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ROAE Chapter 3 - Sides Matter Not (MB)
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Shmitiness to you all ladies and gent's out there, and welcome back to another story tale of Jisza! Before I start, I have to say this... HURRAY! MOCPAGES IS BACK TO NORMAL :D Lol sorry, had to be said :P So lately, I've been trying many different techniques over the past couple of weeks. I have used the same basic techniues for years now, but I have never improved on my skills. So I decided that it would be a good time to do so, especially with the writing and builds I've been doing. So hopefully all of you will like this one, and many more more to come in the near future. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy ;)
About this creation

(5 BBY, Kashyyyk, Wookie Village, Months after the mission on Korthana)

Jisza- "It was about a couple months after retrieving the devices from Korthana with Sergeant Cliff, Commander Burner and the teams after intercepting some Imperial resistance. We had all rejoined back in the Unknown Regions, reporting back each other our progress and discussing our next move.'

'But before all that could happen, we had strangely received a transmission coming from the Wookie home-world of Kashyyyk. When we received the call, we were immediately in contact with one of the surviving Jedi. Now, I have met a few Jedi growing up, but not very many. So what came next took me back somewhat.'

'The Jedi, Ex-Master Janua Dyiles, requested a meeting with us on Kashyyyk, approximately two weeks prior. But when she said "us", she meant us Jedi or Force users to meet, no one else. I found it somewhat suspicious for some reason, and even more when she told us the reason why.'

'The meeting she wanted us to go to was to choose a side; either fight the Empire head on using violence as a means of bringing back the Order, or to not fight at all and let the will of the Force take place and form on it's own, applying to that it was foretold in the Prophecy.'

'I didn't know what to think of it, nor did the others in the group. But Master Relyckia and Coneros insisted on going, saying something about setting things right from the past. I didn't know what that meant, but I knew not to judge them both. They always had a reason for something.'

'So we broke off from the main Rebel fleet and flew to Kashyyyk two weeks after, under the Jedi's request, consisting of me, Coneros, the droids, Relyckia and her two children, Bryke and Sierrha. I didn't know why she brought the two kids with us, but when I asked her why, she told me that they wouldn't shut up about not going. So, reluctantly, the poor mother brought them with her.'

'When we landed, we were friendly greeted by the Wookie natives and a few other Jedi Knights and Padawans, some of which the others knew personally for years. After a few words were exchanged to one another, they escorted us to the meeting.'

'And that's where our story takes place...'

Bryke- Mom, mom! There's so many of them! I wanna go see!

Sierrha- I wanna go look around with Bryke too, mom!

Their mother groaned in exhaustion and annoyance at their display, while the rest of the group chuckled softly at the two children's excitement. A few of them knew that the young ones never traveled so far away from home, so this was a first time for them to see the galaxy.

Jisza couldn't help but smile at them both, reminding him of himself when he was younger back then. He knew how they felt and had no means of wanting to disturb them of their excitement.

They had perhaps spent nearly a half an hour wandering through Luuwalkra village as they were escorted to the meeting place. Many of them wondered how this conference would end. There were those who would want to seek revenge upon the Emperor, Darth Vader and their Empire, while others would want to stay out of the fight and let the people in the galaxy take care of it.

Jisza saw it both right and wrong. It was a definite thing to fight back against the Empire and bring peace and freedom once again, but not out of vengeance or hate. He also saw that others all over should deal with it, but he knew that the people would need every help they could get, especially from those who can use the Force.

Frankly, he didn't know who to choose.

Nearly a few minutes later, the group had finally made it to their destination. In front of them all was two large, wooden doors that stood between them and the meeting inside. Standing side by side were a few Rebel soldiers from different cells, while one of them was a native Wookie that stood attention next to the doors.

Jisza glanced around the soldiers in front of him before looking towards the doors, feeling somewhat nervous.

Jisza- I guess...we go in?

Coneros- Indeed. We best not to keep them waiting.

Nodding in agreement, Relyckia got down on her knees and spoke softly to her children.

Relyckia- Bryke, Sierrha? You two stay here with the droids. We won't be long.

Sierrha- But mom...!

Bryke- We wanna go in too!

Relyckia- Not this time, hon'. This is an important meeting that needs attention. You two are a bit too young to know what we would be talk about anyway. So please, stay here with Recline and R7, and be good?

The two siblings looked at each other for a few seconds before reluctantly replying.

Children- Yes, mom.

With a gentle smile of gratitude, as well as giving her children a kiss on the heads, she walked towards the others as they made their way through the doors and into the next room.

Upon entering the room, they were met with at least ten different Jedi Knights and Masters, all seated around the large wooden table. Amongst them was none other than Master Janua Dyiles, who appeared to be waiting patiently for their arrival, along with a few other Jedi that appeared to be sitting quietly.

Few of them were a bit impatient and quite annoyed with their slight delay. Jisza felt irritated by their looks immediately, giving those a stern glare directly in the eyes. It wasn't like they could have gotten to Kashyyyk any faster than they could have.

However, the atmosphere was quickly interrupted by Janua as she spoke up to them, a smile gracing her lips.

Janua- Ah, Master Coneros! We've been expecting you and your companions. Please, take a seat so we may begin.

Silently nodding to her, all three of them sat down across from Janua, taking a seat next to each other. The eyes of everyone around the room fell upon them, making Jisza just the bit of being uncomfortable.

Then, after a few moment of silence, Janua rose from her seat and spoke loud enough for them to hear her.

Janua- Thank you all for coming here. Some of you know who I am, but for those of you who don't, I am Master Janua Dyiles, one of the leaders of our Rebel cells. I think all of you know why I called this gathering together, in hopes of reuniting as an entire Jedi Order once again.

Cheila Grinth- We know of what your idea is; you want us all to unite and defeat Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

Janua- Well, I'm glad that you all know then. Yes, I do want that to happen. A few of you have already agreed with the plan. The question I have for the rest of you is...will you join us as well?

Jank Colwil- What makes you think we can possibly defeat the Dark Lords of the Sith? They were able to wipe us all out in a matter of days, as well as some of our own betraying us and killing us off one by one. How can we possibly fight them all and the Empire?

Janua- Because I believe we can. It may look like the Empire is stronger and more powerful, and honestly, I truly think that is true. The odds are not fully in our favor. But, we can still win, if we fight together and destroy them both as a whole. I know revenge is not the Jedi way, but that's the only way we got right now. By standing together now, and striking them quickly, we can end this galactic conflict and bring peace and freedom back to the galaxy.

Many of the Jedi in the room began to ponder, mumble and whisper to one another, even those who still stand against this plan. Her words poured into them and they were carefully considering what she was asking, and doing.

After minutes past, Coneros stood up from his seat and stared directly at Janua herself. His eyes were stern and, oddly, a bit terrifying.

Coneros- Janua, your plans are understandable, as well as being a good thing...but I, and my companions, will have to decline your offer.

Few of the room immediately looked surprised at the old Master, couple of them even giving off a quiet gasp. Everyone, except Janua, began to murmur to one another, curiosity and questions running through their minds and pass their mouths.

Somewhat, even Jisza looked at his Master questionably, even in shock.

Janua- You have always been stubborn, Master Witress. But I have to ask...why?

Coneros- Your motives and your goals. It is true that the Empire needs to be stopped, as well as Vader and his Emperor, and that we all need to work together. However, I have already discussed this matter years ago with the others, and have agreed that seeking revenge is not the way to win this conflict.

Alyna Jesni- But this conflict needs to be dealt with quickly! If we let the Empire and the Sith grow stronger, it would by means having us all become even weaker. It's time to act!

Relyckia- but at what cost?

All eyes turned to Relyckia as she stood from her own seat and stared at the gathering Jedi around her.

Relyckia- I remember another Jedi back then that had the same ideals and thoughts as many of you now have. She was a Master too, and had gathered at least a little bit over then a dozen Jedi Knights, bringing them together to confront Vader. But when they did, none of them stood a single chance. They were so fueled by their hate, and their sought of revenge, that it cost their lives.

Cylan Hugein- But that was so long ago, and the future is here and now!

Relyckia- Which makes it more the reason not to! We are mostly doing the exact same thing that the others did fourteen years ago! Only this time, you want to attack them on Coruscant, the heart of the Empire!

Not allowing anyone else to say another word, Relyckia and Coneros moved away from their seats and started to walk out of the room. Still utterly confused, but yet understanding what they meant, Jisza followed closely behind them.

Many in the room began to murmur in irritation and anger, commenting on what had just happened. Some of them didn't understand, and some thought that they were mostly foolish to not help them. Janua, who hasn't spoke out against them, sat down in her seat and sighed.

Janua- I would have expected this. It was already enough for them to come out here and hear what we had to say, but...

Alyna Jesni- But why wouldn't they want to help? Don't they care about the Order too?

Janua looked at the party in front of her for a few moments before closing her eyes shut and pondered. Then she re-opened them.

Janua- ...Much more than we do.

Jisza- Masters, wait!

Turning their heads around, they see Jisza catching up to them. They both had a hunch as to what he wanted to ask.

Coneros- What is it, Jisza?

Jisza- Why did you leave like that? Aren't we gonna help any of them?

Coneros- No, we are not.

Jisza- But why? I don't understand why we won't! Isn't it important that we all band together and fight the Empire as a whole?

Coneros and Relyckia both glanced at one another before looking back at Jisza, who was full of confusion.

Relyckia- Jisza...we think it's time you knew the truth.

Jisza- The truth? About what?

Coneros- About why we do this...and what we all promised years ago.

Jisza stared at the two of them, his eyebrow raised in questioning. What were they hiding from? What was important?

Jisza- Promised? Promised what? To whom?

Relyckia- ......To my brother.

BONUS PICS! Thought I might as well show you all what and how I build these. It took a lot of patience and effort, but it was definitely worth it in the end. Also, for those of you who want to try this great technique from others, here is a small examples :)

This was going to be the original design of the build, but I wasn't liking the way it looked nor turning out. So instead, I destroyed the old design and did it differently, using the same technique with the 1 x 4 Flat Tiles wedged between the plates. In all, I am happy that I went with that decision.

I had a really great time doing this one. The textures and design of it all was a challenge, but I believe it worked out in the end. But what do you guys think of it? Does it need improving? Would this be a good thing to use for my comic series? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, if any of you are interested in joining this fine Star Wars RPG, then go on over to Rise of an Empire (RPG) and check it out for yourselves.

That will about do it this time. So thank you all for viewing, as well as the countless supports over the past years, and, as always, I hope you all have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- Director K.W.


 I like it 
  March 21, 2016
Very nice, so now I'm curious of what happened to Kydan
 I like it 
  March 19, 2016
Love it! My next chapter should be up within the next week :) I Especially like the kasshyyyk Btw :)
 I like it 
  March 19, 2016
This is a great addition to your story. The build is fantastic, you utilized many techniques. I like how you used the "endless stairs" technique for the border of the Jedi council. I look forward to what comes next!
 I like it 
  March 19, 2016
This is really nice! All of your stuff seems underrated ):
By Director K.W.
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