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Dewan, Waters of the Eastern Seas
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Revamp of Toa Dewan, The Kind Hearted Toa of Water (And BIG thanks to Galaxus Instant Noodles for the awesome edit on the cover photo)
About this creation
Name: Dewan
Gender: Female
Species: Ga-Matoran
Element: Water
Title(s): Toa, Sister, Leader of the People,
Mask: Kanohi Faxon
Weapon(s): Spirit Spear

Dewan glided across, drove her blade forward and danced with serene grace as she practiced her moves on a dummy. Dewan preferred other weapons, and hadn't trained to use a Katana. But Dewan was headstrong and smart. In her mind if she wasn't ready for any and all situations then she didn't deserve to be a Toa. Dewan trained daily. Relentlessly. Training was habit for her, she wouldn't give up until she was a master of a blade, a master of her opponents and the best at what she did.

Gali was holding a contest in new Ga-Koro where the matoran who could beat a series of challenges and opponents would be the winner of a Toa stone. Other Matoran, Dewan's friends and family trained too. They wanted the stone. But not as badly as Dewan wanted it. With all Dewans training her friends drifted apart from her. After they trained her friends would go off and celebrate and relax, they'd invite Dewan to join them but she'd always decline. Her goal of being the winner of this contest was more important then anything. Her friends however didn't understand that, and took her desire to train more as an attack on their friendship, which wasn't true. Dewan studied, trained and practiced letting nothing become more important then her goal. Soon the day of the contest dawned.

Dewan awoke, breathed in and smiled. She knew without a shadow of a doubt she had this. She arrived at the New Ga-Koro stadium, still smiling with excitement. She looked around at her competition. There were matoran far stronger and bigger then her. Some fought with a weapon with such skill they must have been practicing for years. Some came up to Dewan saying she was good but stood no chance against those who were stronger and bigger then her. Dewan just smiled and didn't let their negative opinions affect her. She walked to the starting zone closed her eyes, and breathed. She was ready.

Gali spoke, stated the rules of the challenges that awaited and with a shout declared the beginning of the contest, issuing the first challenge.

Dewan made it through each challenge, coming out on top. Her training and her sheer willpower lead her exactly where she'd planned to be. On top. The best.
Gali smiled, she looked at the two Matoran in front of here. These were the final two contestants in the competition. Dewan and Monta. Monta was strong, skilled and almost twice Dewans size. She'd done well in the pervious challenges. Dewan smiled and waved to Monta, but she simple turned away ignoring Dewan.

Gali's powerful voice echoed across the stadium as she announced the final challenge. Gali stressed the importance of team work that all Toa must share. As she spoke an Artakha Bull run out into the stadium. The new challenge was for the two matoran to work together to subdue the hostile Rahi. With a shout Gali declared the start of the Challenge.

With a smile Dewan turned to Monta and started to talk strategy. But Monta simply darted forward and tackled the Artahka Bull. A little surprised Dewan readjusted and saw an opening to help and advance Monta's rather rash strategy. But the Artahka Bull was smart and kicked back at Monta throwing her to the ground. Hurt Monta got up and raced forward. Dewan saw that her plan wouldn't work and yelled for her to look out, but it was too late, the Artahka Bull darted forward and rammed its head straight into Monta, causing her to fly backwards and fall back onto the ground. With a gasp Dewan leapt forward to protect Monta. The Artahka Bull was enraged and was kicking at Monta. She screamed out in pain as the Bull drove a horn into Monta's arm, breaking it. With great agility Dewan dived in front of the two and took the force of the bulls blows telling the wounded Monta to get to safety. Suddenly the enraged Bull stopped, looked up and walked away, all its rage had disappeared and it was suddenly calm.

Gali came running to the two matoran, medics trailing behind her another Toa of water was close behind Gali, her mask glowing bright as she locked eyes with the beast, stroking its face, calming it. Gali spoke to the two matoran. She was very proud of Dewan but disappointed in Monta. Sure her strength and skill with a sword were impressive, but her self centred approach in battle was suicidal, and not something a Toa would do. Gali smiled at Dewan. She praised her bravery in risking her life to save Monta. Dewan's smile matched Gali's as the Toa of water stated it be an honour to fight beside her. Gali congratulated Dewan declaring her the winner.

Dewan grew to become a very respected, smart and headstrong Toa with a will of iron and a head of gold. She was assigned to a team of Water Toa, which the New Ga Koro matoran nicknamed 'The Guardains.' Their job was to watch over New Ga Koro and defend the docks against recent Rahi attacks that had been occurring a lot recently.

Dewans caring soul and determined nature, combined with her brilliant ability to work with a team soon lead her to greater places in the order of Mata Nui. Gali recommended Dewan be assigned to a team of Toa called the Toa Lotem. The team would consist of 4 members. Furvens a hotheaded and quick witted Toa of Fire, Gelidos the wise and noble Toa of Ice, Sepviren the quiet but powerful Toa of Plantlife and now Dewan. The team grew close and the missions they were assigned to were consistently a substantial success. The order of Mata Nui had high hopes for the Toa Lotem.

Dewan walked through the streets of Ga Koro. She couldn't help but smile. All her hard work got her exactly where she'd dreamed of being. She danced through the streets, laughing and smiling overcome with job. She stopped realised another Toa was in front of her smiling. Embarrassed Dewan blushed and introduced herself. The Toa waved back, his name was Cossy. The two walked the streets of New Ga-Koro, getting to know each other. The two became fast friends. Dewan was mid way through explaining how she won the completion to become a Toa when suddenly the two stopped. They both heard a noise. It was far too late to for someone to be awake, what could it be?

The Toa drew their weapons and walked silently, hiding in the shadows. They walked towards New Ga-Koro's museum where the sound came from. The noises continued, and the Two Toa pressed on. Dewan signalled for Cossy to stop as the took cover behind an exhibit. They peaked over to see two purple armour Toa grabbed artifacts and stealing anything of value. Dewan looked at Cossy, he nodded. In unison the two blue armoured Toa rose from the shadows demanding the Toa explain themselves. Startled the Purple Toa drew their swords and simply stated, "for the glory of Shakahv!" One of the Toa grabbed the others wrist, his mask glowing. In a puff of white smoke they disappeared. Cossy cursed under his breathe but Dewan just closed her eyes and breathed. As if having a 6th sense Dewan backflioped and extended her sword, suddenly the Two Toa appeared before Dewan, swords extended. However Dewan was blocking their attacks, which should have killed her. Impressed Cossy lunged at the two Toa their swords clashing. Dewan did the same and soon chaos erupted in the room as a fury of blades danced around the room. The Two Purple Toa again grabbed one another and disappeared. Dewan closed her eyes and turned to Cossy. "Trust yourself" she said, "trust your senses and you'll find them" Cossy closed his eyes and breathed. In an instant the Toa appeared before him swords aimed at Cossy. But Cossy was ready, his mask glew as he dodged the attack and swiftly elbowed one of the Toa in the head forcing him to the floor. Annoyed the other lunged at Dewan, she too dodged the attack and kicked the Toa in his side.

Frustrated the two Toa ran for each other and disappeared. This time for good, they did not return. Proud of their accomplishments Cossy and Dewan exchanged a celebratory high five and continued their char where it left off. Cossy was so grateful for the lessons Dewan had taught him that day and Dewan was proud to have a new friend with such courage and nobility.

The two stayed at the museum all night and shared stories. They waited till morning to report what had happened at the Mueseum to its caretaker. Once they had done so the two friends headed for the Toa council.

The council exchanged looks of concern. A variety of incidences of Toa betraying the order had seemed to occurred recently. We're they linked? There were whispers of something lurking in the deserts nearby. Was it related? The Toa council assigned Cossy and Lakuva to join the Toa Lotem and investigate. Dewan and Cossy were pleased to know they'd be on a team together and set out on their mission.

After Shakahv fell Dewan and the newly formed Toa Lotem continued to hunt down the remnants of Shakahv's brotherhood. The team searched for months but found little. However when the Citadels attacked New Po Koro, the Toa Lotem had a different mission ahead of them.

Dewan was assigned to protect New Po Koro. The Toa Lotem had to split up, but Cossy fought nearby. The team was at its strongest together. It was a shame that the war forced them to be apart, but two members combined strength was better then none. Dewan valiantly found alongside her friends and family, the Toa of water who she lived with her whole life in Po Koro. Their a life changing battle would soon be upon them. 3 Citadels and an army of Undead marched towards the city gates. But this time, the Toa were ready.

This battle was different the Glatorian had built new vehicles, fitted with enhanced technology designed to destroyed the zombie hordes the Apocolyspe controlled. The gates to New Po Koro opened and the Toa's army pressed forward!
Dewan raced forward with commanding the army.... this time they'd win. For sure. Dewan ordered her men to fire at the Citadels turrets. As they did she flipped forward and raced up the Citadel before her, fighting her way up each level of the massive warship. If she could make it to the top and destroy the command centres, disabling the Tyrna control starions, then the battle would be won. Dewan stood before the command centre doors and using her power over water sent out a wave that cut through the metal like it was paper.

Dewans eyes met Drusus's. One of the generals of the apocalypse. Ready to avenge her fallen brothers and sisters she readied her sword, but hesitated, she noticed a vulnerability and shame behind Drusus's eyes. Drusus did not move. Dewan had fought many creatures before but none showed her this kind of tolerance. Drusus walked forward, Dewan simply said he didn't need to do this. Drusus feel to a knee and wept. Dewan grabbed his hand and comforted him. In this moment Dewan realised the pain Drusus felt, how sorry he was for the murder and crime he'd committed against innocent lives. A tear ran down Dewan's cheek as she realised the pain he was in. Drusus rose, apologising for the things he'd done. He vowed to right his wrongs and rectify his mistakes. The two formulated a plan, and went there seperate ways. Dewan commended the Citadels turrets targeting the Airborne Citadel crippling it. With the element of surprise they took down the airborne Citadel, but the attack alerted the other Citadel and it opened fire on Drusus's ship. Dewan looked up to the command station Drusus was still on. A shell hit it and Drusus flew out, shielding himself in a shadowy black cocoon. Dewan arose for the turret she'd been using ready to run, but it was too late. The Citadel was overpowered and suddenly everything went black.

Months later after the threat of the apocalypse was over Cossy stood over Dewan in her room in Ga Koro. Here Turaga did their best to heal her. Dewan was alive but hadn't awoken since the battle. Cossy whispered under his breath begging her to wake up. He missed his friend and the joy she brought to his life.

Fourth Wall Commentary:
Here's my next Bionicle MOC, Really happy with how the revamp turned out, Really happy with how posable she is, proud of the dress design, yeah really happy with it overall. Hope you enjoyed it :)

And lots more to come in the near future including:

- Those 3 other Bionicle MOC's
- The next Age of Ultron Diorama
- My Avengers Battle of New York Diorama
- A Daredevil MOC
- A system robot I made
- And heaps more Bionicle Inspiration Series episodes, a new Podcast and a funny spoof video coming very soon to my Youtube!


Couple final things:

I have combined my story with Cody G's Bionicle storyline, so take a look at his page:

I have a Flickr now, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  March 16, 2018
Great work! The skirt is amazing. I've been trying to make a MOC with the Faxon but I can't quite get it right :/ Anyway, awesome work!
 I made it 
  December 2, 2017
Thanks all! Cheers Wertman... Dang it I read it twice, must have missed stuff. Oh yeah I'd love to try a new hair design. Yeah totally, I aim to later on create a post with all the stories in one and add in some cool artistic shots of the cooler scenes kinda thing... yeah :)
 I like it 
  December 2, 2017
Fantastic, Ben! She's really improved here, the legs and the dress are much more solid than before; I really like what you did with the colours too, with that solid block of dark blue with the silver in only very select places; you don't see that often, but it's very aesthetically pleasing. The hair is still a little odd though, I'd try a different design for that in the future possibly. I'm really engaged in the story, too (Just make sure you run it through a spell/grammar check in future ;P)! Tell me, will there be some kind of series detailing these events in their entirety in the future? I'd really love to see this story told in full!
 I like it 
  November 12, 2017
Awesome! The only prob I have is the silver pieces by the elbows. For me it doesn't flow well. But thats just my opinion. Love the BIS! Wish you would do the podcast for often! Keep up the good work!
 I made it 
  November 8, 2017
Thanks guys :)
 I like it 
  November 8, 2017
Fantastic build, like always, and a great write up as well! Really liked reading her back story. As for the build, I think it's the subtle things that stand out for me, like the studs in her sword and the slight angle built into her feet. Great work!
 I like it 
  November 2, 2017
That looks amazing.
 I made it 
  October 31, 2017
Quoting The1 And0nly (Please reply if u see this) Nice moc man. So Ben i was wondering if there was any other way of contacting you like an email or something...
Yeah mate just got to my homepage there are links to my Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. All of those have PM systems.
  October 31, 2017
(Please reply if u see this) Nice moc man. So Ben i was wondering if there was any other way of contacting you like an email or something...
 I made it 
  September 29, 2017
Thanks all! Haha cheers Gaim, That's actually a cool idea, have Monta go down a darker path, that be cool
 I like it 
  September 29, 2017
Awesomesauce! I really like the story that goes with her. Toa Tsukasa:"It's nice to meet such selfless and storngwill Toa of Water. Toa Gali made the right choice in choosing, I hope that we work well together in the future.Though I am a little worried about Monta, I hope this event taught her a lesson in Unity and not turn her for the worse."
Ben Cossy
 I like it 
Thomas Campbell
  September 28, 2017
 I like it 
  September 28, 2017
This is amazing!
 I like it 
  September 28, 2017
Very amazing MOC!
 I like it 
  September 28, 2017
looking sweet! Though I do think the head is to far forward, as well as a bit short, other than that can't find anymore criticisms! purty cool
 I like it 
  September 28, 2017
Very great work! As always the backstory and MOC are both very impressive. Personally I don't think the MOC looks very female, and while that is a good quality, I have seen people go overboard with that and make it look innapropriate. I really like the color scheme, and the way the silver contrasts with the blue is cool. The weapon's a little odd, but still cool. I think either the shaft or the blade could be longer.
 I like it 
  September 28, 2017
By Ben Cossy
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