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Kangar the Predator (Dannyman's [old] self MOC)
You might confuse him for someone else. He might seem eerily similar to the one called "Kangar the Hunter." Finally, Kangar makes his way into my Last Legacy story line!
About this creation

Corva: Why do I get the feeling I'm being watched?

Corva: All right, show yourself!"

Kangar: Sorry about that, couldn't help but notice you snooping around. Er, not to say you're bad at sneaking or anything. I just pick up on stuff like that.

Kangar: Anyway, where are my manners? My name is--

Kangar: Oh for the love of--!

Kangar: You know, it's almost like you're TRYING to kill me or something!

Corva: Yeah, the last few guys are met weren't very friendly. You're the one they call "Faceless," right? You don't seem any different.

Kangar: I can explain everything if you just--!"

Kangar: Ack! No, no, no! Let's talk about this!

Corva:I don't really like it when guys point guns, bows, whatever at me.

Kangar: You think I do?

To be continued...

Once again all photos here were linked directly from my Flickr as the standard uploader doesn't work on my computer and the simple uploader won't work with high quality photos.

Alternatively if you're only interested in the images, check out the full Flickr gallery!

"No, I'm not the vigilante. Stop asking." -Kangar

Theme Song:

Oh No Chateau (Uncharted 3)

Name: Kangar
Gender: Male
Age: X+1,000,000 (Hey Danny, how old is Kangar lol?)
Species: Matoran
Race: Toa
Element: Plant life
Natural Powers: Kangar can cause various plants ranging from flowers to muscular tendrils akin to Morbuzakh to sprout out of virtually any surface. Often uses them to construct traps to ensnare bounty targets.
Kanohi: Kualsi, mask of quick-travel. Allows one to instantly travel to any place they can see; works through windows. After prolonged exposure to the Mask of Life, Kangar's Kualsi developed the ability to travel between both the Tenebris and Prime Universes along with the addition of being able to transport living beings.
Occupation: Member of the Bounty Hunter Guild. The Hunter Guild is a militia of matoran, glatorian and agori that round up criminals throughout the decaying city of Nihi-Koro. Despite their (usually) good intentions, the Vahki-Kai don't seem to understand that they're on the same side as them.
Alias(es): Baker of Cupcakes, the Hunter, the Predator, Morbuzakh Jr., Green Arrow, Kang, the Snake-Monkey, the Walking Tree, Maniac, Sir.
Weapons: Energy Crossbow II, Multi-purpose prosthetic arm that contains a blowtorch, plasma cutter, lock pick, data console/communicator and anti-armor talons.
Personality: Adaptable, playful and intelligent. Prone to making witty quips even in the face of possible death. Won't back down at the chance of a great adventure. Avid baker and lover of cupcakes.
Theme Song: Oh No Chateau

(below average < 5 < above average)
Skill: 10/10 (anyone who can stand up to a great being deserves a 10/10)
Speed/Reflex: 9/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Strength: 5/10
Endurance: 10/10
Emotional Strength: 9/10
Overall Vitality: 8.6


The Tenebris Universe
The Tenebris Universe is an alternate timeline that runs parallel to the Prime Universe--where the Bionicle story mostly takes place. It plays out exactly like the Prime Universe story line up until the point where Mata-Nui is ejected from the Matoran Universe at the end of the Swamp of Secrets arc. Whether Mata-Nui perished in the dark confines of space or not was none of Teridax's concern. With the aid of the Great Spirit Robot's power, he revitalized the Makuta species and made it his goal to exterminate all of the Toa. Teridax would eventually reach his goal when 1,000 years later all known Toa had been purged from the Matoran Universe. Teridax along with the Great Spirit Robot and its contents would then travel deep into the vastness space and land on an uncharted planet forever covered by a thick blanket of clouds--far beyond where the Kaihanga's prying eyes could see--which he dubbed Tenebra Magna. He would then colonize the planet and using the Great Spirit Robot as a base, created a thriving city grasped firmly by his rule known as Nihi-Koro. Even after Teridax and the Makuta perished many hundreds of thousands of years later, the colony he created would be left ruled by a legacy of fear, control and paranoia. The anarchic society was enforced by the Vahki-Kai, a development of soulless near-indestructible mechanical beings that exist solely to uphold the law despite having no regnant leader to bow to. Self-proclaimed bounty hunters fight alongside them. Unlike Omni-Koro, elemental powers were not present to counter the rise of firearms and other weapons of mass devastation.

Kangar the Matoran
Originally, Kangar was just your average Bo-Matoran. He was energetic, always positive, a quick learner and loved adventure. His personality and antics actively went against the oppressive atmosphere that enveloped Nihi-Koro. He actively sought a more lively lifestyle and longed to escape from the oppression that Teridax and the Makuta enforced. Eventually, that sort of life found him.

The First Toa in Ages
500,000 years later, after the Makuta had vanished, while hitching a ride on a piece of cargo in a transport chute, Kangar was violently thrown from the chute as he rounded a sharp corner. Clinging to the piece of cargo he was riding on top of, the cargo was flung out along with him. As he crashed to the ground 100 feet below the chute the cargo container broke open, dousing him with its contents--energized protodermis being shipped to a lab for research. Unfortunately, his arm was severed from the elbow down by a stray piece of debris. After realizing that one, he was still alive and two, he hadn't shattered every bone in his body he got up and made his way back to his home, not realizing he had doubled in size and that he was sporting a kanohi Kualsi. Eventually, Kangar picked up on the fact that he had undergone these changes and that he had control over plant life as well. Despite realizing that he could never reveal his newfound powers to the world while Vahki-Kai were still at large he also knew that he at least had the qualifications to join the Bounty Hunter Guild. Kangar took down multiple criminals single-handedly with great efficiency but remained distant from most other members of the Guild to prevent them from finding out about his toa powers. However, Kangar didn't particularly mind the new isolated lifestyle he had. It only meant he was free to explore as much as he would like. His reclusive nature earned him the nickname "Faceless" in the Guild.

Another 500,000 years passed. While Kangar was patrolling the city, he took note of a silver and black female he had never seen wandering the streets of Nihi-Koro. She seemed to be searching for something. Out of sheer curiosity, he followed her. Eventually she caught on to the fact that he was tailing her which sparked a brief skirmish. He tried to explain that he was curious what she was after and only wanted to help but she wouldn't hear any of it. At first nearly being overpowered by the female being's brute strength, he took to a more evasive tactical approach, using his Kualsi to stay on the move. Eventually, she realized Kangar meant her no harm and accepted his offer to help. As it turned out, her name was Corva. She claimed to be a Great Being and her goal was to reinstate Mata-Nui as the overseer of the Matoran Universe. Not willing to turn down the chance at a great adventure, Kangar tagged along.

Colosseum Showdown
Corva and Kangar's adventure almost came to a grisly end at the final stretch. After arriving at the Nihi-Koro Colosseum and Corva had begun to activate the Mask of Life numerous Vahki-Kai began to storm the area, attracted by the unique energy signature the mask gave off. Despite the mechanical troopers being susceptible to elemental powers, the duo were nearly overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. As a last effort, Kangar attempted to tap into the Mask of Life's power to transport him and Corva away from the area. However, due to the intense energy radiating from the Mask of Life, Kangar overshot his teleportation and ended up transporting himself and Corva into the Prime Universe.

The Last Legacy
The Last Legacy dispatched Squad 22 consisting of Cordaz, Agaru and Torvis to a sector of the city where massive amounts of energy had been detected. The trio discovered Kangar and Corva, who were both bewildered at the sight of the metropolis that was Omni-Koro. After being inducted into the Legacy, both Corva and Kangar worked alongside Squad 22 to bring a stop to Zephirak and his insurrection. At the same time, Cordaz and his comrades agreed to help Kangar and Corva restore balance to Tenebra Magna in their universe, using Kangar's evolved mask power as a bridge between the two universes.

Annihilating the Fourth Wall

Again, main photo with higher quality goes here because anything that goes through the simple uploader looks like crap.

That story ended up way longer than I would have liked, to be honest. A long time ago, Dannyman and I were conspiring to link our stories together but due to complications never got around to doing so. I finally decided now was the time to finally follow up on that! Well, sort of. The Kangar in this story isn't the same exact Kangar that was featured as Dannyman's self MOC. I decided to adapt a parallel universe storyline as a means of dodging any potential plot holes and unintentional retcons. So I guess I sort of followed through but not really, ha ha. Oh well. I hope you don't mind (too much), Danny. This is also my first attempt at building someone else's self MOC!

So, let's get to the MOC, shall we?!

Here's the usual full-on front body shot. I tried to stick to the original aesthetics of Danny's Kangar and make him a bit more streamlined and robust to fit in with the other guys in the Last Legacy cast. That said, I did try to stick with the semi exaggerated proportions Kangar has at the same time.

View from the left side. The right side is the same save for the mechanical arm.

Finally, we've got a shot of the back. I did try to stick more armor and panels everywhere to fill the figure in.

More front and back shots only this time with the crossbow attached.

Here's a detail shot of the back. The piece of rope you see wrapped around his armor is supposed to be the carrying strap for his crossbow.

Detail shot of the body. I overall like the way the torso went out.

Here's another closeup of the body, just to catch a view of it from the side.

Closeup of the left arm. The arms are pretty much just modified versions of the arms Danny used on Kangar V4. I just made his arms longer for the sake of proportions and removed the plant life coating his body. As Tenebra Magna is covered in clouds that stunted the growth of the natural plant life on his body.

In other words I don't have any plant pieces.

Although not entirely custom I love the way the lower legs worked out. The upper legs are just shamelessly ripped from Kangar V4. I couldn't think of anything clever to do with them.


Alert, ready to jump/sprint/kick butt pose.

"I'll kick you to sleep!"

Kangar is both quite poseable and balanced. Elbow swivels are too fun! <3

What Kangar lacks in brute strength he makes up for in dexterity and acrobatics.


Kangar's weapon of choice is the Energy Crossbow II. He modified its original design to be sleeker, lighter and to be wielded in one hand.

Side view. Along with weight balancing and aesthetics, it also has the ability to fire charged shots. Weak shots will stun opponents while fully charged shots can split a toa-tier being in two. It unfortunately is less effective against the extremely durable Vahki-Kai.

Kangar wielding the energy crossbow II.

Despite its small frame, it's very effective at close and long distance combat.

Kangar rarely ever uses the scope though. He prefers to blind fire it. And amazingly, it works quite well.

Kangar's mechanical arm is fitted with several different tools ranging from a blowtorch...

A plasma cutter...

A lock pick...

And arguably the most useful feature: retractable anti-armor claws.

Along with Kangar's skill in close-quarters combat (going off of the fact his creator is a black belt in martial arts, heh heh) the addition of the anti-armor talons gives him even more of an edge up close.

A data console/communicator is also integrated into the back of his hand.

He might be Kangar from another universe but he's still quite fond of cupcakes. I don't know what that flavor is supposed to be. Banana cherry?

I don't know much as to what Kangar's personality is supposed to be but he always seemed like the type that would spew out witty dialogue and sass as he mopped the floor with fools, heh heh. Think Nathan Drake.

On a side note, Dannyman, I apologize for not being able to work Dykaruhks into my story.

Random stuff

"I've got your back!"

"That's what armor is for."


Corva and Kangar actually get along quite well. They both prefer to sneak around but both can pull their own in a fight. Kangar is also one of the few that can get Corva to laugh. Corva also has to rely on Kangar to explain customs and even some common sense matters of the Matoran Universe.

At long last, Toa of Sushi (Cordaz) and Dannyman (Kangar) meet!

Cordaz: Ey Kangar, my man! Good to finally see you in the flesh. Er, even though you're not Danny's self MOC anymore.

Kangar: Yeah, you too Sushi! Glad to see you haven't kicked the bucket yet.

Cordaz: Don't talk to me like I'm an old man, Mr. Morbuzakh Jr.

Cordaz: OW F@#$! MY HAND!

Kangar: Er sorry, blowtorch upgrade. Still working out the kinks.

Cordaz: Yeah, right (ow).

Anyway, obligatory BROFIST!

Size comparisons

Kangar next to eighteen centimeter MG RX-78-2 and thirteen centimeter HG Gouf Gunpla kits.

Next to Gen 2 2015 Toa from both scales.

Next to 2001 rahi sets (what kind of size comparison is this even)

Next to Corva and Cordaz.

"Wait, there's two of you?"

"It's a long story."

"It's pretty short actually. You're me from an alternate universe."

"No, you're ME from an alternate universe."

"Shut up."


Bye! Hey Sushi, maybe you still won't be dead the next time--

Cordaz: Why, you little...

Whoo! It's finally finished! Kangar has been worked (Somewhat) into the Last Legacy storyline! This was an absolute blast to build. I've always had plans for what to build Kangar as but I've never been able to bring my plans to fruition until now. And green happens to be least present out of the six traditional Bionicle colors so that made things a bit of a pain. Thank the Great Beings for Bricklink!



 I like it 
  February 18, 2019
This is actually a genius moc! I love the backstory, and pictures. The design is interesting, and the weapon is super cool. Mind if I give my SM a crossbow inspired by yours?
 I made it 
  July 14, 2017
Quoting Ben Cossy He has a robot arm! Genius. Love his weapons and that lower leg design is very cool. Great work
Thanks, man! I'm glad you like it!
 I like it 
  June 10, 2017
He has a robot arm! Genius. Love his weapons and that lower leg design is very cool. Great work
 I like it 
  May 29, 2017
Nice take on this guy!
 I made it 
  March 13, 2017
Quoting Dannyman (Kangar) As I said on Flickr, absolutely awesome! The MOC is sweet, and I love the story too!
Hey, Thanks! I'm glad the story and the MOC lived up to your expectations!
 I like it 
  March 6, 2017
As I said on Flickr, absolutely awesome! The MOC is sweet, and I love the story too!
Toa of Sushi
 I like it 
Tristan .
  February 20, 2017
Nice to see you returning. Pretty good MOC, well-written story, and above all, the return of a friendly face. I hope you're back for good.
Toa of Sushi
 I like it 
Blizzard -
  February 20, 2017
Excellent work! I agree about the lower legs, while simple they are most excellent. The little panel built into the back of his robotic hand was also a very nice touch, and very creative on your part. I've not seen that before now. The crossbow is also very nicely done. Hope very much to see more!
 I made it 
  February 20, 2017
Quoting Tristan . Nice to see you returning. Pretty good MOC, well-written story, and above all, the return of a friendly face. I hope you're back for good.
Yeah, I ended up having a lot more free time in college than I anticipated! I don't think I'm in any position to make promises, but I've got a few things in mind that I'd like to build with my free time!
Quoting Blizzard - Excellent work! I agree about the lower legs, while simple they are most excellent. The little panel built into the back of his robotic hand was also a very nice touch, and very creative on your part. I've not seen that before now. The crossbow is also very nicely done. Hope very much to see more!
Hey, thanks! I'm a fan of little throwaway details like wrist panels and such, ha ha.
By Toa of Sushi
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