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Chapter One, Rise of a Legend 03: The Master and the Apprentice
44 BBY, Coruscant, the Jedi Temple. The unmistakable sound of lightsaber's slicing through the air and the smell of burning ozone greeted Jedi Kngiht Coleman Trebor as he stopped on the threshold of the training room and folded his arms across his chest. He watched the two younglings silently as they dueled. The Nautolan, a young boy named Kit Fisto, was faster and favoured a more offensive attack than his opponent, but Coleman knew better than to underestimate the young Harash Soru.
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Coleman watched Hara retreat several steps, drawing Fisto in and prompting the youngling to press his attack. For a moment it appeared that Hara was about to fall, but then the young Jedi ducked beneath Fisto's blade and Coleman felt a faint tremor in the Force as Hara extended his hand and shoved Kit onto his backside with a well timed Force push.

"Oof!" exclaimed Kit as he hit the floor and his lightsaber slipped from his grip.

Eeth Koth laughed softly. "Excellent move Hara!"

Hara grinned as he helped Kit to his feet.

Coleman stepped forwards into the training room and clapped his hands together softly. "Indeed!" Coleman agreed.

Hara's eyes lit up in delight when he saw the Jedi Knight. "Master Trebor!" he called happily.

"Come for a lesson, Master Trebor?" Eeth Koth joked.

"Not today, Master Koth," Coleman replied. "I need to borrow Hara."

Having cleaned himself up and said farewell to Kit, Hara followed Master Trebor out of the training room down the long corridors of the Jedi Temple.

"Your training is progressing well," Coleman observed.

"Thank you, master," Hara replied. "I am trying my best."

A sly smile touched Coleman's lips as he said, "Do or do not, Hara. There is no try."

Hara grinned. "So what do you need me for, master?"

Coleman sighed as they stopped to admire the view across the city. "Do you remember Hesk Telmar?"

Hara nodded. Hesk Telmar was the director of Laytha Industries, the company that his father had worked for before his death. Laytha Industries was a giant company that specialised in rejuvinating ailing planets in the Outer Rim by creating jobs and building new houses to prevent crime and squalor.

"Laytha Industries recently made a bid for a seat in the Senate," Coleman explained. "Their request was accepted and Hesk Telmar himself plans to represent his company in the rotunda."

Hara frowned. "What does this have to do with us?"

"Hesk takes his seat in the Senate today and despite most welcoming him, there are those that aren't so sure." Coleman pursed his lips. "The Chancellor's office has requested he be given Jedi protection. Given what happened in the square last month, you can hardly blame them for being cautious."

"And Telmar wants us?" Hara asked.

Coleman nodded. "He asked for us specifically. It seems he remembers our heroics."

Hara was about to respond when suddenly he heard raised voices at the far end of the corridor. He and Coleman turned in time to see Mace Windu and two other Jedi storming down the corridor.

"I don't care what you think, Michael!" Mace snapped "It was wrong. End of story!"

"You're blind then, Windu!" the man with grey hair replied bluntly. "What we did saved countless lives!"

"By endangering others!" Windu retorted.

Hara shifted uncomfortably and glanced up at Coleman. He had never heard anyone speak so disrespectfully to a member of the Council before, especially not to Mace Windu.

"Fools, all of you!" Michael snapped.

The two Jedi turned and marched away from Windu who glared after them both. Hara shuddered at the look in Mace's eye, thinking that if the Jedi Master could kill with his eyes alone, these two Jedi would be long dead.

As the two Jedi passed the one Mace had called Michael stopped and frowned. He glanced sideways and his eyes briefly settled on Hara and he seemed to be analysing the boy for something. Then, as quickly as he had appeared, the Jedi shrugged and walked away.

"Who were they?" Hara asked as he watched the two Jedi disappear.

"Michael Kringe and Rohan Ab'lov," Coleman stated. "They are Grey Jedi, Hara."

"What are Grey Jedi?" Hara asked.

Coleman's eyes narrowed disapprovingly. "They are Jedi that stretch the limits of our Code. They are recklass and often disobey the Council's orders."

"Was that why they were fighting with Master Windu? Hara asked.

Coleman nodded. "Yes."

Hara looked back at the two Jedi and considered what Coleman Trebor had said. He had never heard of a Grey Jedi before but he supposed it was not unlikely. The Council's rule was not always final and he knew enough from his studies to know that every organisation needed someone to question its leaders in order to survive and adapt to the Galaxy around it.

"Listen, Hara," Coleman said, squeezing the boy's shoulder tightly. "It is rare for younglings to be allowed out on missions as important as this. The Council has allowed it because of the circumstances but they have made it clear that you are my responsibility. If anything happens then you must do exactly as I say, do you understand?"

"Of course, master," Hara said. "I won't fail you!"

Coruscant, the Senate Building, 24 hours later.

Hesk Telmar's deep voice echoed within the great rotunda of the Senate, filling every ear in the building with his soothing tone. "Today is a great day for Laytha Industries! We have been given a chance to join this great body, a chance to influence the lives of the citizens of the Republic and to further our goals to bring freedom and hope to the Outer Rim! To those of you who supported my bid, I can never repay your kindness and your support. And to those of you who are uncertain, let me say this. I will not stop! Laytha Industries will work day and night to bring hope to the dark corners of the Galaxy!"

There was a great cheer of approval within the rotunda and Hesk smiled as he waited patiently for the noise to die down.

"For thousands of years the Republic has remained true. A shining star in a Galaxy of despair! Laytha Industries will be the Republic's missionaries. We bring peace to worlds ravaged by war, food and water to those crippled by drought and medicine to those worlds infected with the plague! We will show the Galaxy that the Republic takes care of its own and those around it! For the Republic!"

The cheers began again, louder than before. All around the rotunda, Senators from every world called out their support for Laytha Industries and its new Senator. Telmar simply smiled and waved, savouring every moment.

"Well!" Telmar exclaimed as he collapsed into one of the cushioned chairs in his office with a glass of Correllian Brandy in one hand. "That was an exciting day! I think it went rather well."

Coleman Trebor nodded calmy. "Your speech was most inspiring, Sir."

"I'm glad you think so, Master Trebor," Hesk said solemnly. "I only hope that I can make good on my promises."

"Laytha Industries already does great work," Coleman said encouragingly. "Now that you have your seat in the Senate I would imagine it will be easier for you to reach out farther into the Galaxy."

Hesk Telmar sighed, suddenly feeling a lot older than he really was. "I hope you are right, Master Trebor. Someone in this Galaxy has to do some good, we can't leave it all to the Jedi!"

Coleman opened his mouth to respond when suddenly an aide knocked sharply on the door to Hesk's office and stepped inside.

"Sorry, Sir," the aide said quickly. "Urgnt message for you."

Telmar set his drink down and took the data pad from the aide. His eye's flicked over the short message and narrowed.

"Forgive me, Master Jedi, but duty calls."

"Not at all, Sir, we understand."

Hara waited patiently as Hesk and Coleman shook each others' hands. Something had changed about Telmar that Hara couldn't quite put his finger on. He seemed suddenly nervous, eager to dimiss the two Jedi that unil now he had kept closely by his side all day. Coleman seemed not to have noticed anything, however, so Hara simply smiled and shook Telmar's hand, dismissing the thought as unecessary and returning his attention to other, more important things.

The Jedi Temple, later that afternoon.

"Well, Hara," Coleman said as the two Jedi wandered through the corridors of the Temple. "What did you learn today?"

Hara grinned. "That I'm glad I'm not a Senator?"

Coleman laughed and squeezed the boy's shoulder affectionately. Hara never ceased to bring a smile to his face, it was want drew so many people to him and why he was so popular within the Temple both amongst his fellow younglings and teachers alike.

"It is important that you pay attention when on missions like that, Hara. As Jedi we lead isolated lives. It is important that when we are given an opportunity to make a new friend, we take it!"

Hara frowned at Coleman. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Hesk Telmar is a powerful man," Coleman explained. "He has influence within the Republic, credits and a wealth of contacts throughout the Outer Rim. If you are ever in trouble or need assistance on a mission then one day you might be thankful that you know people like Telmar."

Hara nodded, filing the lesson away for future reference. "I think I understand, Master."

Coleman smiled. "I know you do. Now, there is something we must do. Kneel, child."

Hara frowned but did as instructed anyway. His eyes widened as he watched Coleman activate his lightsaber and raise the green blade over his shoulders.

"Hara, I found you many years ago in the most unlikely of places. On that day you saved my life more than once and since then a bond has existed between us. A bond that can no longer be ignored." Coleman smiled as he lowerd his lightsaber over each of Hara's shoulders. "Hara, if you are willing to let me, then it would be my honour to accept you as my Padawan learner."

Hara's eyes lit up in surprise and delight. His mouth moved wildly but no words came out so instead he sprang to his feet and threw his arms around Coleman.

"Thank you, Master!" Hara cried as he hugged the Jedi Knight tightly.

Coleman grinned as the Jedi stepped away from each other. "You have made me proud, Hara."

Hara smiled and then suddenly he realised something. "This was a test, wasn't it?" he asked. "You wanted to see how we worked together!"

Coleman nodded calmly. "Yes," he said softly. "I wanted to make sure that we could work together. We proved that today, no matter how dull our mission might have been."

Hara grinned and was just able to stop himself from hugging his new Master once again. "Thank you," he said.

Far away from the Jedi Temple, in the private office of Hesk Telmar.

Hesk Telmar adjusted his tunic and quickly brushed some flecks of dust from his cape. He cleared his throat nervously and then hit the call button on his holopad before he could change his mind.

"My Lord," Telmar said respectfully as he bowed low before the hooded figure that appeared in the hologram.

"Hesk Telmar," the figure said softly, its voice dry and cold as the darkest regions of space. "It would seem congratulations are in order."

"Yes, My Lord," Telmar replied. "I have secured a seat in the Senate. Our operations may now expand."

"Good," purred the figure. "The Outer Rim is vital to my plans. It must be destabilised."

"It will be, Sir!" Telmar assured the figure. "No one suspects the true nature of our dealings."

"Good," the figure repeated. "In the meantime I think it wise to divert the Republic's attention elsewhere. I will be sending one of my agents to meet you. He will give you your next target."

Telmar bowed his head before looking up and risking a glance into the shadow's of the figure's hood. He did not know the identity of his mysterious sponsor, only a name.

Telmar lowered his head respectfully. "As you wish, Lord Sidious."

-- Author's Note --

Hi everyone!
So just over a year ago I made a rather hopeless attempt at a comeback to the pages! I'd learnt some new tricks and had lots of ideas but life took over and after only two episodes I vanished again.
This time, however, I promise I am definitely back! I've been reading through my old comics and couldn't resist the nostalgia (or the awesomness of the Force Awakens) so here is the plan...
I intend to retell the Legend of Harash Soru in one continuous story. I will focusing on my favourite characters from the original series so I wont be doing Sig-Figs as before (although some of my old friends will be making an appearance. I also won't be doing any of the photoshop edits as I did in the first two new comics as I simply don't have time (you'll just have to use your imaginations!)

I'm really excited to retell Hara's story and hope those of you who read the originals will enjoy this series as much as the old ones! As always your likes and comments are appreciated so don't forget to leave your thoughts!
May the Force be with you all!


 I like it 
  April 7, 2016
*Ded* Welcome back! Loved your old series and looking forward to more. *internal squealing*
 I like it 
  April 6, 2016
Glad to see you back (again XD)! I couldn't believe it when I saw your name in my email =P Excellent work on the episode, looking forward to more :D
 I made it 
  April 5, 2016
Quoting Hildigrim Took :D You're back! Great to see that, I really liked this build and story and all the pictures keep up the great work! Btw I have a SW RPG over here: I don't know if you'd be interested :)
I'd love to but I think I need to focus on m' comics... Ain't got no time to be running around playing Jedi XD If you need a hand with anything though then let me know! :D
 I made it 
  April 5, 2016
Quoting Director K.W. The Force is definitely strong with this one.. lol! A great return indeed! Still, your work has continued to inspire me and many others (I hope haha!) This chapter was indeed a great one, even without the photo editing. Again, welcome back to the pages ;)
Cheers Kydan! Its good to be back and I'm glad the editing was't importnat! It was such a pain haha
 I made it 
  April 5, 2016
Quoting Jedi Master Altria Skyner³ ™ He returns. I saw this in my email feed and almost squealed. It's great to see you're back at it
Thanks Altria! Great to be back!
 I like it 
  April 5, 2016
:D You're back! Great to see that, I really liked this build and story and all the pictures keep up the great work! Btw I have a SW RPG over here: I don't know if you'd be interested :)
 I like it 
  April 5, 2016
The Force is definitely strong with this one.. lol! A great return indeed! Still, your work has continued to inspire me and many others (I hope haha!) This chapter was indeed a great one, even without the photo editing. Again, welcome back to the pages ;)
 I like it 
  April 5, 2016
He returns. I saw this in my email feed and almost squealed. It's great to see you're back at it
 I made it 
  April 5, 2016
Quoting Armon Russ He's back again! ;D Can't wait to see where you're going with this new approach, Harry!
Hey Armon! Great to be back! Hopefully I can stick with it this time XD
 I like it 
  April 5, 2016
He's back again! ;D Can't wait to see where you're going with this new approach, Harry!
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