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ROAE Chapter 4 - Searching for the Truth (FB)
Top of the bloody mornin' to all of you ladies and gents', and welcome back to another chapter of Jisza Vylon! So glad to have myself and the crew back from our month vacation we took! Everything seems to have calmed down now, and our minds are now plaguing us with ideas left and right. Not to say, we have, as promised, got some stories ready to be produced! So let's get started with this one, shall we?
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(Malastare, Orbit, One month after the Jedi meeting)

Jisza kept his eyes glued to the holo pad in front of him, scanning his eyes across each word that was written down as it all scrolled down. His mouth took the form into a small frown, possibly unsatisfied with whatever information he was receiving. Whatever thoughts that were plaguing his mind was causing him to deeply ponder on things. Important things to be specific.

He had been searching through every archive the Rebellion had during the years of the Empire's rise in power. He read from what happened after the execution of Order 66 to the day of the Battle of Gazerous, a research, weaponized battle station that the Grand Inquisitor used years ago. However, no matter how many times he went through it all, he still couldn't find any leads.

He was starting to get desperate, as well as fustrated.

???- Still trying to find a clue?

Startled ever so slightly, he turned his gaze away from his research and placed it upon the Witronian woman, Relyckia. Her expression carried a small smile, her eyes transfixed on the datapad that he was grasping in his hand.

After they had left Kashyyyk a week ago, she and Coneros had explained to him about what the R.M.A. (Rebel Merc Alliance) was originally created for. At first, he really didn't understand, but the more they explained, the more he started to see why. However, because the leaders had vanished, that goal was now in the past. So once they had got back to the fleet, he began digging into the archives for any useful events that happened so long ago.
Which proved to be futile at the moment.

Looking down at what Jisza was reading, Relyckia motioned towards the datapad with her hand.

Relyckia- Find anything useful?

Jisza- *Sighs* No, nothing yet. I've searched through almost every events that happened before and after the Clone Wars. But I'm still getting nothing out of it. I still don't know how or why they know, left?

With a silent sigh, Relyckia closed her eyes for a brief moment, contemplating on the matter. Pondering, she thought about how to approach Jisza with the information. Both her uncle and brother have a conversation about this matter, discussing when and how to show Jisza the truth. Perhaps now was the time to do so.

She opened her eyes and walked towards the door, Jisza watching her curiously. She looked back to him and motioned him to follow her.

Relyckia- Follow me. There's something you should know.

Somewhat confused, blinking just once, Jisza put down the data pad and followed Relyckia through the ship corridors of the stolen Imperial Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought-class Heavy Battlecruiser wasn't the most largest ship in their fleet, but it served it's purpose nonetheless. After the Alliance ambushed an Imperial shipyard above Kuat a few years back, they were able to hijack a small fleet of Dreadnoughts, thus growing the fleet in firepower. Considering to use one of the ships as a command base, the Rebel leaders reconstructed the one that they are pacing through, naming it High Stakes.

Upon reaching an unknown corridor, Relyckia used her Force ability to open the sliding door, showing a dark, anonomous room. Relyckia walked into the room with Jisza following close behind, scanning through the room that they were walking through.

While Jisza gazed through the room, he didn't notice when Relyckia turned the lights on, revealing more of the room. Jisza looked upon the room in awe, gazing upon tons of archives, artifacts and many other things. For knowing the ship so well, he had never stumbled upon, nor had the knowledge, that this room ever existed. Considering what he saw, he was utterly speechless.

Relyckia- Jisza? Come here.

Jisza noddedhis head ever so slowly as he made his way towards her, his eyes still glued to the various objects around the room. As he finally turned his gaze away from the room, he looked back to her, who was motioning to him the object on the small table in front of them.

There, on the table, was a holocron. Not any other old holocron, however, but a man-made holocron. Rather than the usual blue or red artifacts that the Jedi or Sith use, it was both grey and purple. Jisza also noticed that the holocron itself was shaped somewhat different too.

He looked over to Relyckia, his expression showing a state of confusion, yet curiosity.

Jisza- A holocron?

Relyckia- Not just a holocron. It's a Witronian holocron.

Jisza- Witronian?

Relyckia- For generations, during the time of the Grand Republic, our ancestors discovered and research the designs of holocrons, but only through the Jedi themselves were they able to do so. With the knowledge and power they possessed, they went on to craft their own styles of holocrons, creating them in their own ways. Just like this one.

Jisza- How old is this holocron then? Hundreds? Thousands?

Relyckia- *Slight giggle* Not exactly. More like about a bit over ten years.

Jisza blinked for a moment as he thought about what she explained to him. He felt astonished that there were different kinds of holocrons in the universe. But he didn't quite get as to how this one wasn't as old as perhaps most holocrons. It didn't make much sense to him.

However, after his mind began to ponder more deeply and wander, something clicked inside. His eyes lit up in shock, yet excitement, as he turned back to Relyckia, his mouth somewhat opened.

Jisza- I-It can't be...!

A small smile appeared on her lips, feeling proud and happy that Jisza knew who this holocron orginally belonged to. She was even happier that she chose at the right timing. Stretching her arm out, she grasped the holocron into her hand and presented it in front of Jisza, the smile never leaving her lips.

Relyckia- Before Kydan and the rest disappeared, he told us strictly to hand this holocron over to you once you were older and having more understanding of the matter. He gave this to us so that you would be able to use it at a certain time. And that time is now, Vylon.

Taking both his hands, she placed it directly into his palms as he looked upon it with a astonished look. After years of wondering and failed traces of searching, he finally had a good lead of knowing what had happened. He felt so much joy that he was mostly speechless to say anything.

The only thing that came out of his mouth was of curiosity.

Jisza- D-Do you know what's inside of it?

Relyckia- *Shakes her head* Sadly, no. My brother asked us not to open the holocron by any means necessary. This holocron was for you to open and study alone. Whatever is inside, you will be the only one that will know.

Jisza contemplated on the explanation that he was given. If this was true, then whatever is inside the holocron, he would be the only one with whatever valuable information that his master locked away. Hopefully this will help explain where he went too.

Just as he was about to thank Relyckia, the sound of an alarm was suddenly heard, blasting throughout the entire ship. The two looked up towards the ceiling, listening in to the ship's admiral.

Admiral ???- Attention! Attention! Red alert to all crew members and fleets! Man your battle station immediately! This is not a drill! Repeat; this is not a drill!

Both of them looked back to one another as they nodded to each other, running out of the room and straight towards the bridge.

Upon entering the bridge, Jisza and Relyckia watched as rebel engineers and officers rushed around, quickly getting back towards their stations. Relyckia saw the Admiral himself as he continued to issue orders directly to the crew, maintaining his position.

Admiral ???- I want the shields on now! And prep those cannons immediately!

Rebel Officer- Yes, Admiral!

Relyckia- Admiral Wolrein!

The older man looked to whomever called his name, watching as Relyckia walked toward him, Jisza following close behind her.

Admiral Wolrein- General Relyckia!

Relyckia- What's the situation, Admiral?

Admiral Wolrein- Our long range scanners had picked up a large fleet heading towards the Malastare system. We thought it was some of our own, but scans indicated that they were destroyer classes. Which means...

Jisza- The Empire is coming here.

Admiral Wolrein- Exactly. That's why I'm mobilizing our fleet for combat.

Relcykia- How long do we have before they arrive?

Admiral Wolrein- Not long...

Rebel Officer- Admiral! Enemy ships coming out of hyperspace!

The three looked at each other stunned before turning their gazes to the windows, watching as the Imperial Navy fleet quickly came out from lightspeed.

Jisza- ...Looks like they're here.

Admiral Wolrein- We have to prepare the fighters, and quickly.

(Imperial Star Destroyer 'Relentless', Command Bridge)

Admiral Kassius Konstantine watched from the bridge's viewing point as the Imperial fleet came out from hyperspace. His expression stood into one of seriousness, his eyes narrowed as he pondered about the battlefield that laid before his fleet. Strategies racing through his mind, contemplating on what would be the best way to go about attacking.

His mind was quickly cut off as his Imperial Captain walked up to him, standing in attention as he spoke.

Imperial Captain- Admiral, the information we received was accurate. This is one of the Alliance's main fleets.

Admiral Kassius- Inform the Grand Inquisitor of our finding, as well as alerting Inquisitor Imprator. I am sure they will both want to hear about this.

Imperial Captain- Yes, sir!

As the Imperial Captain walked away, a small sinister smirk crossed Konstantine's lips, a plan already unfolding through his mind. He's been waiting for this day for a long time. Ever since the Battle of Gazerous, he's been seeking to get revenge on the Alliance for years. Finally, today, he will get his chance to redeem himself.

Admiral Kassius- All ships, prepare to open fire! Launch the fighters and bombers immediately! Make sure they can't escape!

BONUS PICS TIME! Been a while since I got to say that haha! Here's some behind-the-scenes images that I used in the chapter. Enjoy!

If I gotta' to be honest here, this took a bit to think about. I was gonna go at it in a completely different path and not have a space battle in this one. However, I have to say that I am happy that I didn't. Really wanted to try out more of my skills on space battles. Cause...hey, I just love space battles!

As for the builds, I am very content about it. Sure, I could have done perhaps just a bit more here and there, but I feel that it would have destroyed the image I had in my head already. So hopefully, you guys loved it just as much I and the crew have.

Also, if any of you are interested in joining this fine Star Wars RPG, then go on over to Rise of an Empire (RPG) and check it out for yourselves. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

That will about do it this time. So thank you all for your supports, and as always, we hope you all have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one ;)

- DIrector K.W.


 I like it 
  June 8, 2016
I've just updated my homepage, and you have a shoutout :) Thought I'd let you know :)
  June 3, 2016
Yeah, I was thinking it'd be great to have him take part as a young and ambitious admiral in ROAE missions :) EDIT: DH, actually I might have a good design that won't be too difficult to recreate :)
 I like it 
  June 2, 2016
Oh man, as a kid I LOVED that series, Thrawn is the ultimate strategist boss. So yeah, someone or many of us should include him, if someone comes up with a good reproducible minifig design. I haven't re-read in a long time though. Anyway, sorry I got all excited about Thrawn, cause your build and story are awesome!! The photo editing to add space backgrounds really makes it shine. The holocron room is very cool, and so are the micro destroyers. Love it!
 I like it 
  June 2, 2016
Awesome chapter, K.W! I really like how the story is advancing. The edited pictures are also great, especially the main picture.
 I made it 
  June 2, 2016
Quoting Hildigrim Took Great job! I really like the micro Star Destroyers and I'm interested to see where you go with your next part :) Keep it up, Btw, have you heard of 'The Hand of Thrawn'? It's a two or three book series by an Author Timothy Zhan :) I think you'd enjoy it...
LOVE Admiral Thrawn! Haven't read the entire book series, but I have studied a ton about Thrawn. Played a lot of Empire at War strategy game on my computer throughout the years and have always loved his story. Well anyways, thanks for the suggestion ;)
 I like it 
  June 2, 2016
Great job! I really like the micro Star Destroyers and I'm interested to see where you go with your next part :) Keep it up, Btw, have you heard of 'The Hand of Thrawn'? It's a two or three book series by an Author Timothy Zhan :) I think you'd enjoy it...
 I like it 
  June 2, 2016
 I like it 
  June 2, 2016
Very nice! I love the builds and the edited photos! =)
 I like it 
  June 2, 2016
Great job, Director! I love the first room!
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