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The Insurgency #7; Day vs Night
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#7: Day vs Night

The twin missiles streaked through space, silent. They arced graciously around and twisted, fixing their course onto the ship before them. Their target; The Phoenix.

The explosion rocked the ship, shaking the occupants from side to side violently. Basher and Keira were in the living quarters, and they were the first into the cockpit. “Computer, status?” Basher demanded, sliding into the pilot’s seat. A feminine, mechanical voice whirred to life. “Two projectiles, only one detonated. Both Imperium high-explosive kinetic rounds. Shields sustaining, damage is purely superficial. The Phoenix is still fully functional.” Explained the Computer. “Good. Disengage autopilot.” Ordered Basher, “and open up the scanners!” Basher grabbed the controls and span the Phoenix around. “There is only one spacecraft close enough to have launched those rockets, it appears to be of a fighter class, although it is not of any recorded design, and its heat signatures are well masked. This vessel would be hidden from any ship native to this galaxy.” Said the Computer. Basher frowned. “It is also on an attack trajectory.”

By this point, Keira and Basher had been joined by the rest of the crew. “We’re under attack?” Caesar asked, peering into the cockpit and out into the inky blackness beyond. “Affirmative.” Said the Computer. “Not for long.” Said Basher, yanking back on the controls. A second pair of missiles narrowly missed the Phoenix, but the hull was suddenly raked by machine gun fire.

Basher angled the Phoenix away and flared the engines, but the attacking fighter remained on their tail. Every now and again it would release a burst of gunfire, but the rounds had little effect on the Phoenix. “He’ll need to hit us with something more than that.” Said Keira.

“Engines barely at half power, we can outrun this bastard if we need to.” Noted Basher, as the cat-and-mouse battle wore on. Before anyone could respond, though, the Computer suddenly piped into life. “I…I am…fzzzt…I am being…” was all it said before going dead. The silence seemed to stretch into eternity before finally being broken by a second voice from over the radio. “Do you remember me, Ares? I remember you. I was-“ again, the voice was cut off before it could say any more. “Hacking attempt rebuked. Reinitialising firewalls, strengthening security protocols.” Said the Computer. “Ares?” Kaira asked the room at large, but no one had any answer.

“We can’t run.” Said Caesar simply. “Let’s get to the guns and blow this son of a bitch out of the sky.” He took the lead, and Kaira followed, each to one of the side turrets.

The fighter was still hot on their tail, firing missiles and bullets at every opportunity against the seemingly defenceless ship. Until that point the fight had been one-sided, but when two streams of laser fire coursed, blue against black, through space, the pursuing craft dropped back, given pause. “He’s falling back.” Noted Basher.

Basher spun the Phoenix into a tight turn, bringing it around to face their enemy. “Keira?” He asked. “Got it.” She replied, taking hold of the co-pilot’s controls. Kaira and Caesar swivelled their own turrets. “Light ‘em up.” Commanded Caesar. As one, they opened fire, and watched as the fighter was torn to pieces, and then began to fall, helplessly, towards a nearby asteroid.

Inside the Phoenix, there was a smattering of congratulations, but Caesar was muted. “Take us down, Basher. This isn’t over.” Basher glanced up at his friend quizzically. “What’s up?” He asked. Caesar didn’t reply.

They landed on the floating chunk of rock and disembarked, all wearing breathing apparatus, except for Basher. “Look for the wreckage of the fighter.” Caesar ordered.

It was not a long hunt; the fighter was strewn everywhere, but it was Preshant that found a piece of paper stuck with a dagger into the ruins of a wing. “Caesar,” he called, “you might want to see this.”

Once the team had gathered, Preshant took the note and read it aloud. “Do you remember me, Ares? I remember you. There are only two of us left now, they killed the rest. But I suppose you knew that, didn’t you? You knew that, and did nothing about it, you only cared for your whore. I was sorry to hear about her, by the way, her and those two squalling little children she squeezed out…I was looking forward to gutting the bitches myself. I am back now, Ares, and you may have won this round, but our next meeting will go ill for you…you, and your friends.” Caesar heard each word with growing anger and trepidation, and by the half way point he was visibly shaking with rage.

“Who was it?” Basher asked, putting his hand on Caesar’s shoulder. “Orion. A name I thought long buried.” Was his response. “What’s going on, Caesar?” Kaira demanded. “We’ve fought with you time and time again, you owe us an explanation.” Caesar glanced up at her, a glaring fire in his eyes. “I owe you nothing. The only people I owed anything to are dead.” His words were coated with venom.

Basher took a step back. “Caesar…you need to be honest with us. I can’t serve with a man I don’t trust.” Caesar span on his heel. “Trust? You talk to me of lies? We don’t even know what you are, Basher!” He blurted. Basher’s eyes darkened. “Last chance, Caesar. Tell us what this is about.” Caesar glared at Basher, taking a step closer. “I can’t.” He said. “Can’t, or won’t?” Basher pressed.

“CAN’T!” Caesar bellowed, slamming his fist into Basher’s jaw. Basher hadn’t expected the blow, and Caesar’s armoured gauntlet hit him hard. He reeled back, and the others gasped.

The others moved in, but Basher grunted and raised his hand. “Don’t.” He said. He moved quicker than any of them had ever seen, showering Caesar with punches. First he smashed a fist into his jaw, then into his stomach, before finally sweeping his legs out from under him and knocking him to the ground. “Stay down,” Basher ordered, “I’m taking you to Eris, and we’re getting to the bottom of this.”

“I’d suggest you start talking, Caesar.” Eris muttered, her voice edged with threat, but also tinged with sympathy. “We all have dark pasts, none of us is perfect. But today, you came under attack. You could’ve all died, and that was apparently down to you. So you’re going to tell us everything, and tell it true.” She said. Caesar took a deep breath, his whole body shaking. “Years ago, there was an Imperium special forces initiative called the Olympus Project. My name was Ares, and I was the best of them. I’d kill anything, do any mission, I had no morals and no qualms. For years, everything went well, until…until I met her.” He went quiet once more.

“Your wife?” Eris asked. Caesar nodded, then continued, “Sonja. She…she was different. Just a civilian, a woman in the wrong place and the wrong time. I shouldn’t have been seen, and when I was I should have just killed her. But I couldn’t. There was something about her. I told her about my mission, about the man I’d been sent to kill, and she…she did something no one had ever done…she asked me why. Why this man deserved to die. And when I couldn’t answer, I realised that maybe everything I had stood for, for so long, had been a lie. I hung up my gun, my blade, and attempted to settle down. But the Imperium were not happy about that. They sent men after me, police at first, then soldiers, then Special Forces. Everything they sent, I killed. After weeks of this, I came for the hierarchy, the leaders of the Olympus Project, the men and women charged with bringing me in.”

“Did you kill them?” Kaira asked. “No. I held them hostage, demanded the Imperium settle me and Sonja in a new life, with new identities and total immunity. In exchange, I wouldn’t kill them all. They agreed. Over the next few months, everything was perfect. I heard rumours, of course…rumours that the Olympus Project had been shut down, and that the Imperium had terminated all of us, having classed me, and the Project in general, as a failure. But they never came after me again, so I didn’t care. I thought I was out. I was thought I was safe. Hell, I was, until the Collective.”

“So that man…Orion, did he say? He was one of you?” Inquired Basher. Caesar glanced at him. “He was my best friend, my second in command, the best of them all, second only to me. I assumed he’d been killed with the rest of them, but if anyone could survive, it was him.” He explained. “And why is he back now? Why does he want to kill you?” Preshant asked. “As to why he’s back now, I can’t say. But why does he want to kill me? That should be obvious, kid. It’s my fault the GI shut the Olympus Project down and killed everyone. Everyone except me and him.”

“He’ll be back, Caesar. I’m sure we all know that. And your best chance at surviving is with us, you don’t need to do this alone,” said Eris, “we’re your friends; let us help. When this Orion shows up next, we’ll stop him. Together.”

To Be Continued…

The Story So Far;

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That’s Episode Seven! This one was fun interesting because a lot of it was a space battle, so I had to faff around editing, but I think it worked well enough. It was also something I’ve been looking forward to getting into for a while, with Caesar’s backstory and such, and the introduction of Orion. I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to rate and comment, and say nice things!


 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Twist! Well written and enjoyable as always.
 I like it 
  April 5, 2016
Very nice story, the dialogue in it is just awesome and well-written, the plot is interesting and photo are nice. Pretty much everything a good story needs. :-)
 I like it 
  April 5, 2016
Good stuff! I like the sound of Orion! Also, I assume this is a freebuild, as you haven't labelled it. So 5 points! --Blast--
 I made it 
  April 5, 2016
Quoting Werewolff . Awesome work and another great episode! The space battle was really well put together and the story is phenomenal. Always good to learn a characters past! Nice work, and would it be ok if I drop a reference to the Olympus Project in my next league build?
Thanks Werewolff, glad you enjoyed! Yeah, that would be totally okay! SO long as you don't contradict any of the lore in this episode, which you shouldn't, go right ahead! [IAD]
 I like it 
  April 4, 2016
As usual...brilliant! Really enjoyed the space battle very much, and the background story of Caesar/Ares? Amazing! An awesome job indeed good sir ;)
 I like it 
  April 4, 2016
actually that ship is a set):
 I like it 
  April 4, 2016
Wow! you getting better at building!
 I like it 
  April 4, 2016
Awesome work and another great episode! The space battle was really well put together and the story is phenomenal. Always good to learn a characters past! Nice work, and would it be ok if I drop a reference to the Olympus Project in my next league build?
By Iris AD
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