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T.I. S2 E07: Dad (FB)
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A Freebuild for the Galactic Imperium.
About this creation

25 May, 2097
Outskirts of Regentis

Dustin: "Again!"

Risa pulled herself off the floor with a quick smile, rubbing her back as the pain began to dull. She waved her hands and set her stance, her arms going up in a solid defence. Dustin returned her smile and raised his own arms, waiting for her to pounce.

Her whole body ached and protested at every opportunity, but Risa was loving every minute. They'd been training nonstop since the day she'd found out about Tane's death. It had helped numb the pain that had dwelled inside, helped channel her frustration towards Uek, and the chance to finally fight back.

And this time, she wouldn't be so helpless. She was better now, she felt it. Her muscles were toned and strong, her reflexes quicker. Her breathing, despite the exercise, was far more even than it would've been months ago. She'd even felt an improvement in her shooting during the sessions she'd been having at a local gun range. Her whole life had finally taken an upward turn. Finally.

Dustin wouldn't admit it, but he was a fantastic teacher. Of course, right now he was the enemy. And he was pushing her more than usual.

She lunged forward, her right arm trust forward in a swift jab. Dustin saw it coming and moved his hand to block it, adjusting the fist's trajectory to put her off balance. However, she reacted immediately, ducking slightly to avoid the overhead follow through of Dustin's other arm. He grinned even as he missed

With his arm over her head, Risa stepped back, gathered herself, and thrust an elbow forward. Dustin spun out of the way, shoving it slightly as she went. She grunted with the motion, but let her body do the thinking. That was one thing Dustin had been teaching her; not to think so much upstairs.

Her right foot shot out as a yell escaped her lips. Dustin grinned as he was forced to leap back to avoid the kick. She met his smile and moved forward, letting loose a series of quick punches. Dustin deflected them, but she made him work for it. With a quick intake of breath, Dustin pushed her fists back, forcing her to regain her stance.

Then he went on the offensive. Risa raised her hands and reacted instinctively, ducking and deflecting the hailstorm of blows that had suddenly filled her vision, Dustin was quick and efficient, but Risa managed to keep up with him. A few jabs broke through but she kept moving back, keeping her stance strong and her defence up. Her body screamed at her as her face lost its smile as she concentrated on finding a weakness to exploit.

Of course, this was Dustin Vorn.

After another rain of punches, she spied an opportunity and ducked under a swing. Going for accuracy over strength, she jabbed at his briefly exposed ribs. She earned a grunt in response as she withdrew, followed up with a front kick that she narrowly avoided.

Then Dustin made his move. While she was regaining her stance, he leapt forward with the speed of the wind and raised his fist. She reacted, but realised it was a feint at the last second. Dustin spun and wrapped his arm around her neck, putting on the choke.

Instantly, she shoved her fingers between the vice as he forced her to the ground. She snarled and strained, but his grip was iron. She shot a few elbows backwards, aiming for his groin, but ended up whacking his legs instead. Meanwhile, he kept the hold, solid as a statue, until she finally tapped his arm, a sign of surrender.

Damn it. Not like she'd expected any different, but still...

Dustin released the hold and helped her up with a nod of approval. She grinned in response and went to the corner of the small space that had once been a bedroom in the apartment they'd been renting. The bed had long since been removed, and it'd been replaced with a sparring ground where the two had battled it out for months.

Risa: "Chokehold? Really?"
Dustin: "Why not?"
Risa: "Because it hurts?"
Dustin: "You never know what the enemy will do. Besides, you got your airway clear, sent a few jabs my way. Pretty good."

Risa: "Ha, sure."
Dustin: "Nah, you're doing well. At the level you're at now, you'd beat at least fifty Core agents that I know of."
Risa: "Whatever. I can barely scratch one. Not sure how I'd go against fifty."
Dustin: "Well, I was the Core's combat prodigy. Perhaps my gracefulness is interfering with your scratches."
Risa: "Well I never doubted your 'gracefulness'."
Dustin: "Good. At least I still have that."

Risa grinned as she unscrewed the nearby water bottle and let the cool liquid fill her thirsty stomach. Dustin strolled over, his hands in his pockets, a light sweat on his skin. She nodded in satisfaction, choosing to ignore the moisture that covered her like a wetsuit. Perspective, that's all it was.

Dustin stopped in the middle of the room and opened his mouth to speak, a question on his lips. However, Risa caught the slight pause between his intake of breath and the question itself. He'd hesitated. Slowly, she screwed the bottle cap back on and gave him her full attention.

Dustin: " can we get this ship?"
Risa: "Sorry?"
Dustin: "The ship. You know, big metal thing with wings? The thing we need to get back to Earth?"
Risa: "Oh...oh yeah..."
Dustin: "I know you said it was complicated, but we need to sort it out soon, otherwise we'll miss our window and the attack'll start without us. Sal's not the type to wait..."
Risa: "I know, I's just, I kind of said that in the moment. Tane had...well, you know...and I needed my focus elsewhere. The thought jumped into my head...but it's going to be tricky to actually accomplish. Not to mention...awkward."
Dustin: "Awkward?"
Risa: "Very."

Risa gulped down the remains of the water as she began to pace, her mind filling with long buried memories and days she wished she'd forgot. The ship sprang into her mind, and she realised that she really hadn't thought much about how she'd get it back.

Her mind had been so focused on the training, on the anticipation of finally, finally, getting back at Uek Ferris that she'd missed the crucial element...and ignored the obvious hurdle. She raised her voice, noticing how solemn it had become, and how dry her throat was despite the water. No, she hadn't forgotten. She just hadn't wanted to think about it.

Risa: "The ship itself...I don't exactly have it yet..."
Dustin: "Hang on, you're stealing it?"
Risa: "'ve, well, its just"
Dustin: "Hey, you alright?"
Risa: "'s just..."

Risa took her deep breath and turned from Dustin as she began to untie the wraps around her hands. Her mind had suddenly become a flurry of past days and long lost moments, things she should've addressed sooner, but had forced down day after day for years. Uek Ferris certainly hadn't helped, but coincidentally it was now because of him that she needed to address those fears. Damn it all.

She felt the soft smile that'd been living on her face for the past few months fade and die, as her mouth sank back to the trademark frown she'd once carried all the time. It felt bitter now, but at the same time appropriate as she spoke a single sentence that was as hard to say as all the blows she'd been dealt this morning.

Risa: "I need to go see my Dad."

26 May, 2097

Dustin Vorn let his eyes wander out the shuttle window as it sliced through the clouds, revealing the never ending metropolis that was Qoter below. Despite the time he'd spent on the planet, he hasn't seen much of the other areas on the planet. Qoter was a big place after all.

Finally, the monitor in front of him beeped, telling him they were now flying over Wheatview, their destination. Dustin pressed his nose to the window again as he picked out the subtle change of scenery below. The buildings began to grow taller and closer together. The number of other shuttles and vehicles increased as the city proper began to form.

Wheatview, however, was a very different city than the others he'd seen. Risa had told him that the place was mostly used for industrial farming for the planet, and already he saw the influence. The buildings here were tall, but nowhere near the staggering heights of those in Regentis. They were also long and simple, not gleaming or intricate but not falling apart either. Below them, three huge fields of green broke up the grey landscape as hundreds of workers went about their day planting and harvesting below.

Dustin was about to ask Risa a question, but decided against it as the shuttle began to descend. She'd been very closed off the last day and a half, keeping her frown glued to her face. Which was unfortunate. He liked her smile.

A few hours later and the pair were in the midst of the city, the faint smell of smoke and an undefined mixture of crops filling the air. Risa had told the taxi the address but other than that she'd kept quiet. And now they were standing in front of a run-down old home that stuck out from the modern buildings beside it like a worm in an apple. Dustin had a number of questions on his mind, but Risa was keeping very much to herself. Better to let her lead for now.

Carefully, she undid the latch to the broken front gate and stepped forward with a sharp intake of breath. Dustin followed cautiously, like the building could leap out and attack at any moment.

His eyes scanned the area almost unconsciously, as he'd been trained to do. It really was a wreck, a three story affair sat squarely in a field of dying grass. Junk littered the ground, including a number of junk food packets, bottles and spent bullet casings. Dustin shifted his weight slightly to allow for easier movement if something did try an attack. One's junk robot had proved that being cautious never hurt.

He followed Risa up to the door, a huge grey behemoth that didn't match the house at all. It was modern and very secure, with a proper lock and a heavy handle. Someone who didn't want to be disturbed. Great.

Risa turned to him and he took her in. She was cautious, but still strong in her stance, letting deep breaths focus her thoughts. However, when she spoke, her tone matched her frown.

Risa: "Alright...Now then, I'd better tell you some things."
Dustin: "Er...ok?"
Risa: "When we go in there, leave the talking to me. Only talk if he asks you a direct question, and keep it short and simple. No jokes, no comebacks, just honest and quick."
Dustin: "Ok...sure. Why exactly?"
Risa: "Because my Dad doesn't like anyone, and he certainly doesn't trust easily."
Dustin: "Roger. Lips are sealed. And hey, I'm here if you need me. Looks like it's gonna be rough."
Risa: "Oh it'll be alright, so long as he's not in one of his moods."

She stuck her hand underneath a false stone and grabbed a rusty spare key, jamming it into the lock. The door clicked and she opened it a crack, only to be greeted by the sound of glass breaking followed by a string of curses. Risa met Dustin's eye and gave him a sort of half smile, but she failed in even convincing herself.

Risa: "Well, great..."

And with that she forced the door open, steeled herself, and walked in slowly, Dustin right behind her.

The first thing that hit Dustin was the smell, and his hand instantly went to his nose. It was bad, really bad. His mind went to the Skarr, but that had been a different stench, the stench of blood, smoke and dust. The smell here was just...wrong, but he noticed that Risa barely flinched at it, like she was used to it.

He let his eyes scan the room as they adjusted to the dim light that broke through the cracks of heavily boarded windows. It was a living room, but the only thing that suggested that was the armchair tucked away in the corner. The floor was littered with all sorts of trash, mostly empty bottles and cans. He let his fingers fall as he recognised the smell. Alcohol and bodily fluid. Lots of it.

Papers were strewn alongside mystery stains and half eaten food, ranging from simple bills to legal complaint letters. Dustin raised his eyes and focused on the pair of doors that led out of the room. One was slightly ajar, probably leading to a kitchen, but the other was unmoving. It was a shame. Had the place been clean, it probably would've been quite a nice home, but as it was mildly better than a trash heap.

His mouth opened, but Risa raised a hand to stop him. Dustin hesitated then nodded, as his highly trained senses heard movement from beyond the kitchen door. A moment later, Risa heard it too. It was a shambling step, followed by curses echoing down the halls. Dustin saw Risa straighten and hold her breath, wary anticipation building. She slowly removed her satchel and placed in neatly on the floor. He gulped and set his stance as the door opened slowly and revealed the figure.

It was a man of course, a tall man with fiery red hair that matched Risa's perfectly. But that was where the similarities died. The man's eyes were wild, his mouth a narrow slit beneath an unkempt moustache and beard that dripped moisture with every step. His clothes were tattered and covered with stains that matched his floors, and his feet where bare. Unsurprisingly, he carried a bottle of rum in his hand, opened and almost empty.

Dustin exhaled deeply at the sight. He'd seen plenty of drunks in the Skarr, but this was something else. Something...more human in its horribleness. This man wasn't drinking to escape being trapped in a slum, he was trapped in himself.

He raised his arms slightly, but Risa again held up a hand. She stepped forward and locked eyes with the other man, whose pupils went crazy as recognition dawned on his face.

The tension between the two was a physical thing. It blanketed the ruined room, leaving the pair in a field of silence until Risa spoke, her voice incredibly even and empty of all emotion.

Risa: "Dad."

A movement from the man's hand, along with a growl of fury. Dustin grunted as his reactions took over, his eyes picking up the spinning bottle as it caught the light. It crashed into the wall and shattered immediately, spilling the remains of the drink. Dustin straightened and bent his knees slightly, but his focus was on the man who'd flung the bottle. His eyes were alive, his thin lips twisted into a snarl. Risa stood up from the crouch she'd taken to avoid the missile and repeated her statement

And then the man spoke. His voice was slurred and drunk, but it was deep and powerful, almost like a hammer. Each word had its own weight, obscured by the alcohol that fuelled his veins.

Man: "Dad?...DAD!? You ain't my daughter, ungrateful swine!! Get outa my sight 'fore I bash your head in, ya scrim-faced pig! OUT!"

Shock dropped Dustin's jaw in an instant, moments before his lips curled into a snarl as the man's eyes bored into the head of his child. But Risa merely sighed and stepped forward, one at a time.

Risa: "Dad. I won't lie. I really didn't want to see you again."
Man: "Makes two of us, ya useless dungpile! Why'd you come back then? To gloat? Lord over your poor father, little Tane's golden child? Or 'ave you come to kill me? Use that criminal nature the news talks about?"
Risa: "No, I'm not going to hurt you. I just-"
Man: "You know what, forget that. As if I care what happens to a slintcrank like you!!"

Risa halted like she'd been punched in the gut as the odd insult left the man's lips and her father smiled a sickening grin. He was missing a few teeth.

Man: "That's right, you're nothing but a slintcrank! You, with ya fancy job with those stuck-up politicians, then with those greedy dregs that took over. Even got a fancy boyfriend, I see. Some partner in crime, so you can blow dlug all over my name some more!"

Risa balled her hands into fists, took a breath and stepped forward again. Her father managed a shambling step of his own before pausing to regain his balance. He really was out of it.

Risa: "Good to see you haven't changed Da-"
Man: "You got dlug in your ears slintcrank? What part of 'out' don't ya understand? Scrim, ya just like your mother, never hearin me out!"
Risa: "No. I'm nothing like her. Or you."
Man: "Enough! Ya even look like her now, all grown up! Ugly, skin hanging off your face a...aaaa..."

His face screwed up as he tried to think of an insult. Risa stepped up again, barely a meter from him now.

Risa: "Dad. I am not you. I am not my mother. I didn't come back to gloat, or injure you. The only reason I'm here is to ask you for something that's mine anyway."
Man: "Stuff that, slintcrank! I ain't given you dirt...Now get outta my house! I won't warn you again..."
Risa: "No. I'm not leaving. Not until you give me what I'm after. What I need to stop a man from doing something very, very bad."
Man: "Ya don't give up do ya slintcrank?!"
Risa: "No. I'm not you. Look, you know what I'm after...I need the Haven."


Dustin winced as the old man's hand swung into Risa's face. It was powerful, but slow. A child could have dodged it.

Risa didn't move.

He saw the tears swell as the blood rushed to her face, but she kept her ground and repeated herself.

Risa: "I need the Haven."

Another slap rung out, this time from the other cheek. Risa's father was a fury of emotion and rage. He growled like a desperate animal, whose only way out was through fighting. And his eyes. His eyes were quivering with a hatred so deep that only a beast could know it.

Dustin had had enough. He crossed the gap in an instant, was beside Risa in an eyeblink, was raising his own hand to protect against the third slap that was coming her way.

But Risa moved for the first time since the assault started, and shoved Dustin back, taking the palm again.

Dustin straightened, confusion filling his mind as Risa once again asked her father the same request. And this time proved to much for him. The old man lumbered forward like a freight train off the rails, a roar erupting from his throat. He threw punches and kicks and slaps at his daughter, who still barely moved, only avoiding hits that would have knocked her flat.

Dustin felt his eyes widening as the woman he'd got to know so well over the last year did something that went against almost everything he knew about her. She grunted and cried out and bit her lip and screamed as the pain rumbled in. But the instant Dustin tried to move, she held up her had to stop him.

And then she let her father continue.

It was torture. Pure, senseless torture. Dustin had never felt so hopeless, so useless. Even in the Skarr, even when Brom was being beaten to a pulp, Dustin had tried. He'd tried to make Brom come with him, was willing to fight despite the poison in his veins.

But now? Risa wouldn't even let him do that! What on earth was going on? He felt angry tears begin to fill his own eyes as she kept on eating punches and jabs from the man that had created her. And he wasn't letting up. Every single impact echoed around the room. Hot blood spilled from Risa's mouth, but she wiped it away even as she took another blow to her leg.

Dustin felt his body become mush as two emotions took over. Hatred, and fear for Risa's life. He knew beatings, Uek had taught him that. She'd be dead if the beats didn't let up soon. And he'd have to watch another friend die. Silent prayers ran through his thoughts.

After an eternity, the punches, mercifully, begin to fade and fall short as the man fell to his knees, wheezing in agony. Risa took several deep breaths before straightening. Blood trickled from the corner of her lip, and several bruises were already visible. But, in that moment, she was stronger than he'd ever seen her before.

The man before her sat up and Dustin was shocked to find buckets pouring from his eyes. Her father was bawling, even as he tried one last, feeble punch at his daughter.

Finally, Risa moved, grunting as she bent forward. She pulled him to his haunches and propped him up against the wall, as he began taking in ragged breaths like a madman. He spoke, his words lacking the grunt they'd had before as the anger left his drunk body like hot steam.

Man: "Damn...damn it slintcrank...Why can't you jus...just go down like ya used to..? It was so easy back then..."
Risa: "Because I'm not a kid anymore Dad. I live in the real world. In the real world, your kids grow up. And you watch them grow up. You chose otherwise. You wanted nothing to do with your children, so don't act so shocked that we moved on."

Man: "But...but...why come back? You know how this works...I hate you, you hate me, you run off, we don , we don't see each other again..."

Risa: "No. I don't hate you Dad, because I've moved on. I'm just...disappointed at what you've become. And now I know you'll never change. So why would I bother coming back."

Man: "Slintcrank..."
Risa: "Don't. Call. Me. That."
Man: "Fine...Risa...I'm ya Dad...Why can't you just listen to me? Why can't ya just go you used to?"

Risa: "You're not my father. Tane was, and now he's gone. And you know what? He went out knowing he was a good man, knowing that he had done all he could to make the world a better place. He DID things. He didn't sit around and drink away his sorrows and wait for life to end. He kept pushing forward...

...I wonder if you can say the same."

And then Risa turned and walked to the door, a slight limp present in her step. Her old frown was fixed to her face, her eyes pointed straight at the ground. Dustin, for his part, was a mannequin, his eyes and his body still. As she passed him, he swivelled and stepped next to her, but he kept his focus on her Dad, still on his knees, his sobbing uncontrollable. Finally, his mind kicked into gear and he spoke, his voice quiet but loud enough for him to hear.

Dustin: "She deserves better than you."

Risa paused in front of the door as the words left Dustin's lips, and she turned and met his eyes. There was a look there that he didn't recognise, but whatever it was was interrupted by another voice behind them.

Man: "Keys...keys are under that cushion. She's... she's in Hanger 5, in Mick's get out. Please..."

Risa nodded at Dustin and he moved, retrieving the set of keys in a heartbeat. She smiled the saddest smile he'd ever seen and reached for the handle, opening the door and revealing the city beyond.

Only to have their view obscured by half a dozen police officers, walking up the path. The first one, an older man with a golden goatee, raised his eyes and confusion blossomed in his face.

First Officer: "Hang aren't Hector?"

Dustin jumped in immediately, obscuring their view of Risa and her injuries.

Dustin: "No, sorry, though he is home today. We were just leaving.
First Officer: "Right. And you are?"
Dustin: "We're his...therapists. We're trying to help him get over his addiction. Surely you know about it?"

The officer nodded even as the others began scoping out the yard, inspecting the crates of bottles and the scraps littered everywhere. A few passers by stopped to inspect the scene, even as the officer raised his voice again, scepticism in his voice.

First Officer: "Therapists, hey? You positive?
Dustin: "The degree on my wall certainly says so. If I can't trust that, what can I trust?"
First Officer: "Hmm, well, forgive me for saying so, but I'm surprised he hasn't told you about me. Hector's an old mate of mine, we go back to his old pilot days. Years ago, I gave him a silent alarm, in case something happened. Given his state, he'd be no good against anyone, should something go down. And he's never used it, up until ten minutes ago..."

Dustin smiled, his thoughts moving a million miles as another officer walked up. Behind him, Risa sagged against him, her wounded body slowly giving out.

Second Officer: "Boss, this is Hector Donovan's place right?"
First: "Yes. Why?"
Second Officer: "Well, that woman behind the me crazy...but is that Risa D-"

Dustin didn't hesitate. Without another thought, he grabbed Risa, hauled her onto his shoulders, and ran. The officers jumped back in shock as he bolted through them and dashed onto the streets.

The officers un-holstered weapons, yelled demands and began to take chase. But they wouldn't fire, he knew they wouldn't risk it with the public around. His legs strained as he ran, Risa barely conscious on his shoulders. It had taken everything she'd had to stay standing with her father there. She needed medical attention. Now.

But, as Dustin had discovered in recent years, luck was rarely on his side.

The officers were gaining, so he did the only thing he could think of, something that Sal had beaten into him years ago.

He stopped thinking, and kept running.

Four hours later

The abandoned house smelt like charcoal and dust, but it was all they had at the moment. Dustin sat with his back propped up against the wall, his breathing heavy and his hands flaked with blood. None of it was his. Which really really sucked,

Beside him, Risa slept, her clothes in a heap beside her. Her body was covered in balms and bandages, all the things he had found on short notice at a chemist down the road. Three empty bottles of water and two used tubes of some cream he didn't know the name of littered the ground. The box had said it would reduce swelling and heal bruises. That was enough for him at this point.

He shifted his weight slightly and exhaled, his eyes falling in her. She looked so peaceful. So unlike the woman she'd been mere hours ago, taking a beating worthy of a boxer without the slightest defence. Damn...

He may have had his secrets, but that was when it dawned on him that Risa had barely told him anything about herself. She'd said she'd had a family and had worked with Tane for years. That was it. What on earth had her childhood been like? What was she hiding.

He smiled softly. It wasn't fair when someone else had secrets.

She grunted in her sleep and adjusted her head, turning it away from Dustin. He sighed and whipped out his com-link, one unfortunate call to make. A call that Risa, had she been conscious, would have stopped him from making. A call which he really didn't want to make himself.

Slowly and carefully he put in the number, one digit at a time. The image buzzed for awhile before finally becoming clear and revealing the face of the man he'd called.

Sal: "Dustin? What's...what's the matter lad?"
Dustin: "Hey Sal...I won't talk long. I know it's late if you're still in London."
Sal: "Early actually. Close to midnight, but still. What's wrong?"
Dustin: " won't be able to make it to stop the shipment?"

Sal frowned in confusion, though his eyes carried a wariness that Dustin recognised.

Sal: "What? You guys want to stop the bugger more than anyone?"
Dustin: "Yeah. Still do, don't worry about that."
Sal: "So what? Having troubling getting a ship?"
Dustin: "Well...kind of. We have a ship, and we have a location...but Risa's been hurt. Bad."
Sal: "Scrim...she alright?"
Dustin: "She will be, eventually. She took a beating, quite a bad one. No breaks that I can see, but only time will tell. Here's the thing though...She didn't want me to intervene. She didn't even defend herself."
Sal: "Right. And she didn't because?

Dustin: "Well, that's the thing..."

Dustin: "It's complicated."

Fourth Wall:
So yeah...this one took a lot longer to write than usual. It hits on quite a personal level for me, and I really wanted to get it right. For those concerned, no, I was never beaten by a drunk parent or anything. Apologies for my absence, but the next one should be coming soon.

Thanks all.



 I made it 
  October 16, 2017
Quoting Nick Barrett A great episode except for one thing - I'm not convinced Risa would have passively taken that beating . She'd be more likely to dish it out to that awful man. Superb writing in any case.
Thanks Nick (Sorry for the late reply). However, the taking of the beating plays in a little bit later, I promise. Let's just say that some scars run deep.
 I like it 
  June 29, 2017
A great episode except for one thing - I'm not convinced Risa would have passively taken that beating . She'd be more likely to dish it out to that awful man. Superb writing in any case.
 I like it 
  June 26, 2017
Amazing episode!
Werewolff Studios
 I like it 
Jack Brickton
  June 25, 2017
Very nicely done Wolff! Good to see some more of Risa's past revealed. And what is it with everyone's Insurgency characters having Father issues or being orphans? Anyways, This was a very well written episode. Not much action but the emotion of a scene is enough to make it great. Plus the builds are spectacular as always. I can't wait to see what happens next!
 I made it 
  June 25, 2017
Quoting Garrett W. Great episode!
Thank you!
 I made it 
  June 25, 2017
Quoting Jack Brickton Very nicely done Wolff! Good to see some more of Risa's past revealed. And what is it with everyone's Insurgency characters having Father issues or being orphans? Anyways, This was a very well written episode. Not much action but the emotion of a scene is enough to make it great. Plus the builds are spectacular as always. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Thanks Jack! Action comes with the next one :D And yes, orphans and parental issues certainly do seem prevalent, though with Risa it's a bit deeper than that (at least, once the full story's been revealed.)
 I made it 
  June 25, 2017
Quoting Captain Kenbo I really liked this one, the writing was quite good
Cheers mate!
 I made it 
  June 25, 2017
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Ooh! Nice one! Not a lot actually HAPPENED, but it was still very good! Which just shows you don't need LOADS of stuff to actually happen for it to be a good episode! A very personal and emotional one. Great stuff! 6 points! --Blast--
Thanks Blast! Yeah, this one's been in the pipeline for quite awhile. But if it's action you seek, not to worry. The next one'll be stocked with it!
 I like it 
  June 25, 2017
Great episode!
  June 25, 2017
I really liked this one, the writing was quite good
 I like it 
  June 25, 2017
Ooh! Nice one! Not a lot actually HAPPENED, but it was still very good! Which just shows you don't need LOADS of stuff to actually happen for it to be a good episode! A very personal and emotional one. Great stuff! 6 points! --Blast--
By Werewolff Studios
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