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UNSC "Excalibur" Class Heavy Cruiser
After 226 years of Service, the UNSC has finally phased out the renowned "Abott" Class Frigates, and moved on to larger capital ships, Cruisers...
About this creation
Yes... I actually built it first this time...

Ship Information:

Class: Excalibur Heavy Cruiser
Length: 100 Studs (106 with Engine overhang and Antennas)
Height: 16 Bricks
Width: 30 Studs
Weight: Heavy as ****

Ship Lore:

~ Origins ~

Built as a replacement for the renowned "Abott" Class Heavy Frigate, which it's origins stem from. The "Abott" family of ships were responsible for all but destroying the Alien fleet, in fact only Earth remains as a station for what is left of their fleet. The Abott class of ships also made more discoveries than any other due to their instantaneous travel thanks to their Wormhole Generator, and still remain as the fastest ships in the known universe, on top of that was their immense firepower thanks to multiple Phaser banks dotting the ship, Phasers were implemented on the Abott's instead of the traditional Laser Turrets because if not used the reactor output would outpace the use of its power and lead to a meltdown (This is still the case with the Excalibur Class). And of course their massive cargo bay helped to secure interplanetary commercial industry...

~ Purpose ~

The Excalibur Class Cruiser's purpose was as follows:
- Keep the Alien Threat in check after the Solar Systematic Treaty of 2,401 AD, which officially ended hostilities between the Aliens and Humans in Solar System Space (Earth is still under Alien control, but with a Wormhole Generator we can literally almost teleport to another Earth Like Planet (ELP))
- Allow deeper exploration of the cosmos than that which the "Abott" class could attain, while in the same token, being a much safer ship.

~ Design ~

*The Kennedy Class Super Frigate*

After the decommissioning of the UNSC Abott after the conclusion of the Alien/Human Solar War, the last surviving ship was stripped down and refitted (Increasing the Length of the ship to the rear) with an experimental reactor, the Quad-Core reactor, while at the same time the reactor was sealed away inside of its own chamber where it could be monitored from engineering. If the reactor suffered from a radiation leak, the chamber could be flooded, and the excess radiation vented out of the ship through the vents in the top of the rear. Likewise if the reactor suffered from a meltdown, the rear of the ship featured a new ejection hatch to jettison the reactor from the ship, the ship could then use conventional rockets to propel itself out of the immediate blast zone. Consequently, if repairs had to be made, because of a radiation leak, or otherwise, the ejection hatch had to be opened, and Much like how repairs were done on old world Space Shuttles and Space Stations, a crew member would don a space suit, and leave the ship, heading towards the rear of the ship while attaching himself to the ship at designated points in the hull. And when he arrived at the rear, hook onto the reactor and start repairs, and while it is a hassle, the entire Engineering section is sealed from the rest of the ship, massively increasing is safety. This ship was called the "Kennedy Class Super Frigate" and while it, the "Abott" and Excalibur hold the record for fastest ship due to the Wormhole Generators, the Kennedy Class holds the record for faster Ship under reactor thrust at 85% the Speed of Light. Only the one ship of the class (UNSC 001SF John F. Kennedy) was built.

*Excalibur, Dawn of the Cruiser*

While the Single Kennedy was nothing more than an experimental ship, the Excalibur class was made to take the lessons learned from the Kennedy class, and improve upon them, the most notable of which saw the addition of a docking bay forward of the cargo bay, this cargo bay allowed for the use of two (2) Shuttles which can transport people and supplies between other ships equipped with this docking system, and allowed for 2 crew members to repair the reactor if need be, one would maintain distance from the Excalibur, while the other would make their way to the reactor from the shuttle, while still being attached to it. this reduced the risk of loss of contact with the ship immensely. The Shuttles can also act was transports to and from a planets surface, and at the same time can used as escape pods for the crew if need be, further enhancing the safety of the ship. The new Docking system also allows for the use of a Docking Tube, which allows to ships to become directly connected to one another to facilitate rapid movement of people or supplies from one to another in case of emergency.

The Excalibur also features more Phaser banks than any previous ship, coupled with the enhanced gunnery systems in the bridge, and the overall improved Operations department, which can monitor a conflict (Or any situation) on a planets surface, and provide up to the minute intelligence this results in a heavily armed, and heavily informed capital ship.

The Excalibur retains the massive cargo bay from the "Abott", able to carry one Tankette, or many small pieces of cargo, front loaded, through the front of the bottom deck by way of a fold down ramp, and yes, the ship can land, and take off from planetary surfaces, but the amount of force required pushes the reactor to its limit, resulting in it needing to be rebuilt the next time it enters space dock. This is not an advised move, and should only be done in extreme cases where the ship cannot make it back to a safe point, but immediate abandonment of the ship is not required...

The Excalibur retains one weakness from the "Abott" family, the lack of armor, however the strong point of its phasers included increased range over the Alien counterparts making essentially a "I can hit you, but you can't hit me" scenario.

Class: Excalibur Class Heavy Frigate

Number Built: 4 (A 5th is being built as of this writing)

Crew: 10

Power Plant: 1x GE Quad-Core Cold Fusion Reactor

Engines: 4x GE 420-69B4 Fusion Reactor Engines

Armament: 31x UNSC Phaser Weapon Banks

Armor: 1 Foot Thick

Length: 646 Feet

Width: 128 feet

Height: 57 Feet

*UNSC 004C "Collbrande"*

The 4th cruiser of the series, having had it's construction taken over by the Oran Space Works, has been completed in the year 2422. The cruiser is special when compared to its sister ships in that it is twice the width of the Excalibur. This was to allow the room for the 4 New Blacklight Fusion Engines, and the XXXXX Super Blacklight Fusion Engine in the rear center. During construction the Oran Space Works took over the bill at about 40% completion, stripped the ship down, and rebuilt it to their specifications. They maintain that the ship, while differing in looks from the Excalibur is still 90% the same ship, so they maintain that it is indeed a ship of the Excalibur series. These new engines are intended to surpass the GE 420-69B4 Fusion Reactor Engines in both thrust and economy. While the XXXXX Super Blacklight Engine is supposed to function as a test bed to see the absolute limit at which a fusion engine can propel a ship forward, as well as test its thrust capabilities. If the XXXXX Super Blacklight Engine passes trials it may see use in the Challenger Class Super Dreadnought after receiving a standardized unit name and final modifications.

~ Future Outlook ~

The future awaiting Excalibur is one that hasn't awaited a Human ship since the old days of space exploration, the days when the First Space Freighters, The most famous of which was the freighter under the registration number "SK-434-T" Which was the first ship to use Fusion Reactor Engines, which were at the time developed by the then NASA & ESA Agencies, this ship became the first manned ship to orbit Pluto at a time when manned space flight still revolved around shipping cargo and people to and from the Moon and Mars and Earth, and as a result of the Aliens entering our Solar System (The Pluto Flight was to judge the Aliens intentions, and the conventional engines of the day couldn't cut it, so NASA and the ESA, in collaboration with Japan developed the first fusion reactor engines for space travel... As you might have guessed, the Aliens were not friendly.) This future includes full, unadulterated exploration of the cosmos, while at the same time maintaining the status quo of the Solar Systematic Treaty which granted the Aliens rights over Earth, but no other celestial body in the solar system, the aliens agreed, their reason being that they only came here for earth anyway, and when they left their star system for this one 5,000 years ago on their colony ships, we were not advanced enough for their sensors to even detect us, a stellar case of "We thought nobody was home, oops." This ship will also continue the search for other habitable planets for the humans to colonize because Humanity has agreed that with their current technology, they no longer need Earth, and while it may be rough, if they had to, they could completely leave this system altogether as soon as a new home is confirmed. (Unlike the Aliens, they could arrive at their new home instantly and tell if its inhabited by an intelligent species or not. On a less grand scale, this class of ships will continue to see service for at least the next 200 years, unless a serious improvement in propulsion, safety, or firepower is discovered first, and even then, these ships will be used as the test rigs for the new technologies anyway...

So far 4 ships of the class have been built:

UNSC 001C Excalibur
UNSC 002C Durandal
UNSC 003C Ascalon
UNSC 004C Collbrande (Used as a test rig for the Oran Space Works)
UNSC 005C Gram (Currently under Construction)

These... are the voyages of the Heavy Cruiser "Excalibur"...

*Yeah yeah sue me*

UNSC Excalibur Next to a Red Minifigure for scale

~ The following 2 Pictures Are from the "Abott" Class Heavy Frigate ~

The Interior mostly carried over from the previous "Abott" Class because the last surviving ship, the UE (Renamed to UNSC later) Abott was the last surviving ship of the class, and after being decommissioned, rather than be scraped, was stripped, rebuilt, and improved into the Excalibur Class Heavy Cruiser. (Notice the first deck Airlock in the rear of the cargo bay in front of the Life Support System)

~ End Re-use of old picture ~

Smaller 3 man cockpit, while actually improving functionality over the old "Abott" Class cockpits

Airlocks Open (See Rectangles)

Airlocks Closed (See Rectangles)

The Excalibur Class, with its enhanced safety as a top priority saw the addition of four (4) top deck airlocks in conjunction with the docking bay air locks, 3 of which separate the top deck into 4 sections, and 1 above the second deck access latter to seal off the top deck in case of a hull breach in the life support section, these 4, together with the one behind the cargo bay, the 2 docking doors, and 1 cargo ramp come together for a total of 8 sealing airlocks, immensely increasing the overall chance of survival should the ship take a hit. In extreme cases, should the bridge be completely lost, the forward section is to be sealed off, and all controls can be rerouted to Engineering via the Operations Terminal. Likewise, should Life Support be hit, the section can be sealed off, and if the system is still functional, controls can be rerouted to either the Operations Terminal in the rear of the ship, or to the Recreational Computer just behind the kitchen. Should Engineering take a hit which not longer allows the area to support life, but the Reactor is still functional, then the controls for it can either be rerouted to Life Support, or the Gunnery seat just behind the Pilot in the Cockpit.

UNSC Docking System, there is one (1) Door on each side of the ship, and they slide on a guide system to "Seal" off the hull of the ship should a shuttle leave, and slide forward towards the cockpit to open the hull after the Shuttle/Docking Tube reconnects...

*4th Wall Break*
This part does work in real life, I made sure of it, it is also the reason there are bricks on top and below it, its not for show, they add support to the neck because without them I have two massive holes in the neck of my ship.

The new Quad-Core Fusion Reactor that powers the rear Engines, providing four times the amount of thrust and force as the old "Abott" Class

Reactor Ejection System, In previous ships the reactor could not be jettisoned if a meltdown could not be prevented, in fact of the 5 "Abott" Class Frigates built, 3 of them were lost due to Reactor malfunctions

UNSC Shuttle/Escape Pod: These small ships carry out inter-ship assistance, resupply, provide a means of transport for teams that disembark for a planets surface, and allow the crew to completely evacuate the ship if need be, each Excalibur class Cruiser carries two (2) Shuttles.

Cockpit of the UNSC 001C Shuttle/Escape pod

Docking Tube interior

Docking Tube Exterior, this tube can be attached to any ship using the UNSC Docking System

UNSC 001C "Excalibur" Assists the UNSC 002C "Durandal" After the Durandal sustained heavy damage to its hull and engines by a group of meteors. After an 11 month period in space dock the Durandal was given the "ok" status for flight and continued her mission of studying the Heliosphere, as well as the Oort Cloud. Notice the use of the Docking Tube to provide inter-ship assistance.
UNSC Archives.


- Wormhole Generator (WHG), creates WH for itself and 6 Wasp Escorts
- Multiple Phase Weapon Tech Banks (The Green Dots)
- 6 forward mounted Lasers (4 adjustable) to clear incoming spacial debris
- Large Cargo Hold can hold Troops, a Tankette, or a lot of cargo
- Operations Terminal in the rear to provide up to date intelligence from orbit
- Research center allow it to commence Space Exploration
- A full Bathroom
- 5 bunks
- A Medlab
- Cooks station
- Recreational Computer Terminal, 9+ member crew people get bored...
- 2 Deck design, with interior ladder
- Space suit for Repairs, and Nuclear Refueling
- Docking system with sliding doors for inter-ship duties
- A grand total of 8 Airlocks for increased Safety
- 2 Shuttles for Planetary Surface missions, reactor repair, and inter-ship duties
- Quad-core Reactor with Jettison hatch
- 3 man Cockpit
- LDD File includes Docking tube as well

*Builders Notes*
I'm not very religious, but the name of the class, and the names of the ships follow those of Holy Swords, as well as Demonic Swords... Thanks to High School DxD... 4th Season confirmed, fanboy hype intensifies to infinity...

Enjoy, I know I do, its built for play, and more or less minifigure scale... its got a lot of playable features to have fun with.

So yes, My first SHIP... should saved this for SHIPtember huh...

~ End garbage rainbow Pics ~

Building instructions
Download building instructions (LEGO Digital Designer)


  December 11, 2016
You should like the couple of renders I have done on this one so far. I added some weird cargo to add to the picture.
 I made it 
  December 11, 2016
Quoting Oran Cruzen Great build with lots of detail as always!
Thanks man... the last two ships technically haven't been built yet in this "Sci-Fi Universe", that leaves you room for your "Space Works" to take over construction of UNSC 004C "Collbrande"... In other words, I'm curious as to what you would come up with as a modification.
 I like it 
  December 11, 2016
Great build with lots of detail as always!
 I made it 
  November 9, 2016
Quoting BATOH rossi a linear structure, simple, functional ... very nice!
thank you, Linear means its long, but yes, its very functional, I plan to build the ships that came before it and the "Abott" Class... look forward to them and their stories.
 I like it 
  November 9, 2016
a linear structure, simple, functional ... very nice!
By killswitch95 (Last Name is Dank AF)
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