I saw the same familiar boy, walking pass me and into his home with two "very" familiar droids following behind. One was golden and slow, assuming to be a protocal droid, as the other was smaller with wheels, colored in white and blue. An astromech droid no doubt.'

???- 'And again, the scenary around me changed as I saw the yong boy just immediately walking out of their home, with an expression of fustration, or even anger. He walked up to the edge of what assumed to be the large hole, staring contently at the two suns in the sky.'

???- 'As dumbfounded during that moment, I found all of this very curious in my mind, as I slowly but casually walked up and beside the young man, who was still enthralled in the sky.'

???- 'I stood beside him and looked towards the two suns that made this part of the planet darker, leading towards to the night. Gazing at the suns, I could not find anything sentimental. Perhaps it was this boy's thinking place? Or rather a sight that he always came up to?'

Luke- It helps me think.

???- 'I look at the boy, with a bit of shockness on my expression, but yet with a curious look. The boy, who they call Luke, didn't even look at me, his eyes still content on the suns. I figured I would speak up for some odd reason.'

???- I guess that this relaxes you, huh?

Luke- ...I just want to leave here. Go far, far away, where the rest of the galaxy lies.

???- It's a rough galaxy out there, that I can gurantee you.

???- 'Luke, who for a few seconds looked down to the ground, turned towards me with a confident smile plastered upon his face. Weirdly enough, the moment he stared back at me, his clothing changed to that of a black outfit.'

Luke- I want to be like my father, who travelled the galaxy when he was younger. I want...I want to become a Jedi Knight, just like Anakin.

???- 'After a few seconds entering that inside my head, I immediately became surprised. I was just about to speak, but was met with nothing but the brightness of, yet again, the clear blue sky and the wastelands of Tatooine. I looked back and forth, right and left, but saw nothing but the same exact buried object over and over.'

'Was I just hallucinating? Or even dreaming? Or perhaps...perhaps I relived an old vision?'

???- 'My mind then again became aware once more as my comm link bleeped immediately. Slightly shaking my head of the nonsense that happened, I pulled it out from beneath my black robes.'

???- Yes?

???- Master, have you found anything in the facinity?

???- Not yet Recline. There doesn't appear to be anything of such value. Or at least...valuable to us.

Recline- Understood, Master Witress. Shall I come and pick you up?

???- That would be great, Recline. I'm sending you the coordinates now.

Recline- Understood, Master. I shall be there shortly. Recline out.

???- 'Sighing with a pain of disappointment, I look upon the old object beside me before continuing my tracks through the sand in pursuit of the rendevous point.'

'But I still wonder...if I am thinking about this right, is this where the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker was raise? And if so, what happened here?'

???- I guess that's another story to be told another time...

Thought I would show off a couple pictures of the two scene sets. I honestly had a hard time thinking about what Luke's home would really look like in lego form, but somehow I was able to get past that. So here ya' go! :)

The second image of Luke's home from the past.

Wow, was this a fun one to write out! Honestly, I had only a few days to think of something before continuing with other builds. Glad this was finished before then!

Anyways, I enjoyed this small comic. Perhaps one that I can use for good measure in the near future maybe? Who knows. I only hope that this small story was good enough to participate with the standard needs of the contest. If I failed, I at least tried my best. So for you judges out there, I hope this was to your likings, as well as to what you would have in your minds.

Also, if you wish to pertake this amazing contest for next year, check out the official
First Annual Star Wars MocOlympics group. Also check out the other contenstant's creations too while your at it!

So anyways, that's about it for me. Sorry for not saying alot right now, too busy working on the next chapters of the Star Wars series. So again, thank you all for your wonderful and countless comments and ratings on the series and smaller comics, and please, continue to give me feedback on how these stories are going and what I could possibly approve on in the near future. So once again, thank you guys for your faithful and miraculous supports and I hope all of you have a great and fan-tucking-tastic day/night. See ya' in the next comic! ;)

- Director K.W.


Director K.W.
 I like it 
Argo ~~
  September 17, 2015
Hello there! This is Argo of the Lego Star Wars Moccers, requesting that you come by and check on us, as we are thriving to be a more active group. Hope to see you there! ~Argo
Director K.W.
 I like it 
Brickbuild 54
  August 31, 2015
I am so confused, but great job on the moc.
 I like it 
  August 29, 2015
sounds like a great MOC! I am lookin forward to seeing it!
 I made it 
  August 27, 2015
Quoting VAkkron ™ I just read the story through, and I wanted to check; what time-point in Galactic History do Master Witress & Recline live in?
Well, consider this; Episode 4 is where the Battle of Yavin happened, so that would be 0 BY, the beginning of it all. BBY is Before Battle of Yavin and ABY is After Battle of Yavin. This story is after Episode 4, so they're about 2,001 years in the future, which would mean 2,001 ABY :)
 I like it 
  August 27, 2015
I just read the story through, and I wanted to check; what time-point in Galactic History do Master Witress & Recline live in?
 I made it 
  August 26, 2015
Quoting Everyone
Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Not my best of builds, but the story was something that I really wanted to show you all. I guess you could all ties in to the series haha. Again, thank you all! :)
 I like it 
  August 26, 2015
The Story was very impressive, and while the builds weren't all the impressive on their own, the story brought them together well. Looking forward to seeing how you do! Keep it up!
 I like it 
  August 26, 2015
Woah! That is very trippy! Even though there is not a lot to the build, the story makes it very evocative. Just when I thought something new couldn't be done, there you go! Very cool. Don't understand the resurgence of the 3l33t stuff that seems to be sweeping MOCpages these days...but then again, I never understood it in the first place...
 I like it 
  August 25, 2015
That's awesome XD
 I like it 
  August 25, 2015
Great story there. I'm not sure how much of a MOC it is, but hopefully you'll get extra points for story; it is a MOColympics, after all.
 I like it 
  August 25, 2015
Nice work, Director. Hallucinations are adventurous. I like your sandy atmosphere. I also like the light bley vaporator, too, and good inclusion of the circular roof laying in the desert. Good luck in the contest!
By Director K.W.
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