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Zethlin Bringer of the Apocalypse
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Big Shout out to Galaxus Instant Noodles for the awesome edit to the main photo!
About this creation
Name: Zethlin
Gender: Male
Species: Toa (formally) Hordika and unclassified Mutation
Element: Sonics
Race: De Matoran
Title(s): Toa, Killer, Traitor, Murderer, End of Everything, King of the Apocalypse, Bringer of the Apocalypse
Mask: Kanohi Garai (formally) No mask power
Weapon(s): Shadow Staff, Sounds Cannon, Shoulder Turret.

Zethlin dashed forward slicing the Makuta across the arm, the Makuta let out a cry of pain, his eyes filled with rage and he struck back smacking another Toa directly in his head knocking his mask off. The Toa fell to the floor unconscious. With a single swipe of his sharp metallic claws the Makuta drove his fingers into the Toa's heart, ending his life. Zethlin roared with rage. Toa team formed around the Makuta wounded but not defeated. The Makuta knew this Toa team had the upper hand but he wouldn’t go down without a fight. The Makuta extended his hand, ready to unleash another elemental strike, almost instantly Toa Halrex, the team’s valiant leader whipped out a chain, cracking it like a whip and entangled it around the Makuta hands. Not expecting the attack the Makuta lost its balance and hit the floor. The rest of the team leapt forward, tying the Makuta down, ending the fight.

Zethlin extended his sword ready to end the Makuta. Almost instantly Halrex grabbed Zethlins arm questioning his intentions. Zethlin expressed that this Makuta was too dangerous to be kept alive and simple chains wouldn't hold it back. With a stern gaze Halrex declared Zethlin was merely consumed by a lust for revenge for his fallen brother and had forgotten the Toa code. Zethlin rolled his eyes and followed the rest of the team as they escorted the Makuta back to a prison.

On the way their The Makuta would not stop smiling. He was defeated yet it didn't seem to phase him. With a grin the Makuta spoke, "You should've listened to him". With great agility the Makuta leapt up breaking the restraints around his wrists and feet. In an instant he then grabbed the two closest Toa but their throats and with great force crushed what was under his fingers. The Makuta rush forward towards Halrex hungry for blood. Zethlin let out a battle cry grabbed his blade and rushed forwards ramming his blade directly through the Makuta's chest killing him. His body fell to the ground. Zethlin stared at Halrex as if to say he was right, but Halrex was not pleased. Zethlin had betrayed the Toa code. As a man of honour Halrex expressed that there is always another option and killing should never be one of those options.

Disappointed in Zethlins he brought him before the Toa council, explaining what he had down. Kopaka was displeased and ordered Zethlin take time away from his Toa to rethink his place. Kopaka looked Zethlin dead in the eye and state he was lucky to not be expelled from the order. Through clenched teeth Zethlin told Kopaka that his kill was just, he saved the lives of his team mates, and that the Toa should rethink their outdated and irrational code.

Tahu spoke, exclaiming there was suspicious activity deep in the forests of Le-Koro, a previous team has been sent there but has yet to return. Halrex and the rest of his team, were tasked to go on this mission, bar Zethlin. The team rested and set off the next day. However Zethlin was not pleased. It was his duty to fight with his team, they were at a disadvantage without him.

Halrex and his team, which now only consisted of Halrex and two other Toa, reached the rendezvous point in the forests of Le-Koro. Before them stood what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. Halrex rushed forward to find a broken mask by the entrance, a mask of one of the members of the team that had yet to return. A faint rustle came from the bushes nearby, within an instant Halrex drew his blade ready to subdue whatever threat was coming their way. Zethlin emerged from the bushes. With a roar Halrex asked why he was here. Zethlin wished to be with his brothers, fighting with them was his duty. Halrex and the others were displeased, how could they trust him? Shaking his head Halrex ordered Zethlin to go home. Filled with rage Zethlin took it upon himself to enter the building and do his duty despite the opinions of his team.

Halrex entered the warehouse with his team. The room was filled with various machines and canisters with experiments inside them. Zethlin beckoned his teammates to follow him deeper into the facility, hesitantly they did.

As they pressed deeper into the warehouse the rooms narrowed and the hallways grew darker. Deeper and deeper into the facility they went until they turned down a hallway which to their surprise was covered in Visorak webs. The Toa exchanged looks of confusion and uncertainty as the pressed on. Zethlin and the others haulted when one of his teammates let out a scream of pain. Halrex and Zethlin turned around to find their team mate Tuhinga had been stabbed through the chest, by none other than Kaika, their team mate and brother. Halrex drew his sword cursing at Kaika for his betrayal. Kaika's mask grew bright and he too drew his sword.

Before any swords could clash suddenly Visorak were upon them trapping the Toa in the hallway as both sides were blocked off. Zethlin darted into a nearby room pushing a Visorak aside. Zethlin entered a dark room filled with even more Visorak, however above him on a balcony looking down stood a small being with wild bushy hair. The being looked please to see Zethlin and extended a hand as if he was able to control the Visorak. With a fury of slashes Zethlin torn apart as many Visorak as he could but there were too many. One of them spat venom at his face. Zethlin screamed. The attack filled him with rage and he belted forwards tackling the Visorak in front of him. Before Zethlin were various barrels of liquids and materials. The Venom hindered Zethlin’s sight but in his rage he slashed at whatever was in front of him.

In the carnage Zethlin heard the being who'd set the Visorak upon him scream out in fear and run off. Zethlin's sight was slowly returning and he realised the materials he'd broken had caught a light and would soon explode. Zethlin ran off in a blind fury trying to get as far away from the blast as possible, but he was too far into the facility. There was no way he could escape and live. Where was Halrex? Where was the traitor? Will they escape? Zethlin ran as far and as fast as he could then he heard an explosion and everything went black.

Zethlin awoke screaming in pain. He opened his eyes, he was lying on a table somewhere. A brown Toa of stone stood over him. The Toa introduced himself as Arvach and comforted Zethlin telling him he was caught in the explosion but survived, sadly at great cost to his Body. Arvach continued saying that Zethlin had been in a coma for a few weeks and in that time Arvach had rebuilt his body which had been mutated by the Visorak Venom. Zethlin looked down at himself he was taller. Stronger. But also deformed. Arvach's expression changed. He apologised to Zethlin and said that his team had been killed in the blast and he was the only Survivor. Zethlin clenched his fist in rage. Again his brothers had died for no good reason. Zethlin got up and stated he wished to see the Toa council. There he would express to them how flawed the Toa and their code are and that change was needed. Change that would stop this pointless death and destruction. Arvach looked down and again apologised saying that the council have exiled Zethlin from the order and that he was no longer a Toa. He broke the code and disobeyed orders. Zethlin grabbed Arvach by the throat and growled in rage. He had done nothing wrong, he wished to do good to insight change stop pointless death and this is how the Toa repay him by abandoning him! He threw Arvach aside and stormed out.

He was in the heart of Po-Koro. Before him stood a marketplace filled with Matoran. Zethlin was filled with rage. The world around him was corrupt. The Toa preached peace yet so much murder and death and lies and stealing still occurs. Why. How could he live in a world filled with so much evil and the very guardians who claim to protect us from this evil are flawed. How could he just stand by in a world where so many die and steal and cheat and lie? Zethlin would allow this no longer. He drew his sword and in a blind fury destroyed everything in his sight.

Zethlin staggered out into the desert. He'd done it. He'd rid the world of just a little bit of its evil. He looked up and before him stood a purple armoured being. Zethlin readied his sword but the purple armoured being just spoke, not flinching. He introduced himself as Shakahv and said he'd heard that the Toa abandoned him. He wanted to help. The two spoke about the Toa agreeing their ways were flawed and that there was too much corruption and evil in this word. Shakahv asked Zethlin to join his brotherhood and together they could end the Toa and bring forth a new order or peace. Peace without the corruption and lies. Zethlin accepted. He couldn't stand by with all the injustice in the world.

Zethlin sat in his quarters in Shakahv base of operation. His fist clenched, still filled with rage he hated doing nothing. He'd been a part of Shakahv's brotherhood for a little over two weeks now and no action against the Toa had been taken. Ever when pushed Shakahv to strike he simply stated 'when the time is right.'
Zethlin grew friendly with 7 members of Shakahv's brotherhood, who like him had been mutated and hated the Toa with a burning passion.

The day came when the Toa attacked Shakahv's base, Zethlin rose from his quarters and with a fury cut down any Toa who were foolish enough to challenge him. Zethlin found Shakahv outside the base hiding in the shadows. Zethlin’s eyes narrowed with disgust. How could there fearless leader be such a coward and no fight. Zethlin turned away from the Makuta to see a blue armoured Toa standing before him. With a shout Zethlin darted forward his blade meeting His opponents. The two fought, sparks flying off their blades.

The blue armoured Toa who Zethlin soon realised was Cossy was holding back. As if he had a deeper power behind him he refused to use. Shakahv's voice emerged from the Shadows. His words provoked Cossy, Shakahv knew of Cossy's darker past and so he promised Cossy fame and riches if he laid down his sword, gave into his former Makuta self and joined him. In a defiant rage Cossy fought back and gained the upper hand in battle. With a shift swipe of his blade he disarmed Zethlin and knocked him to the ground aiming his sword at Zethlins neck. Shakahv encouraged Cossy to deal the final blow. But Cossy would not give into evil. Enraged Shakahv emerged from the shadows striking Cossy, knocking him out. Lakuva emerged and fought Shakahv, defending his brother. In the carnage Zethlin snuck off and found the 7 mutated friends he was closest to. Zethlin told them to come with him. He had grander plans for ending the Toa then Shakahv ever did. Pleased the 7 warriors left together.

The newly formed team headed for Ga-Koro where they slaughtered any Matoran who stood in their way. They headed to the docks and took a boat. Where they were headed Zethlin did not know. But perhaps they could find some place free of the Toa where they could plan their next attack. After a long journey by sea, the warriors arrived on an island that was not on the ships maps. Spherus Magna was still very much unexplored, perhaps they were the first to find this island? They left their ship and explored the island where they met a race known as Dirvum. This race had technology far beyond anything Zethlin had seen before. They showed him a creation that allowed the enhancement of any masks power. The Kanohi Tryna's amplification was something that Zethlin took a keen interest in. With this new power he could raise an entire army to fight the Toa with.

Zethlin spoke to the Dirvum leaders and his friends. Telling them his new plan. The Toa were weak. Their ideals and code, illogical. They preach peace yet under their watch people still die and steal and lie and cheat. Using the Dirvum's technology they could rid the world of the Toa and their ideals. Destroy everything a rebuild a new world free of violence and pain and stealing and lies. The cost on lives would be huge, Zethlin knew he'd have to kill anyone who stood in his way. Killing innocents wasn't ideal for Zethlin, but for his plan to work the whole world needed to be cleansed of the ideals of the Toa. It was the only way to achieve true peace, not the lie the Toa preached. Everyone accepted Zethlins plan and construction began on the Citadels. Huge machines that could be operated in the land, sea and sky. These machine would have the enhanced Tryna machines built into them and would summon army upon army for Zethlin's cause.

Zethlin stood before his generals. They were the 7 Warriors who joined him after they left Shakahv. It was time to strike. It was the birth of The Apocalypse

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Hi guys, here he is, a revamp of the Big bad in my Bionicle storyline, Zethlin. I revamped him because of the colour blocking issues the last one had, that and I wanted to remove the big shoulder cannon and the arm cannon too. One of too heavy and they other looks too much like a face and was confusing. He still has those weapons canonically I think, but he'll have them upgraded onto him by the Dirvum later into the story I'd say.

Overall really happy with this revamp, I actually did it only in maybe 4 hours? It was a very fast build for me, and then, I thought it was even cooler because I was able to then revamp 4 other characters over the next 4 days, so I ended up building 5 MOC's in 5 days in a row, very cool!

So yeah lots more to come in the near future including:

- Those 4 other Bionicle MOC's
- The next Age of Ultron Diorama
- My Avengers Battle of New York Diorama
- A Daredevil MOC
- A system robot I made
- And heaps more Bionicle Inspiration Series episodes, a new Podcast and a funny spoof video coming very soon to my Youtube!


Couple final things:

I have combined my story with Cody G's Bionicle storyline, so take a look at his page:

I have a Flickr now, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
I love the combo of black and keetorange, it looks great on this MOC, which itself is a great design.
 I made it 
  December 2, 2017
Thanks all, Cheers Wertman :)
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
Very, very nice my friend! I especially love the head design and the antler-like protrusions coming out of his back; the shoulder cape and the chains coming off him really add to the whole thing too! My only nitpick would be that the bent Rahi legs look a little odd when paired with his super upright torso; I'd have either given him a hunch or just regular humanoid legs. But that's just me- this is a spectacular upgrade, so much better than the first! Well done man! :D
 I like it 
  October 18, 2017
Gotta love that keetorange. Lovely color blocking on the torso.
 I like it 
  September 29, 2017
Threw me for a loop when I saw this in my feed! Glad to see this guy again, cooler than ever!
 I made it 
  September 26, 2017
Thanks for the feedback you guys, I really really appreciate that, there's great stuff there I'll immediately put into consideration, so thanks ;)
 I like it 
  September 26, 2017
He still looks alright(name's still mine. :P), but I frankly think this is a downgrade. His arms and legs are fine and detailed but his torso appears worse than the original. The flat and smooth nature of the keetorange pieces on the torso clash with the details on the rest of him and he repeats a common issue of your Bionicle mocs in that the torso has parts positioned in weird ways that look a little awkward and make it look so straight that the illusion of a spine that has any kind of mobility is completely broken. Try making the torso appear to be less of a stick, especially with a character with chicken legs the ability to hunch/bend over is appreciated. Also after however many years a slightly larger and improved head design would be nice, but this is more or less the same and I think you can do better. From everything I've seen your skill with Lego building has continued to improve, but your BIONICLE building is more or less stagnate. I would suggest reflecting on the mocs you discuss and take more inspiration in your designs, cause a lot of what I've seen recently as far as BIONICLE's go doesn't really take into account the kind of things you've discussed on your show. Sorry if I sound overly critical, but I know you can do better and if you're going to revisit a build that's years old I think you should spend a little more than 4 hours on it and experiment with what you can do better before you settle for what you've already got.
  September 21, 2017
The moc is good, it is just the legs, they look nice and all it's just they look a bit short and makes him look kinda goofy.
 I made it 
  September 21, 2017
Thanks guys :) Yeah I'm considering putting the turret back, I did like it a lot... I'll see what I can do :) Oh? There were typos hahaha I proof read it and everything I must have missed them, whoops!
 I like it 
  September 21, 2017
Very well done! The story was great despite a few typos too!
 I like it 
  September 21, 2017
oh snap.... it's even more awsome than the last!?! how is this even possible? Anyways I think the color blocking has definitely improved, although I kinda liked the turret he's probably better without it. just an amazing upgrade!
 I like it 
  September 21, 2017
WOW! Fantastic job!
By Ben Cossy
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