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ROAE Chapter 2 - The Bitter Cold (MB)
Greetings yet again ladies and gents', and welcome back to the tales of Jizsa Vylon! I have to say, I am really happy with how this story is turning out, and I'm glad that you are all enjoying it so far. it makes me happy to know that you guys enjoy the stuff I post for you all to see. For that I am very grateful and thankful to all of you. Now, let's get on with the next part eh? Hope you all enjoy ;)
About this creation

(5 BBY, Korthana, Unknown territory)

Jisza- "Man...this just down right stinks! And I don't mean the outside of a Tauntaun.'

'After we had received word about a group of Smugglers sneaking in some weird technology, that can hack into almost every electronic objects, we immediately set off to the Outer Rim territories. From there, we tracked down any smuggling activities in the areas.'

'And let me tell ya', it ain't easy to tracked down a group of smugglers in these parts. Like trying to shoot a dart at a wamp rat fifty feet away.'

'But, eventually, we were able to track down their location to Korthana, a local, yet, isolated planet covered in nothing but the cold, bitter winter. And frankly, even though me and a few others volunteered to come here, I absolutely, definitely HATE this place.'

'Cold planets filled with nothing but snow and numbing temperatures, are not my kind of thing to be at.'

' we are, waiting for a small shipment from the smugglers to come in. The cold wind blowing onto our backs, with the fusion heater giving only half of its heat to us. Honestly, I kinda wished I didn't participate in this mission. I'm more of the tropical, warm kind of guy. Not the abominal Wampa."

Jisza kept staring at his data pad he had brought with him for the mission, scanning through information that he was viewing. He really didn't have anything he was looking for, but he was a well, open minded man that uses information to his advantage at all times. Even if it seemed worthless at the time.

So focused and lost in his little world, he didn't realize one of the soldiers trudging up to him through the wet, cold snow beneath his feet.

???- General Vylon?

Looking up from his data pad, he looked upon one of the Rebel's cadets that had been assigned to the mission. Only being part of the Rebels for a short amount of time, this was clearly his first mission since joining.

Jisza- *Smirks* Yes Rogun, what is it?

Rogun- The commander needs you at the entrance.

Jisza- Hope it's good news. Thank you trooper.

Rogun- *Salutes* No problem, general-sir-I mean-general!

Silently chuckling to himself, he gets up from his comfortable spot around the small fire, patting Rogun on the shoulder as a sign of appreciation and made his way up to the entrance of the man-made snow cave they've created earlier on.

Approaching the entrance, Jisza got down on his knees and crawled through the snow up to the commanding officer who was next to the cave, scanning the area with his binoculars. His clad of old white and red armor,as well as for his beat up helmet, were somewhat covered with snow and wetness, possibly due to the small snow storm that is going on right now. And possibly due to sitting out in the storm for some time.

Jisza finally reaches the commander and speaks to him in a soft tone, not taking his eyes away from whatever view he had from his surroundings.

Jisza- Find anything useful this time?

???- Something like that. Take a look for yourself.

Taking the binoculars from the soldier's hand, he scanned around the area where he had just looked at. As he scanned, he saw what the commander had recently found.

There, on the other side of them, was a couple star ships landing next to the large, snowy hill. Even though it was somewhat blurry from the snow coming down, he was able to tell that a few smugglers were starting to unload their cargo off their ships. Watching them curiously while they moved the cargo towards the mountain, he was able to see two large doors, hidden within the mountain, open up as the smugglers walked inside.

Taking his eyes off of the binoculars, Jisza began to ponder.

Jisza- Looks like they made a hidden base inside that mountain. Not a bad idea...

???- Yeah, but the question is how we get in?

Jisza- Hmm...give me a minute to think...

???- ...Well you better think fast, Vylon.

Visza- Why's that?

Pointing towards the mountain base, Jisza looks through the binoculars once again, only to see that an Imperial transport has immediately landed right next to the hideout, quickly overtaking the smugglers. They were all ambushed within seconds.

Jisza- Blast! The Empire beat us to them!

???- What's the plan, sir?

Quickly handing Burner is binoculars back to him, he quickly gets up and jogs to his speeder bike while shouting back to the commander behind him.

Jisza- Assemble the squad, Burner! Get them over to that landing zone! We need those devices intact!

Before Burner could reply, Jisza had immediately revved up his bike and zoomed across the snowy landscape, making fast haste to the smuggler's hideout. He knew that, if the Empire got their hands on those devices, they would make amends to destroying them.

And those devices are key components to possibly giving them an edge in this gosh, forsaken war.

(Smuggler Hideout, Mere seconds after Imperial ambush)

Smuggler- Fall back into the base! Protect those cargo!

Snow Trooper- Don't let them escape into the base! Blast the whole lot of them!

The Imperials were on them like a pack of hungry, blood thirsty Mykr dogs, ready to feast upon their fallen prey. The smugglers were doing very little on holding back the Empire, as they all advanced back into their base. Their only hopes were to surround the enemy into a small area and wipe them out completely.

However, the plan wasn't doing very well as another scoundrel fell to the ground dead.

Smuggler- Kaira'bast! This ain't workin'! Fall back everyone, fall back!

Noticing the smugglers retreating even further into the base, the Imperial soldiers pressed their attacks even harder.

Snow Trooper Captain- They're outgunned men! Push harder! Show them what it means to betray the Empire!

As the Empire pressed on their attack, they immediately hear a sound of a speeder bike from outside the base. Thinking that it was their reinforcements coming in, they shrugged it off and presumed firing at their respective targets.

However, only after a few seconds pass, they suddenly hear an energy, hssing sound being activated. Confused for a brief moment, they were met with another sound coming from behind. Only this time, it was the sound of a couple of painful screams from their own as a swishing sound is being swung.

Pausing their attack for a brief moment, they turn their heads to find the source of the problem.

Immediately, one of the troopers fell the ground as a blaster shot was sent towards them, hitting one of their own directly in the chest.

Making eye contact with Jisza, who was rushing towards them all, the troops began to immediately fire upon the Jedi Rebel. However, to their shock, Jisza had easily deflected their shots right back at them, hitting two-out-of-the-three soldiers dead on.

Which only left the captain himself.

Astonished to the fact that his entire squad was defeated by one man, and also knowing that he was completely surrounded, he quickly dropped his weapon to the ground and raised his hands into the air, signalling that he was surrendering.

Jisza, who had his saber pointed at the defenseless captain, showed off a grin of amusement. It always made him laugh that, even though the Imperial soldiers looked tough, they still showed off their fears like normal people do.

Jisza- Smart man.

As Jisza went to handcuff the captain, he was totally unaware of the fact that one of the Snow Troopers was still alive. He had been hiding behind some crates for some time now, watching the battle unfold.

Slowly and steadily, he raised his gun quietly as possible, and aimed it at Jisza, who was unaware of the offensive soldier.

And at that mere second, a blaster shot was heard across the cargo bay.

Whipping his body around, with his pistol at the ready, he was met with an Imperial soldier staring at a blank stance before falling to the cold, wet ground dead.

There, waltzing in behind the dead man were Burner, Rogun and the rest of the team as a couple of them guarded the entrance while the others approached Jisza.

Lowering his weapon, Jisza smirked at the commander.

Jisza- Took you long enough.

Burner- Better late than never, general.

Jisza- Actually, your timing couldn't be any better. The Smugglers had fallen back deeper into their base, and some of the devices are still inside.

Burner- So this is just a portion of them?

Jisza- Most likely Apparently, they were more keen on protecting the entrance to the base than the devices out here in the cargo bay.

Burner- Seems like the better quantity of these devices are stored deeper in the base.

Jisza- *Nods* My thoughts exactly.

Looking back towards the cuffed Imperial Captain, Jisza gestured his hand to Rogun.

Jisza- Rogun, contact Sergeant Cliff and her men to bring us a transport. I want you and Gresuor to take this Imperial back to the fleet for interrogation. Soften him up for us when we return.

Rogun- Yes sir!

Walking up behind the captain, Rogun roughly pushed the Imperial in the back, causing him to moan in pain.

Rogun- Alright, imperial scum! Let's move!

As Rogun and Gresuor took the prisoner away, Burner motioned for the rest of his squad to round up.

Burner- So now what, Jisza?

Looking away from Burner for a brief moment, then towards the doors, he looked back at him with a mischievous grin as he activated his saber and holdster his pistol.

Jisza- I think it's time to give those smugglers a bitter, cold welcome.

BONUS PIC TIME!Just a single picture of the snow entrance MOC. Nothing too big or anything, but just enough to overview:)

I really liked how this all turned out. It's not very long, nor did it show a ton of action, but I liked it because it was simple. Simple and very easy to do. Kinda gives me a refresh on my writing and building. And it's good for me to loosen up from the long writing on the series, so this was very relaxing.

Also, credit for Sergeant Anura Cliff goes, and belongs, to Brick Boy . Since the mission was a team effort for both Rebel and Jedi factions, I thought it would be a bit fo fun to do a crossover mention. Hopefully you don't mind Brick Boy :)

As for the story of Jisza Vylon, his story will probably be skipping around the years after Order 66 and before A New Hope. I will soon post links when it strarts to get bigger and bigger later on.

Also, if any of you are interested in joining this fine Star Wars RPG, then go on over to Rise of an Empire (RPG) and check it out for yourselves.

Well that will do for now. So thank you all for your countless support, love and comments of my creations, and, as always, I hope you all have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- Director K.W.


 I like it 
  February 27, 2016
Good one! Those negative photo effects are great as scanner shots...very cool.
 I like it 
  February 25, 2016
Very nice work! The writing was great and I really like the photo effect you used for the binoculars. I think it's cool that you referenced my story, by the way. I think that sort of think can really strengthen the Rebel community.
 I like it 
  February 25, 2016
Awesome work Director! I love the scanner shots! :) Nice choice to take them in Negative :)
By Director K.W.
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