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Chapter One, Rise of a Legend 06: First Encounters
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44 BBY Nar Shaddaa, the Blue Moon Cantina. The sound of dozens of voices shouting over each other and the stench of unwashed spacers drifted from the doors leading into the Blue Moon Cantina. The Cantina was like any other hive of scum that could be found on the Hutt world of Nar Shaddaa, over priced and foul, but an excellent place to hide.
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Irvin Mard scowled as he returned to his companion, Skraak Tyrant, to find the Bounty Hunter sat in front of a table littered with empty vials.

"You shouldn't use those," Mard growled as Skraak lifted another deathstick to his lips. "They'll dull your mind, make you more stupid than you already are."

Skraak winked at the Dark Jedi before tossing the liquid drug down his throat. He settled back in his seat, a happy smile spreading over his face as the high began to kick in.

"You need to relax, buddy!" Tyrant said cheerfully, his words beginning to slur. "We've got it good you and I!"

Mard clenched his fists in an effort to keep himself from striking the man. Skraak was an idiot but Mard needed him, he couldn't afford to anger the Hunter by stripping him of his beloved deathsticks.

"Just try not to pass out," Mard muttered. "Telmar says he has a job for us soon. I'll need you alert..."

Not far from the Blue Moon cantina a small ship touched down on one of the many landing pads scattered across the moon. Inside the ship stood Jedi Knight Coleman Trebor and his Padawan, Harash Soru.

"Remember, Master Trebor," the fuzzy holo-image of Plo Koon said. "If my source is correct then the men that attacked Fess were more than the average bounty hunters. Keep your wits about you, both of you."

"We will, Master," Coleman said respectfully.

The image of Plo Koon nodded and bowed respectfully. "May the Force be with you both," he said before vanishing.

"Alright, Hara," Coleman said. "We have our mission. Remember, we are here to observe, not cause a disturbance."

Hara nodded. "Yes Master. I only wish we didn't have to wear these disguises!"

Coleman chuckled as he stepped over to his Padawan and carefully fitted him out with a flight helmet. "You'll get used to it," the Jedi promised. "Now, remember what I told you?"

"Yes, Master." Hara said eagerly. "I'm to keep my head down and my ears open."

"Excellent," Coleman said. "Trust in the Force, Hara. If our target is here then the Force will guide us to them."

The Blue Moon cantina was the second place that the Jedi searched. As they entered Hara could not help but wrinkle his nose in disgust.

"This place smells worse than the last one!" Hara grumbled.

Coleman suppressed a smile and patted the boy fondly on the shoulder. "Best get used to it. Go have a look around."

"Where are you going?" Hara asked.

Coleman looked down on his Padawan and grinned slyly. "For a drink!"

Coleman approached the bar slowly and ordered a bottle of something which may very well have been ale at one point in its life. As he pretended to sip on the sludgy liquid he closed his eyes and amplified his hearing, honing in on the conversations around him in the hopes of hearing something of value.

Across the cantina Hara was busy employing the same technique. After sifting through dozens of conversations about pazzak, the latest pod racing champions and the watered down drinks being served at the bar something suddenly caught his attention.

"We have a target," one man was saying. "Raxus, two weeks time."

"Another robbery?" someone else asked in a slurred voice.

"No. Assassination."

Hara edged his way slowly across the cantina towards the source of the conversation. He caught sight of his master also approaching and Coleman nodded to confirm that he was also listening to the same conversation.

"We'll need some new gear," the second voice said. "I ain't done an assassination in a while."

The first speaker grunted. "Plenty left over from Quo's account. Get what you need and then lets go scout the place out."

Coleman glanced at Hara and beckoned him forwards. Together they approached the two speaking mens' table, Hara copying the smile that Coleman wore on his face.

"Hello there!" Coleman said cheerfully. "We're in need of a ship and were wondering if you are taking on passengers?"

The human bounty hunter snorted as he stood up on unsteady legs and drew his pistol. "Can't you see we're having a private conversation?" he asked. "Why don't you just shove off?"

"There's no need to be rude!" Coleman replied cooly.

"Get lost!" growled the Weequay.

"Well," Coleman sighed. "I'm afraid we can't do that..."

With a flourish the two Jedi reached for their lightsabers which they had hidden within their disguises earlier. The cantina went silent and suddenly all eyes were on the Jedi.

"In the name of the Republic, you two are under arrest," Coleman Trebor said firmly.

"Jedi!" the bounty hunter gasped.

Irvin Mard growled angrily and rose to his feet quicker than the Jedi or his apprentice had expected. His hand shot out and the Dark Side flowed easily from his palm, launching both Jedi across the cantina.

"Let's go," Mard growled at Tyrant.

The bounty hunter staggered out of the cantina, Mard hot on his heels. Behind him, the dark Jedi heard the hiss of the Jedis' lightsabers and the sound of their feet as they hurried after them, chasing them down the abandoned alley which Tyrant and Mard had fled into.

Scowling, Mard turned in the street and activated his lightsaber and the shoto blade that he also carried. "Tyrant! Get the ship ready, I'll hold off these two!"

"Overconfidence will be your downfall," Coleman Trebor stated as he and Hara approached the Dark Jedi. "You face two Jedi alone."

"Jedi scum," Mard spat. "You underestimate my power!"

With a roar of rage, the Weequay sprang towards Coleman and slashed at the Jedi with his lightsabers. Coleman parried the attack and twisted away from the shorter of the Weequay's two blades as he attempted to drive the weapon into the Jedi's head.

"Stay close, Hara!" Coleman warned.

The young Jedi nodded, gritting his teeth as he hurried forwards and lunged at the Weequay. Mard parried Hara's attack and grinned fiercly, the thrill of battle rushing through his blood.

The Weequay turned, lashing out with his boots and kicking Hara back. The young Jedi stumbled as he was knocked backwards and fell to the ground, leaving his Master to face Mard alone.

The two men fought bitterly until Mard rushed forwards and launched himself through the air. Coleman twisted, his muscles protesting painfully as he contorted his body in order to duck a blow that would otherwise have taken his head.

Hara meanwhile struggled to his feet and hurried to his master's side.

"Surrender!" Coleman demanded. "There is still a chance for you."

The Dark Jedi snorted. "Fool!" he shouted. "You have no chance against the Dark Side!"

With a gesture of his hands the Weequay reached out into the Force and hurled the crubling remains of an old pillar at the Jedi. Coleman's eyes widened as he reached into the Force and pulled the pillar off course, away from his Padawan but right into his path.

"Master!" Hara cried as the pillar smashed into Coleman Trebor and buried him beneath a pile of rubble and dust.

Mard cackled victoriously. "And now for the whelp!"

Before Hara could react the Dark Jedi lunged forwards. The boy barely had time to counter Mard's attack and soon began to fall back under the strength of the Weequay's blades.

"You have great power inside you, boy!" Mard hissed. "It is wasted with the Jedi! Join me, and I will show you the power of the Dark Side!"

"I will never join you!" Hara shouted.

"Indeed," Mard growled. "Then you will die, along with your master!"

The Weequay barged past Hara and leapt into the air, angling his blade towards Coleman's heart. Hara felt the Force call to him and reached out instinctively with his hand.

"No!" the boy yelled.

Blossoms of orange energy began to dance between Hara's fingers. They coiled about his arm and then burst forth from his fingertips, slamming into Mard and ensnaring him in their grip.

Hara gritted his teeth as he called upon the Force, hurling Mard across the alley into walls and pillars. He wanted to kill Mard for what he had done, the Dark Jedi had to die.


The boy turned to see his Master looking up at him, pain in his eyes.

"Let him go," Coleman whispered.

Without hesitating, Hara released the power from his hands. Mard fell to the floor, gasping for air and staring at the boy with a mixture of fear and hatred. The Dark Jedi hesistated briefly before springing to his feet and hurrying off into the city.

"Master!" Hara exclaimed as he helped move the rocks from where they pinned Coleman to the floor. "Are you alright?"

Coleman smiled as he took his apprentice's hand. "A little bruised," he said. "But I'll live thanks to you, Hara."

The Jedi smiled as Hara helped him to his feet, but in his heart Coleman Trebor was afraid. The residual energy of the Dark Side was still potent in the alley and what troubled Coleman most was that he could trace that power not back to the Dark Jedi, but to his own Padawan instead.

"Mard!" Skraak yelled as the Dark Jedi appeared on their private dock. "Where the hell have you been!"

"Shut up Tyrant!" Mard growled as he barged past the hunter. "Just get in and drive!"

"You get the Jedi?" the bounty hunter asked.

"Obviously not," Mard snapped as the ship began to lift off. "But mark my words, that Jedi brat will pay for crossing me."

The Jedi Temple, several days later.

Coleman Trebor strode determinedly down the halls of the Temple, his mind at last made up. He could not ignore what had happened on Nabboo or Nar Shaddaa any longer. The Council had warned him. Hara was dangerous.

Coleman stopped before the figure of a solitary Jedi and cleared his throat.

"Master," the Jedi said. "I've reconsidered your offer."

"About time," Michael Kringe said as he turned around. "Tell Hara that his new training will begin at once."


 I made it 
  May 4, 2016
Quoting Director K.W. Another excellent episode indeed good sir! Now I'm getting excited and curious about Hara's dark powers. Seems like there's more to him than meets the eyes. I am thinking about wanting to add your character, Hara, in one of my chapters of my own Star Wars series. Possibly being mentioned or seen somehow. Well anyways, a spectacular job good sir ;)
Thanks buddy! I'd be honoured if Hara got an appearance in your series! :D
 I like it 
  May 4, 2016
Another excellent episode indeed good sir! Now I'm getting excited and curious about Hara's dark powers. Seems like there's more to him than meets the eyes. I am thinking about wanting to add your character, Hara, in one of my chapters of my own Star Wars series. Possibly being mentioned or seen somehow. Well anyways, a spectacular job good sir ;)
 I like it 
  May 4, 2016
Great builds for those scenes!
 I made it 
  May 3, 2016
Quoting Beardless Dwarf (Evan) Excellent chapter! Glad Michael is back in action, he was one of my favorites in the original series. Keep it up!
Thanks Evan, he was one of my favourites too so I definitely wasn't going to leave him out!
 I like it 
  May 3, 2016
Excellent chapter! Glad Michael is back in action, he was one of my favorites in the original series. Keep it up!
 I like it 
  May 3, 2016
Nice Story Harry! :) I'll Have to catch up on the previous ones
By Harry 863
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